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New York tourism advices

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by sweetsparky, May 7, 2011.

  1. sweetsparky

    sweetsparky Good Ice Dance = THE SEX

    My brother is getting married in just a week, he and my soon to be sister in law will travel to New York (and other cities of USA East Coast, but there they have a very guided schedule) to enjoy their honeymoon.

    I would be grateful if some FSU New Yorkers (or not, but who know the city) could give me some advices for them, like special places to visit that are not so common in tourist guides, smaller museums or singular buildings, restaurants or places where to take a coffee or a drink, how to move best in the city (I did a lot of taxi and on foot when travelled some years ago, no so much of subway), or about weather in this time of the year.

    Any recommendation or advice would be appreciated :)
  2. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    Darn, I was hoping this thread meant you were coming to NY and we'd get to meet you.

    For smaller museums, I love the Frick (near the Metropolitan museum) - a peaceful little gem in the city. The best way to move around the city is to walk (most places in mid-town are an easy walking distance). If you're moving from mid town to Southern Manhattan, the subway is really the most efficient, even if it's not always the most pleasant.

    And it is big and the one all tourists go to, but the Metropolitan Museum is amazing and also has some special, quiet places within the museum. The Cloisters are technically part of the Metropolitan, but at a separate location. I usually recommend it to NY visitors, but I'm not sure if the collection/atmosphere will be as different or special for a couple from Europe who have more access to medieval architecture/history.

    If the weather is nice, the South Street Seaport area can be fun - and a very different atmosphere from mid-town.
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  3. Fergus

    Fergus Well-Known Member

    I second the Frick!

    Also, springtime is absolutely beautiful at the Cloisters, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's medieval satellite all the way at the tippy top of Manhattan. [Garden Kitty beat me to it! :lol: ] Fort Tryon park is lovely as well; just make sure they have a subway map! (www.mta.info)

    The American Ballet Theatre season opens on May 16th; if they don't mind being high up, there are usually tickets available in the $30 - 50 range.

    Get 'em a good online map of stuff to do in the West Village. It is one of the few parts of Manhattan that is not in a grid-layout, its twisty and turny, but it has some of the most beautiful urban architecture in the city....and some of the best eatin' & drinkin'. ;)

    The High Line has also become THE place to strut and be seen, by tourists and locals alike.

    Instead of sending them up to the top of the Empire State Building for the view, have them go to the Top of the Rock @ 30 Rockefeller Plaza....so they can get great pix OF the ESB! ;)

    As for theater performances, instead of Broadway see what's scheduled for the Brooklyn Academy of Music. They tend to have rather international productions, slightly more avant-garde.....and there's good eating along 5th Ave in Park Slope when the show gets out.

    See if the Yankess or Mets have home games, sitting in the sun, eating hot dogs, drinking beer and cheering for the "home" team is actually quite a fun way to spend the afternoon!

    I love the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, you can probably check their website to see whats in bloom during their trip. They can bring a picnic lunch to Prospect Park and make it a very romantic afternoon. ;)

    If they would like GREAT Italian-American cuisine, skip Little Italy! Try Patsy's on W. 56th St. Family owned and operated, Sinatra loved it. :)

    May weather goes both ways in NYC, you can be in shorts and t-shirt one day and the next you might need a light jacket. ;) But its really a lovely time of year!
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  4. sweetsparky

    sweetsparky Good Ice Dance = THE SEX

    Thank you :) taking notes :COP:

    I would love to visit again New York, my first trip was too short!. I really enjoyed the city, and was surprised, considering it´s a big, very big town, how nice was the people.

    So (and because I thought it was a place that would satisfy both my brother and his betrothed tastes, as he likes to walk and visit museums, and she, I think, likes cities over landscape and shopping) I recommended them, cause they wanted to travel out of Europe but didn´t want any kind of beach holidays.

    I remember than when I visited in October weather was ok, but in Boston was really cold and rainy, but students were jogging wearing short sleeves or even sleeveless. I felt very old and weakly then :lol:

    I visited the Frick (But couldn´t remember the name (shame on me, so thanks). Really great collection and interesting building) and also I agree than attending some sport match is a great experience (we went to watch basket) :cool:
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  5. emason

    emason Well-Known Member

    Third vote for the Frick and the Cloisters.

    Also, it is not necessary to stick to Manhattan. I'd take the PATH train over to Hoboken, eat breakfast at La Isla Cuban cafe and walk the main drag of Washington Street. There are fabulous views of Manhattan from the Jersey side and one can take the ferry back. It's a lovely way to spend the day.
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  6. sweetsparky

    sweetsparky Good Ice Dance = THE SEX

    That sounds quite interesting emason, I´ll say them to check the PATH rail system.
  7. emason

    emason Well-Known Member

    To go to Hoboken take the PATH at 33rd/34th Street; it's a very quick trip over, 15-20 minutes maximum and then you just follow the crowds walking up to Washington Street. Hoboken has a human scale, lots of 6-story buildings; you don't feel hemmed in by skyscrapers and there are lots of places to eat on the main drag. La Isla happens to be a favorite of mine, especially the Stuffed French Toast, but there are plenty of other options. It's only a couple of blocks from Washington Street to the water, where there are a few parks to sit in; like I say, great views of Manhattan from these parks and especially from the ferry.
  8. Vagabond

    Vagabond Well-Known Member

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  9. sweetsparky

    sweetsparky Good Ice Dance = THE SEX

    Thanks for all your advices, very helpful (and I´m keeping them for myself)
  10. vesperholly

    vesperholly Well-Known Member

    Depending on their personality, the Metropolitan Museum or MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) are both incredible. MoMA skews younger and has a broader offering of interactive art, while the Met is a more traditional historical museum.

    I loved the art at MoMA - Starry Night, Warhol, a whole room of Mondrian!! - but the Met has amazing architecture and Egyptian art. The coolest part was how you could see the building's expansions over the years. The Met is easier to combine with a walk through Central Park, if they're interested. MoMA is only a few blocks away from Rockefeller Center.
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  11. alexikeguchi

    alexikeguchi Well-Known Member

    I concur with all the museum recommendations and just want to add that many have live music performances (classical, jazz, etc) as well. For restaurants, there are lots of charming and very romantic places in Greenwich Village, if they will be sightseeing down there at all. One if by Land, Two if by Sea is very cozy (though $$$). Also for a very warm, romantic atmosphere, I like La Lanterna. The Olive Tree Cafe, with middle eastern food, is right next to it and full of character as well. Also, someone mentioned Sounds of Brazil, a little farther downtown, and they have a full dinner menu along with live world music. The Blue Note offers dinner and live jazz performances.
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  12. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    For sport, I'd suggest the Mets baseball rather than the Yankees as it is much easier and cheaper to get tickets. The Mets are at home May 16th-19th and again May 27th-31st. The Yankees are will be playing the Mets in a series May 20th-25th, but those tickets may be scarce. If they enjoy football (soccer), the Red Bulls have two home games scheduled - May 15th and May 25th. They play at Red Bull arena is in New Jersey, but it's an easy ride on the PATH train.
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  13. Matryeshka

    Matryeshka Well-Known Member

    I fourth The Cloisters--Fort Tyron Park is also very quiet, and I would think very appropriate for a honeymooning couple. For a park in the middle of the city, it's very private and there are lots of nooks for canoodling. I second the MoMa as well, plus the restaurant there is really good, and they have three cheaper cafes.

    I'd recommend against the Met. It's huge, they close down wings of the museum without warning and don't tell you when you buy the ticket. I'm very bitter about my Met experience. Plus, it's huge, so it takes a whole day, and the people that work there don't really know where anything is. I don't expect them to know exactly where every painting is, but I do expect them to know broad rooms, such as 19th century European paintings, third floor, or Islamic Art, first floor. I DO expect them to know general layout. They don't.

    The Brooklyn Botannical Gardens were AMAZING. The cherry blossums are in bloom and are :swoon: The colors and variety of plants grown are simply amazing and again, you'd never know you were in the middle of a huge metropolis.

    Other than that, I don't have a lot of recommendations for a honeymooning couple to do, however, I have some things to skip: Little Italy, except Ferrara's Cafe for dessert. Lombardi's is WAY overrated. Tours in general. I did not enjoy a single tour I went on.
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  14. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    The Bronx Botanical Garden is also great; my cousin's getting married there in July. If you take the Metro North commuter train (Harlem Line) there, you'll be able to walk around beautiful Grand Central Terminal.


    If they like zoos, the Bronx Zoo would be good:


    Also New York City Ballet is performing through 12 June. Here's the calendar for May:


    There are a lot of great ballets coming up.
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  15. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    I have heard very good things about the Tenement Museum, showing how immigrants to NYC lived in the early parts of the 20th century.

    Another vote for the Frick and the Cloisters. And Maty, while I agree with you that the Met does close areas down without telling you that when you buy your ticket (I've been there twice for an entire day each time and still haven't got to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house) - even part of it is more mind-blowing than many other complete museums.
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  16. sweetsparky

    sweetsparky Good Ice Dance = THE SEX

    Thanks again! Your help is priceless :cheer2:

    I think my brother want to visit the Metropolitan, while she would probably enjoy more the MOMA. I couldn´t visit the second and selected just some collections in the Metropolitan, as I do with all the great museums, and ten I have one very nice surprise when I just got in front of the screen iron ("reja") of the Cathedral of Valladolid, our hometown, so that museum is in my brother list.

    The Botanical Garden sounds so beautiful in this time.

    I can´t believe I missed The Cloister :drama: another reason to come back to New York someday :cool:
  17. 4skating

    4skating Member

    If they go to the Met, they should go up to the Roof Garden Cafe. You can get drinks, coffee, sandwiches and on Friday and Saturday, there's a Martini bar.

    The view is wonderful and worth it!
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  18. CDANN1013

    CDANN1013 Active Member

    The tenament musuem is fantastic. It is a very interesting how different cultures lived. It is also within walking distance of China Town and Little Italy.

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