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Pluschenko: I will name Kovtun my heir no earlier than in 3 years

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by TAHbKA, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer: am not sure who on earth Rasskazova is, but usually her interviews scratch the insanity. My impression is that it's a fanfic, which, for some reason, is published in the paper. Beats me whether Pluschenko actually spoke to her, but between Pluschenko and Rasskazova am not sure who is less connected with the reality. Sit back and enjoy:)

    Pluschenko: I will name Kovtun my heir no earlier than in 3 years for sovsport.ru by Rasskazova

    Evgeny Pluschenko in an exclusive interivew for `Soviet Sport' telling what he thinks about being beaten at russian nationals, what are his plans and what he thinks about Yagudin's remarks.

    Rasskazova: This defaut was for a good, wasn't it?
    EP: For a good? How exactly?
    Rasskazova: Made you consider what you were doing wrongly
    EP: Oh, that. Yes, of course. There was only one wrong thing: I was putting too much pressure on my legs during the last practices. I overworked. Especially the quadriceps. Hence it was so hard for me during the LP. A lesson learned. Now I will just allow my legs to go back to normal and keep trianing.

    Rasskazova: Where the rumours you plan going to the Europeans came from?
    EP: I just mentioned it was generally possible, but, as I understand, it's not possible now. Nevermind. I just have to keep my main goal mind, which remains the same - the Olympics. I will skate the LP in St. Petersburg, I think we should make some changes, to move the elements. I can't tell more now, we will discuss it with Mishin

    Rasskazova: In the mixed zone you said your defeat made many happy.
    EP: I know all my enemies. Their names and faces, of course they were happy. But there are more people who root for me. So much more. I received thousands of support letters, in many languages, from different countries. It was what I expected- after all am an internationally known athlete.

    Rasskazova: did your pride suffer?
    EP: In no way. I understand who am I and where do I stand. Yes, I wanted to win the Nationals and have 11 titles. It didn't happen. Ok, so I'll have just 10. It's a lot. to put it mildly. I want someone to repeat it. I don't see the defeat as a tragedy. Deep down I knew the Russian nationals were just another test skate. I can give you lots of examples when one competition didn't work for one athlete and worked for another.

    Rasskazova: for Kovtun. Will you name him the heir? After all it's a cause to celebrate- we have a new decent young skater.
    EP: I will gladly name him my hair, but not earlier than in 3 years. Let me see him skate on the top level for 3 years, then we'll talk about the new star. Or about anything. So far I only heard `fell there, stubmled here...'. I recall his 17th place at the worlds because of which now we have all that headache with 1 Olympic spot. Should I praise him for that? In his age I didn't think of myself as of a junior who can fail. I brought medals from the Europeans and the Worlds. The medals and the spots for my country!

    Rasskazova: Ilya Averbukh says the rumours you will be skating only the team event and not the personal at the Olympics ugly. He said `I don't believe Zhenya who went through so much - all those injuries and surgeries will be satisfied with the team event only'. Comment on that.
    EP: I set myself to skate both the team and the personal. Don't worry, I will pull it! I skated 2 programmes a day in a GPF - there were times when we skated 3 programmes, 2 of them in the same day. I survived.

    Rasskazova: It was a long time ago.
    EP: So? I don't feel I became weaker or worse. I feel great, I have no pains, not even in my back. Besides there is quite a gap between the team and the personal event, enough to recover.

    Rasskazova: Do you consider the team event something that devaluates the Olympic Championship?
    EP: There is a team event in gymnastics. There is a relay in biathlon, ski and athletics. Everyone is happy about the medal and does not consider it `not worthy'. it's great we'll have it as well. I would give medals for the SP as well.

    Rasskazova: Yagudin tells so all the time. He also says he doesn not understand why Pluschnko needs a Sochi Olympics. Your wife Yana told me: when you meet in person Alexey is in ave you still do the quads.
    EP: Alexey Yagudin was never known for telling the truth in your face. It was never his thing. Just behind your back. How should I treat it? I would advice him to judge himself first. He used to be an exceptional athlete, but ever since he joined the shows he does not demand much from himself. There are other examples. There are skaters who don't allow themselves skating below a certain level even in the shows. Lambiel, Battle. Even skaters from the different generation :Boitano, Browning. They skate very interesting programmes that you enjoy watching and they keep progressing all the time. When Yagudin is landing a 3T and waves hands as if he did something unbelievable just now... I also wonder `WTF' and `What for'

    Rasskazova: Now about something nice. The New Years' eve is near..
    EP: Happy new year to all the readers of `sovetski sport'. How will I celebrate? With my family. Yana and the boys. We invited some people as well.

    Rasskazova: You were named the best athlete in Russia. Who would you name the best football player?
    EP: Arshavin. Sometimes people say and write crap about him, but I like him for overcoming himself all the time, trying to do something interesting and progress. I like such people.
  2. Dr.Siouxs

    Dr.Siouxs Well-Known Member

    This is gold. :rofl:
  3. IceIceBaby

    IceIceBaby Active Member

    Buahaha! :lol:
  4. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    *shrugs* I don't see what's so controversial about his refusal to anoint Kovtun as the next chosen one. Kovtun DID finish 17th at Worlds last year, and he HASN'T proven himself over a period of time at the Senior level. He didn't say anything untoward. And when Plushy was 17 he WAS bringing home international medals and European medals and was fourth at Worlds (though he was favoured to win). So he didn't say anything untrue...just because people don't like the facts, doesn't make them less true.
  5. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

  6. Robeye

    Robeye Curiously curious

    Evgeny to critics: "Kurwa very much and Happy New Year!" :rofl:

    Compared to this grand Russian dramatic style, the Evan-Johnny tiff was just token hair-pulling. :lol:
  7. Eladola

    Eladola Active Member

    Yes, Fourth at worlds, After being already a Bronze AND Silver medalist ;)

    I bet Plushenko wouldn't feel that bad for Kovtun if he ended up not competing at Olympics,
    Considering in his first senior year he skated great and Won Euro's silver with a Quad combination, And because of a spot loss
    Couldn't go to Nagano, Which would've made Sochi his 5th :cool:

    And also,
    My initial assumption with him is always that he's in pain and is about to fall apart,
    But with these interviews sometimes i wonder how much of that is just due to the coloured comments from people on boards like this one :eek:
  8. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    "Kurwa" is a Polish cuss word IIRC. There are plenty of Russian ones at Evgeni's disposal...trust me. :p
  9. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Looks like Kovtun and others will need to work harder to prove they are worthy. His record is hard to beat.
  10. kittyjake5

    kittyjake5 Well-Known Member

    Thank you TAHbKA. Did Evgeny really make these statements????? :watch:
  11. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    No idea. On one hand Pluschenko is known for talking long before thinking, on the other Rasskazova is known having very little with the reality
  12. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    His arrogance really is beyond :rolleyes:.

    It makes me wish he gets selected for the Olympics so we can see him finish 4th and get awarded a very speshul platinum medal. :p
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  13. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    Plushenko was quick to either sue or at least threaten to sue when a TV commentator said the injury that caused his WD from Euros last season was fake/a PR move. This prompted Yana to post pictures of Evgeni in a hospital gown in an Israeli clinic, post-op with drains still attached, just to prove said commentator wrong.

    Soviet Sport is widely available so I doubt they'd publish something that divorced from reality. Would they?
  14. immoimeme

    immoimeme my posts r modded

  15. unicorn

    unicorn Active Member

    1, So Yagudin does have a reputation for only tell the truth at the back, good, he's trickier than I think then.

    2, So Plushenko officially admitted that what Yagudin said behind him was the truth :lol:

    I sensed anger, everyone be careful...........looks his answer to the question about Yagudin was the longest, seems Yagudin can make him angry. Considering anger is good for sports competition, so make more comments Please, Yagudin:lol:, you are actually doing him a favour.
  16. jiejie

    jiejie Well-Known Member

    :lol: Wow. Just wow. This is marvelously entertaining and brightening up my post-Christmas winter blahs! I'm assuming it's not a put-on and our collective legs aren't being pulled..... :watch:
  17. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    Pluschenko was never my favorite skater, but I always thought the sport was richer for having some strong and interesting personalities. His technical ability over so many years is incredibly impressive and I'll miss him when he retires.
  18. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    I won't. Strong personality? He just sounds like an asshole in this interview. I hope it's made up. I've never been a huge fan at all but this sort of thing is almost unbelievably off-putting.
    marmalade and (deleted member) like this.
  19. navire

    navire Member

    I'm not even sure she actually exists. Her unique style (let's call it this way) gives me an impression she's someone's invented alter ego, idk.
    But if she's real, she's probably an uber of ubers. Blind love makes people total fools. But then I wonder if Sovetskiy Sport editors are sane. Someone has to read that shame before publishing, don't they?
  20. Robeye

    Robeye Curiously curious

    Yes, you are right. :D

    In an online game that I play, the Russians and Ukrainians were using it just as often as the Poles. It situational nuances seem to be endless. But they tell me it's because they are all fans of the "Polandball" comics. :lol:
  21. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    Bizarre. He knows all his enemies? And he gets to name an heir? Of what? I don't think there really is a inherited title involved. LOL.
  22. miki88

    miki88 Active Member

    Haha this was a great interview. They need Plushy in Sochi, if only for the entertainment/drama factor that the sport sorely needs at present.
  23. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    My Russian is shite, but it would be nice if the word "enemies" could be replaced with "opponents."
  24. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    Yep, your russian is shite. Check the word. недруг. Google translate offers `foe'. Urban dictionary tells the meaning of the `foe' is enemy.
  25. bek

    bek Guest

    What Plushenko did over ten years ago, is irrelevant. That Plushenko isn't available to skate for Russia. What's at issue is what he's capable of doing now. What does it say about his condition that he couldn't beat someone who placed 17th at last years worlds.

    As for Russia needing him, there's a good chance he could be detrimental.
  26. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    Well, I was hoping that I was wrong and that plush's choice of words was just badly translated. Apparently not. Now i like him even less.
  27. Jaana

    Jaana Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the interview translation!!! WOW, I was really entertained, wonderful.....
  28. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    That was a remarkable interview...and it does sound like Pluschenko.

    His ego certainly hasn't deflated.

    How's Yagudin viewed in Russia these days?
  29. navire

    navire Member

    As an Olympic champion who now takes part in skating-with-the-stars shows on TV. Also, women find him hot.
    Sometimes his name appears in the press, usually like "Yagudin said so and so about what Plushenko now does"
  30. Skate Talker

    Skate Talker Replaced the display under my name

    I find it fascinating that, if he actually did say it, Plushenko admires skaters who push themselves and keep progressing all the time. My biggest beef with him was that imho he did not do anything of the sort the year he won his Olympic Gold medal, knowing the judges were rewarding him highly for whatever he cared to put out, but then again he is older now and perhaps wiser in that area.

    So that's just my opinion and worthless to those who don't agree but just felt like adding my 2 cents.