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Orser vs. Mao's team, who's right?

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by beauvoir, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. beauvoir

    beauvoir New Member

    I know there is a huge thread below related to this,
    but the thread below is involved with too many things.
    I start a new thread just to focus on this matter.

    To my knowledge, the followings are the case:

    1. Brian Orser said that he had been approached by Mao’s team.
    2. Mao’s team said that they had not approached Brian.

    Hence one of them is clearly not telling the truth.
    If Mao’s team was lying, it’s not a big deal and at least to me
    it’s understandable; though it’s still not pretty that this kind of things
    went public.
    However, IF Brian was lying and Yuna’s team figured out that fact,
    it should shake up Yuna’s trust on Brian.

    Probably we can never know which part is lying for sure,
    but does anyone have better information
    on which part has more reasons to be believed?

    Frankly, I never thought of possibility Brian’s lying over the approach by Mao’s team, before seeing Brian’s messing around the media. I don’t think we will never know which part is more responsible for Yuna and Brian's split,
    and personally I do not understand why we need somebody responsible for the split.
    Their contact ended, and they just did not re-contract. It is not even firing.
    But it is clear that it was Brian Orser to go to the media first complaining of his former student and her mother. Brian make it impossible for Yuna not rebuff his criticism. So regarding this media mess, Brian is responsible.
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  2. inskate

    inskate Well-Known Member

    There's a third possibility: a misunderstanding.

    I think it's fairly possible that Brian was asked, purely theoretically, if he would like to work with Mao by either somebody from the Japanese media or IMG, etc. Many coaches or skaters are asked questions like that and nobody makes a big deal out of it. Yagudin, when asked by media, said a few years ago that he would like to coach Asada and Oda, Caro Z. said that she would like to work with Orser, Daisuke - with Wilson, Oda mentioned TAT and Mishin once... That did not mean that all of those people went running to make coaching/choreographing arrangments or even seriously planned to at any point.

    I'm inclined to believe Mao's team, because they consistently kept saying that they want to find a Japanese coach. And it makes sense because:
    1. Mao is a studying at Chukyo.
    2. The Chukyo rink is extremely well equipped.
    3. When in Japan, Mao can count on support from her former coaches and family and participate in training camps organized at her rink (for example, recently Kenji Miyamoto worked with skaters on improving their expression).
    4. The Chukyo officials prefer Mao to stay in Japan to generate good publicity for their school.
    5. TAT advised Mao to find a Japanese coach: "I think the Japanese skaters should learn basic skills from Japanese coaches. There language barrier exists and it's impossible to explain some details which the skater must understand. During the training sessions there are moments when the contact should be eye to an eye. (...) No translator can help that. Perhaps am being an old school, but that's my opinion." Mao looks up to TAT a lot, so she is likely to listen to her advice.
    6. Mao hates having to part with Aero. :D

    So, IMHO, I find it VERY unlikely that somebody from Mao's team would seriously approach Orser.
    However, I don;t think Brian is lying, either. I find it more likely that somebody asked this question purely theoretically and the media and fans blew it WAY out of proportion.
  3. Prancer

    Prancer Slave to none, master to all Staff Member

    Maybe you did, but then there will be some discussion of the matter in that thread and some in this one, and having two discussions on the same topic at once is just annoying.

    So sorry, but no.
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