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Native American ceremony help needed

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Christina, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Christina

    Christina Well-Known Member

    Hey y'all. Once again I am turning to FSU for knowledge of the obscure (to me). In a Native American "smudging" ceremony or ritual, is a small fire pit sometimes used?

    Everything I've googled shows that sage is burned in a small pot or something to cleanse the spirit, etc. If a small area on the ground, surrounded by an oval of rocks and about 12" large is found, could this be used in the smudging ritual?

    If it isn't, any thoughts on what it is for? It really looks like a small fire pit, but it is too small for a big campfire.

    You guys are the best!
  2. Holley Calmes

    Holley Calmes Well-Known Member

    I would contact one of the many Native American heritage groups and see if someone there could help you.

    I worked with hundreds of Native Americans back during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. We "smudged" a lot of people and places to clean them up spiritually. However, these rituals are very sacred to Native Americans, and I think going straight to the source is your best way to be both authentic and respectful.

    I met NA's who would gleefully take your money and "reinact" anything remotely Native American for you. Then again, I met NA's who were horrified at taking their sacred practices so commercially and casually. Most NA's were very happy and willing to share their culture. But there's a lot of bogus stuff out there, so be careful.
  3. Artemis@BC

    Artemis@BC Well-Known Member

    Be aware that there's no single "Native American culture." There are hundreds of different indigenous cultures across North America, each with their own practices and traditions. What may be part of Ktunaxa culture may be completely foreign to the Anishinaabe, to name but two. Smudging itself is not a univeral practice among first peoples, and for those who do smudge the rituals and protocols will vary.

    Is there a specific region you're looking at?
  4. agalisgv

    agalisgv Well-Known Member

    Can you clarify for me--are you looking for smudging protocols, or are you looking to identify the small fire pit as you called it?

    Feel free to pm btw
  5. Christina

    Christina Well-Known Member

    Sending ag a PM....
  6. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    THANK you. Even within larger language groups there are differences--Potawatomi and Ojibwe are both Anishnabeg, but that does NOT mean the cultures and practices are exactly the same. And they'd BOTH be insulted by any implication they were interchangeable with, say, the Lakota.
  7. Christina

    Christina Well-Known Member

    Thanks you guys. So no one freaks on me, I'm very aware that there are many different Native cultures, practices, etc. I'm just looking for some in general information, and I figured FSU would help me narrow down what I'm looking for. :cool: