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Nagoya Figureskating Festival 2011 & Japan Super Challenge 2011

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by nsima, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. nsima

    nsima Member

    Nagoya Figureskating Festival 2011

    Jan. 6 2011 Nihon Gaishi arena
    Saki Kawakami ( 2011 Novice Nationals A 5th )
    Shoma Uno ( 2011 Novice Nationals A 1st )
    Ayane Nakamura ( 2011 Nationals 20th )
    Ryuju Hino ( 2011 Junior Nationals 3rd )
    Ayumi Goto ( 2011 Nationals 11th )
    Ryuichi Kihara ( 2011 Nationals 12th, Representative Junior world )
    Miyabi Oba ( 2011 Nationals 8th, Representative Junior world )

    Akiko Suzuki
    Yuzuru Hanyu
    Kanako Murakami
    Daisuke Takahashi
    Mao Asada
    Nobunari Oda
    Miki Ando

    Model performance
    Shoma attempted 3A, but falled.

    Part 1
    Shoma attempted 3-3(?)
    Ryuju He used the music of the detective drama and did the performance used sunglasses.
    Ayumi 3S, 2T, 1T:(
    Ryuichi Space Battleship Yamato
    Miyabi She failed 2A3Lo

    End of Part 1, representatives Junior world, skated their SP
    Ryuichi 3Lz, 3Lz3T, 2A
    Miyabi 3S3Lo(?), 2A, 3Lo

    Part 2
    Akiko New program. Encore Fiddler on the Roof.
    Yuzuru Hanyu I'm sorry I forgot his performance. Encore This season's SP.
    Kanako This season's SP. New clothes, white shirt, black best, black spats. Encore This season's FS.
    Daisuke Amelie. Encore This season's SP.
    Mao ballade. New clothes. Encore This season's FS.
    Nobunari This season's EX. Encore This season's SP.
    Miki This season's EX. Encore This season's SP. ( The Mission )

  2. nsima

    nsima Member

    Japan Super Challenge 2011

    Jan. 7 2011 Nihon Gaishi arena
  3. nsima

    nsima Member

    Japan Super Challenge 2011

    Jan. 7 2011 Nihon Gaishi arena

    This ice show was performed by resistance vs. a thing of two teams.
    Team Red
    Yuzuru Hanyu, Shoma Uno, Risa Shoji, Akiko Suzuki, Daisuke Takahashi, Miki Ando
    Team Blue
    Kanako Murakami, Riona Kato ( 2011 Novice Nationals A 1st ), Ryuichi Kihara, Tatsuki Machida, Nobunari Oda, Mao Asada

    Kanako This season's EX " Be Italian ". 3F^2A, 3S2Lo2Lo, 3T
    Yuzuru This season's EX. Landed 3A.
    Shoma This season's EX. 3F, 3S, 3S^2A.
    Ryuichi " Space Battleship Yamato ". 3Lz3T, 3F3T, 3Lo2T.
    Risa This season's EX.
    Tatsuki This season's EX. Landed 3A. He did an air guitar and appealed.
    Akiko This season's EX " Belly dance ".
    Daisuke This season's SP "Mambo ". The spectator swelled very much. 3F3T so, 3A, 3Lz.
    Nobunari This season's EX.
    Mao This season's EX " Ballad ".
    Miki For a while EX in front.

    At the point that I heaped up, the ballad of EX of Mao and Nobunari's EX ware disadvantageous for mambo of Daisuke.

    Team Red Won. (603:597)
  4. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member

    Thank you for the vid, let's talk.:)
    Wow, Kanako and Miki are sexy! :swoon:
    Not surprising at all that Mao and Nobunari's ex were disadvantageous to Dai's mambo. I can picture and hear screams from his fans echoing in the arena.:lol:
    In the video they say that Mao won the biggest applause and she was in good shape, and that she landed jumps successfully and is gaining more speed and consistency now.
  5. kittyjake5

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  7. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member

    How ridiculous!
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