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Miki Ando - Mendelssohn recording

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by 9823u982, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. 9823u982

    9823u982 New Member

    Hello. Does anyone know the exact recording that Miki Ando used for her 2006-2007 season free skate? The name of the violinist and orchestra as well as the year of the recording would be helpful. I've been listening to iTunes previews of the piece and I haven't been able to identify the one that Miki skated to.
  2. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    As for the music, “Violin Concerto in E miner, Op. 64, by Mendelssohn” of FS in 2006-2007 season of Miki Ando, I hear that the violinist is Nathan Milstein and the Orchestra is the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Claudio Abbado, but I don't know whether it is exact or not.
  3. 9823u982

    9823u982 New Member

  4. Jenna

    Jenna Well-Known Member

    What a coincidence, Ice Network just announced Christina Gao will be using this piece for her SP! :)
  5. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    I was trying to find the exact recording of Double Life and Veronique that domnina and shabalin skaterd to and it can frustrating!
  6. Screenie

    Screenie Active Member

    If you have an iphone (or maybe even if not), you can just use the "Shazam" application (there are others, too), and hold it up to the computer / TV when playing their program.

    It will tell you the name of the music and the album, musician, etc.
  7. 9823u982

    9823u982 New Member

  8. Milan

    Milan Active Member

    I thought it was the one by Joshua Bell?
  9. 9823u982

    9823u982 New Member

    Is there a way to get a definitive answer to this? I'm happy with the recordings I bought, but it would still be neat to know that I'm listening to the recording that Miki skated to. This can indeed be a frustrating hobby. I think I'll try using Audacity tomorrow to match up the waveforms.
  10. 9823u982

    9823u982 New Member

    Here's an update: Stern's recording, when played alongside Miki's performance, matches well (for more or less 18 seconds; until Miki's music cuts to a different segment). Milstein's recording has a somewhat different tempo. Milan, do you have a copy of Joshua Bell's recording to do a similar test?