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My 20 predictions for 2013-2014 season.

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by wristflick, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. N_Halifax

    N_Halifax Well-Known Member

    My turn:

    1. Ashley Wagner will repeat as U.S. National Champion, followed by Gracie Gold and Agnes Zawadzki, in that order. Ashley will edge out Mao Asada for the bronze medal in Sochi with the skate of her life.
    2. Jeremy Abbott will put the naysayers to rest, winning his U.S. National title back and placing in the top ten at the Olympics
    3. Akiko Suzuki will be hot and cold all season, but will medal at the World Championships, which will be her last.
    4. Davis/White or Virtue/Moir will win Olympic gold in ice dance. ;) The bronze will go to Pechalat and Bourzat.
    5. Evan Lysacek will not compete at U.S. Nationals or in the Olympics or World Championships.
    6. The pairs event will be won by Volosozhar and Trankov, followed by Duhamel and Radford and Savchenko and Szolkowy. There will be a media outcry of the judging being very similar to the SLC 2002 scandal, and it will become a hot news story where the media will question if the new system even helps.
    7. Alena Leonova will compete in Sochi.
    8. Kaetlyn Osmond will again win the Canadian title, but will face a stiffer competition from Amelie Lacoste, and Cynthia Phaneuf who will return to competition in time for Nationals and skate well.
    9. Brian Joubert will skate to a movie soundtrack.
    10. No matter how Plushenko skates in Sochi, he will complain about the result.
    11. No matter how Chan skates in Sochi, he will win. He'll get a new season's best.
    12. Somewhere in Russia, Maria Butyrskaya will be giving a death stare.
    13. Alissa Czisny will return to competition, and finish in the top 10 at U.S. Nationals, but will not make the Olympic or World team.
    14. Nella Zhiganshina and Alexander Gaszi will come up with a new free dance that will even top their zombie free dance, and start to really make a name for themselves as rebels, much like Rahkamo and Kokko, The Duchesnay's or Drobiazko and Vanagas.
    15. Jenna McCorkell will skate well at the Olympics, and that will be her last competition.
    16. At least two teams will skate to "Carmen" as their free dances and I will roll my eyes.
    17. Christina Gao will finish 5th at Nationals.
    18. The team event at the Olympics will be the first and last.
    19. You will see professional competitions and shows make a comeback in North America, as many of today's top skaters will decide to leave ISU competition for a variety of reasons.
    20. At least 5 of my predictions will be dead wrong.
  2. Jiazumi

    Jiazumi Active Member

    Out of all due respect to you and the creator, I will not respond to any more of the v/m ubers. But, if you go back a page and read my Original Predictions Post, I said nothing derogatory about V/M. Nothing AT All. But of course v/m ubers storm in and try to start something(which is typical of v/m ubers). Just goes to show how rude and immature they are.

    I'll be the bigger person (even though I'm probably the youngest :lol:)

    Davis/White 2014
  3. bmcg

    bmcg Well-Known Member

    I predict there will be 20 times the bitching about Sochi results than there were for Worlds.
  4. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Jeremy will not silence anyone unless he wins a World or Olympic medal. Given his talent level that is the only thing that would suffice. A U.S title and top 10 would not do anything, it is not like most are counting him completely out of possibly making the U.S Olympic team even now, and he has done those before (top 5 at Worlds is on par or better than top 10 at the Olympics really) but nobody is satisfied with his career as of yet. That said, given the stage of his career he now seems to be at silencing his critics will be a hercules task, and one he deserves giant kudos for if he somehow pulls off.

    Anyway my 20 would be:

    1. Kim will repeat as Olympic Champion then go to the post Olympic Worlds just to spoil any chance of a Japanese coronation, and to protect Korea's spots for next year. She will possibly compete at the 2015 Worlds on short notice as their two youngsters will still be developing then, then retire for awhile, then start another comeback for the 2017 Worlds with the 2018 Olympics in mind.

    2. Asada will finish a dissapointing 5th-7th place at the Olympics, and might not even show up for a final Worlds on home ice.

    3. Wagner will win the Olympic bronze, and a medal at the post Olympic Worlds, shocking alot of people.

    4. Koster will win the Olympic silver, and may or may not attend the post Olympic Worlds.

    5. Sotnikova will not make the 2 women Russian Olympic team.

    6. LaCoste will fulfill her Olympic dream and take the 2nd Canadian spot to go to Sochi.

    7. Mervin Tran and his new partner will win the 3rd Canadian spot to go to Sochi.

    8. Volosozhar & Trankov will win Sochi gold, win the post Olympic Worlds, and likely continue.

    9. Virtue & Moir will defend their Olympic Gold medal, and Davis & White will retire without an Oly Gold medal, but defeat V&M for their 3rd World title. D&W will also deny V&M at the GPF to win their historic 5th straight, and leaving V&M to retire without a GPF title.

    10. Davis & White will win their record 6th U.S National Ice Dancing title.

    11. Lysacek will not compete period.

    12. Capellini & Lanotte will take the Olympic bronze, while Weaver & Poje will take the World bronze.

    13. Patrick Chan will finish off the podium at the Sochi Olympics, but win a silver at his final Worlds, then retire.

    14. Takahashi will win an Olympic medal again, but again not the gold.

    15. Canada will win 3 medals- Team Gold, Dance Gold, and a surprise medal from either Reynolds or Moore-Towers & Moscovitch. No medal for Chan or Duhamel & Radford.

    16. Russia will win 3 medals- Pairs gold, a second pairs medal, and a team event medal.

    17. Plushenko will bail on his comeback due to injury.

    18. Chan will skate a clean short program in one of his grand prixs and still be beaten by Hanyu in that program, and have a huge hissy fit about it.

    19. The Paul Poirier lovefest will finally step and he and Piper Gilles will miss the Olympic team, probably in favor of Paul & Islam.

    20. Rochette or Suzuki will shock people with a post Olympics season comeback and win one of the 2015 or 2016 Worlds (or both). OK I dont know if I really predict that one per say like the others, just a strange feeling I have.
  5. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    I predict that the NBC will use Evil Communist Plushenko* in their fluffs ahead of the Olympics again, pitting him once more against the sweet, innocent All-American Boys. (Who this time around, at the very least, will hopefully not have such a dreadful fake tan and may actually have a triple Axel that is actually a triple Axel).

    * Evil Communist Plushenko is a trademark of the NBC, 2010.
  6. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Do you mean since Duhamel & Radford didnt win. I imagine for their to be a SLC 2002 scandal by the media about them not winning would require about 5 falls from V&T, and another several from the number 2 and maybe 3 Russian teams and of course the Germans. Totally different situation from SLC, Duhamel & Radford are no Sale & Pelletier with nowhere near the pre SLC status S&P had, and the Olympics are in Russia, not North America. NBC also doesnt give two squats about them, unlike S&P who were NBCs golden children; they barely noted them at Worlds in their home country where they won a medal, they certainly wont make a big deal of them at the Olympics. NBC loves juicy stories, but they will look for a way better one than that.
  7. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    :lol: Possibly a riot as in post football matches. :D
  8. lauravvv

    lauravvv Well-Known Member

    You mean, that is not derogatory?:

    In my opinion, the third sentence is quite derogatory. And the first sentence could be viewed as such too. As well as joking about "stopping and sipping water", considering that Tessa's chronic problem is well known, and she had a cramp that forced her to stop and didn't allow her to continue right away.

    So, you are not as innocent as you are making yourself to be. Seems that you are one of those people who just like to throw out something controversial, and then try to back out of it when others disagree with you, pretending that those others are the bad ones while you are an innocent angel ;).

    Also, lumping all Virtue/Moir ubers together like that and labeling all of them as rude and immature shows how immature you yourself are. Any mature and rationally thinking person can understand that there can't be a such thing as a completely homogenous group of people all of whom have the same traits.
  9. EricRohmer

    EricRohmer New Member

    I am surprised at that some people are predicting 3~5th for Chan‘s Sochi result.
    I think Chan will tread Yagudin-like career path.

    5th at first Olympics -- entering to second Olympics as a 3 times WC -- winning OGM -- retiring as a 4 times WC after wins 14Worlds or 15Worlds(at China)
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
  10. Gabybackhand

    Gabybackhand Member

    1. Czisny will make U.S Olympic team.
    2. Gold will not make U.S Olympic team.
    3. Wagner and Gao will make U.S Olympic team.
    4. Suzuki will win silver at Olympics and gold at Worlds.
    5. Kim will win second OGM with 2 falls over clean Suzuki and it will be scandalous result.
    6. Kostner will win Olympic bronze, 2014 Worlds silver, and 2015 Worlds gold, then retire.
    7. Volosozhar & Trankov will win gold with 2 falls over clean Germans, Chinese, and Canadians, but nobody will care since they are so dominant now and it is in Russia anyway.
    8. Virtue & Moir will retire before Sochi with her leg injury and gold will go to boring Davis White, silver to Russians, and bronze to Canadians.
    9. Weaver & Poje will win Worlds after Games which Davis & White skip.
    10. Shibutanis will miss U.S Olympic team and retire to go to school.
    11. Hubbel & Donahue will compete at Olympics and he will propose marriage to her on ice there,
    12. None of Plushenko, Lyacek, or Chan will make Olympic podium.
    13. Hanyu will win Olympic gold unfortunately (would way rather Fernandez, Takahashi, or Ten).
    14. Chan, Plushenko, and lysacek will all announce official retirements after Games.
    15. Kim, Asada, Wagner will all retire after season.
    16. Abbott will win 4th U.S title and win bronze at post Olympic Worlds, then retire.
    17. Aaron will be the other U.S man at Games.
    18. Castelli & Shnapir will surprise people and win 2nd U.S title and go to the Games.
    19. Ando will come back and place 6th at Nationals then retire.
    20. Voronov will get Russia;s one spot to Games.
  11. karlon

    karlon New Member

    What makes you think that? Just wondering..
    She received all of her major titles with almost perfect performance.
    And She almost does not fall.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
  12. professordeb

    professordeb Well-Known Member

    I am really enjoying these predictions. Some of them have put a smile on my face. Thanks to all who are brave enough to try it out.

    Anyway, some from this quote actually makes me want to respond so ... I think I will :)
  13. Gabybackhand

    Gabybackhand Member

    Since Kim has a multiple fall margin over someone like Suzuki atleast. I have a feeling the womens event in Sochi will be really messy with all the prospective winners splatting it up and someone like Suzuki will be the only contender to skate clean. However I dont think she is someone the judges could accept winning the Olympic Gold so they will have to find someone who fell to give it to anyway, and Kim will be the one to self destruct least and of course is the best and one to beat.

    Kim also was good enough to win some Worlds with mistakes, but the problem is she is either virtually perfect or when she messes up she really messes up. The 2008, 2010, and 2011 Worlds she had atleast 4 mistakes, which was one too many each time.
  14. Gabybackhand

    Gabybackhand Member

    I dont like Gold so it was more a wish than anything. However she has a giant self destruct button she can push at any moment, and some of the other U.S women might be more motivated next year with three spots rather than two. The USFSA desperately wants to push Gold as the new Michelle Kwan but she is exagerrated.
  15. RunnersHigh

    RunnersHigh Well-Known Member

    Yuna didn't win the Worlds you referred and there was no one who cleaned their programs.
    I mean no judges allowed Yuna to beat skaters who performed better than her.

    Well, I don't know what is your standard of mistake but if it's a fall, below Level 3 on spins, spirals and steps or less than -1 on GOE or fail on planned triple(s) and/or doubles(s) to fulfill "At least 4 mistakes" , let's figure it out.

    [2008 Worlds]
    1: Mao Asada: 8 mistakes - SP: 3Lz(e), LSp2, SpSq1, CCoSp2 FS: A fall, 3Lz(e), SpSq1, 3F3F<
    2: Carolina Kostner: 5 mistakes - SP: 3Lz, LSp2 FS: 3Lz, 3F, 3S2T
    3: Yuna Kim: 4 mistakes - SP: 3Lz fall, SpSq1, SlSt2 FS: 1Lz

    [2010 Worlds]
    1: Mao Asada: 1 mistake - SP: 3A<2T
    2: Yuna Kim: 5 mistakes - SP: 3F<, LSp, SpSq1 FS: 3S fall, A
    3: Laura Lepisto: 3 mistakes - SP: 2L2T, 2L, 2S2T2T

    [2011 Worlds]
    1: Miki Ando: 3 mistakes - SP: 3Lz2L, FS: 3Lz2Lo, 2A2T
    2: Yuna Kim: 4 mistakes - SP: 3Lz, 3F2T FS: 3S1T, 1F
    3: Carolina Kostner: 2 mistakes - SP: 3F fall FS: 1L2T

    She was not the only one who made too many mistakes. In 2010, you're right though but it was held right after the Olympics. :lol:
  16. iarispiralllyof

    iarispiralllyof Active Member

    The ice is slippery. This is too early to be making predictions imo and reading them just makes my stomach rumble :p
  17. TripleWallie

    TripleWallie Member

    Only in 2009 Worlds did she have one mistake - a mere pop of her 3Sal in the LP. At the Olympics and 2013 Worlds she was perfect. Unlike Chan she didn't fall multiple times and win a World title. :rolleyes: For those years you mentioned, the judges did NOT prop her up to take the title when she made big mistakes.

    Where's this "feeling" coming from? Who has actually held it together under the pressure of the big stage like the Olympics and Worlds while others collapsed? Yuna is not the kind to crumble under pressure. When she made mistakes it was either because of injury (2007, 2008 Worlds) or lack of motivation (2010, 2011 Worlds).
  18. johnny158

    johnny158 New Member

    What I don't like about Team Trophy is Underperformed skater in Worlds like Suzuki got the personal best. Scores from Team Trophy is ratified as ISU personal records.

    Asada, Takahashi, Suzuki their personal best all from this meaningless pseudo-competition.

    Suzuki's high(ISU personal best scores)
    Combined total 199.58 (more than Kostner's scores at 2013 worlds)
    2013 World Team Trophy
    Short program 67.51
    2012 World Team Trophy
    Free skate 133.02
    2013 World Team Trophy

    Suzuki's scores at 2013 worlds
    Combined total 164.59
    Short program 61.17
    Free skate 103.42
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
  19. Bournekraatzfan

    Bournekraatzfan Well-Known Member

    Well said, lauravvv. I fail to see how all ubers/fans of a skater or team are responsible for the actions of a few fellow ubers/fans, and I don't think that those who themselves engage in the same kind of behaviour are in the best position to call others out on it.

    There are some interesting predictions in here but the real question is, what will happen to the dinosaurs?
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
  20. Elkmaria

    Elkmaria Active Member

    I'll try to do this too :) I need to save my predictions - just in order to read them next April and laugh out loud :D

    1. Chan will skate a clean short in Sochi and earn a margin of about 10 points before the free, and then either win with several mistakes, or be defeated by an amazing clean performance from Fernandez, Hanyu or Takahashi.
    2. Plushenko will show up at Russian Nationals and win it over one or several skaters with solid Grand Prix results (probably Gachinski and maybe Menshov, Kovtun or Voronov). He will be sent to the Olympics, which will cause much controversy, and then either withdraw due to injury or place 3th to 5th.
    3. One of the American men's entries at the Olympics will be surprising. I'm not going to claim that Mroz will make the team, but the spot can go to Dornbush, Rippon or Farris. The other entry will be more predictable, like Aaron, for example. The Americans won't make the podium, and the unexpected entry will skate better than the expected one.
    4. If Lysacek does come back, he will make the Olympic team, but won't be very successful (probably top 10, but definitely off the podium). However, he will probably not come back at all. Weir will try his luck at early season competitions, but will totally fail technically.
    5. Kozuka will make the Olympic team over Oda, Mura, etc. He can even skate clean, but will be lucky to finish in the top 8.
    6. Kim Yu Na will defend her Olympic title with a stellar short and several minor mistakes in the free. One or several of her competitors will skate cleaner, but will still be defeated due to weaker technical elements.
    7. At least one Japanese lady will make the podium.
    8. Russian ladies will be given generous component scores, which will help them get good placements (maybe even on the podium) in spite of falls due to home pressure.
    9. Kostner will have a disappointing short (probably falling and/or missing the combination), but will come back strong in the free, which may or may not be enough to win a medal.
    10. The ladies' competition at the US Nationals will be a nailbiter, and, again, at least one of the entries will be a surprise (e.g. Nagasu, Czisny etc.). At least one US lady will make the top 10, probably two.
    11. Volosozhar/Trankov will have crazy diffucult programs again and won&#8217;t be able to skate clean at the Olympics, but will still win by a great margin.
    12. Savchenko/Szolkowy will have great programs and skate them cleaner than V/T, but will still lose, and this won&#8217;t cause controversy, because no one will be even able to imagine V/T not winning the whole thing.
    13. Kavaguti/Smirnov will skate clean at the Nationals, which will help them make the Olympic team over younger and more promising pairs, and will then have two completely forgettable performances in Sochi, placing 8th to 10th.
    14. Duhamel/Radford will have an edge over Bazarova/Larionov in the battle for bronze.
    15. Both Davis/White and Virtue/Moir will have &#8220;safe&#8221; music choices and &#8220;safe&#8221; choreography for the Olympics. They will be close after the short, but D/W will widen the gap after the free. I also have a very bad feeling that one of the teams (and I really mean that it may be either team) may make a major mistake that will influence the final result.
    16. V/M ubers will start a record-breaking thread &#8220;Virtue/Moir #100&#8221;, half of which will be D/W bashing.
    17. Pechalat/Bourzat will probably be able to finish fourth, but may be beaten by Ilinykh/Katsalapov. Bobrova/Soloviev will finish third with a comfortable margin.
    18. Weaver/Poje will have good programs for the Olympic season, but will still finish behind two of three Russian teams, P/B and probably Cappellini/Lanotte.
    19. Riazanova/Tkachenko will be beaten by a younger team at Nationals and won&#8217;t make the Olympics (unfortunately for me, because I like them).
    20. I will go to the Russian Nationals and Europeans, but won&#8217;t go to the Olympics.

    I hope my negative predictions do not come true, and I also hope all the athletes stay injury-free!
  21. Manaud

    Manaud New Member


    They are skating the same program with different music every year which accounts for any improvement you may be referring to. I get dizzy watching them on the ice because all they do is whip around.
  22. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member


    And a D/W win to V/M would however not stop D/W's fans from bashing V/M ALL OVER the internet. D/W's fans would be the sore winners and V/M's fans the sore losers.;)

    I bookmarked this thread and I'll get back to it at the end of the Olympic season to see how everyone did. Just for my own amusement.:D
  23. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    So many around! We don't have to name names.;)
  24. lola10

    lola10 Member

    My Top 20 Predictions

    1. No matter what competition, there will always be discussion about the winner.
    2. The fan threads after Sochi will explode.
    3. There will be a lot of mourning after the retirement announcements.
    4. The CoP will be changed after the Olympics (even just slightly)
    5. ISU and judges will be made responsible for everything. ;)
    and now for more skater's related prediction
    6. Yuna Kim will be Olympic Champion again when she makes no major mistakes
    7. Actually, Yuna Kim will win everything that season
    8. 2nd and 3rd are unpredictable and depend on who skates the best in both program
    9. most likely Carolina Kostner will win a medal in every competition, including Olympics (but she is a head case, so we never know)
    10. at least one Russian lady will make the top 5
    11. Volosozhar and Trankov will get their title on home ice.
    12. Savchenko and Szolkowy will win silver, close the gap but retire due to no funding by the german federation.
    13. The US title is a close battle between Gold and Wagner.
    14. Virtue and Moir will retire after winning everything that season (including GPF and Olympic Games) -> a little bit wishful thinking but rumor has it they have both their programs already and are not doing any show over the summer.
    15. Davis and White will go to worlds, win and not confirm anything about their future for quite some time.
    16. The battle for bronze will be as exciting as the battle for gold because of all the great and talented teams.
    17. Russia will win the team event.
    18. Hockey is not the only team battle between Canada and USA (battle for silver and bronze).
    19. The men event might be the most confusing.
    20. No matter what, I will enjoy the season, simply because there is something special about the Olympic season.
  25. parapluies

    parapluies Well-Known Member