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Olympic Champion SURVIVOR: DANCE Final Round!

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by skateboy, Aug 12, 2012.

Who is the weakest link?

Poll closed Aug 16, 2012.
  1. Torvill/Dean

    59 vote(s)
  2. Klimova/Ponomarenko

    78 vote(s)
  1. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Here we go, Round 6 -- Dance!

    In Round 5, we said goodbye to:
    3rd place: GRISHUK/PLATOV

    Vote for the weakest link--the survivor is the ultimate SURVIVOR OLYMPIC CHAMPION!
  2. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Voted for Torvill & Dean. Klimova & Ponomarenko had more longevity in the Olympics and they faced an uphill battle to win in 92, the kind of adversity T&D never had to face and conquer in their careers.

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    In previous survivor polls, we ended up voting for the best rather than the weaker of two in the final round. This time we are still voting "for" the weakest. I hope that won't screw up the voting.
  4. DaiKozOda

    DaiKozOda Active Member

    I love both teams but I prefer K&P to win.

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    K&P had a hard time winning, even in their own era. For one thing, their CD's were not always great, and IMO, U&Z's CD's were often better.

    Chris & Jayne had the best CD's of all time.

    Also, their OSP's for their last 3 seasons were completely amazing, and "for the ages":

    1982 Summertime (Blues, amazing & sultry)

    1983 Rock n Roll (the music is odd, but this is exactly 1950's American Bandstand Rock n Roll)

    1984 Paso Doble (one of my favorite programs, FD or other ) of all time.

    Not to mention their 1994 Rhumba was equally fab

    Finishing 3rd after a 10 year layoff from competition wasn't shabby either!

    Two of their FD's are all time greats:

    Bolero 1984

    Mack and Mabel 1982

    And Barnum 1983 was ground breaking in its time

    K&P were great ice dancers, they were not the CD technicians T&D were, nor were they as able to capture the flavor of an OSP/OD type dance as well as T&D. Both teams had good FD's, but K&P got beaten by Duchesnay's, when in their prime, something I can't see happening to T&D.

    K&P were not the innovators T&D were either.

    For all those reason, K&P off the island, T&D for the win.
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  6. gk_891

    gk_891 Well-Known Member

    I disagree somewhat. K&P were incredible CD technicians. The only competition where that wasn't true was the 1991 Worlds where they stumbled. Usova & Zhulin weren't bad but they were not on the level of K&P or even Grishuk & Platov technically. For example, Usova could never do a proper chocktaw (sp?) in the blues CD. In 1992, she always did a back inside edge rather than a back outside one (I was really shocked that they weren't hit harder for that - I guess the fact that Isabelle Duchesnay also didn't do proper chocktaws helped them in that regard although G&P had excellent compulsories that year and really should've placed 2nd that year). At the 1994 Olympics, they were better but she started off on a back inside edge then slid over to an outside one. I also found their patterns to be a bit smaller and their free legs to be a bit weaker (especially Usova).

    K&P are also responsible for one of, if not the greatest OSP of all time, their 1987 Viennese Waltz.


    Many would give that title to Torvill & Dean's paso doble but I personally prefer this one by a tiny tiny margin. So beautiful, graceful, and fluid but the difficulty is incredible. There's virtually no stroking here so to give it that floating feel would take incredible skill.

    But I do agree that K&P were not the innovators that T&D were. I don't think anyone can come close to Jayne & Chris in that regard. They also had an understanding of the sport that virtually no one else can come close to. Not only were all the steps and handholds beautifully incorporated with one another but each step, handhold, stroke, etc expressed the character of the music perfectly. The only ones who can come close are Klimova & Ponomarenko!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2012

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    Which is why both teams are still in the voting.
  8. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I loved K&P more than T&D for their perfect technique, longevity and what they had to overcome to win the 1992 OGM. They went from perfect technicians to great artists in 91 & 92 and had some of the greatest pro programs too. So I had to vote for T&D as the lesser team, though it's hard to think of them as 'lesser', as great they were.
  9. lauravvv

    lauravvv Well-Known Member

    Much as I love Klimova/Ponomarenko, I voted for them this time. I agree practically with everyone about their achievements, longevity and so on. But, for me, Torvill/Dean is the most innovative and grounbreaking ice dancing team ever (as gk_891 already pointed out). Besides, unlike Klimova/Ponomarenko, they had to come back for their second Olympics after so many years, and their return was a success, even if they didn't get gold. As for pro career and pro programs - they had a really successful professional career as well, and I truly don't know many other skaters with so many pro programs, and so many memorable and innovative ones at that. I don't think that K/P can rival them in this regard.
  10. vivika1982

    vivika1982 Well-Known Member

    T&D are not a "lesser" team ,they are the ultimate dance team. Liked K&P but in their professional years .While they were competitive skaters they were kind of dull.BTW speaking of longevity and overcomes :in 1994 ,after 10 years, T&D sill managed to be on the podium besides they continue to skate and create being in great shape.
  11. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Klimova & Ponomarenko were challenged in their own era but they shouldnt have been. Duchensays were a ridiculously overrated team, they did have some wonderful pieces of work (although not their programs at the 92 Games), but technically they were inferior to even the #3 Russian pairs. Usova & Zhulin were wonderful but did not have the difficulty in their programs to rival K&P although they deserved to win the 91 Worlds when K&P were subpar and D&D resorted to an old program. They also should have an era twice as long as they should have dethroned Bestiamanova & Bukin in 86 at the latest and never been headed by them again. The hierarchy rules of dance, especialy amongst Soviets, was the only thing keeping B&G over them.
  12. SkateBlades17

    SkateBlades17 New Member

    Wow it's really close! Right now, 41 to 42 votes. I prefer Torvil & Dean and they brought ice dancing to a new level!
  13. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I voted for K&P to go and T&D to win because T&D revolutionized the sport. K&P were very good, but they didn't revolutionize the sport. I also didn't like their '80s programs at all before they changed style. Another reason I want T&D to win is because they came back in '94 in wonderful form to win a bronze medal (which I think should have been gold), 10 years after they won their gold medal at the '84 Olympics - not to mention a gold medal at the '94 Euros! I actually preferred their routines in '94 to '84, I think they just had stiffer competition in '94 (although I could be wrong since I don't know AS much about the '80s dancers, but G/P were very stiff competition).
  14. gk_891

    gk_891 Well-Known Member

    I know but to say the K&P's compulsories weren't on par with Torvill & Dean or even Usova & Zhulin is grossly misleading IMO.
  15. gk_891

    gk_891 Well-Known Member

    Yes yes yes! I actually thought K&P should've won in 1985 as well. B&B's Carmen was beautifully dramatic and striking but technically, it wasn't anywhere near the level of K&P. Even in 1984, I was fine with K&P's bronze medal (I just would've switched Blumberg & Seibert with B&B).

    U&Z and D&D were also very dramatic and skated with a lot of fire and passion but technically they were nowhere near the level of K&P. Neither couple should've never challenged K&P, even in 1991 (I had K&P first in both the OD and FD). IMO, K&P should've been world champs from 1985-1992 continuously.
  16. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, I had to vote for Klimova&Ponomarenko. Because every Compulsory by Torvill&Dean was superb and technically the best ever.
    Plus, they had one of the most effective program ever. Even if I prefer K&P's 1992 Air, T&D's Bolero was a masterpiece.
  17. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Get your votes in now--poll closes in less than 7 hours!
  18. arakwafan2006

    arakwafan2006 Well-Known Member

    This was painful but i voted for K&P