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Miki Ando deserves more respect- Miki Ando respect and tribute thread

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Andofanatic, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Andofanatic

    Andofanatic Banned Member

    With the retirement of Miki Ando, one of the greatest skaters of her era, it seems she isnt getting the respect she deserves. She was a phenomenal jumper, probably the 2nd best ever behind Midori Ito. As her career went on she developed into a complete packing of skating with excellent spins, wonderful basic skating, sterling interpretation of music, and improved line and posture. She won 2 World title, the same number as Yu Na Kim and Mao Asada, yet doesnt get the respect these two ladies do. This is not right when her achievements are comparable, and think of all she might have achieved if she didnt have her personal problems with Morozov to deal with, she might have won 5 or 6 World titles and an Olympic title in 2006 or 2010 otherwise. This is a thread for those who appreciate and want to give the great Ando the respect she deserves. Her comeback was also inspirational and beautiful as she was doing it for her the love of skating and not a result.
  2. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I like Miki a lot, and I agree that she does not get the respect she deserves, but I wouldn't call her one of the greatest, or the 2nd best ever jumper after Midori Ito. IMO that honor goes to Tonya Harding. I think Yu na Kim is as good a jumper as Miki (I have seen both of them live). Miki definitely improved her artistry and deserved both of her world titles. It is a shame that her problems with Morozov kind of ended her career early, but I disagree that she would have won 5 or 6 world titles. Miki was a very good skater but not so good that she would consistently beat the likes of Yu na and Mao in world championships.
  3. orientalplane

    orientalplane Mad for mangelwurzels

    Thank you Andofanatic; I feel sleepy enough to take a nap now.
  4. Dr.Siouxs

    Dr.Siouxs Well-Known Member

    Where have you been looking? Are you expecting to see her name written in the sky every morning?

    :lol: Your mileage may vary.
  5. lala

    lala Well-Known Member

    No doupt, she deserves it!
  6. Andofanatic

    Andofanatic Banned Member

    I would never put Tonya Harding 2nd best jumper ever since she is way too inconsistent for that. At her best she probably is, but she was 40% or less than her best atleast 80% of the time. Anyway if she were really so high as the 2nd best jumper ever she would have won atleast 1 World or Olympic title over Kristi and Midori just on her jumps alone, even if the rest of her skating was crap. She couldnt win even once though.

    Kim could be the 2nd best jumper ever but the problem is she is only a toe jumper. She is probably the best toe jumper ever but Ito and Ando were equally great at both toe and edge triples.
  7. PashaFan

    PashaFan Well-Known Member

    In the words of Daniel Bryan YES ! YES ! YES !.
    There are a lot of people on here who just love to hate.
    If Miki was American she would get more love (& I'm half American).
    She is a very special talent.
    She EARNED two World titles.
    It's just like Butyrskaya, she get's the same reaction.
    Some people have nothing better to do than hate other people.
  8. antmanb

    antmanb Well-Known Member

    Or maybe, just maybe, the OP comes across as complete hypocrite starting a thread demanding respect for one skater, while simultaneously starting a trolling thread trying to put another (and better :p) skater down.
  9. Kelvster

    Kelvster Well-Known Member

    I'll certainly miss Miki Ando's skating! She did so much this season and there's sooooo much to be proud of. That short programme at Nationals was truly touching. It should go down in the history books.