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Rank womens Olympic medal winning LPs since 1992

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by judgejudy27, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    How would you rank the Olympic medal winning LPs since 1992. Here would mine:

    1. Yu Na Kim 2010 gold- no brainer, she wins.

    2. Shizuka Arakawa 2006 gold- only 5 triples that day but rate her this high just due to the complexity of the overall program, the spins, footwork, choreography. Essentialy she got a boost from skating under COP as I am sure many of these others would have included more of the same had they as well. Everything she did was super high quality as well though.

    3. Mao Asada 2010 silver- thought of rating her 2nd especialy since I think in a judged competition she would have finished 2nd under either 6.0 or COP with the same skate. Rated her 3rd since those 2 mistakes at the end took away from the overall effect. Still rate her highly since she had 2 triple axels and the overall performance level was excellent, even if I didnt like the music or choreography much.

    4. Tara Lipinski 1998 gold- she and Michelle were a toss up that night. I went with Tara just ahead since she actually was the one who got the judges nod for the gold, though I slightly prefered Michelle.

    5. Michelle Kwan 1998 silver- read above.

    6. Midori Ito 1992 silver- since that late triple axel was amazing and saved was was a rather subpar performance to that point. If she were 3rd after the short maybe wins with same perforamnce.

    7. Kristi Yamaguchi- probably her worst skate of the 90-91 and 91-92 seasons. Still might have won the 1994 or 2002 Olympics though.

    8. Nancy Kerrigan 1994 silver- excellent performance which merited the gold medal that night. Still only 5 triples, not spectacular spins, and a slightly generic quality which weaker choreography than some of her previous numbers.

    9. Joannie Rochette- again tanking into account the level of difficulty in spins, footwork, spirals, and choreography required today. She is a very strong jumper and greatly improved her presentation over the years. A couple problems though an no triple-triple combo. Put her below Nancy since Nancy didnt put a foot wrong, and below Ito and Kristi since they completed something extremely difficult that night inspite of their mistakes.

    10. Lu Chen 1994 bronze- excellent performance, competitive with Nancy for the LP win that night under fair judging. Very strong technically with very strong and interesting choreography, even if she wasnt exactly an exquisite artist on ice as she would later be.

    11. Sasha Cohen 2006 silver- Exceptional performance after the 2 falls.

    12. Sarah Hughes 2002 gold- meh, best of the night but shouldnt have been.
    :shuffle: If she skated under COP I would probably rate her last, but what she did worked under 6.0.

    13. Irina Slutskaya 2002 silver- well she stayed on her feet and some of the jumps and spins she did were excellent. Extremely subpar performance for her though, and not great choreography.

    14. Lu Chen 1998 bronze- her artistry was on another level from 94, but technically she was nowhere near as strong as her 94 level as a skater. and I think Maria deserved the bronze that night anyway.

    15. Michelle Kwan 2002 bronze- not a great performance obviously and not on e of her better programs to start with.

    16. Irina Slutskaya 2006 bronze- one of her worst performances ever.

    17. Nancy Kerrigan 1992 bronze- lame performance, put her over Oksana since the choreography and program itself was actually very nice, much better than her own 94 vehicle which she skated far better.

    18. Oksana Baiul 1994 gold- Subpar even for her own subpar standards as a so called Championship skater.
  2. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    I'll just rank the gold medalists.

    1. Yu-Na
    2. Shizuka
    3. Sarah
    4. Kristi
    5. Tara
    6. Oksana
  3. shady82

    shady82 Active Member

    I'm very unfamiliar with skating before 2002, so I'll just rank medalists from 1998 and on.

    1. Kim 2010: No question about it.
    2. Lipinski 1998: Artistically speaking, her performance wasn't mature, deep, or especially complex choreographically. But technically she was excellent, and her choreography and connection with the audience were strong.
    3. Kwan 1998: IMO perhaps the best FP conceptually and artistically of the group. The performance was tentative and a step down from Nationals, but a 7-triple, beautifully performed program must be up the list. I also feel she is a toss-up with Lipinski.
    4. Hughes 2002: I'm probably the only one to put her up that high. Apart from her cheated jumps, she landed two triple-triple combinations, and delivered a well-balanced program with great MITF. She brought the audience along with her, as well.
    5. Arakawa 2006: She brings her usual majestic quality and superior edges to this program. But this was a poor program jump-wise for an Olympic gold medalist, and I found the rest of the program to be somewhat flat.
    6. Asada 2010: Two triple axels landed, though she did falter on a couple jumps later in the program. The program was choreograpihcally harder than Kim's, but still lacks the depth of older, more mature skaters such as Kwan and Chen. A breathtaking footwork sequence, though.
    7. Slutskaya 2002: An ok program with most jumps landed, but somewhat sloppy, and imperfect jump-wise.
    8. Rochette 2010: Well-rounded program with most of her jumps landed.
    9. Chen 1998: Her "Butterfly Lovers" program is one of my favorites in this group. Though she did not skate it to her potential, she did deliver a solid comeback program with textbook choreography.
    10. Cohen 2006: Faltered on the first two jumps, but the rest was brilliant. I wasn't too big of her R&J though, since I found her choreography and delivery to be a bit too stiff and contained.
    11. Kwan 2002: She did not land two of her jumps cleanly. But "Scheherezade" was a decent program, and everything else was done neatly and with precision.
    12. Slutskaya 2006: Like Kwan, she faltered on her jumps. Even aside from her jump problems, her program was a whole was sloppy and poorly constructed.
  4. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    Just the gold medalists:

    1) Tara (not as mature as Yu-Na, but she had just about everything else)
    2) Yu-Na (great performance, just not as electrifying as Tara's--1 less triple too)
    3) Sarah (if her combos weren't cheated, she'd be higher)
    4) Kristi
    5) Shizuka
    6) Oksana
  5. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    1-YuNa Kim 2010
    2-Tara Lipinski 1998 (tied with Michelle Kwan 1998 !!!)
    3-Shizuka Arakawa 2006
    4-Kristi Yamaguchi 1992
    5-Sarah Hughes 2002
    6-Oksana Baiul 1994 (with Nancy Kerrigan 1994 ahead !)
  6. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I can't remember all of them in great detail, but Tara's is the most memorable to me.
  7. museksk8r

    museksk8r Holding an edge and looking dangerously sexy

    1. Yu Na Kim 2010 gold (6 triples rotated, 6 clean)

    2. Michelle Kwan 1998 silver (7 triples, saved flip)

    3. Joannie Rochette 2010 bronze (7 triples rotated, 6 clean, step-out of 3flip, slight turn-out of 2Axel)

    4. Shizuka Arakawa 2006 gold (5 triples rotated, 5 clean, 1 doubled triple loop)

    5. Midori Ito 1992 silver (fall on the 1st 3Axel attempt and she doubled a 3Lutz, but I thought her speed, attack, and amplitude on the jumps were all better than Kristi's)

    6. Kristi Yamaguchi 1992 gold (1 fall on UR 3loop, doubled Salchow)

    7. Mao Asada 2010 silver (2-footed and UR 3flip, singled triple toe, 4 triples rotated clean, two 3Axels)

    8. Tara Lipinski 1998 gold (one of the ugliest and smallest 2Axels of any elite skater ever! . . . only Zhang and Leung are worse, bad flutz too, some jumps were landed at a standstill with no speed, 6 rotated triples, 2nd 3loop was UR in the combo, and all her jumps were tiny too)

    9. Nancy Kerrigan 1994 silver (5 triples, 1 doubled triple flip)

    10. Lu Chen 1994 bronze (6 triples attempted, UR 3Lutz and UR 3flip with hand down)

    11. Sarah Hughes 2002 gold (7 triples, some would have been UR under COP scoring system)

    12. Irina Slutskaya 2002 silver

    13. Lu Chen 1998 bronze (UR and stepped out of 3flip, UR 3Lutz, UR and 2-footed 3toe)

    14. Michelle Kwan 2002 bronze (2-footed 3toe, UR and fall on 3flip)

    15. Sasha Cohen 2006 silver (fall on 3flutz, fall on 3flip, 2-footed 3Salchow)

    16. Irina Slutskaya 2006 bronze

    17. Nancy Kerrigan 1992 bronze

    18. Oksana Baiul 1994 gold (zero triple jumps in combination, zero spins in combination, zero footwork sequence, 2-footed 3flip, 2-footed 3toe)
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2010
  8. dawnie

    dawnie Well-Known Member

    1. Yuna-2010
    2. Shizuka- 2006
    3. Tara- 1998
    4. Kristi- 1992
    5. Sarah- 2002: cheated jumps and just awkward skating in general
    6. Oksana- 1994: I recently watched this again and my goodness... What. A. Joke.
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  9. Fallcolor

    Fallcolor Member

    I believe she did 6 triples...
  10. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    I'm also doing just the gold medalists and I'm taking into consideration more than mere jumps and technical score but IMPACT of the result.

    I'll just rank the gold medalists.

    1. Yu-Na (no doubt there..potentially the greatest of all time)

    2. Tara - strong 2nd place. Not only skated great but she Toppled a Pre-ordained Kween and that's no small thing.

    - big line here -

    3. Oksana - artistry and emotion 'slam-dunked' the American Darling; Oksana had the greatest raw artistry & musicality of all (even with the cheesy material)

    4. Shizuka - also a solid skate and a dramatic win above more touted skaters

    5. Kristi - the first US lady winner in a long time, so it was pretty dramatic for me

    6. Sarah - almost "the accidental winner" and the gawkiest of all but, hey, she miraculously delivered on that one night
  11. ribbon

    ribbon Active Member

    1. Yuna-2010
    2. Tara- 1998
    3. kristi - 1992
    4. Shizuka 2006
    5. Sarah- 2002
    6. Oksana- 1994

    Yuna was just perfect. Tara was technically great and I thought it was such an exciting competition (thought Lulu and Michelle's performances were lovely, really a stellar podium all around). 1992 was a bummer overall in terms of clean performances, but Kristi, Paul, and M&D were highlights that year. I really disliked the 2006 Olympics compared to others; Shizuka obviously deserved gold, but I don't think it will be a performance that stands the test of time for me. 2002 Sarah - I never appreciated her basic skating skills, but she did excite me that night. If others were clean, she would not have won, however. And Oksana's short program was quite lovely, but even as a young kid, I thought her long program had way too much posing and primping and not enough skating.
  12. museksk8r

    museksk8r Holding an edge and looking dangerously sexy

    Oops! My bad, I knew that! . . . it's my 1st day back to work from the 4th holiday, so my mind is obviously dragging. :lol: Thanks for catching my error! :)
  13. Triple Butz

    Triple Butz Well-Known Member

    1) Lipinski- So Exciting, especially because most of the difficulty was near the end of the program. She was inspiring and on fire.
    2) Kwan (1998)- Not as good as Nationals 98 but still a hell of a performance with some incredible moments and great jumps.
    3) Kim- Stunning jumps, and elegant movements, but I found her LP a snoozer all season long, just doesn't match the excitement or beauty of her past programs.
    4) Kerrigan (1994) 5 great triples and a 3/3. I surprised myself by putting this so high on the list as I generally can't stand Kerrigan or her programs...
    5) Yamaguchi- A wonderfully packed program full of interesting movements and difficulty, but a very sloppy mid section.
    6)Rochette (2010)- A few hiccups, but good content and clean, beautiful skating.
    7) Ito (1992)- A courageous effort, too bad about the opening
    8) Hughes- awkward jumps and awkward choreography, but still a lot of passion and determination.
    9) Arakawa (2006)- Some good jumps, but not very much content. I find her leg lines awkward and her presentation totally ZZZZZzzzz
    10) Asada- 2 3axels, but no lutz, toe, or salchow makes the program look extremely unbalanced. A beautiful skater but she had no concept of this music.
    11) Kwan (2002) If you could erase the 5 seconds where the flip occurred this would have been a champion's performance.
    12) Chen (1994) A good overall performance, but not the presentation that Chen would acquire in her later years.

    The rest are totally unmemorable to me. Cohen and Slute were trainwrecks in 06. Chen's jumps were horrible in 98. Slutskaya probably should have won bronze in 98, that was her best Olympic LP in my mind. Harding should have won bronze in 92, but she and Kerrigan were both pretty bad. Baiul would be last on the list for reasons that have been stated again and again and again.
  14. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Poor Baiul, her skating definitely does not stand the test of time well. :lol:
  15. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    Baiul's performance didn't survive 24 hours very well.

    Janet Swan Hill used to use the phrase "ensorceled" to describe what Baiul did to the judges. As I recall, the ISU later issued a video that used her skate as an example of what not to do. (I think that had some guy counting how many seconds she stayed in one place.)
  16. smarts1

    smarts1 Well-Known Member

    1. Yuna Kim 2010 Gold-As much as I don't like her skating and as much as I don't like her Gershwin program (her Lark Ascending program was 2000x better), it was the best program she ever did and with her huge toe jumps, this ranks first.

    2. Tara Lipinski 1998 Gold-There was just so much excitement and joy coming out of her! Technique issues aside, I would have put this over Yuna Kim, who I felt like was more reserved and cautious, but of course her small jumps, odd jump technique, and her slightly immaturity puts her below Yuna Kim. But really, this program was excellent jump-wise and was filled with so much charisma.

    3. Sarah Hughes 2002 Gold-Very gutsy of her to attempt two real triple-triple combinations, great spins, and flexibility. This program really saves those Olympics, IMO. But of course, the bad toe technique and underrotated triple loops put this program behind the other two. But all in all, an inspiring program for the ages.

    4. Shizuka Arakawa 2006 Gold-Really a big triumph for her. Exquisite program, really, which is weird because she doesn't really emote, and I'm not a fan of people who just goes through the movements, but she's someone who just captures your attention.

    5. Michelle Kwan 1998 Silver-Great technical program and choreography. Unfortunately, she didn't let all of her emotion come out until the program ended and it became her downfall. She was reserved, and it made all the difference.

    6. Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Silver-Only silver?!?!? What were the judges thinking? Best program she ever did for the important event in her career and yet she still ended up with the silver medal. Great jumps and very solid program. We could have done with the ending cheese-fest, but I loved the beginning and middle.

    7. Lu Chen 1998 Olympics Bronze--I loved her skating. She was always so passionate and captivating. This program really emboddied that spirit and was a personal triumph for her. You have to feel for her. She always knew how to peek at the right time in the season and this showed it. Unfortunately, she was out of her technical prime by '98, but she did what she could and her artistry was really wonderful. I wonder if we'll see another Lu Chen ever again...

    --Big Gap---

    8. Lu Chen 1994 Olympics Bronze--This was a fluke. She deserved silver over Oksana. She landed six beautiful triples with some interesting choerography. I just wish she would have picked a new program to do for 94 because this program really did not highlight her artistic quality, which she could have easily brought out by 94, and the result could have been different had that happened and had China learned to politik for her.

    9. Mao Asada 2010 Silver Medal-Bleh program with two botched jumps, but the two triple axels in the beginning are a triumph in ladies skating.

    10. Midori Ito 1992 Olympics Silver--I honestly don't know how to rank anyone past Mao, but MIdori did a gorgeous triple axel very late in her program. But she did have mistakes in her program. Even more so, I thought this program was very flat, but it was better than the music arrangment earlier in the season.

    11. Irina Slutskaya 2002 Olympics Silver--She did do some good jumping, but overall, very sloppy program, weird choreography, and very bleh overall. Really overmarked on the first mark, but thank goodness she lost the gold on the second mark because this program would have been really second rate in terms of Olympic gold winning performances.

    12. Kristi Yamaguchi 1992 Olympics Gold--Great triple-triple in the beginning. Midori really pushed her technically. However, I always thought she was the most boring skaters alive and wanted to break the TV whenever the commentators said she was very artistic. Nothing stand out in her skating; she does everything okay.

    13. Joannie Rochette 2010 Olympics Silver--I don't understand why everyone likes this program because I think the music cuts suck and the choreography is a bit forced. Her Aranjuez program, however, was brilliant. Stepped out of two jumps and underrotated the second lutz and triple sal from the sequence. It's a good thing Mirriam is an overly arbitrary technical caller and that her mom died because she should not have escaped downgrades. But of course, this was an emotional program for her mother, and EVEN SCOTT WAS CRYING.

    14. Sasha Cohen 2006 Silver--Splat fest! But exquisite artistry, perfect positions.

    15. Michelle Kwan 2002 Bronze--Bleh program. The fall just ruined it further.

    16. Irina Slutskaya 2006 Bronze--She really seemed out of it that night. Ended up making an uncharacteristic error on the loop. No fire at all.

    17. Nancy Kerrigan 1992 Bronze--Ehh. Made a bunch of mistakes that are preventing her from climbing up this list. However, holding that spiral at the end was magical.

    18. Cowsana Baiul 1994 Not-Gold Medalist--Horrible program in all aspects Technically and artistically. How could a no real combination, cutsey, dumb pose teenager with lots of two-footed jumps win the gold medal? Especially over Lu Chen and Nancy? What a joke! And what were the judges thinking? All of us would have been happy with Nancy winning the gold (or at least most of us), but the judges decided to be idiots and made the worst decision ever. But of course, what do you expect when 5 out of 9 judges were related politically?
  17. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    I remember watching her skate as a kid, first time I saw her was at Europeans in 1993. I remember being baffled at all the adoration for her. Her short program I actually somewhat liked. However I recall looking at her long program and thinking there is almost all stroking between each element, she amazingly had no footwork sequence, she is taking so long to set up her jumps (longer than Bonaly it felt like), she has a few spins most which were short and fugly, a short and weak spiral sequence, and she has all sections she stands in one place and wiggles her butt and waves her arms some. I just didnt get it. I was wondering why cant I even remotedly understand what makes this skater everyone is raving about so good. I remember thinking many aspects of her program paled in comparision to Marina Kiellmann of all people. :yikes:
  18. DarrellH

    DarrellH New Member

    If I remember correctly, Oksana was being marketed to the public and the judges as the "poor orphan girl with no one to turn to". Emotions were played to the utmost, even among U.S. journalists.
  19. vassily

    vassily New Member

    Oksana was just about to burst onto the scenes, and many people thought she had a bright future with her talent. She was more marketable than the other ladies skater because of this.
  20. Triple Butz

    Triple Butz Well-Known Member

    I know this is dangerously off topic, but I never understood how anyone could call this performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtKGPN5VY8o cautious or tentative.

    Even Scott and Sandra were gushing from beginning to end about how "confident and relaxed" she was and that she had such a "beautiful look" on the ice. During most of the free skate, Kwan is smiling, looking up and out into the audience and presenting to the crowd. I find it really hard to believe that ALL nine judges would give the FIRST skater in the last group a 5.9 for presentation if they weren't captivated by the program. For the record, I would have given her the same presentation score as Lipinski, and only have Lipinski ahead on the tech mark by a tenth.
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  21. Fallcolor

    Fallcolor Member

    i often make the same mistake....it seems that at worlds/olympics, a 7-clean triple LP is a thing of the past. :D
  22. smarts1

    smarts1 Well-Known Member

    I mean it was flawlessly technically, but she made it seem like she was making sure the jumps were going to happen. It just lacked spark, fire, and excitement like Lipinski had. The excitement and exuberance just seemed to rush out of Lipinski, while Kwan held it in more.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2010
  23. museksk8r

    museksk8r Holding an edge and looking dangerously sexy

    I think the judges were carried away with the quantity of Lipinski's technical jump content and failed to judge the quality of it appropriately. Ugly 2Axel technique, very bad flutz, jumps landed at a standstill with no speed and no flow, tiny jumps. UR 2nd 3loop in the combo. Just bleh, IMO! :shuffle: I think they were judging Kwan too much based on the superior standard she had set at the Nationals. Yes, her Olympic LP was not the skate of her life like she had at the Nationals, but I still to this day think it was better than what Lipinski laid down.
  24. Fallcolor

    Fallcolor Member

    IMO Kwan lost the gold that night to the skate order. Lipinski most certainly had more spark and excitement, but her skating after Kwan, with an electrifying skate that included 3+3 combos made for more comparisons. If Kwan had skated last that night, I don't think Scott/Sandra would have compared the two as they did. it was a matter of the draw order, I think. Her getting 5.9's even skating first, is a big shock. If she had skated last surely she would have gotten 6.0's, enough to win gold over Lipinski.
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  25. Fallcolor

    Fallcolor Member

    1. Yu Na Kim- flawless skate, worked the COP well, difficult entrances into jumps. I actually didn’t mind the choreography…it was sincere and she sold it well  Solid jumps and wonderful expression, but to be picky, the only thing that is always a pet peeve, that could be better, was the aesthetics- turning out of the feet more, pointed toes entering toe-jumps, perhaps better positions during step sequences, more stretch here etc… but as a total package I would put her on top.

    2. Shizuka Arakawa- if the competition was ice dance or pairs I would put her on top because she was the most polished skater of all listed here, but jumps are equally important. Her only doing a 2loop instead of a triple puts her at a close second in this list. She reminds me of Tatiana Totmianana when it comes to facial expression and emoting, but who cares- she used her body to emote, and NEVER hit a bad position. Aesthetics were perfect. Loved the lilting knees, effortless glide, had more speed coverage than any other lady that night. Choreography was actually quite complex too—full of transitions, moves in the field, no pausing, wow!

    3. Tara Lipinski – A gutsy skate! May have been a tad immature, but loved Bezic’s choreography. A 3r+3r and the 3+3 seq at the second half of the program puts her third on this list.

    4. Michelle Kwan 1998- 7 triples, bit shaky on the flip, tech. content not as hard as Tara’s, but she was a more polished skater.

    5. Mao Asada- this is weird considering she is my fav. skater..but as awful as the music cuts were, she sold this vampire program like a madwoman, and did a pretty great job! :respec: Not her fault Tarasova screwed her over, nor is it also for that comedy of a costume :run: Her SP to Waltz masquerade. despite the heavy music and theatrics, was actually a LOT better than the LP. At least it had interesting choreography. I put her in the top 5 for being the most refined skater at the Olympics, in terms of the aesthetics, finishing her moves well, and great positioning. As well, the two axels, gorgeous spiral sequence, and the extremely difficult footwork are highlights for me.

    6. Midori Ito- thought she could have won the LP in Albertville, either way, and a memorable performance for me.

    7. Joannie Rochette- Joannie is prob the most well-rounded lady skater, in terms of triples. She did more types of triple jumps than Yuna or Mao, despite not having a 3+3, and making a few slips. Despite the music cuts not really suiting my taste, her strong skating skills, connection to the music, and maturity stands out for me.

    8. Kristi Yamaguchi- close to Midori, but didn’t think her Malaguena for an OGM was anything unique.

    9. Nancy Kerrigan 1994- never liked her skating, not to mention this gawd-awful program, but did a glorious 3+3 combo, and the only mistake was a 2flip. She even landed two 3lutzes! Her technical content was brilliant, for sure.

    10. Lu Chen 1994- loved Lulu’s program this year, very unique, she was not as polished as Kerrigan, but technically she was fabulous. Presentation-wise had a bit to work on though.

    11. Sasha Cohen 2006- love her to death but those 3 mistakes were really distracting even if the rest of her program was gorgeous. Also, Arakawa was the only one that matched/surpassed her level of refinement, so even if Sasha had landed her jumps perfectly, she may not even have won gold anyways.

    12. Sarah Hughes 2002- her spins were actually the most complex of the night, if I recall correctly? Despite the obvious underrotations, this girl stayed on her feet while landing 7-attempted-triples, nice spirals and as mentioned difficult spins. Skating skills were not there yet, not a fan of the choreo.

    13. Irina Slutskaya 2002- Cautious, sloppy, terrible aesthetics. Change of foot Biellmann is something I’ll remember from her though.

    14. Michelle Kwan 2002- program-wise, it was ok. Much preferred 2001 SOTBS to this. Even with the fall on the flip, the first 2 jumps were VERY tight. 3loop was squeaky, 3t+2t was two-footed. Otherwise, probably the most refined skater of the night.

    15. Lu Chen 1998- loved Lulu’s comeback, but she underrotated a BUNCH of triple jumps. Wow. Technically weak, but program-wise, one of my favourites from her. Sandra Bezic did an excellent job. :respec:

    16. Irina Slutskaya 2006- basics were not there that night. Couldn’t stand the weird music cuts, especially the techno nearing the end. Sloppy sloppy sloppy. Fell on a loop and doubled a flip, but even so the rest of her jumps were messily landed and barely held on. The sleeves on her costume IMO made her look even more sloppy. Lack of stretch in spirals, but compensated with great extension in spins.

    17. Oksana Baiul 1994- She never skated like a cold fish unlike somebody that night, was free and not stiff, but can’t believe there was even a split decision as who would win. Most technical flaws an Olympic champion has ever made, NO combo jumps, underrotated a 2a+2t combo at the end…and didn’t think she was even that refined. Her telegraphed entrances were distracting, program was unbalanced. Even if she deserved higher artistic marks than Kerrigan, the huge gap in TES should have erased the question of a possible tie. :shuffle:

    18. Nancy Kerrigan 1992- of all the performances, this one is the most flat program I have ever seen. Several technical mistakes, choreography was definitely better than ’94, but still…most forgettable program since 92, for me.
  26. minneapolis

    minneapolis Banned Member

    1. Yuna- 2010
    2. Kristi- 1992
    3. Tara- 1998
    4. Shizuka-2006
    5. Sarah- 2002
    6. Oksana- 1994
  27. Triple Butz

    Triple Butz Well-Known Member

    Only one lutz for Nancy in the 94 free program, but it was in the second half of the program which was impressive.
  28. Triple Butz

    Triple Butz Well-Known Member

    I agree Tara had some really bad habits, but I do think she was able to exit her jumps with lots of speed coming out in most cases (see the opening axel and flip). I also don't think the 2nd loop was more than 1/4 short and probably would have been credited today. Her 3toe~3sal, while a bit tight, was also cleanly rotated.
  29. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Tara was a much better skater in 98 than 97. She really rose to the top in 1997 almost by default but by 98 she had improved alot.
  30. chipso1

    chipso1 Well-Known Member

    1. Kim 2010 gold
    2. Kwan 1998 silver
    3. Lipinski 1998 gold
    4. Asada 2010 silver
    5. Ito 1992 silver
    6. Arakawa 2006 gold
    7. Kerrigan 1994 silver
    8. Yamaguchi 1992 gold
    9. Rochette 2010 bronze
    10. Hughes 2002 gold
    11. Cohen 2006 silver
    12. Kwan 2002 bronze
    13. Chen 1998 bronze
    14. Slutskaya 2002 silver
    15. Chen 1994 bronze
    16. Slutskaya 2006 bronze
    17. Baiul 1994 gold
    18. Kerrigan 1992 bronze