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NBC's Smash.

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Ozzisk8tr, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

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  2. The Village Idiot

    The Village Idiot Demon Barber

    In case anyone doesn't know - you can download the pilot for free on itunes now.
  3. julieann

    julieann Well-Known Member

  4. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    I am hoping to like this one. I absolutely loathe Glee and everything it does but this seems like Glee's more mature and sophisticated older sister.
  5. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    thank goodness NBC finally stopped saying "and introducing Katherine McPhee" in their promos. We met her like 5 years ago, people!

    Looking forward to this show!
  6. essence_of_soy

    essence_of_soy Well-Known Member

    ...this show looks SO predictable.
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  7. challon

    challon Member

    NBC has put the pilot up on there youtube channel. I loved it.
  8. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

    How funny, I actually can't stand live theatre and am so looking forward to this. Predictable... so you're not interested in seeing talent or anything, just want to be enthralled with good plot with twists and turns that make you :eek:.
    Maybe you should watch Europeans... ;)
  9. Spareoom

    Spareoom Well-Known Member

    So, I'm confused. I heard about this show AGES ago; even saw a trailer akin to that. But it seems like it was so long ago; like months to a year! I'd forgotten all about it. When did they start advertising it and I guess it just came out? That's so odd!
  10. essence_of_soy

    essence_of_soy Well-Known Member

    I love how you're putting words into my mouth that I didn't say. I have tremendous respect for talented people, whatever the medium.

    My annoyance with the promo is that it has précised the entire show. I just feel like I have seen it all before. (IE: Young unknown struggles trying to make it in the big city.)

    As for plot twists and turns, not to mention outstanding acting, I'll probably stick with Homeland for the time being. Australia doesn't get any skating coverage.
  11. Meredith

    Meredith what a glorious day!

    The show may be predictable, but Alex Wong is in it - at least the opening episode. He was injured and reappears later. That alone will make me tune in. :)
  12. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    The premier was pleasant enough. The lip-synching is much more believable here than in Glee.
  13. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    I was watching "Every Little Step" about casting "A Chorus Line" and realized we really don't have a regular series with singing and dancing about adults. I like "Glee" but I like the idea of this show better. The premier left me wanting to see more so I'm in for now. And could we be seeing a version of "Marilyn" on Broadway if the show succeeds?
  14. Theatregirl1122

    Theatregirl1122 Enjoying Vicarious Voids!

    I really enjoyed this! I still love Glee but it was so nice to see a show with music that was more about the plot and was letting the plot drive the music. I didn't even need to use my willing suspension of disbelief that much!

    I kind of hate the "look I'm a popstar" audition, though.
  15. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    Well, I liked Glee when it first started for its quirky charm -- and the talented performers -- but rapidly grew tired of the polarizing archetypes (not to mention their change in repertoire).

    But I love all things Broadway so I'll definitely tune in to Smash when it airs. I fear that it too may get stale quickly ... but they may surprise me. Here's hoping!
  16. Impromptu

    Impromptu Well-Known Member

    Just watched the sneak peak premier on Youtube (had to do something between the SD and the Men's SP). It's really ... cliched and soapy, but it does cliched and soapy so very well, that I enjoyed every second of it.

    I'll definitely tune in for a few more episodes and see if it stays this much fun.
  17. FiveRinger

    FiveRinger Well-Known Member

    Me too!
  18. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    A college friend is going to be on this :cheer2:
  19. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

    Ooh, what part? Please don't be "Lisa" in the first episode auditions...
  20. reckless

    reckless Well-Known Member

    After all the hype, this finally premieres tonight.

    I've watched the pilot on Youtube. It felt very predictable and I was not very impressed with either Kat McPhee or Debra Messing, which worries me for the future. What I found more than anything, though, was that I wanted Aaron Sorkin to be writing the plots and dialogue. The show's dialogue and characters should have been sharp from the start, and it just wasn't.

    Now some spoiler thoughts:

    Nothing about Kat McPhee screamed "star" to me in her audition That audition would have caused everyone to laugh hysterically, not have orgasms. But if they really wanted her audition to be such a huge moment, it would have been a lot better if they set the episode up so that it build to the audition. Everything else could have been set and they could have made it seem like Ivy was set, but they had to go through the motions of auditions. Then, boom, at the end of the episode, McPhee walks in, blows everyone away, and episode ends. That would have been much more dramatic.

    Perhaps it's because I've seen Megan Hilty on stage, but she seems so far superior to McPhee for the role of Marilyn that I fail to see why there is any debate, Yet with all the emphasis on McPhee's character, her family, the sweet boyfriend, etc., it feels like I'm supposed to be rooting for her to get the part.

    I'm a huge fan of Marc Shaiman, so I hope the other original songs are better than National Pastime.

    Smarmy director and eager assistant were both such cliches, the show should have reconsidered them. The only way assistant should ever havre been hired back is if he threatened to sue over the idea of doing the Marilyn musical.
  21. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    Lol. I think he's just in the background. He's got a great voice, and is super cute in a twink kind of way ;)
  22. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

    After sitting on audition boards and watching people murder songs, if someone like Mcphee came in and sang like she does I can pretty much guarantee she would get a callback. (The C.A. song Beautiful is very right for a Marilyn Monroe audition song). There are a whole lot of tricks to auditioning to get noticed, so much of it is about thinking outside the box, while not swaying too far from what the role requires. You're always looking for something "fresh" that still portrays the role. Hilty to me was typical, and therefore uninspiring. She also had so much cheese about her I could almost hear my arteries clogging up. More than likely directed that way, but Mcphee was "fresh". Still, it's good that we have our differing opinions.
  23. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    I'm looking forward to this. Glee bores me. I don't care about high school drama so hope this is grown up.
  24. 4rkidz

    4rkidz plotting, planning and travelling

    I'm slow.. I just figured out who she is :lol:
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  25. jenny12

    jenny12 Well-Known Member

    I'm also looking forward to this (I'm on the West Coast). I liked Glee at first, but it became tiresome. Hope Smash is good.
  26. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    whenever i hear someone say they are obsessed with marilyn monroe i assume they are mentally unstable. i cant take a whole season of an off ice version of makarova's LP.
  27. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    I was disappointed they didn't mention that when they were listing all the Marilyn projects. :lol:
  28. 4rkidz

    4rkidz plotting, planning and travelling

    well I was looking forward to this.. but it's not happening.. I'm finding it really slow and boring.. not enough music just bad writing.. :shuffle:
  29. Pretty Vegas

    Pretty Vegas Well-Known Member

    This is my third time watching the pilot - I love it. :)
  30. soxxy

    soxxy Guest

    I wish Debra Messing was single on the show. Maybe they'll get the back stories out of the way.