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Opinions needed: I don’t believe in Telepathy or Supernatural, but……

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Tinami Amori, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Tinami Amori

    Tinami Amori Well-Known Member

    Ha! I have not been following the scientific stuff for a while.... Have they confirmed VNO in humans yet? If yes, I'd be most inerested what chemical triggered "New Girl" recognition....:D

    "Smell" is high on my choice list in this situation.:cool:
  2. WindSpirit

    WindSpirit OmnipresentAdmeanistrator

    I don't see anything supernatural in the incident. It could be explained many different ways. Anna had just been told about a new girl her ex-boyfriend was dating, she probably couldn't think about anything else. She comes back, the girl in the bathroom is the first one she sees; she's attractive like Anna would have probably already imagined her rival would be, her insecurities and hurt kick in and she asks the question. So for me it's a coincidence + a tunnel vision combo here.

    I feel for Anna, a broken heart can hurt really bad. I hope she finds someone else who will suit her more soon.
  3. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    Except what she has supposedly manifested could also have happened for other reasons. Doing the work required and following a game plan can often achieve the desired results.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2011
  4. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking


    This was my first thought as well, and if not a cologne perhaps some other type of pheromone that your friend picked up on, Tinami? That would certainly be a scientific reason.
  5. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    She will need your caring support until she is ready to move on.
    I'm glad that Anna has you to lean on.

    Her heightened emotional state. and increased awareness, may be the "cause" of this "event", as well.
  6. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good case of "Murphy's Law" to me. Her bf leaves her for someone else and the first chance she gets, she runs right into his new gf. She will need all the friends she can get to get over her heartbreak but hopefully she will and someone else more deserving will come along.
  7. let`s talk

    let`s talk Banned Member

    She has a super nose and she simply felt the smell of Dmitry from that girl. It could be a scientific explanation. But I have no idea.
  8. Tinami Amori

    Tinami Amori Well-Known Member

    Thank you, everyone, once again, for contributing your ideas. I hate unsolved mysteries, and now I am pretty comfortable with the idea that instant recognition of the New Girl is a combination of explainable occurrences.

    To those who were concerned about Anna and how she is reacting to the break up: Anna is fine. This is not a tragedy. Two very nice people, with age and personality differences, fell in love and later found out they are not compatible and parted their ways in a civil, tactful and respectable manner.

    Dmitry met some-one else a day after the break up, that happens….. Anna was not ready to let go, Dmitry was…. that happens. Who know what will happen in 5 years…. No-one’s to blame, no-one is villain… The best of people don’t match sometimes in a relationship….

    I am not going to tell Anna “she deserves better”, or “don’t worry some-one more worthy will come alone”. Dmitry is not “un-worthy”… and Anna should not live her life in “expectation of finding that perfect man for her”.

    Anna should live her life, get an education, life experience, interesting profession and surrounding….. And if there will be a partner in her life, or partners, who match her lifestyle and personality – then that’s an ADDED BONUS to everything else she has for herself and inside herself.

    She’ll be fine!... :lol: