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Plushenko Fan Thread - Road to Sochi

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Cherub721, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    The author is Lelo an Italian Plushy fan. Some her twitts from Riga

    consuelo valoppi ‏@lelo546 8 Nov

    @Sarynka @EvgeniPlushenko @sabrinacotrupi yess we are toooo happy for plushy and for the love audience gave him!! Too emotion

    consuelo valoppi ‏@lelo546 8 Nov

    Plushy was so smiling and relaxed after comp. Really happy for him as athlete and as person.An unbelievable pression on him! Leave him alone

    and her blog http://evgeniplushenkoitalia.blogspot.it/2013/11/alla-volvo-cup-plushenko-vince-contro.html

    Plushenko won the Volvo Open Cup. And this is no surprise so far. But the proof of strong character given on this occasion by Evgeni has few exemples in the history of sport and deserves to be underlined.

    To understand it it's necessary to remember what has already been said, but perhaps many do not really realize what kind of a psychological impact certain factors may have on an athlete who is nothing but a 30 years old boy.
    The last experience in competition was psychologically heavy for Evgeni. Forced since the recent European Champs to forego profitable show to undergo pioneering surgery for athletes which its final success is not certain yet. A surgery that left a large scar clearly visible. He had to defend himself from the unbelievable accusation of a fake surgery made (according haters) only to justify his withdrawal from the competition with pride. He had to read articles about the collapse of the Tsar (fell on a jump after 8 years!!) .
    Moreover, he had to fight against himself to find the strength to start to train again and overcome moments of discomfort while many thought he was finished as an athlete.
    And again, thanks also to him, perhaps ,ISU Regulation after Vancouver has been changed and the level of men's skating improved considerably. The quads are an essential element to achieve the top positions.
    In addition, the Olympics at home is fast approaching.

    The pressure due to all these reasons, it is huge and he decides that his first competition it's gonna be a level B one, the ISU Volvo Cup in Riga, in fact.
    And here we are then, the day of the SP. We are watching practice where we see him to perform quadruple jumps. We prepare ourselves confidently for the comp. The arena is small and there are few spots therefore we take our seats. Many Russians in the audience. Channel One Russia is following him since months in his Olympic preparation and it's there too. The competition is about to start and the arena's full. It 's time for the warm up. He is pale and under a big tension. He tries the jumps. The last one to leave the ice. We have great expectations. The memory of that program we saw in Pinzolo it's still clear in our minds. We are convinced that it is one of the most intense and beautiful programs he ever performed. The costume is brand new, weirdly clear coloured . The notes of "A Girl Like you" start but the quad doesn't come out. The distribution of the jumps ,the choreography and, most of all, the wonderful sequence of steps are different from those in our memories. It has, however, already been announced that the programs would have been performed in a kind of an " economy version ". Evgeni said in an interview to be very nervous. We meet him later, he is tired but anyway he greets us. He tells us that he's fine.

    The next morning, at FP practice in a frozen arena, he comes, more than focused, he looks at no one. We are raised. We have already seen that sight and that grit before the won competitions. The sight he didn't showed in Zagreb... Quad trials, hints of choreography. 20 minutes later he gets out. He stops to sign autographs with a smile. Meanwhile we read various comments about his SP, a program which is not at its level, and comments which shows no sympathy for him. But we focus on the evening competition. We take our seats very soon. We thought the arena was full the night before, but we were wrong. Now is really full at almost its limit, many people standing on their feet . The Russian television shows up . We see flowers within the audience. There is Ari Zakarian . There is also Vakhtang Murvanidze , Plushenko's friend since ages, to support him. In the arena it's breathable an incredible atmosphere of great expectation .
    The warm-up of the last group begins . Evgeni enters the ice skating at incredible speed as usual. He's really under tension, focused. It's hard to describe the audience of that night, it is like they got warned about his difficult time and tried to support him warmly, with shouts and applauses. He makes a small grimace. To further complicate the situation, a cuff of his costume breaks. He controls that nothing has fallen on the ice, struggling to fix the sleeve. We are in tension with him. The warm-up ends. We look at the next skater without a lot of attention. Finally it is his turn to run up that program , "The best of Plushenko ," the Mishin’s idea, which we are very much fascinated about. Silence falls in the full arena. First notes and we have a sinking heart while recognizing St.Petersburg 300 . No time to evoke the emotions of one of our favorite shows that Evgeni landed the 4T. We relax . Ok, now everything's gonna be better. Immediately a 3A and, in the second half of the program, he landed 5 jumps including another 3A in combination. No mistakes on the jumps, just a few deviations from what the planned, but here these are just details.

    However, we follow with great curiosity the music too. After SPT 300 notes changes and are now those of Tribute to Nijinsky , the absolute favorite program by his fans. Followed by The Godfather, Tango Roxanne and we can not avoid to explode with joy to the sequence of steps of Tosca Fantasy. To finish an incredibly intense Adagio. But the masterpiece is not finished because Plushenko extracted from the cylinder an interpretation among the best ever seen. In his own words: "I skated the last step sequenze with a smile and emotionally." Mishin later says: "I think Evgeni had never skated before with such level of expression, with such maturity of gesture and with such artistic vision." It’s the apotheosis, and when the program ends , Evgeni dissolves the accumulated tension repeatedly beating his hand on the ice as he was saying to himself: I made it ! The reaction of the whole arena is no possible to be described. We have seen a thousand of times the audience to explode for him , but this time it's different. It's like as if this small and intimate arena had understood his tension, it suffered along the way with him and as if now it's sharing his same joy. Evgeni feels this affection. His hand goes to his heart to thank each and one in the public and with both his hands he draws a heart . Now he smiles. He skates for his passion and for his audience. They are all standing, it's a rain of flowers and puppets. The cheers are endless, he can not even get out of the ice because from the stands they ask for autographs. There are some people who thank him. At the end the total score is 263.25, his personal best . Evgeni made it, he " broke the ice " with competitions.

    After the live sight of such a technical level and artistic expression , in addition to his typical charisma, we sadly thought about the great loss that figure skating it's no other way gonna be suffering after the retirement from sport of the unique and unrepeatable Tsar .
    Thank you Lelo!

    Sara, she was the translater
    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 6m

    After #volvoCup,after the magnificent proof of #strenght of @EvgeniPlushenko I feel like "no matter what,you have to fight!" #inspiration
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  2. lala

    lala Well-Known Member


    Март-апрель 2014 года - Российский тур Евгения Плющенко!
    March-April, 2014 - Evgeni Plushenko's Russian and European tour! Soon!
    #Plushenko @plushenkoofficial http://instagram.com/p/gsl9QaFSPi/#
    Evgeni Plushenko
    Irina Slutskaya
    Ilia Kulik
    Stephane Lambiel
    Brian Joubert
    Johnny Weir
    Tomas Verner
    Fiona Zaulda & Dmitri Sukhanov
    Sergei Yakimenko
    Ekaterina & Alexander Chesna

    Edvin Marton
    Nikolai Baskov
    Dima Bilan
    Yana Rudkovskaya
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  3. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Plushy on yesterday training (14.11.) - he continued his training with a "reduced intensity" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB2lHjzHaPI&feature=youtu.be

    he is so cute from 2:25 :rofl: and look at the final spin isn't bad....;)

    http://lentasporta.com/articles/222/20100/ interesting article, but in Russian ( I love that picture ;) )

    We have become accustomed to the expression " validolnuyu match ." But it seems that this will have a heart drug stocking and figure skating fans . And especially fans of Evgeni Plushenko

    As you know, a week ago , after a pause in the athlete nine months made ​​the tournament in Riga. And won it. Basically what is called a loud word "program" Eugene showed - rather it was set some pieces that will eventually be formed into something coherent whole. But he showed his famous jumps and many breathed recovered . And everything else to Sochi ( on a single ticket to the men's figure skating from our country claims it Plushenko ) can be sanded . And so, like a bolt from a relatively clear sky : skater not perform at the Grand Prix in Moscow, which will be held from 22 to 24 November . The reason was microtrauma knee.

    " Zhenya had pain in his left knee . After consultation with doctors , he was asked to reduce the load . Skating allowed jumping - no. In this mode of training , we could not adequately prepare for the home Grand Prix in Moscow. Therefore decided to withdraw from the tournament athlete , but continue training . In the language of the doctor , exacerbation of pain . It is unclear where we can speak "- confessed athlete coach Alexei Mishin .

    However, as assured Mishin injury will not prevent athlete continue to prepare for the main games of the season. " Who will go the planned work - this is not the time for us to become the biggest obstacle to a rational and systematic preparation for the main starts - Russian and European championships and the Olympics. Skipping Grand Prix will not create any additional difficulties on our way . "

    In addition , the instructor has promised that during a pause Plushenko will replace the music for the short program and prepare competitors " unpleasant surprise ." And Mishin admitted in an interview to one of the sport portals that his team is still early, they say, 'hell , " " We do not want to prematurely break somewhere . And I'm very pleased and Eugene with how the performance in Riga , but Jack is only gaining momentum, it must be understood . " He assured : " Pick another quiet tournament , like Riga , and then perform at the Russian Championship and the European Championship . There met with strong contenders already get completely different . "

    It is clear that fans skater similar statement is not reassured . Not be discounted that the athlete behind a long career and age ( in early November he was 31 ) , and all this could not go by without affecting his health. But before the main start of four years , it looks very disturbing. But competitors are not asleep , " Plushenko will help a tremendous experience . But the fight for the gold ... I think our time is gone. There are a lot of bidders - Canadian Patrick Chan , three Japanese, French. There is a chance , and Zhenya , but that's life . You can not fool her . Have a date of birth in the passport. Body still aging. A young skaters more desire and opportunity, " - said in a recent interview with one of the sports media glorified Alexei Yagudin .

    However, the other there's no attempt to speak . " Plushenko - athlete , genius. We can not say what will happen in the future , but Zhenya very strong motivation , and I really want to see it on the Olympic ice in Sochi " - flatly stated famous Tatiana Tarasova .

    All this will be possible only under one condition : no longer pursue athlete injury. And yet, alas , it turns out, as soon as one heals Eugene , brings more.

    " Plushenko - is the face of our country, it is the name of our skating . And if Plushenko will not go to Sochi, it will be very bad , "- said the famous coach Nikolai Morozov .

    " Jack reminds me phoenix - every time he burns in the fire and again rising from the ashes . Perhaps these young guys do not understand simple words , but they are all hidden : Plushenko - a real man ! It overcomes himself. And it is for him the most important reward. Will there be Olympic gold ? Let's see , "- said in an interview choreographer David Avdysh skater .

    Another thing is that the Olympics still need to get . The only thing that can not afford to Eugene go on the ice , it's great. And in this case fans only believe and do not lose hope .

    http://www.subbota.com/lifestyle/theme/sport-time/2069-v-rige-pljushhenko-vernulsja-v-detstvo.html (aren't bad pictures)

    In Riga Plushenko back to childhood

    Why star sports world came to our city

    According to the head teacher of one of Riga schools last week in high school attendance has fallen markedly . Teachers began to sin on autumn viruses on magnetic storms , but actually arrived in our city celebrated Evgeni Plushenko - all the girls pet and emulate many boys !

    Interestingly, the trend has been identified in at least two schools in the city center .

    What then happened in the most Imanta where the famous skater retraces short and long program ?

    In visit to Riga Plushenko hard to believe . Even despite the fact that the Volvo Cup tournament in our city and the traditional and international . Yet the position of the Latvian Skating global poor.

    So then all the famous skater could do in Riga?

    " You would not happen skater ? "

    In a conversation with a reporter " Sabbath " Eugene admitted that he is no stranger to Riga city .

    - I was convinced when I learned on the streets and asked for an autograph . Someone came up and started from afar : "Young man, you're a skater ? " - Other almost immediately : "Eugene , allow for you to hold out ! " It was very nice - said Plushenko.

    - Eugene , you return to the sports world after the break. It is necessary to prove all over again?

    - You know , now, in Riga , I caught myself thinking that not only returned to the sport , as in childhood, when I was ten years old.

    I dressed up with the kids next eight or nine years and felt like a child at some tournament. Though it was unusual, but very pleasant feeling , and I am grateful for him to your city .

    The current start - a very important stage on the way to my return to the sport .

    - Are you fully recovered after surgery ?

    - While I can not boast , although his skating I'm more or less satisfied.

    Ride on painkillers . I would like to feel more comfortable , but still very little time has passed after the operation.

    - Even famous athletes genuinely surprised by what you fourth Olympics . You have already proved everything to everyone , you have all the titles and medals . Alexei Yagudin , for example , said that you return it to the sport itself maim ...

    - When I go out on the ice, I'm always happy . Sports - it's always overcome . Themselves to be overcome and the boy in the sports section , and champion at major competitions .

    I set a goal - to get to the top three winners at the Olympic Games in Sochi. But first I need to break into this competition - win points in the official tournaments such as yours.

    It now doing. Out - hence be worthy .

    - As a family reacted to your decision once again fight for the medals ?

    - Jana fully supports me . After Sochi promised to have another child .

    Agree that it is a great responsibility .

    - Thank you for the interview.


    Evgeni Plushenko
    Date of Birth: November 3, 1982 .
    Skater .
    Income in 2012 - $ 2.5 million ( according to the magazine Forbes).
    Achievements : Olympic champion (2006) , three-time world champion , seven-time European champion and ten times champion of Russia.
    Advertising contracts : cars Mercedes, watches Ulysse Nardin, lottery " Bingo Boom " clothing Odri, residential complex "Sun City" ( Sochi) .
    Business Plan: A trademark registration " Evgeni Plushenko ."
    Personal life : Married second marriage to the famous musical producer Yana Rudkovskoj , who bore him in January this year, the son of Alexander .

    I didn't bring all the articles on Plush in this week. Uncountable in Russian media and many in the international media,too.
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  4. NadineWhite

    NadineWhite Well-Known Member

    I love this latest article, thanks for posting it lala. :) In particular I like that "unpleasant surprise" Mr. Mishin alludes to as regards Zhenya's SP. :cool: :D
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  5. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent


    I heard a rumour this show might be headed for the US too...can he bring it here? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE MR PLUSHY?
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  6. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Yes, I heard it, too. Pushy also said in his interview, that maybe will be this show in US. IN this summer Edvin and his family moved to US for two years, Ilia lives in US, Johnny is also American..so who knows..?


    Figure skating: Chan not convinced by Plushenko comeback

    Patrick was not convinced nor 2009, when said that "Plushy's too old" ;)

    Plushy and Sasha:

    http://instagram.com/p/gu4e3xjq8f/# http://instagram.com/p/guz3e7Dq4w/#
    http://instagram.com/p/guqKSDDqyj/# aaaand https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart/status/401573037654278145/photo/1 cute!!!!!

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 18h

    RT @gnomgnomych: That's my dad @EvgeniPlushenko, he was then 6 years old. I think that we look like, what you think?! http://instagram.com/p/guW88Hjq29/#

    This girl is very talented:https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart

    https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart/status/401194586124464128/photo/1 https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart/status/400668316714278912/photo/1 https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart/status/400135415396454401/photo/1 https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart/status/399148285845192705/photo/1
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  7. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    Kings On Ice: The Down Under Tour. It has a ring to it, Plushy! ;)
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  8. immoimeme

    immoimeme my posts r modded

    Wow I would love to see that show. I've never seen lambiel and joubert live. Hope they can come to USA!!:)
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  9. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

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  10. fanof

    fanof New Member

    So Pluschenko will go 2014 European or no? I am a big fan :D
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  11. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    I believe, I'm a big fan too..:D

    MOSCOW, November 19 (R-Sport) - Rising Russian figure skating star Maxim Kovtun said Tuesday he is looking forward to dueling Turin Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko for a single place at next year’s Sochi Winter Games.

    Kovtun, 18, was due to face the 30-year-old Plushenko at the Cup of Russia this weekend until Plushenko pulled out with a knee injury, and now they cannot face each other until the two competitions that will decide who gets Russia’s sole slot in the Olympic men’s event.

    Plushenko has competed just once since January, and his fitness is a key question ahead of next month’s Russian nationals, before January’s European championships offer the last chance to make the host nation’s team for Sochi.

    “Personally, I don’t care what condition Plushenko’s in,” Kovtun said. “You have to be beat him in real life, when he’s on form, otherwise there’s no value in it.”

    “If I win when he’s, to put it bluntly, sprawled about, then that’s not the same. I hope he comes to the Russian championships on form and we’ll see who’s better.”

    Kovtun's international breakthrough came with second place at the Cup of China Grand Prix earlier this month, finishing behind local prodigy Han Yan, but he said still considered himself Russia’s “first reserve” behind Plushenko.

    Ahead of this week’s Cup of Russia, Kovtun has tweaked his short program to alter a problematic step sequence, typically a less challenging part of the program but one that caused him to fall in China and lose crucial points.

    And the 18-year-old is under no illusions about the gulf between himself and Sochi gold medal favorite Patrick Chan of Canada, who set a new world record of 295.27 points in Paris last week, 34 more than Plushenko has ever managed and almost 60 more than Kovtun’s best.

    “The night when he did that skate, I slept very badly, thinking about how much work’s ahead to achieve something of that kind,” Kovtun said. “At moments like that, I also look back, see how much I’ve already worked, so that I am where I am today. I think I can cope.”

    The Cup of Russia takes place Friday and Saturday, and the Olympics run from February 7 through 23.

    We will see..we will see...;)

    http://www.fontanka.ru/2013/11/18/112/ google translating

    Alexei Mishin : Plushenko 's short program will be changed
    11/18/2013 15:08

    Alexei Mishin , the coach of Olympic figure skating champion Yevgeny Plushenko , said that his client in Sochi will ride like never before ridden . Mentor believes that there are good reasons to expect from the successful performance of an athlete in Sochi.

    "I am absolutely convinced that Plushenko will show their best performance . We look at the performance stage Grand Prix of strong skaters. Some of them are wonderful in their movement in a different direction , I am far from thinking someone criticize . After all, figure skating - versatile sport , it is possible to move in the different directions , as in art, music or science. The Soviet and Russian skaters - Bobrin , Urmanov , Ovchinnikov , Yagudin , Plushenko - carried something else along with quality skating. Each of their performance - mikrospektakl , the embodiment of the idea of the image . In today's figure skating skate well , quickly rotate the skaters are very hardy, they have good transitions . I can say that the program Plushenko fully meet modern trends. There is also a rotation, and jumping, and transitions. But it does have charisma and reared generations of figure skating. In his speech, there is always a story , drama . Plushenko programs will be a combination of requirements of modern figure skating and the fact that accumulated traditions. This can give a great effect , "- shared his expectations Alexei Mishin .

    Mentor Yevgeny Plushenko said the performance of his ward on the ground for him in season tournament - Volvo Cup. In Riga, St. Petersburg skater confidently won the first place . But Alexei Mishin was unhappy with the short program and said that it needs some work.

    "Rather than quadruple jump Zhenya made a triple , then he has failed in the triple stage , he made it 3-2. I am a very sober look at his performance . In the short program , it was unsuccessful . But when we went to Riga, I told Zhenya that the main act , as you like to go through two stages of competitions, because without experience can not speak - not in the Cup " Rostelecom ", nor in the Russian Championship . And when, in Riga, he went to the ice for the second time , I felt confident in their abilities. Zhenya will ride much better. A short program, we change . But I will not say how, " - said Alexei Mishin .

    It is known that Yevgeny Plushenko will miss due to injury one of the Grand Prix . But Alexei Mishin did not rule out that his client will speak at other competitions before the final Grand Prix. Until this issue is solved .

    Alexei Mishin praised the degree of preparation for the Olympic Games and its student Elizabeth Tuktamysheva .

    "In my opinion, the best Elizabeth skating . When she performed at Skate America, each accompanied by the applause of her jump . Each time the hall stood up . Get a standing ovation Russian girl in America - is a significant fact , "- concluded Alexei Mishin .
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  12. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I can't warm up to Kovtun until he skates well in a world level competition. He was the reason Russia has only one spot at the Olympics at home. I hope Plushenko beats him at the Russian nationals. Keeping my fingers crossed that Zhenya stays healthy and keeps getting better and better all the way to Sochi. I also cannot ignore the fact that Gachinski has the potential to beat Kovtun, and possibly Plushenko, but Kovtun is being promoted as the 'rising star' while Gachinski is being totally ignored.
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  13. ComplimentsFrom

    ComplimentsFrom Banned Member

    To digress: Dammit, if there was just effin' three spots for Lipnitskaya, Sotnikova, and Tuktamysheva (god, I just love pronouncing her name, lol)...
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  14. lala

    lala Well-Known Member


    Russia’s Kovtun records monster short program in Plushenko’s absence

    Nicholas McCarvel

    Nov 22, 2013, 1:20 PM EST
    Leave a comment
    ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2012 - Day One Getty Images

    For some 15 years, Yevgeny Plushenko has been the king of Russian skating. But Friday, with no king in sight, a prince reigned over the ice in Moscow, Maksim Kovtun formally announcing his challenge to Plushenko’s throne.

    Kovtun has been the up-and-coming boy of a nation steeped in figure skating tradition for the last two years and delivered a monster short program at the Rostelecom Cup, the final Grand Prix of the season, in which Plushenko withdrew from a week ago with a knee injury.

    Skating in front of a home crowd, the 18-year-old Kovtun produced a 92.53, the fourth-highest score of the season and better than Plushenko’s best-ever short program (91.30), securing himself a safe lead over second-place Tatsuki Machida of Japan (84.90) and re-igniting the discussion of who will get Russia’s coveted lone Olympic spot for Sochi.

    Kovtun was a disappointing 17th at the World Championships earlier this year, meaning the Russians got just one place for a men’s singles skater at the upcoming Olympic Games. But after a second-place finish at the Cup of Russia earlier this month and a dazzling performance that included a quadruple Salchow-triple toe opening combination and a quadruple toe to follow, Kovtun continues to push the envelope.

    Reigning world bronze medalist Javier Fernandez fell on his opening quadruple Salchow, relegating him to third behind Kovtun and Machida.


    It was a poor showing for American men, as Richard Dornbush came up short on two of his jumps and fell on his lone Axel, a triple, finishing seventh out of eight skaters. His teammate, Josh Farris, withdrew after spraining his ankle Thursday in practice.

    Dornbush is the 2011 U.S. Championships siilver medalist while Farris, 18, is competing in his first season on the senior Grand Prix circuit. He was fifth at Skate Canada last month.

    Kovtun will look for another show-stopping performance Saturday in the men’s free skate. Many around skating believe the Olympic spot will go to Plushenko if he is healthy regardless of how Kovtun performs, though a win in Moscow from the youngster would put more pressure on the veteran.

    The last Russian man not named Plushenko to win a Grand Prix gold medal? Iliya Klimkin at the NHK Trohpy in 2002.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgF6jecHJbc Kovtun
    I would like to skate with Evgeni Plushenko on same ice..

    Tom Zakrajsek ‏@CoachTomZ 3h

    Hanging out with legendary coach and one of my idols Professor Alexei Mishin. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=494794717285921&l=98c71bf94c
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  15. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

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  16. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 3h

    Mishin: "Plushenko will not go to any of the competition before the Russian Championship (22-27.12.). His health's OK and regularly trains"
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  17. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 35m

    (Plushy's shows) RT @yanarudkovskaya: Latvia, Estonia, Belarus & also Rumania in April ! All dates very soon! Another countries after Sochi!

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 23m

    (one more country in Plushy's shows list) RT @yanarudkovskaya: @PlushenkoNews yes! In June - China!

    and 3 very cute videos on Sasha http://instagram.com/p/hGkT85lSKN/# http://instagram.com/p/hF22a5FSFI/ http://instagram.com/p/hF2VHwFSEp/

    News fluff on Plu comeback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOY9brJk0X0
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  18. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Kings On Ice Olympic Gala
    Bucharest, Romania 05.04.2014
    Arena: Sala Polivalenta


    The perfection, intensity and splendor of world figure skating will be at its best in the capital city in one of the most famous and appreciated shows of its kind in Romania: Kings On Ice Olympic Gala 2014! The impressive ice show will present some of the best ice skating artists in the world and will take place on the 5th of April at Sala Polivalenta in Bucharest. Alongside the Olympic, World and European champions, the “King Of Ice” Evgeni Plushenko will return to Bucharest with a special and unique Best-Of skating programme.
    The tickets ranging between 120 and 400 lei will be available starting Friday, the 29th of November, online on http://www.myticket.ro , in Diverta Stores, Muzica Store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore and Sala Palatului box office.

    Evgeni Plushenko:
    “The King of Ice” will present in Bucharest a spectacular programme – a best-of compilation of the most impressive and loved moments from his career.
    http://instagram.com/p/hVajzyFSNz/ How Sasha loves his father :)
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  19. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    Cool... will you be going, lala? :) I wish they'd come to the US, there are enough Russians in the NY/NJ area to make it worth it IMO... (not to mention just plain figure skating fans). I just noticed the link in your sig... really cute. :D
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  20. lala

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    I don't know... Bucharest is so far away from me.. I hope the show will be held in a little bit closer, too.

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews

    RT @chihiRomangaart: Evgeni Viktorovich Plushenko https://twitter.com/chihiRomangaart/status/405767593861976064/photo/1/large :cool:

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 2h

    December 2013 Wallpaper by @chihiRomangaart you can download in section "Wallpapers & Fan Art" http://evgeni-plushenko.com/eng/download/
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  21. leapfrogonice

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    Was so impressed with his competitive mindset and ability to deliver at Volvo Cup.
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  22. lala

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  23. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 12m

    (Alexander Lakernik was this week at Plushy's training, his and Mishin's impressions) "Inspector came to Plushenko": http://evgeni-plushenko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6&p=81107#p81107
    Inspector came to Plushenko

    Lakernik flew to St. Petersburg for one day, to evaluate the state of Olympic programs of Evgeni Plushenko. Immediately after training, personal Plushenko's coach Alexei Mishin and Alexander Lakernik gave an exclusive interview to "Soviet sport".

    - Mishin and Plushenko passed the exam, you can write so, - jokingly suggested Professor Mishin. - We showed in repeated repetitions to Alexander Lakernik parts of our programs, which may cause doubt and debate. It was footwork, spins and jumps - triple axel, quadruple toe loop and cascade triple toe loop-triple axel. All footworks and spins were evaluated by one of the most respected judge in the world with the maximum, the fourth level. Jumps and cascades - with the "plus". How exactly will be this "plus", now can not tell you anybody, because much will depend on how well this elements will be made in a real program, how personally, one or another Olympic judge will relate toward Zhenya, such is his preferences, likes and dislikes. Our changes of Short program Lakernik also rated positively, and found that it has become more colorful and imaginative.

    - Alexei, but you can at least share with us your immediate plans?
    - Evgeni will perform at the Russian Championships in late December in Sochi, until then he will not participate at any tournament.

    Alexander Lakernik generally confirmed everything what said Evgeni's coach:

    - If you ask me to evaluate Plushenko, how is assessed at the exam, then I will put him today 80 out of 100 percent, and that's normally. Goes workflow, but at the same time, it is quite obvious that Plushenko's programs are at the level of the world's elite skaters, who will aspire to high places at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Evgeni will necessarily have a quadruple toe loop in the Short Program, and two quads in Free Program, also toe loop. Exactly the same set, one quadruple in Short and two quadruple toe loops in Free program, will have the triple world champion Patrick Chan, and - theoretically, Japanese Daisuke Takahashi. European champion, Spaniard Javier Fernandez can, as we know, jump different quadruple jumps, but now he is not in very good shape, so discuss and use him for comparison is difficult.
    However, the advantage of Evgeni Plushenko is that he jumps the same quad very stable and confident. He's, unlike of many other skaters, capable under Olympic stress, to which are all exposed, do everything with exactly the same quality as in training. By the way, compared to its performance in Riga, where I was the technical controller, confidence of his jumps significantly increased. His quadruple is not yet 10 out of 10, it can not be called perfect, but progress in clean performance is very noticeable, and to the Russian Championship it will grow.
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  24. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    Thanks for the updates, Lala. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he stays healthy enough to perform 4 programs at the Sochi Olympics. I am not looking for any medals, but if he wins one, that's icing on the cake.
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  25. NadineWhite

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    Ditto, I agree with everything you wrote, Vash01. :)

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ZHENYA, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :kickass: :respec:
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  26. lala

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    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 20m

    It seems that Plushenko is main "favorite" to carry the Russian flag at the Opening of #Sochi2014 :) ...but... (cont)http://www.evgeni-plushenko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11&p=81127#p81127

    Interview with Yana http://www.firstnews.ru/opinions/600508/

    google translating

    Wife of famous Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko said Yana Rudkovskaja mode , which now lives athlete .

    Eugene is now supporting a large number of people - you and he feel it ?

    - Thank you all for being with us . Now is not the easiest time in his career. But the most difficult period we have already passed - when it was recovering from surgery. Then Jack could not jump even half turns two - fell.

    He studied anew twist again learned to spin. The hardest thing was for him to jump, because he was afraid that the design fails .

    If that happened , he would have remained disabled. This psychological barrier I walked with him, and then - it's June-July month - it was hard.

    And now a lot easier , because all grow together and live in the polymer structure and body become one . Pain , though come to naught , but still present. For him, the most important thing that did not hurt .

    And I'm sure that at the Olympics us one hundred percent for him will not be ashamed .

    How victory in Riga affected psychologically?

    - It was the highest result of his life. If he rode in Russia , scores would have been even higher. For the first start, he skated great. Zhenya care of yourself in the short program , and in any post.

    I was pleased that Jack competitive. Very sorry that Jack did not risk the health and skate at the Grand Prix . Because if he took part in it , he would have skated much stronger than in Riga.

    Competition in Riga was important to ensure that all who skeptical about Zhenya realized that the return Plushenko - not vague prospect , but a real fact .

    At Eugene now very busy schedule workouts? You often see him at all ?

    - Now the main focus of his life - training for the Olympics Games in the fourth of his life. And no one from these obligations are not freed . I go into his position and fly him to St. Petersburg on Fridays with the child. Exception - special cases when I can not fly .

    Distract him not want to because Zhenya very private mode - except for training and the bath, he does not go anywhere else .

    Its closed mode and I felt : it is now easier to call the president directly than to Plushenko. :D

    - Yes , Evgeny not picking up now, talking only with loved ones. Should either prepare for competitions , or answer calls .

    ( Jack is Zhenya :D )
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  27. lala

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    Very interesting interview with Plushy's wife http://www.elle.ru/afisha/persons/girly-talk-yana-rudkovskaya/

    Yana words on Plushy ( google translate)

    ELLE Yes, you're obviously not a failure appeared. That is now part of the circle of your interests as a producer?

    Y. R. Well, firstly, it projects related to Dima Bilan and Evgeni Plushenko.

    ELLE You are the producer of both of them?

    Y. R. I am agent of Evgeni only in Europe. He has his agents in America, and Japan. Still, in the end, all information flock to me after the Olympics we plan 120 shows around the world.
    ELLE No people to look more different than Baturin and Plushenko. Why did you decide that Zhenya - your man?

    Y.R. Victor me very long sought, but I still doubted until the end. And Zhenya was love at first sight. A person who is an example in everything: in relation to women, to children, to seniors, to his profession.

    ELLE do not blame you for what you send her husband to the Olympics, despite his health problems?

    J. R. condemn. And I understand what is the risk. Understand what it might cost him ... But I think so, in relation to themselves: if I was an athlete and I would have been one hundred percent of what I can win at this Olympics, I would put everything at stake.

    Очи чёрные (Black eyes)

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  28. lala

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    italian article

    Road to Sochi / Plushenko , the rough diamond of great Mother Russia

    1982 Solnechny , a small town in eastern Russia , a stark reality , hard and difficult to live, a country of workers who stood near a train station. It was cold , the biting cold that seems to slip into a thousand pins in the body, the cold that is only in some remote areas of the (then) Soviet Union great . Yevgeny Viktorovich Pljuščenko , or simply Evgeni Plushenko for us in the West , was born there in that year. He was a baby a few months when they realized that his health was not optimal , moreover, the living conditions were very poor although they admitted a few out there, proud as they were. Head high always, even if it's freezing , even if you are hungry and you have to grind the whole damn day. He was seen by a doctor when he was four years old, and he was healed but recommended more physical activity to prevent falls ill again .

    It was a country of a few people Solnechny and a few of these , perhaps unwittingly , without realizing it, changed the lives of the small Evgeni and his family : in fact happened that a neighbor gave him his shoes because his daughter did not used them . A normal thing, all of the games will ever give to friends or neighbors because the children do not use them more , but not all lives in something so simple , something so normal , gave birth to the historical consequences ( sportingly speaking) . The young Plushenko began to skate and , very soon, its instructors realized that they have to deal with a child prodigy , one of his first coaches and still one of the most important for the career of the athlete Russian, Plushenko said he was a " diamond in the rough " that needed only to be shaped . This man 's name was Alexei Mishin and taught figure skating in St. Petersburg. It was he who pushed the young Evgeni to move to the big city to pursue his dream .

    Plushenko then faced the move and began training very seriously , to make the sacrifices were so many , yet it is not weighed particularly , the willpower of the boy , in spite of the many problems that had to deal with on a daily basis , it was amazing even then . They started the first youth competitions and soon proceeded to enter the world of adults. Talent and sweat daily did not take long to produce results , in fact in a very short time Evgeni arrived at the threshold of what we can certainly feel his dream: the Olympics. He was still a child when , seeing the Olympic Games on television, told his mother that he would win by a large gold medal. The first time , you know, you never forget , and Plushenko was in 2002 , in Salt Lake City. The premises were the best , the year before had been full of success for the now twenty year old( he was only 19;)) Russian skater . But the approaching event of the year was not easy : some physical problems before they blocked the preparation and then a few bumps in the program undermined the safety of Evgeni , with the result you get "only" second in the Olympic event . But all this was only consequence to strengthen the Russian athlete , who after a hard work , tiring but rewarding , he presented himself as a super favorite at the Turin Olympics in 2006 , and here he made his masterpiece.

    In the town of Savoy , Plushenko gave birth to one of the greatest spectacles that figure skating fans have ever seen. The short program was held on the notes of "La Tosca " and captivated everyone, especially the public, but the jury awarded him a score monstrous than ever before. The long program , held after the triumph of the short, was the most classic parade of honor. Plushenko danced with an impressive grace on the basis of "The Godfather " as a further demonstration that the gold medal was to be his . The rest is recent history , with the withdrawal after Turin 2006, and the return to Vancouver four years later, where he finished second , causing a series of controversies that are still open wounds. Evgeni now is preparing the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in her , hoping that it will once again be the protagonist.

    Why do I mention Plushenko ? Why is Russian and the Olympics this year are held in his homeland , but even more so because his story can be an inspiration for all those who believe they do not do it, who are faced with the problems that life poses . Plushenko confronted them with shoes and showed us that anything can happen and that the problems, at times, become opportunities .
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  29. Vash01

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    Very nice article. Thanks Lala. It's amusing that they are calling the skates 'shoes'. We have seen over the years how mentally tough Plushenko is. Talent alone is not enough to create a champion.
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