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Patrick Uber Thread - road to Sochi

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by spikydurian, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. leaa

    leaa New Member

    Chan's interview after the SP.


    I like this part especially...about Jeff & Wilson..
    The shows which Chan works with Wilson are maybe Yuna's show right?
    As for Jeff,Chan is so right...and That's why I admir and love Jeff as a skater.
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  2. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Definitely worth staying up till 3.00am and watching Patrick skated a clean program (though not perfect and at its best yet).

    I thought he looked more confident than in Skate Canada, VarBar. But as always, watching Patrick is kind of nerve wrecking, and I too am learning how to deal with it.

    leaa, Wilson comes across as a wonderful and warm person in the past interviews I watched of him, and both Patrick and Wilson worked together in many Yuna shows. Yes, Patrick has always admired Buttle. He has mentioned this a few times in interviews. He even got himself into trouble with his usual straight talking when he defended Buttle's winning of the 2008 Worlds, and got into the bad books of some fans of the skater Patrick had an exchange with. :D
  3. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    Yes, and he was only about 16 or 17 then..........and it hasn't let up for some. I like that he gives credit where credit is due to Jeff and David, but he also is bringing their choreo to life.........so friggin difficult is the stuff he's been given to do. Good luck tomorrow Patrick............Sending good vibes!!!!:)
  4. leaa

    leaa New Member

    Actually I didn't know that either. But I am not a skater :p
    Anyway It's a relief that's never going to happen again.

    I was relieved Chan did well in SP.
    Still I am a little nervous about FS.
    But One thing for sure is he is a real fighter.
    So sending good vibes too~
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  5. fscric

    fscric Active Member

    So glad that Patrick did so well here. Hoping for a great LP.
  6. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    :respec::respec::respec: Yeh Patrick!!!!
  7. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member

    My highlights:

    1. 4T/3T and 4T - calm, confident, secure, wonderful flow out of these two jump passes, just amazing quality on both, perfection in jumping.
    2. He didn't fall.:D

    But shouldn't he have done the second 2A in combination for that jump to count?

    Congrats to Patrick on earning his spot in the Grand Prix Final in such a totally convincing way.:kickass:
  8. vigiliae

    vigiliae Member

    I couldn't watch his performances live but so happy that he finally delivered two great skates in Russia! hope this is a turning point for him :D cannot wait for the vid!

    what makes me happier is that he finally got the SS mark he deserves. ;)
  9. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Sooo happy.:biggrinbo Never mind my panda eyes. I am going to have sweet dreams tonight.
    Yes, VarBar, our young man didn't fall and he won convincingly though we know there will still be nitpicking. :D Who cares! ;)
    Let's celebrate ... :40beers::cheer2:
  10. Judy

    Judy Active Member

    I'm going away for the weekend and have no time to search the various posts and threads .. anything on youtube yet on today's program?
  11. DustPuppyOI

    DustPuppyOI Well-Known Member

  12. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    Is there another link someone might have :(.
  13. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    Alright Patrick~!! He doubled his 3A but made it in the SP, and the program was well skated. I am very glad that I have yet to see this "Free Patrick from Kathy Johnson" posts after CoR. I have always thought his problem was beyond a tech coach problem that he had managed to sort out as the season went along. I am confident that he is on track to bring down the house during the 2nd half of the season like two previous seasons.
  14. clarie

    clarie Well-Known Member

    Patrick is a genius.......or at least his feet are ;). That program was amazing even with the small mistakes. David Wilson should be congratulated also as well as Jeff for the SP. Amazingly difficult and the class of the field in this program today (and most days :)).
  15. nlyoung

    nlyoung Active Member

    I have a question for you figure skaters out there. Patrick has talked about how he only gets his skates sharpened in Toronto which presumably means not very often. I ask because I need to sharpen my daughter's hockey skates at least every 5-6 hours on the ice. She does like them sharp, but is it just that figure skating blades hold an edge longer, or that figure skaters don't like the edge too sharp? A bit off topic, but I'm curious...

  16. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Here's another link to Patrick's skate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zM0io7Ctqw

    nlyoung, I can't answer your question as I am not a skater. But you may wish to post your query on the Moves On The Field Thread. Some knowledgeable poster may respond to your query there.

    Here's Chan's response to an interview in relation to his new EX which he is working with legendary Christopher Dean. Can't wait to see Christopher's program. Not sure whether this is the song he's talking about. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. It's very catchy. Maybe Patrick is using a hat to ask for a dollar. :D
    Here's a link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbVHbEGerRA
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2012
  17. sequins

    sequins Active Member

    Oh that's exciting! I didn't know about that. Can't wait to see it.

    He was just wonderful today. His performance was stellar. A couple double jumps but that's ok. I think these 2 programs may become my faves of his. I already love them. I hope he kicks ass the rest of the season.
  18. naan

    naan New Member

    Thanks, spikydurian!
    Wow, can't wait to see his new EX! Using a hat? Sounds exciting! We have seen 4 new programs including 2 galas this year, and one more? We are lucky fans :biggrinbo
    Patrick was absolutely amazing yesterday! :swoon:
  19. fscric

    fscric Active Member

    What an amazing skate! Yes, the double jumps but that means he still has room to improve for the big competitions. Now that he showed his jumps (quad and 3A) are all intact in the competitions, his decision to expand his artistry is the right decision. His skating is just mesmerizing!
  20. Emdee

    Emdee Well-Known Member

    What is it with Chris Dean and the hat?
    Didnt he do an ex with a hat and didnt he also choreo one for Kulik?
  21. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    Yes and yes
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  22. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

  23. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member

    Maybe Patrick needs a technical coach though?;) Technical coaches usually know these things.

    Thank you, spikydurian. Yes, it's the second section of the FS Patrick needs to work on for the GPF, while preserving the quality in the first part intact. His quads and 3Lz are Olympic gold jumps. Just amazing ease and ice coverage.

    I checked a few other videos on that page and bumped into Jeffrey and Patrick working out the details in Elegy.


    I thought Elegy was a fantastic program when I saw Chan skating this routine at the 2012 Worlds Gala but I am bit underwhelmed by it as a program for competition. I feel that the hard jumps - quad and 3A - overpower this quiet and dreamy piece by Rachmaninov and I'm still not entirely happy with the footwork section. La bohème on the other hand, I have no complaints to file, it's a wonderfully constructed story-telling program and it suits Chan really really well.


    leaa, welcome to this thread.:)
  24. Corianna

    Corianna Active Member

    Hello fans. Did you all notice that Patrick was awarded two perfect tens for Skating Skills? All of the component marks were above nine throughout the score sheet. No one else has come close to that this season. I suspect Kathy Johnson at least facilitated that improvement in artistry.
  25. geoskate

    geoskate Well-Known Member

    Hopefully they do, and I'm not disputing your basic point.

    However, there are lots of examples of technical coaches who don't necessarily know the rules as well as they should, which forces the skaters to figure things out for themselves. The best recent example might be Igor Shpilband and the rules regarding scoring of lifts in ice dance last season. Virtue/Moir were forced to figure out why their scores were not correct at the Grand Prix final, and that the scoring software was not working correctly, something that Igor absolutely should have figured out for them.

    So I think skaters should try to understand the rules themselves, so that they can protect themselves from any lack of knowledge on the part of their coaches. It's sort of an insurance policy against uninformed coaches.

    If skaters have done the work of looking at the rules in detail, they will also be more likely to be able to think on their feet if they want to change their program layout. IMO the best example of someone who did this, and was able to rework his programs as necessary because of his knowledge, is Jeff Buttle.
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  26. The Accordion

    The Accordion Well-Known Member

    I know that there have been complaints about Patrick's PCS marks being so beyond others' and some not believing the spread is justified. This is a debatable topic in some areas. However, if Patrick is not a 10 in skating skills I don't know who is.

    ETA- post 3000!
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  27. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Well it is an automatic -3 in the short as it is an incomplete combination. It was obviously an involuntary pop so there wasn't much he could do about it really, other than not attempt the combination at all and do the 3toe after the 3lutz instead. However, the 4toe landing wasn't so shaky that he couldn't do the combination...
  28. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    I dunno...To me it looked the single toe was tacked on because there was pretty much zero height and attack going into the jump. When I saw it I thought it was a turn out on the quad or something. I am guessing Patrick thought he needed to wing in another jump to save the combo but didn't know doing a single would still make the element incomplete. He could totally save the toe and do a 3toe after the 3Lz though but that's a mental issue I suppose.
  29. luckiest1

    luckiest1 Well-Known Member

    I was thrilled with Patrick's programs this weekend in Russia. I couldn't believe the perfection of the 3 axel in the short! And CBC aired the Jeff/Patrick video in their segment called "A Skater's Life", showing how they worked on the choreography for the SP. I am so glad I saw that as I was FFing through some of the rest of the competition. I thought Patrick looked much more focused and calm in his opening pose for La Boheme, and I was jumping up and down when he nailed both quads. :) :) :)

    Now, only a few weeks until GPF and then I also have a ticket to see Patrick skate in Celebration On Ice in Stratford, ON on Dec. 13th. Maybe he could debut the new Dean program at GPF and then repeat it at COI? That would be so cool. I have to say I enjoy the new EX he skated at Skate Canada too, it's quite understated, but gorgeous skating skills on display. Really, he could just stroke around the ice and I'd be mesmerized. :p
  30. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Yes VarBar, I think we all tend to compare Elegy the Ex to Elegy the competitive and shortened piece and may find it harder to appreciate the competitive version as the Ex has more freedom to express itself.

    Thanks. :swoon: Patrick’s smile brightens my day!

    Yes, we did. And as Accordion said, some detractors think it’s not justified. Oh well, detractors are never satisfied since many refused to accept that Patrick currently has the best skating skills among his peers. Even Valentin Piseev acknowledged Patrick’s superior skating skills in his interview here: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?85384-Interview-with-Valentin-Piseev

    Yeah, I don’t think he meant to do a single but ended with one not knowing it’s a 3 point deduction. As he said, now he knows:lol: