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Pillars of the Earth, Starz miniseries based on the novel

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Yehudi, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

  2. Bostonfan

    Bostonfan Well-Known Member

    I'm still in withdrawal from The Tudors. I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in a new historical drama. What do you (or others who have seen Pillars) think of it so far?
  3. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

    I've only seen the first episode and while confusing, I'll hold off judgment until I've seen more episodes. I thought Spartacus was lame at first but got better and better as the series went on. The cast is great too (Donald Sutherland, Rufus Swell, Ian McShane).
  4. StonewshMullet

    StonewshMullet Well-Known Member

    The book was amazing. After I read the book I sent Ken Follet and email gushing about how much I enjoyed it. He actually wrote me back and thanked me for reading it in the first place. As a result it has a special place in the literary portion of my heart; hopefully they will not screw it up.
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  5. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    DH just finished reading this book, and we have both seen the first two episodes on Netflix streaming. I'm enjoying it, but I generally like the whole medieval/Tudors English historical drama genre. ;)

    The miniseries does not always follow the book (as DH has pointed out while we were watching), but where it varies it mostly does not affect the overall plot, you just lose some of the more intricate details and storytelling in the book. According to DH, the miniseries moves very quickly through the book's story. It's been helpful having him explain the relationships between the characters and their past histories because of this. Otherwise, I think I might be :confused:.

    Can't wait for the next episodes!
  6. Sassafras

    Sassafras Well-Known Member

    Listened to the unabridged audio version of the book (41 hours!) years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. So far I've seen the first two episodes via Netflix streaming. Actually watched Episode 1 twice to get all the relationships straight.
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  7. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

    By the way, the war between Stephen and Maud (Mattilda) is one of the reasons why Henry was so obsessed with having a male heir. He wasn't certain that the nobles would be loyal to a female queen.
  8. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    I thought about reading the series but changed my mind. My friend is a big fan so I'll be recording this from Starz for her. Looks rather violent.
  9. zhenya271

    zhenya271 Active Member

    I've only seen the preview, but I think it looks fantastic-great lineup of stars! I just love Netflix streaming!:watch:

    I got my husband into Spartacus because we loved HBO's Rome and Spartacus w/ Kirk Douglas is probably one of his all time favorite's, but I lost interest after the second episode as it seemed to be all sex and violence. He said the plot picked up as the weeks progressed. I guess they have to reel you in somehow. :lol:
  10. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

    The later episodes are still violent and there's still plenty of sex, but it really did get much better and the finale (which was very violent) was probably the best season finale I've seen in a long time. If the series ended with just that first season, it would have been a fitting end but it leaves just enough things open in case they renewed it.

    Plus, John Hannah and Lucy Lawless were delicious as the scheming, social climbing owner of the ludus.
  11. emason

    emason Well-Known Member

    How nice for you that you thought so; my mileage certainly varied. I stopped halfway through when I reached another gratuitous scene of rape and torture that added nothing to the development of the villain. I found the whole thing to be level in tone and one-note, no highs and lows. You could not pay me enough to read the other half.
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  12. zhenya271

    zhenya271 Active Member

    I heard that the main guy has just gotten his clean bill of health after his cancer treatment, so looks like the second season might be a go again.
  13. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I just started watching it yesterday...and watched 5 episodes the last 2 days. I absolutely love it...but then Empress Matlida's son started the whole Plantagenet reign so of course I would be into it.

    Quite interesting to watch the show, and having done a touch of research on the White Ship disaster, it does leave open the question on what truly happened to Matilda's brother William.
  14. Jimena

    Jimena Well-Known Member

    I haven't watched the last episode. I started really liking the series and loving the actors to finding it repetitive. I mean, how many times can they show an attack on Knightsbrigde (or however it's called)? But I'll finish it.
  15. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I thought they rushed the series too much. They could have spread it out over at least 2 more episodes, but the series was still so good.

    Makes me look forward to the Borgia's so much more now...
  16. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    I'm a cablepeasant so didn't get a chance to see the series on TV, but it should be out on DVD in a couple of months. They've announced Nov. 22 for the UK release, so I'm assuming it will be something similar on this side of the pond.
  17. emason

    emason Well-Known Member

    Netflix has it already here in the US.
  18. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    Listed, yes, but not actually available. Likewise Amazon. It hasn't been released yet.
  19. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    emason means that it is on Netflix instant watch - you can watch the episodes on your computer or via a device such as a video game console, iphone, roku box, netflix-ready dvd player or TV, etc.
  20. Octoberopals

    Octoberopals Well-Known Member

    I read the book years ago & loved it. The TV mini-series I enjoyed very much.
  21. pollyanna

    pollyanna In denial

    Right. I hooked up my son's Playstation3 to the telly, inserted the Netflix disc, and have been going back and forth between Pillars of the Earth and The Monarch of the Glen.
  22. Orable

    Orable Well-Known Member

    Funny, one of my coworkers just told me today that I should watch this series bc I'd be into it. Off to add it to my Netflix queue:)
  23. zowie

    zowie New Member

    So, I read the book and liked his style of writing. I know he has many other books, but from what I've heard this one seems to be the best?

    Were his earlier books different in the type of novel but just as good?

    I am looking for another good read and didn't know which book to choose.
  24. KHenry14

    KHenry14 Well-Known Member

    I've read every Ken Follett book, so I can say with certainly that "Pillars" is easliy his best book. However, he's written a number of excellent other books.

    I'd start with "World Without End" which is sort of a sequel to "Pillars" It's set in Kingsbridge, but 200 years later and the characters are decendants of the charactors in "Pillars".

    Follett started his career by writing spy novels, the best and most famous is "Eye of the Needle" which was made into a movie starring Donald Sutherland. Of WWII spy books, this is considered one of the best. "The Key to Rebecca" is also a WWII spy book, but the difference is that it's set in Egypt, so the setting is more interesting. "The Jackdaws" is a later work set in pre-DDay france with a woman as the main charactor.

    As for his non-spy novels, I like "A Place Called Freedom" which spends a lot of time in Colonial America. "Dangerous Fortune" is set in turn of the century England and swirls around banking, finance and rich people. Both are historical thrillers like "Pillars", with romance, backstabbing, redemption and greed, and both are very good.

    I'd avoid "Hammer of Eden" "Whiteout" "Code to Zero" and "Hornet Flight" Also, "On wings of eagles" is an interesting non-fiction book about Ross Perot trying to get captured employees out of Iran after the Shah fell. But not the type of book that Follett is famous for.

    Needless to say, if you like Follett, you have quite a few more good reads ahead of you.

    Also, Ken is releasing a new book on Sept 28th, which is the first of a trilogy of books beginning at the turn of the century and following the exploit of five families and their decendants through the century. "Fall of Giants" looks to be a epic trilogy.
  25. jlai

    jlai Title-less

    I assume you mean Henry VIII, not Henry II the heir?
  26. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    Edward II's unfortunate end proved that they wouldn't be loyal to a male queen, either.
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  27. Really

    Really I need a new title

    Waaah...POTE isn't available on Canadian Netflix!:wuzrobbed
  28. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    Canadian Netflix sucks. They only have a handful of TV offerings because of broadcast agreements. Plus there's the whole issue of most Canadian ISPs having download limits ...

    But never mind, it'll be out on DVD in a month.