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LIVE stream of Nesquik Cup (Jan. 6-8 in Torun, POL)

Discussion in 'TV ALERTS' started by Sylvia, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Free and live web stream starting today, Thursday, through Saturday: http://www.axeltorun.pl/mentor-gam-nestle-nesqiuk-cup/live

    Event schedule: http://www.axeltorun.pl/mentor-gam-nestle-nesqiuk-cup/time-schedule
    Poland is 6 hours ahead of US Eastern time.

    Entries/Starting Orders/Results page: http://www.pfsa.com.pl/results/sezon2010/nestlecup2011/index.htm

    Notable skaters:
    Denis Ten in Junior Men
    Maria Mukhortova/Jerome Blanchard and Mary Beth Marley/Rockne Brubaker in Senior Pairs (Friday/Saturday) - both teams are making their international debut here.

    Event discussion thread (and some play-by-play commentary?) in Kiss and Cry: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?t=76511
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  2. let`s talk

    let`s talk Banned Member

    Thanks! Works very well.
  3. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    Conversion of Nesquik Cup to North America Eastern Time

    Thursday, Jan. 6
    11:00am Novice Girls SP

    Friday, Jan. 7
    2:00am Novice Boys SP
    3:25am Junior Men SP
    4:00am Junior Ladies SP
    7:45am Novice Girls FS
    12:30pm Novice Pairs FS
    12:40pm Junior Pairs SP
    1:20pm - 1:50pm Senior Pairs SP

    Saturday, Jan. 8
    2:00am Novice Boys FS
    3:35am Junior Men FS
    4:30am Junior Ladies FS
    8:30am Junior Pairs FS
    9:00am - 9:50am Senior Pairs FS
    12noon: Gala Exhibition

    Nesquik Cup Schedule (Central Euro Time)

    Thursday, Jan. 6
    17:00 Novice Girls SP

    Friday, Jan. 7
    8:00 Novice Boys SP
    9:25 Junior Men SP
    10:00 Junior Ladies SP
    13:45 Novice Girls FS
    18:30 Novice Pairs FS
    18:40 Junior Pairs SP
    19:20 - 19:50 Senior Pairs SP

    Saturday, Jan. 8
    8:00 Novice Boys FS
    9:35 Junior Men FS
    10:30 Junior Ladies FS
    14:30 Junior Pairs FS
    15:00 - 15:50 Senior Pairs FS
    18:00 Gala Exhibition
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  4. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    The start time of the Senior Pairs SP today is now 19:00 local time (1 pm Eastern time) according to this revised time schedule document:

    We'll see if Mukhortova/Blanchard show up. Marley/Brubaker and the BUL pair are there but I'm told the HUN pair has officially split.

    ETA: Novice Girls FS is going on right now. Poland's promising prospect, Agata Kryger, is leading after the SP and she is scheduled to skate at 17:29:30 - 17:35:00 (11:29 am start time, Eastern time).
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  5. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    Free Skate Start Order
    1. Malakhova/Kenchadze BUL
    2. Marley/Brubaker USA

    The senior pairs free skate is scheduled to begin at 13:30 local time (CET) tomorrow, Sat. Jan 8. (note the change in time)

    This would be 7:30am North American Eastern Time.

    MBMB will compete at 13:43 (7:43 am ET).