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Most poorly judged competitions

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by shady82, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. kosjenka

    kosjenka Pogorilaya’s fairy godmother

    What you say about difference between 'two skating as one' and "programs that are about two people and how they relate to each other" is quite interesting and probably accurate.

    I think that very important part in pairs skating is the unison of the two, weather they are performing a side by side jump, pair spin or footwork section.

    During 2002 Olympics in LP S&P did not take off or land their side by side triple at the same moment. For me - that shows lack of unison. Both B&S and S&Z had the take off and landing at the same moment. And I think T&M as well.

    I've always preferred B&S but that particular season I was very impressed with LP S&P had put together. I think it was called The Orchid and it was to 2nd movement of Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concert. They showed off all the things they, imo - improved about themselves in past seasons. I was so happy that Olympics were going to be so interesting since I already knew the Russians had a very complex LP.

    So when they pulled out Love story, program that was 3 years old, with crowd pleasing tricks and exactly the same spread sheet of elements as their 2001 LP... I usually think that when you can "cut" the program from element to element while watching it on tv for the very first time - that the choreography is not that good since there is nothing going on between the "big" elements.

    Can anyone tell me why did S&P drop The Orchid? I dont remember reading anything about it.
    Were they playing it safe?
    Was The Orchid too complex for them?
  2. Triple Butz

    Triple Butz Well-Known Member

    The old GPF required teams to perform two different long programs, which caused S/P to resurrect Love Story. It got great marks from the judges and soundly defeated B/S so I think they decided to keep it going. I even remember Sarah Hughes practicing Turandot for the GPF and considering going back to it. She skated it at a USFS cheesefest and didn't skate very well which probably put the nail in that coffin.

    Also, S/P took Love Story to 4CC and again got really high marks and dominated so it probably seemed like a wise decision.
  3. Cheylana

    Cheylana Well-Known Member

    Hmm, that sucks that they may have gotten some mixed messages. Was there any overlap between the GPF and Olympic judging panels?
  4. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    Didn't they skate to Orchid that nationals and have some problems with it?

    Orchid was there best program IMO. I was really disappointed when they dropped it.
  5. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    Also S/P botched majorly at the Nationals with The Orchid even though they still won.

    I love the Orchid and was very sad that they didn't use it for the Olympic, I prefered it much much much more than the blergh Love Story.
  6. Allen

    Allen Glad to be back!

    I have to agree. I remember watching this on tv and just being in shock at their scores and placement.
  7. Erin

    Erin Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think they were up in the air about whether to go back to Love Story or stick with Orchid after the GPF, and then the bomb at Nationals was the nail in the coffin for Orchid.

    To whoever said that S&P went back to Love Story at 4CC, that's not correct - S&P did not compete at 4CC in 2002.

    Me too, Love Story was my least favourite S&P program. I always thought it was weird that if they were going to go back to an old program, they chose the one would have had bad memories of a disastrous performance at Worlds (Love Story in 2000) over the program they won a World title with (Tristan & Isolde in 2001). Tristan & Isolde was probably the best and most interesting program they had in their career, so it's too bad they didn't use that one instead.

    Thinking about 2001 Worlds, I think that under a COP-type system where a team can carry over a lead from the short, B&S were better over the course of two programs. But with the rules in place at the time, I agreed with the placements in both the short and long program, so the right team won given the rules in place at the time. At least in my mind. But I can certainly see a good argument for B&S to win the free at that event, even if I personally would have given it to S&P. I agree with the posters that found Elena's lack of affect and seeming lack of interest in skating to be very distracting.
  8. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    I see your point, but I thought Elena was very engaging during the 2001 Worlds performance. Of course she wasn't emoting like Anton, but I saw it in her.
  9. escaflowne9282

    escaflowne9282 Reformed Manspreader

    It's funny, but I always found Elena's expression, particularly her big sad blue eyes, to be something that drew me into her as a performer.
  10. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    At GPF, S&P only defeated B&S soundly because B&S fell once and S&P was clean.
  11. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    I never really liked their orchid program. I guess it wasn't bad, but it always brought back memories of Chen Lu and her amazing Rachmaninoff program, and S and P didn't achieve nearly as much as she did with that music.
    That said, is there a reason why they didn't try to do an entirely new program? Didn't Plushenko come up with a new program after the GPF?
  12. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    B&S had just ONE mistake (not mistakes!)- a fall on sbs double axels in their LP. Rest of the program was skated brilliantly. S&Z skated clean but the presentation/artistry was practically non-existent. There were no transitions, their spins were poor and the unison was not good. Posture and lines were nonexistent. B&S got high marks for presentation (5.9 almost across the board) they deserved. Their choreography was intricate, the musical interpretation was superb, skating to a piece of music that was difficult to skate to. Their lines, posture, speed, unison were unmatched. Their technical marks were somewhat low (5.7's) because of that one mistake. They deserved to win because their artistically they were head and shoulders above everyone else.
  13. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    That GPF (2001) was another poorly judged competiton in pairs. S&P had the crowd pleasing but choreographically easy Love Story. They had a fall on the sbs 3toes. B&S had a choreographically complex Valse Sentimentale for their second LP that went head to head with Love Story. Even with two minor mistakes (a single axel by Elena instead of a double, and a slight hand touch down on the throw 3 loop) B&S should have won. However, politics were in full swing by then. When S&P placed above B&S at worlds a few months later it was lesser of a shock because of the way this GPF was judged.
  14. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    Chen Lu's LP skated to that music was beautiful and sophisticated, and very few could match it, but it was a singles program, so I would not compare the two.

    S&P created a choreographically more complex LP in order to be competitive at the 2002 Olympics. It was choreographically better than any of their previous programs. The final pose was stunning. It seemed like earlier in the season they were doing well with it, but as the season progressed, they became less comfortable with it, particularly Jamie. After their poor skate at the Canadian nationals, from what I heard/read, she wanted to go back to Love Story. For them it was important to skate clean at the Olympics and for that they needed a program they were very comfortable with. I believe that's why they just went back to Love Story. They knew the judges liked it and the north American audience would love it because of the familiarity with the music. The program was not competitive at that point, IMO since it had become a couple years old. However, it helped them skate clean. With the more complex 'Orchid' program there was a big risk.
  15. icewalker08

    icewalker08 New Member

    Vash01 :respec::respec: to all your three posts :)
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  16. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I don't remember the first LP. but going into the second LP, the two pairs were tied. LP2 was the tie breaker.

    About the second LP you are wrong. S&P (Jamie) fell in their Love Story LP. B&S did not fall at all (not even close to a fall). I have it on tape.

    Also "soundly defeated" sounds odd. It wasn't 7-0 or 6-1. I will have to watch the tape (though I have always found it painful because it was not just a poorly judged competition; it was a politically judged one).
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2011
  17. escaflowne9282

    escaflowne9282 Reformed Manspreader

    I think Marco was referring to the 2001-2002 GPF, where B&S actually led S&P following the first LP, In the debut of Meditation , Elena had a double fall on the throw 3-salchow, and S&P had a strong(better than SLC), cleaner performance of Love Story. This led to a very decisive victory on their parts and IMHO a false sense of security concerning the strength of that program.
  18. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Sale & Pelletier's struggles with Orchid only prove how much harder it is to do a more choreographically intricate program, something that was sorely overlooked in the NA medias biased observations of the SLC competition.
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  19. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I think you are right. I thought we were talking about the 2001 GPF, but Marco was talking about the 2002 GPF. I think their sense of security about that program was not false, however, because they knew the judges were on their side, and skating clean was more important than having a choreographically intricate/risky program. I think there was a lot of behind the door stuff going on that time that we the fans may not be aware of.
  20. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    I don't think S/P were incapable of performing a more detailed/intricate program like the Orchid because let's face it, the Orchid is pretty much mostly a rearranged version of Tristan & Isolde with a few different elements like the pair spins. S/P was able to perform T&I rather well in the 2000-2001 season.

    It's just an unfortunate turn of event (for Orchid fans like me) that they bombed Canadians with the Orchid and nailed Love Story at GPF.
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