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Lynn Holly Johnson

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by FSWer, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Flying Camel

    Flying Camel Member

    I wonder if either of her kids skate.
  2. stevlin

    stevlin Active Member

    m Actually a figure skater who had a crush on Mr Bond. She was very cute in the movie.
  3. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Her name came up on The Tonight Show last night. Jay Leno was quizzing Halle Berry about past Bond girls. The question was, "Lynn Holly Johnson was a Bond girl. In what sport did she compete?" Halle got the answer correct.
  4. Yazmeen

    Yazmeen Well-Known Member

    She was the protegee of one of the villains in the movie; and I remember that her coach was the stereotypical, mean, serious Jutta Muller type, LOL. And at the end of the movie, she was charming someone else (rich) who helped Bond, and he commented that she had likely found a new benefactor... :)
  5. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    She was a National medalist; only not as a Senior competitor.
    Her competitive career ended because of injury.
  6. ilovesalchows

    ilovesalchows Well-Known Member

    She was also in "The Watcher in the Woods." Loved that film as a kid!
  7. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    There were many, especially since the skills necessary to have a pro career were not the same as those necessary for competition, particularly in the compulsory figures era.
  8. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    Oh, right that was her! I loved that movie, except for how it just kind of ended. Then on the DVD I saw the original ending that they scrapped because the effects weren't good enough. It could have made even less sense.
  9. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    I have not seen Watcher in the Woods, but I read Betty Davis complained Lynn Holly Johnson was a bad actress. Apparently Betty Davis had someone else in mind for the role, but did not get her way. Was it sour grapes?
  10. Yazmeen

    Yazmeen Well-Known Member

    Bette Davis was a brilliant actress and also one of the biggest PIA egomonsters in the history of film. Watcher in the Woods came at the end of her career where she basically was hired for her name, not talent. Lynn Holly was lucky to get out unscathed by the wrath of Queen Bitch Davis (and please understand, I adore Bette for many of her movies).