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Patrick Chan complains about the time of World Team Trophy

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by tkaug, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. algonquin

    algonquin Well-Known Member

    I could not agree more.
  2. Dilng

    Dilng Well-Known Member

    Exactly he is just being a whiner! He comes off as a bad sport. The other skaters are tired as well and they haven't been complaining. If he does poorly at the Olympics next year will he complain that he had to do an extra competition? I would have a lot more respect for him if he just said I skated badly without all the excuses.
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  3. tut88

    tut88 Member

    He just said what everyone is thinking. This competition is great but it's too late on the season !
    Personally I thank all Federations that sent their best skaters !
  4. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    That's not been my impression at all. A lot of professional athletes train hard and play through pain and injury. Just a few days ago my favorite team (baseball, not NBA, FWIW) put a top player on the DL and he was very upset about not being allowed to play. If anything pro athletes sometimes rush their return and try to play through too much pain. Yes there are sometimes complaints about officiating, because they care about the ourcome! Though you also have situations like Armando Galaraga's 28-out perfect game. I don't know how you got this impression but IMO it's really off.
  5. Sedge

    Sedge Well-Known Member

    Totally agree.

    Can anybody look at the Men's SP and FP protocols and say that this is a good time to hold this competition?
    Apart from Menshov , even the skaters who came with something to prove ( Abbott, Takahashi, Kovtun, Chan) did not have good skates.
  6. crzesk8dad

    crzesk8dad Well-Known Member

    It's lonely at the top...would you like some cheeze with that whine?

    Sit back and enjoy the ride, Patrick.
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  7. seabm7

    seabm7 Well-Known Member

    I guess you missed my post from the previous page. CSOI starts on April 19. Chan will have zero rest time when he goes back to Canada.
  8. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    Yeah, there are good skates at WTT but overall you can tell the field on average is under performing across all four disciplines. They are all tired, burnt out, and Patrick was the one that came out and said probably how most other skaters here felt.

    I am so sick and tired of some figure skating fans expecting these athletes to be politically correct all the time and nitpick every sentences out of a skater's mouth then quickly label him in a negative light. That's why Figure Skating is so niche, because it's a sport where you have to be princes and princesses.
  9. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

    Does anyone have the $ in prize money that these skaters get for this competition? The actual amt for gold, silver, bronze, whatever? A guide?
  10. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    Or maybe Worlds was too early this season. :shuffle:
  11. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    From: http://isu.sportcentric.net/db//files/serve.php?id=3967
    Scroll down to page 7 to "6. PRIZE MONEY – APPEARANCE FEES" for more details.
  12. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

  13. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Wow, so amazing! 72 responses before I saw this thread about...an article written entirely in Japanese. I think it is wonderful that all of you are fluent in reading the Japanese language. Myself, I did not understand one single word in the article that all of you are discussing.
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  14. bmcg

    bmcg Well-Known Member

    You don't have to be fluent in Japanese to understand that Chan is :EVILLE:
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  15. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    I find the hypocrisy on these boards laughable. As already mentioned, Chan isn't saying anything others have not previously questioned. Someone at GS even started a thread called "Should the World Team Trophy be held earlier in the season". Trying to twist every Chan comment into something negative, demonstrates how some people are unable to separate their hate from rational logic. If it had been Takahashi who made the comment, I suspect these same posters would totally agree.
  16. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    That's because Takahashi won, so it wouldn't have come from a place of bitterness. Not to mention Chan has a history of having what he says getting him into trouble. Honesty is good, but opening oneself up like that will allow people to see who you really are. People aren't obligated to like what anyone says or to refrain from commenting on a publicly stated opinion just because it's "honest."
  17. Jaana

    Jaana Well-Known Member

    I think that in this posting by Sylvia


    Chan puts his words very well:

    From the Skate Canada press release: http://www.skatecanada.ca/AboutUs/Ne...S/Default.aspx

    “I didn’t have my best skate today, but because it’s a team event, I didn’t feel alone on the ice. As soon as I came off, my teammates were right there, encouraging me, and that’s what makes this event so special,” said Team Captain Patrick Chan. “I’m so proud of all our team members today. Kevin really made the difference for us and helped us make up ground from day one. I can’t wait to see how our ladies and pair team finish tomorrow. Don’t count Team Canada out for the gold just yet!”
  18. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    But I think saying stupid things in the past (which I agree Chan has) doesn't in fact mean that everything he says is stupid or wrong.

    That said, complaining about the lack of preparation time for this event is rather amusing, given that he's basically skated really poorly all year. WTT wasn't even his worst SP (Skate Canada) or LP (Japan Open) from last season.
  19. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    Patrick is fortunate that he's at a position in his career that the rather significant prize money for this event doesn't really have an impact on his ability to pay for his training. But I suspect that most of his other teammates were very thankful to have the opportunity to earn this prize money. Since he was the team captain, it might have been better to focus on the great opportunity this event is for his younger teammates. Even if he wants to focus primarily on the Olympics, the experience the younger teammates get here may help them at the team event in Sochi.

    I don't have an issue with the substance of what Patrick said. Every sport should continue to evaluate the rules and the competitions to see if they continue to serve the interests of the sport, and it is hard to train for another event after peaking for the "highlight" of the season. But the timing of his comments was not ideal.
  20. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    Why do you think it came from a place of bitterness? Isn't that an assumption? Was it assumed because the author (or google translator) chose to use the word "complain" instead of another word like "said", "mentioned", "commented", etc.? Interesting how one word can make a huge difference in the tone of an article. Especially if readers are already fueled with hate, and eager to see only the negative.
  21. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    The examples you are using are extremely rare. I am a regular sports fan of many sports, not just FS. I have always admired how the players play through pain, tough schedules, and other problems. I have seen them play half a season - may be longer- with broken bones, separated shoulders, and many others. Sure they (pros) get their chartered flights, so they don't face the same inconveniences some other athletes that have, flying commercial, but it's rare to hear pro athletes say many of the things you wrote. You must not be watching other sports much; just picking one player out of 10,000 and quoting what you quote. In my decades of watching sports I have never heard an athlete 'complain' about bad beds or new shoes (FS understandably are affected by new skates). If you watched team sports regularly you will see that they rarely make excuses for their losses. They may mention fatigue occasionally, but not in the way you are quoting them.
  22. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    Yes, different words have different meanings.
  23. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    Not necessarily. His comment in this case is neither stupid not wrong, but it is ill-timed. After a bad skate, it comes across as whining because he did not win- whether it was intended or not. Had he skated relatively well, won, and then mentioned fatigue, bad timing for this competition, etc., it would have had a different flavor. He could have made the comment before the competition and it wouldn't have created waves. Other skaters were just as tired as he was, and they would have gotten collective sympathy instead of Chan being singled out after a loss. His comments do get more attention because he has won 3 world titles, and some of his wins (in the last 3 years, including GPs) were not totally agreeable to fans. Again, it was not his fault that the judges gave him those marks, but it does draw attention every time he makes mistakes. If he learns to be more diplomatic in his public comments, he will be respected rather than resented.
  24. Mayra

    Mayra Well-Known Member

    Oh please. Other sports get dissected every which way on ESPN, Fox Sports etc. Pick up the sports section in your newspaper or online. Figure skating is just like any other sport that has fans that pick at what a skater says and does. It doesn't matter how talented you are or what sport you play, you aren't going to get brownie points for being "honest." If you make a dumb(perception is everything) comment, expect to get called out on it.

    If Lebron James can take it, so can Patrick Chan.
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  25. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    From the Japan Times (English language) article: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/...kahashi-triumphs-in-mens-singles-competition/
  26. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    a) I agree that had he won it would've been interpreted differently. That doesn't mean it would be interpreted correctly

    b) I'd assert that if Chan made these comments before the competition, people would've interpreted them as "What, you were just gifted a bad world title and now you're complaining about competing in Japan - aka in front of a really appreciative audience that loves figure skating? Fine, then don't go - let someone else go."

    Exactly. Other skaters get sympathy, but not Chan, because of how he's won in the past and comments he's made in the past. So it's not the comments themselves that are disreputable or unfair, but the speaker.
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  27. B.Cooper

    B.Cooper Active Member

    ^^ This ^^
    He knew the dates for WTT a year ago. Get over it.
    Tired of Chiddy's sense of entitlement.
    He bailed on 4CC this year as well.
    I think the bigger issue is he needs to find a technical coach, and that might take a while.
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  28. screech

    screech Well-Known Member

    I thought that V/M didn't have to go because Canada had another dance team place in the top 10 at worlds. If they had been the only team in the top 10, then they would have had to attend. Same reason why David/White didn't have to attend. On that same note, Chan and Reynolds both had to attend because there were no other Canucks in the top 10.

    Or am I just completely making that up. It happens sometimes :p
  29. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member


    The tone of your post reeks of hate, so we know where you are coming from.

    When Chan knew of the date is irrelevant. It does not mean he or any other skater has to like it. Likely many do not, but were never asked.

    Something that will be less likely to happen if it is never questioned, and they are expected to just "get over it".
  30. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    That is also how I understood it.

    Some skaters are forced to attend. Pairs and Dance skaters have more reason to opt out, since their disciplines are not given equal value. The whole competition appears to be biased towards the Singles disciplines. An issue that appears to be corrected in the Olympic version of this event.
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