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March 1st is Self-Harm Awareness Day

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by suep1963, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. suep1963

    suep1963 Well-Known Member

  2. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

    Good information to know. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nan

    Nan Just me, retired


    This is something everyong should be aware of, especially those who work with or around teenagers and young adults.
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  4. rjblue

    rjblue Having a great day!

    My daughter is under treatment for major depressive disorder, complicated with anxiety, and she struggles with this. She is an amazing kid, and rather than feeling guilty or ashamed, she's trying to help spread awareness of how common (estimates are somewhere between 8-25% of young women have self harmed) this is, and how we need to help and support people with this problem.

    She posted a photograph on her Facebook, and DeviantArt gallery to demonstrate how easy it is to hide a huge problem, and it's been reblogged on Tumblr tens of thousands of times. She woke up this morning to find out that Neil Gaiman had put it on his official Tumblr blog!
    (Don't click on the link if you have this problem, and pictures will trigger you. There are no wounds or anything in the picture, but it is somewhat shocking)
  5. CanuckSk8r

    CanuckSk8r New Member

    I hope that more people (regardless of age) can find courage and strength in speaking up, asking for help, or simply to say "I'm in trouble." Anything!

    rjblue I can't imagine the struggles your daughter and family have endured. She is remarkable for spreading awareness. I'm sure her awesomeness has plenty to do with the people raising her and surrounding her. Good luck to you all.
  6. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    I have the utmost sympathy for anyone in pain mentally. I have a lot of respect for your daughter rjblue for bringing this into the open. It had to be very difficult for her.