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Plushenko Fan Thread - Road to Sochi

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Cherub721, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    http://twitpic.com/dewd0s to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drte_m1TiqA :)

    his first "sweet" book http://www.mediafire.com/?z9ziocao3m3a1 ----"Another show "

    He was really sweet, he didn't name the older skaters in the Mishin's group, who hurted Plushy, having arrived in St. Petersburg.

    "I was 10 years old and I participated in the Cup of Russia. After the competition we were sitting with the boys in the hotel playing cards. I won and the elder ones were embittered, so one of them decided to command me:
    - Go and bring me something to drink.
    I didn’t want to serve anybody and refused:
    - It’s you who need it, - take it yourself. And I am going to play.
    At the same time someone was boiling water in the same room. One of the boys took the hot kettle from the ring and put it on my arm. This sportsman’s hand did not even tremble – as if he was not burning a human being, but putting the kettle on a board. I cried out of pain. On my arm there immediately appeared a blood blister. The pain was hellish.
    I rushed out of the room, run along the corridor and cried. There was pain. I cried not out of pain, but out of insult, that someone could do such a thing and the others did not even defend me.


    Running along the corridor I met my choreographer Tatyana Mihaylovna.
    - Zhenya, what has happened?
    I was holding my arm. She drew away my hand and saw the swollen, inflamed wound. She immediately understood everything and went to talk with the seniors, who had done this.

    In this way I met humiliation for the first time in my life. Then it seemed to me that it was only a coincidence and it would never happen again. I was wrong, everything had just started. When I went to Peter I was eleven years old. I was the youngest of Mishin’s sportsmen. I trained together with Urmanov, Yagudin, Novoseltzev, Tataurov and others.

    In Volgograd I experienced no humiliation at all. The cruel, even merciless coach Makoveev insisted on an iron discipline. There was no way that the elders could commit outrages on the younger.
    It was not so in Peter. The younger were humiliated and commanded. The elders showed off all the time that for them everything was allowed.
    The elder skaters hat a company welcome : when the young were taught, they were beaten with the skate guards on their body and from the hit there remained on their skin the label “Nike”. Also they could throw the skate at you or beat you with the sporting shoes on the head.
    If you by chance stood in the way of the senior sportsmen when he jumped, there was always a punishment for you. They would either beat you or humiliate you.
    Before the training I went to the changing room to change. Every sportsman had a locker, where he put his clothes, the skates, the sport uniform. I opened the door and saw that there were seniors inside.


    I greeted them. They assumed an air as if they had not heard me.
    - Go out, then enter again and greet.
    I did this.
    - We did not hear how you greeted us.
    I entered a third time and shouted:
    - Hello!
    - Why are you shouting? You have to be punished.
    They determined a punishment : ten hits on the head. But they were not satisfied with that. They made the “Nike” sign. A bright print was left on my skin from the skate guard. The insult was stronger than the pain. Why? I rushed off from the changing room, hardly keeping back my tears.
    Then I understood why the seniors are behaving in such a way. I had come from the country, I was only eleven, but I appeared to be a perspective sportsman – at this age I could jump all the triple jumps, I was learning continuously new things, grasped everything instantly. They understood that later it would be complicated for them, I would grow up, overpass them and become the first. Actually it happened so.

    Mom arrived for the first time. Before her arrival I had had much to endure from the seniors – I was beaten with the sport shoes on the head. My head split. We went to the station with Tanya Ermachek, with whom we had come from Volgograd half an year before.
    Mom came out of the train and looked at me carefully:
    - Why are you so pale?
    - I have a headache.
    - What has happened?
    I decided not to confess. But then Tanya spoke:
    - The seniors beat him.
    - Why?


    - For nothing. They have beaten him with the sport shoes on the head.
    Till mom’s arrival I had no defenders. At this time Alexey Nikolaevich Mishin had many sportsmen, he had also other urgent things to do. He had no time to care of what was happening in the changing room. Urmanov had already become an Olympic champion, Yagudin was growing up and the coach set great hopes on him. Mishin cared of what was happening on the ice, he needed results. He rarely looked in the changing room.
    I was the youngest one and it was early to be said whether I would turn out to be a champion or not.
    It is true, once the seniors had to endure from Mishin too. Alexey Nikolaevich came to our changing room just by chance and saw me crying. Next to me were robust senior skaters, who were laughing in their sleeve.
    - Who has insulted him?- there were iron notes in Mishin’s voice.
    All were silent.
    - If I find out who has committed outrages at him, this sportsman will be out of my team.
    So they got off my back for a while.

    Once in the changing room one of the famous sportsmen and already with a title was eating pistachio. He carefully collected the shells in a box. I was sitting in the corner lacing my shoes. Before he went out of the changing room he said to me:
    - Take these away!
    - I will not!
    - You know what will happen if you don’t, - said he and went out skating.
    I waited till all the skaters dressed and the changing room was empty. Then I put the garbage behind the lockers.


    The training finished. The one with the pistachio went back in the changing room, saw that everything was cleaned and praised me.
    On the morning the cleaning woman came and saw the garbage.
    - What is this? – she scolded our titled sportsman like a small boy,- You are a grown up sportsman and you do such things! Aren’t you ashamed!
    After this I had terrible time with this boy.

    For some years I was the youngest one. And all these years the changing room was for me a dungeon cell – with its cruel laws and chieftains.
    Sometimes one sportsman told another one:
    - Listen, Plush called you stupid behind your back.
    - Not at all ! I did not say that!
    But no one was listening to me. The hits on the forehead and on the back of my neck were usual. Sometimes, to have fun, the seniors hid my sporting shoes. Sometimes they did incredible things: an eighteen year old sportsman could hit me with his foot in my stomach. I writhed with pain, waited till the pain passed and went out on the ice.

    The only sportsman, who never allowed himself to raise hand on the younger, commit outrages at them, was Sasha Abt. He had grown up on the street and then suffered outrages much. He went through humiliation himself and managed to become a class sportsman. Abt always defended me and the other youngers.
    But Sasha lived and trained in Moscow and we met only at sbors. There I felt more confident, because I was under his defense and I was very sorry that we lived in different cities.

    I go out after training, choking with tears.
    - Zhenya, what has happened?

    - Nothing, mom, I have just pinched my thumb in the door.
    I told mom about the outrages only in extreme cases, out of despair.
    Once she came in the changing room :
    - You have strength and conscience to beat the youngest one. Well, beat me too, then!
    All laughed at her.

    There was no point to strike back. They were many, elder and stronger. I tried to be the first one in the changing room, to change quickly and go out on the ice. I skated till everyone had gone home, so that I did not make anyone nervous.
    Those, who were offending me, told me edifyingly:
    - Plush, don’t be afraid, you will grow up, then you can strike back on us.
    - Yes, I will grow up and it will be very bad for you!
    But gradually we got accustomed to one another. I started giving real results, winning European and World championships. The seniors accepted me in their pack.

    Then so happened that the seniors ended their sport career, scattered to different shows and to other countries. In the Palace of sport only the youth remained.
    I grew up. I don’t bear a grudge towards anybody and did never take revenge.
    It is true, when I was insulted, I got very angry. And because of this anger I made ten times more than it was required. All the time I wanted to prove, that I was stronger, that it was not easy to break me.
    When I was accepted as an equal one, I told my ex-enemies:
    - Boys, thank you, I grew up thanks to you, you gave me so much strength.


    Later, we had never remembered the humiliation, but with many of the sportsmen became friends. Now we do shows together, we can go to play bowling or billiard.

    I promised myself, that when I grew up, I would never be like my seniors. I remember very well how I cried out of pain and insult, injustice and helplessness. But I became a good sportsman and never humiliated anybody. I always considered such a behaviour a display of weakness.
    Now I know for sure that in Petersburg there is no humiliation in figure skating."
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  2. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C


    This is so interesting to read! Poor little Zhenya. He endured so much! It made him stronger, but still the behavior of the senior skaters was unconscionable, and I wish the coaches had controlled them better.
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  3. ItalianFan

    ItalianFan Active Member


    My heart goes out to the little boy who never quit in spite of being mercilessly bullied. And we wondered how he got so mentally tough?!
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  4. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    That is so awful, poor little Plushy. :( I like to think of skating as a genteel sport, so that was depressing to read. I always did like Alexander Abt. I was very touched by Abt protecting him and the stories of Mishin and his mom defending him when they could. I bet Mishin didn't know the extent of what was going on (I'd call it physical abuse, not just bullying) because Plush put on such a brave front when he was out on the ice.
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  5. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    That toughness must have been inherent. Most others would have either quit or crumbled in their performances. Plush did neither. He became even stronger.

    From what I am reading- did Urmanov abuse him? Urmanov seemed like such a gentle person.
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  6. yaya124

    yaya124 New Member

    No, I think the relationship between Urmanov and Plushy is pretty good. I think when Plushy was young, sometimes Urmanov would drive him for training (of some sort). In the book Plushy only mentioned once that Urmanov was teasing him a bit (but I think it was quite fondly) by saying his fans should ask Plushy to sign for them because Plushy will be the future champion (Plushy was around 14 years old I think).

    And I come cross interviews in the past years by Urmanov, he always says nice things about Plush. On Mishin's 70th birthday show, you can clearly see these two are bonded well.
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  7. NadineWhite

    NadineWhite Well-Known Member

    I agree with yaya124, Zhenya has *always* said nice things about Urmanov, always, so I know he wasn't part of that ugly senior group. :p

    I love the excerpts, thanks for providing them lala. :) A glimpse into the legend's soul...
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  8. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I am relieved because I really liked Urmanov. He always seemed like such a nice guy. Glad to hear he had a nice friendship with Plushy.
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  9. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Can anyone help me? I wanted to remove one of my posts. I wrote to admins...But nothing has changed...
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  10. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    If it's not too late to edit the post, you can simply use edit, then delete all the content, and write 'deleted post'.

    If it's too late to edit it, I am sorry. Only the admins may be able to help you, and I don't know if even they can.
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  11. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Opera on ice, Verona

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q96fY6gzsGQ&sns=tw group number practice

    http://instagram.com/p/eytbHfDaZZ/# Plushy to tosca by Pavarotti short video


    the Arena http://instagram.com/p/ezIoT7pl6m/# http://instagram.com/p/ezOSTcplwc/#

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews

    RT @absoluteskating: "Opera on Ice Flash" Evgeni Plushenko taking pictures of the beautiful location https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?..._609758755741533_463127934_n.jpg&size=750,500

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 14h

    RT @absoluteskating: "Opera on Ice Flash" Evgeni Plushenko and Salomé Brunner https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=609770049073737&l=7389fcb13c
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  12. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your answer :) I asked them, but they didn't help me.
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  13. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    RT @Sarynka: Plushy showed up 5m ago. Quick warm up off ice on Arena's ancient stairs. Flexible and really fit. He looks thiiiin & in shape

    RT @Sarynka: Skaters are entering the ice. But we have to get off the Arena. Wish I could stay. Warming up @EvgeniPlushenko on ice now...

    (last rehearsal) RT @Sarynka: Throwed out from the Arena. @EvgeniPlushenko always super nice with us.He was surprised we had to leave ^-^
  14. l'etoile

    l'etoile New Member

    So looking forward to seeing his skate! He's such an inspiring figure.
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  15. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Yes, I also have similar feelings...:) always

    Opera On Ice 2013 - rehearsal photos from yesterday, by Elide: http://t.co/SmVMeiFbf7
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  16. NadineWhite

    NadineWhite Well-Known Member

    Omg, thanks for all the latest info. lala. :)

    I almost cried after I clicked on that last link....so emotional.....to see the living legend skating outside in that ancient stadium, like the days of the gladiator! :cool:

    Makes me wanna watch the movie of the same name this evening, especially with it pouring rain outside all day here in Seattle. :p
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  17. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 4h

    Opening #operaonice #arenadiverona #hotshivers

    Alessia Di Primio ‏@AlessiaDPM 2h

    #arena di #Verona #operaonice #fantastico @ Arena di Verona http://instagram.com/p/e0Q_nsLVBI/

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    #hotdhivers @tiramisu11 @slambiel_it @msKOSTNER #rain on #arenadiverona Omg it's raining.hope it's gonna stop begore @EvgeniPlushenko skates

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    For now the #orchestra and the #skaters snd #hotshivers and #lefarfalle are doing great #operaonice @slambiel_it @msKOSTNER and @tiramisu11

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    Time is coming... @EvgeniPlushenko behind the scene. I had a quick view of the costume. .. wow! Black but couldn't see more *'*

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    Trying his moves. Walking around the backstage #operaonice @EvgeniPlushenko ;)

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    Tribute to #LucianoPavarotti. After that @EvgeniPlushenko skates on #Tosca. Recall your sweet memories Plushladies.The Zar is up to go in 5!

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    Only one performance for #Zenya. And opening closing number. @EvgeniPlushenko no matter how much u see him. A second on ice and life's full

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    Zhenyaaaaa @EvgeniPlushenko uhhhhhhh!!!!! *-*

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    3 toe loop 2 loop combo. 3 axel and another 3 axel. E M O T I O N S! What a performaaaaaance @EvgeniPlushenko. Took my breath away. *-*

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    The #arena exploded 4 him. Left Side tribune? YOU ROCK GUYS! All cheering 4 @EvgeniPlushenko .Thankyou. As always. None is like you!

    RT @Sarynka: He didn't perform the Olympic #Tosca program. You are gonna be delighted guys... ;) Amazing moves! Incredible jumps!

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 1h

    By the way... Incredible @EvgeniPlushenko ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 1h

    On ice @tiramisu11 .performing on #madamaButterfly. ♥ #operaonice

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 1h

    Finale #Aida #opersonice @EvgeniPlushenko @slambiel_it @msKOSTNER @tiramisu11

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 1h

    Plu in White!

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 1h

    3 t loop both and in synchro @EvgeniPlushenko and @slambiel_it ^-^

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    The #operaonice show is gonna be broadcasted by #canale5 channel italian tv during Xmas time. @

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    Steph on Carmen.fits great on him.loved it but there is only 1 performance truly unforgettable.^'^ Made by a blond siberian amazing skater..

    xin wang ‏@lovplush 2h

    @Sarynka @EvgeniPlushenko Nice! New Tosca. Must be wonderful. Always delighted to watch him doing new stuff on ice:D

    Sarynka ‏@Sarynka 2h

    @lovplush @EvgeniPlushenko not new really. But different ^-^ ;)

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 1h

    RT @VanessaMazz5: #plushenko #ArenadiVerona GRAZIE DI ESISTERE. Sei fantastico! !! ♥ http://instagram.com/p/e0Z5KCKvdj/#

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 13m

    (Finale, Aida) RT @sognandocupcake: Plushenko e Lambiel http://instagram.com/p/e0iELbsvkc/# I saluti finali #operaonice http://instagram.com/p/e0iZlbMvk-/#
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  18. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    http://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/384116255537385472 IL NOSTRO ZAR :)

    http://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/384116610757165056 UNICO AL MONDO!!!!


    http://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/384117258370289665/photo/1 FANTASTICO! Tante


    google translation

    The world's most beautiful open-air theater , the wonderful orchestra , the choir of the Arena di Verona and the best skaters in the world . So the presenter Alfonso Signorini , black bow tie and pants red fire , introduces Opera on Ice , before inviting all schools and institutions to create culture , to teach music ( " We hope that the Government will not face cuts to culture "). It starts with an emotion out of the program for landing the jump imperfect launched the couple's Canadian Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford . But the two samples ( bronze at the World Championships in London) are redeemed at the end of their first choreography to the tune of Bizet's Carmen . But the real before and pure emotion , almost unbearable , Shizuka Arakawa gives the best skating or dancing circles and lightweight while Elisa Balbo sings Casta Diva . Said that this air of Norma commuoverebbe well as watching a blender in action , feel Casta Diva while the Japanese athlete slips on the dance arena is something unbearable , in the most touching of the term. It is not so much to excite spins and triple , but those fractions of a second when it hits the ground , which seems to remain suspended on the ice. To read about the program that then the Arakawa would be back on stage for Madama Butterfly , a shiver goes down on his back. Applause for the couple Berton - Hotarek but above all - and it must be said - for mayor Flavio Tosi . Signorini takes it on his chest and says, " Tosi, she is one of the few mayors that I was not even invited to lunch . How come ? ' . Then smooth it : " According to a survey of the Sole 24 Ore she is the fourth most beloved mayor of Italy ( applause) ." In front of Alessandro Benetton and Deborah Compagnoni , in the front row with Caroline of Monaco, Lambiel , the king of spins, is anticipated to be a dancer on the stage shirtless with angel wings . And the Swiss athlete will end his own number swirling like an angel come down from heaven , even precipitate , given the speed with which turns on itself , while Vittorio Grigolo sings Schubert's Ave Maria . Then the godmother of Opera on Ice , the face of the event and applauded the star before they fall on the track. Carolina Kostner , coated in sweet , faces challenging figures (such as the axel , feared by skaters ) with a simplicity exciting and it certainly helps the majestic music of Ponchielli 's Dance of the Hours . Hot Shivers , 12 champions synchronized , form the backdrop with the perfection of the plots and trade. To open the second part of the program , the couple Berton - Otarek , in a series of spins in perfect sync (twisted and alone) and lifts . Another couple , then , on the ice, Lanotte - Caps ( Italian champions in office) after as excited as Romeo and Juliet ( Gounod version ) , drag the Arena interpreting technique , passion and acrobatic steps , Violetta and Alfredo in the Verdi's La Traviata .

    The explosion , however, is done with the tribute to Pavarotti Nessun dorma (registered, of course) : together with the Italian team materializes the star Evgeni Plushenko in the next program, with Grigolo in "E lucevan le stelle", electrifies the amphitheater. Pure dynamite in the concatenation of triples and doubles, with a magnetic stage presence. Like Messi on a football field, Iggy Pop on stage, impossible not to be hypnotized by the golden-haired Russian, that cuts the space like a knife and seems to skate twice faster than the others....

    Still imperfect in the jumps , but delicious in the choreography , Canadians Duhamel and Radford , enchant with Carmina Burana , warming up the audience waits for the second performance of Lambiel in the most famous aria from Bizet's Carmen . The bubbles of skating does not disappoint from thousands of white handkerchiefs waved . We see them all at Christmas on Channel 5.

    Julius Brusati
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  19. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

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  20. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

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  21. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Finale: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202215667301623&set=vb.1487998150&type=3




    http://twitter.com/Vally_m/status/384334278236307456/photo/1 Plushy and Caro

    an Italian viewer:

    "One of the most amazing experiences of my life...
    I can't really say what was my favourite between Turandot and Tosca...
    To see him on the ice was too much intensive to say it by words.

    Grazie Zhenya."

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 4h

    RT @EvgeniPlushenko: October 4 will be show in the "Yubileyny"! Come, I'll skate a new Free program http://twitter.com/EvgeniPlushenko/status/384332532931907584
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  22. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Playlist, 14 videos, Plushy and the group numbers http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVze-YWYNijNojRxeNrJbRvQCAF_DDgsF

    a fan:

    "A funny moment of that afternoon was when Maegan D., after the rehearsal, came to Plushy for having a photo with him, just like she was a simply fan as we all are... it was a very cute moment

    Finally I shot a short video after the show in which Zhenya was already on his car but looking at some girls with cards to be autographed, he gets off the car and without barriers walked to them for autographs, photos , hugs, etc.
    Few seconds, few immages before the crowd became creazy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKNqWgjFj-Q

    That's what it means to be a real Champion."
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  23. NadineWhite

    NadineWhite Well-Known Member

    Thanks, lala, I love reading all the articles, snippets, videos, et al, you post! Makes me feel like a kid in a candy store when I come to FSU to get my fix. :D
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  24. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

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  25. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    Vanessa Mazzoleni ‏@VanessaMazz5

    #plushenko #magnifico e #unico #ArenadiVerona #operaonice #2013 #emozioni #tantolove http://instagram.com/p/e150_VKvTe/

    #Plushenko #ArenadiVerona #operaonice #2013 ★★★★★ #unico e #meraviglioso ★★★★★ @ Arena Verona Italia http://instagram.com/p/e4PAutqvRF/

    Collage #operaonice #2013 #ArenadiVerona #PLUSHENKO #KOSTNER #LAMBIEL #ShizukaARAKAWA #HOTSHIVERS etc. Spettacolo! https://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/384699304767541249/photo/1 fanatstic!!

    #Plushenko #ArenadiVerona #OperaOnIce 2013 ♥★♥★♥ @EvgeniPlushenko https://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/384991278943178752/photo/1

    #Plushenko #ArenadiVerona #OperaOnIce 2013 ♥★♥★♥ @EvgeniPlushenko https://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/384991906864070656/photo/1

    #Plushenko #ArenadiVerona #operaonice #2013 #fiori #grazie @ Arena Verona Italia http://instagram.com/p/e7FedVKvTu/

    #ArenadiVerona #OperaOnIce 2013 Riscaldamento di #Plushenko <3 prima dello spettacolo. #dietrolequinte #backstage https://twitter.com/VanessaMazz5/status/385068199319830528/photo/1

    I love this pic http://cs424625.vk.me/v424625838/3329/WttWQ7gcss4.jpg they really like each other, we can see not once...
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  26. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    One more Plushy's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3zV8D2_54g&feature=youtu.be so close to him..:eek:

    But I didn't report about the Russian Opera on ice in St.Petersburg. Plushy had 5 show in last week. He skated to Tosca music again.

    http://evgeni-plushenko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=351&start=30 that smile :swoon: I'm dying for it...
    http://evgeni-plushenko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=351&start=40 fantastic photos and screens :eek:

    The playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVze-YWYNijP12CJceiKWyH_TMY37jsiu

    a Russian fan wrote this report Irina from Moscow( google translating):

    Yes , the day of my arrival, I went to the practice of Eugene !
    On the train , at 10 am, I went to the "Jubilee" Almost immediately , in the hallway , " Jubilee " met Alexei Mishin. He immediately recognized me , we said hello . I asked him about Zhenya, whether he will ride in the show today . To which Alex replied Nikoaevich certainly will . Also, I had asked for permission to see the workout Eugene . Alexei replied that it is possible, but not certain , that Zhenya will be on the morning workout )

    But Zhenya came in half an hour .
    But I started training immediately. First he went to the main arena , where shows are held . Assessed the situation and looked ... there were already preparing to daytime shows and rehearsals. There we met up with him . I like it ) ) , asked how he was doing . Asked how he feels ... that came on the show .. and asked about the training. He replied that of course you can . And it will come to the ice in an hour at the practice rink .
    And he went to prepare for the training session. Run a little , work out (long enough ) in the hall of dance, and then went out on the ice!
    In addition to my training which is attended by journalists. But they did not take off . With laptops . Recorded something. They even had a dance hall , where Jack worked there .
    I took a comfortable position near the Avdysh and enjoyed the workout :
    Zhenya in good enough shape . Triple axel easy. Almost unmistakable. Quadruple toe loop a few did. There were not very good. successful attempts . Alexei then went out on the ice and advised Zhenya that the change in that case ... In general, went on as usual productive exercise. I , frankly, could not hold back tears. My eyes were filled with tears themselves .
    I saw Eugene first time on the ice after a serious operation. And now this . Triple axel . The quad .. difficult track ...
    Eugene practised new FS . I listened to the familiar melodies of his programs .... It was super! I may have in this regard , too , the tears welling up . Best , favorite winning program. I'm so glad that will be the number .. I watched and admired by our brilliant Zhenya. My HERO ! I told him so and after exercise : ...

    Then we met with the faith and went to the first day of the show in this. In total there were two on this day, October 2nd . Two shows and was the 4th of October. And one thing, October 1. On it we have not had time to come .
    Of course, the Zhenya is very difficult once the show so much in a short period.
    October 4th day after the show a little talk with him . He said that he felt tired ..
    Asked about Riga ... Grand Prix, about the new PP . But all the answers are already known. Nothing new to say
    Conveyed greetings to all and said that all the worry about it .. Zhenya also handed over the " NAIGROMNEYSHY HELLO !"

    Before the final show , a few minutes before I met Jack in the hallway. It was the smile , I wished him a successful hire, he replied: " Thank you! "
    And I am very glad that the last car " Tosca " was the best . Zhenya made &#8203;&#8203;two axels to 3.5 turns and generally skated brilliantly . And it's fatigue. 5th show in a few days.
    It turns out that the show was attended by many of his friends and his family . Jana just was not ( she is away )
    After the final show we can thank Eugene for the show and wished good luck ... He also thanked for coming and for the flowers said , thank you!
    He came out with his eldest little boy Egor. With them were Zhenya's parents , sister, and niece Mary , Mother of Yegor .
    All in all, a wonderful trip

    another report, from Natalia:

    And I was on the show. But only on one. 04.10.
    Thank you, Ira , she chose a very good place! The first row in the center. Everything was perfectly clear !
    Actually , I'm just waiting for Eugene and Eugene . And all who sat around me , too, was waiting for him ! About 15 minutes after the start of the show is on one side , then the other started to sound Exciting replica . All were in impatiently ! I was sitting on pins and needles in anticipation.
    Finally , came Edwin Marton . All shook excited.
    And Hurray! ! Here he is ! Zhenya ! My favorite Tosca .
    Vinyus and repent . I have not done any photos . When I see him , I'm not capable of meaningful action . I can just not coming to look at it ! And enjoy !
    As he skates ! Words can not convey ! Inspiring , awesome , amazing and gorgeous!
    I'm no expert, but it seemed to me that he has slightly changed manner of driving. He's still the same, but slightly different ! I can not describe what changes. It may be a little smoother movement became a little softer line.
    And what jumps ! And this is quite low light conditions and a very small space for riding , and even after the operation.
    I love him immensely , I respect and admire him . His dedication , determination, perseverance , self-confidence and kindness.
    How could hall applauded him ! And how HE was attentive to his audience !
    And how quickly all over.
    During the intermission, Ira reassured me that he had just come out. Again, the wait began .
    He jumped on the ice all of a sudden . Effervescent skated a little piece . I am again a few minutes forgot how to breathe and enjoyed !
    And he came in the final!

    And then we waited for him after the show. Would very much like to see him and thank ! Many thanks to one good man , who told us where it will go .
    The girls rushed in that direction and just in time .
    Saw how Zhenya comes out with family and friends.
    We thanked him , and said thank you for the show.
    And he told us , thank you for coming ! He was very nice and courteous .
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    WOW. He's in good shape!! Goooooooooo Plush! Whee!!!:)
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    What happened in Moscow WCH 2005 ? to this topic http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/sho...s-preference-differs-from-international/page5

    In 2005, one year before the Olympics, I won the Russian and European championships, all was going on perfectly.
    Still at the European championships I felt a strong pain in the groin. I thought I had pulled a muscle. I did not pay attention thinking it would pass as always.

    After the exhibition I went home. The pain became stronger, I stopped training. I went to see doctors, but they did not say anything of a consequence. They supposed it was either a pull or micro rhexis of the tendon. Nobody could put one diagnosis. They started sticking me with injections, because of the pain, which grew and became unbearable.
    There remained two weeks till the World Championships.
    It was in Moscow. We with Mishin realized that we had to go and skate. I was already a three times champion and I had to rise on the first step of the podium for a fourth time. Moreover the competition was in Russia, the champion had to be a Russian one.
    They gave me injections before every training. But the pain was still there. I could not train normally. I went out on the ice and could jump only doubles, I could not do triples any more. And you cannot jump only doubles at a world championships.


    It was one week till the beginning of the championships.
    We had to take a decision whether to go or not. We were at the crossroads. On one side the Worlds was taking place in Russia for the first time, on another side &#8211; the pain was enormous; without the injection I could not walk, not to speak about jumping.
    Then Mishin suggested:
    - Let&#8217;s go to Moscow, we shall explain the situation. We shall say you cannot jump and you will not take part in the competition.
    And we decided to go.

    One day before the competition begins.
    I went to train. The pain was less. I started jumping. All seemed normal. I could do the triples. I could do the three and a half. The quadruples I did not even try. It was not possible &#8211; the left crucial leg hurts like hell.
    We went to a Moscow hospital. They said the same &#8211; a pull or micro rhexis. And we decided that I should skate.
    At the evening I rang up mom:
    - Mom, we have decided that I should skate.
    - Skate? How? You haven&#8217;t skated at all, - mom was shocked.
    - I have to. I will try. They give me anaesthetics.

    World championships. First day.
    I go to skate the qualification. I do the necessary figures and the jumps.
    There is one minute left from my program and suddenly I feel that I cannot even breathe. I could neither breathe in or breathe out &#8211; this was a fit of intercostals neuralgia. And it was so strong that I had forgotten the pain in the groin. One instance more and I would lose conscience.


    I cannot take a breath and I have to skate more &#8211; to do the rotation, then the step sequence and a rotation again. I did all.

    I go to sit on the bench and I writhe up with pain. Mishin notices that I am nearly dead and says:
    - Zhanya, is it normal? Do not show anybody that you feel bad.
    And I sat as if nothing has happened and even tried to smile as far as I can remember. But it was awful.

    World Championships, second day.
    I wake up and I realize I cannot walk. My left leg is very heavy, as if it is not mine. But we with Alexey Nikolaevich take a final decision that I should skate.
    It was the day of the short program. I was given some strong anaesthetics.
    Warm-up. Usually when I go out and look at the audience I can clearly see the faces. I see the clothes of the people, the expression of their faces, I even look them into the eyes. This time I could not see anybody &#8211; only silhouettes, everything blurred in front of my eyes from the pain.
    The warm up was almost normal. It is true, the quadruple I did not even try. We decide again &#8211; I shall skate the short.
    I go to perform and fall down on the quadruple. The pain in the groin comes again and stronger than before. No anaesthetics can stop it any more.
    But I skate till the end. And I become the third. I still had the chance to become a champion of the world for 2005. For this, I had to skate the same elements which I had shown at the qualification.


    World championships. Third day.
    This was the day of the free program. I woke up in the morning and realized I could not get up. Every movement was a torture. The pain was beating all over my body.
    I rang mom up:
    - Mom, I cannot walk, sit or lie down. And today is the free program.
    - Zhenya, don&#8217;t dare to skate! &#8211; Mom understood immediately that I was not simply feeling bad, I was on the verge between life and death. &#8211; You have already won three championships! I know you have to fight for Russia, but if you can&#8217;t you have to refuse and go away from the competition. Take care of your health, the next year is very important for us.
    Then mom rang Mishin up:
    - Alexey Nikolaevich, I don&#8217;t know your opinion, but I forbid him to skate.
    In spite of all, we hoped till the last minute that the pain would stop. We waited for a miracle to happen. I did not allow any injections any more, I had had enough.
    No miracle happened though.
    I wrote down an explanation that I would not participate.
    The World championships in 2005 in Moscow was won by the Swiss Stephane Lambiel.
    And we with Mishin returned to Petersburg.
    Nothing helped against the pain. Then the journalists attacked me. They wrote down that I went away from the competition out of fear. It was insulting, I was never afraid of anybody.
    The response of the Federation I did not like too. As if they stopped believing in me. There started rumours that I skated badly, that I had no pain at all, I am simply not in a good shape. That I was not the same any more&#8230;


    The pain could not be stopped with anything.
    Then suddenly there came an advice from my friend and a famous football player Sasha Kerzhakov:
    - Zhenya, in our club we have a very good doctor. Come here, he will see you.
    I went together with mom and Alexey Nikolaevich.
    The doctor examined me and said:
    - It seems you have a hernia.
    - What for a hernia! &#8211; Mishin could not believe.
    - I will ring up in Germany. There is a very good doctor there, I will arrange things and they will see you there. If the doctor says that you need an operation, do not hesitate to do it. Doctor Muschaweck is a marvelous sport specialist.

    We went to München. We were met and taken to the hospital.
    There came in the room several doctors and among them a middle-aged woman. It appeared she was the legendary doctor, who had cured and brought round so many sportsmen. I was stunned. Later I was told that Frau Muschaweck not only made fantastical operations and was a marvelous diagnostician, but she was a sportsman too &#8211; every morning she was running six kilometers to work.
    Doctor Muschawek examined me and immediately put a diagnosis:
    - You have two groin hernias as big as a common walnut. How did you possibly skate? You need an urgent operation. All will be normal, you will be able to skate again and win the Olympics.
    I was much afraid. At the evening we discussed it with mom.
    - Mom, do I have to do this?
    - Don&#8217;t be afraid. If doctor Muschaweck says so, it is true, you have to trust her.


    On the next day they made the first operation. One day later they made one more. The hernias were cut away and photographed. Mom still has the photos.
    Doctor Muschaweck recommended :
    - One hour after the operation you have to stand up and start walking slowly. After one week you should start running.
    She had her own method &#8211; not to lie down at any case. The muscles had to become stronger, not to go slack.
    - Zhenya, you will win the Olympics, - smiled she, - I believe in you.
    - I will do my best.- I believed in that too.

    Naturally, after the operation skating was out of the question. I had to recover.
    And then I went to India. I chose this country completely by chance. I wished to go very far away, to be alone with myself. And there was an appropriate climate there and a warm sea.
    I was running along the coast. I started slowly, at first within ten minutes, then gradually increased the time. Then I started training the muscles &#8211; at first the press, then the back.
    I decided to prove that I was a fighter and I would skate again well.
    I wanted to prove this to everybody : the audience, the fans, the competitors. And those, who did not believe in me and thought that I was not the same any more. But most of all I had to prove this to myself.
    Going back to Peter I started to go out on the ice. There was pain for two and a half months more. Some of the stitches opened sometimes and bleeded.
    Then very slowly, through the pain, I started to gain the normal rhythm. I had a goal &#8211; the Olympics, the golden medal, the first, only the first step of the podium.

    What happened with Plushy in this year is very similar to the 2005 story. I hope his recovery will be as successful as then.

    This was is first show after surgery in St. Petersburg.

    Winner: Plushy and the break dance :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Piijc1x748

    Sharmanka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr7HWxzjv54 Plushy skated to Nikolai Baskov's song, I love so much!!!
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    Wow, I loved reading these last two posts posted by you, lala. :)

    The fan one put a smile on my face and made me laugh. What a wonderful time that was had by all. And how gracious and kind our Zhenya was. :cool:

    Then the second post was all about overcoming adversity and persevering. How strong Evgeni is, how strong, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. And brave, that goes without saying. :saint:
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