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opinions please on 2 plays

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Artemis@BC, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    There are a couple of upcoming theatre productions that I'm considering but would welcome some input. I already spend a considerable portion of my disposable income on season's tickets for a couple of companies, so these would be "extras," and I'm undecided.

    ~ Legally Blonde, The Musical. I remember the movie and thought it was cute, can't imagine it as a musical. It's being done by "Theatre Under the Stars" (fantastic outdoor venue in Stanley Park) and I usually try to go to at least one of their productions every summer -- the other one this year is How to Succeed in Business and I can't possibly see that because I saw the Daniel Radcliffe/John Larrocette version in New York.

    ~ Other Desert Cities. I know it got a bunch of Tony noms, but was that for the star power or the play itself? I'm not worried about the level of acting being substandard here (I've rarely been disappointed with their performances), but if the play itself isn't that special ...

  2. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    LG:TB is very light, like the movie itself, and cute, but also really funny at times. The song 'Ireland' just makes me die every time I hear it. I mean, don't expect to walk away enlightened or anything, but I assume you'll walk away having laughed quite a bit and feeling pretty happy. There are some cheesy moments, but I assume you would expect that going in :lol:
  3. SandraMGfan

    SandraMGfan Active Member

    I'm with michiruwater.
    Was really wondering how they could turn Legally Blonde into a musical, but I was laughing all along. Gay or European had me crying of laughter!
  4. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, yes, it's been awhile but I forgot about that one! Now I'm going to go watch the whole thing again :lol:
  5. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    I saw a production of this recently, and I didn't think it was that special.
  6. AJ Skatefan

    AJ Skatefan Well-Known Member

    I went to Legally Blonde at the 5th Avenue theater in Seattle with low expectations. But I ended up enjoying it very much. I remember laughing almost the whole time. I saw Other Desert Cities in New York and loved it too, but it could have been the star power. The acting was fabulous. I liked the play itself too. Certainly more intense than the other. Two different types of theater experiences, both good.
  7. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    Ok, definitely leaning toward a yes for Legally Blonde and no for Other Desert Cities unless a friend really wants to go (or I win tickets :D).

    Plus I see that my library has the soundtrack for Legally Blonde, so I'll check that out today.

  8. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    Just got back from seeing Legally Blonde. What an absolute hoot! So much fun, and the perfect show for an outdoor theatre on a warm summer evening. Except for getting dive-bombed by a couple of dragonflies it was a great night out. So thanks for steering me in that direction.
  9. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    I'm glad you picked Legally Blonde. Now I want to go see it! Is it still on Broadway, or is it just touring now?
  10. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    I just checked and it is still on Broadway (Palace Theatre); I know it toured a couple of years ago, didn't see it listed on the "Broadway Across America (Canada)" site in their current offerings.

    But I saw a local production here in Vancouver.
  11. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    Just FYI: "Legally Blonde" closed on Broadway in late 2008. The revival of "Annie" is currently playing at the Palace Theatre in NYC.