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left foot falls towards outside edge when skating but blades are aligned correctly?

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by beesally, May 22, 2010.

  1. beesally

    beesally New Member

    Whenever I skate, my left (and only my left) feet in my skating boots falls towards the outside edge. THe pro shop people looked over my blade and boot and said that everything was aligned correctly.

    So, I looked at my feet. My left foot tends to supinate alot (see below) and ive actually sprained it a few times through supinating and at one foot it was so bad that I couldn't even walk for days. Ive also noticed that when I walk, my left foot rolls towards the outside edge. Everything I've looked at google and online talks mostly about pronating--rolling towards an inside edge. THe ones that talk about supinating just say to get expensive orthodics (which I can't until I get my health insurance fixed in the next few monthes)

    What should I do before then? I've noticed that when I skate in a straight line with two feet in a glide, that my left foot will veer to the left like this: /

    I also have high arches and very wide feet. I had my left boot punched out in the arch area to accomodate my wide feet, ( the inside right arch area of the leather in my left skate was so narrow that my arch rested on it --the side leather--instead of my heel carrying the weight!) SO I had it punched out, just in my left skate, and I noticed more supination. weird! Mr. Edge said that more arch support was good for fixing supination!

    What should I do? ANy advice? Should I reverse the punching in?

    --Also, I have two sets (four blades) of relatively new MK Professional 9'' blades that I want to sell. I can't find any takers at my local rink and I've had bad experiances with ebay. Where do you guys sell old skates and blades? (not trying to advertise, really want advice but if you do want them--pm me)

    --Supination is the opposite of pronation and refers to the outward roll of the foot during normal motion

    ---When standing, supination occurs as the foot rolls outwards, placing most of the weight onto the outside of the foot and raising the arch

  2. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    Sometimes you need to adjust the blade to suit your feet and ankles, regardless of whether they are aligned correctly by just looking at the boots alone. So it might be worth getting the particular foot that is the problem adjusted.
  3. hanca

    hanca Well-Known Member

    I would move the left blade towards outside edge of the boot.
  4. Alexei'sgirl

    Alexei'sgirl Member

    I completely agree about adjusting the blade on the left. You'll want to find someone who will look at you on the ice to see what the problem is, then adjust the blade and then put you back on the ice to see the difference. Just trying to adjust on the floor will get you nowhere. If someone were to look at my right blade placement, they would think that no one would ever be able to skate on it. It's no where near "aligned" with the boot, but because I pronate so drastically on my right side, the blade is mounted differently, as well as being shimmed. I've had 0 problems with my right boot since I made the change and that was almost 5 years ago.
  5. Spazactaz

    Spazactaz New Member

    I would move the blade slightly more to the left.
    The people at the skate shops NEVER align my blades correctly, so I quit getting them to do it and I put my blades on myself now.
  6. kayskate

    kayskate New Member

    I had a prob w dropping to LI edge. This was probably b/c my boots were very broken down. I took them to the pro shop and the skate guy put leather pieces under the blade to correct the prob. When I was standing on the floor in the boots, the drop was apparent. After adding the lifts, the blade stayed upright. i also had to have this done to my new boots. Both boots were customs made about 6 yrs ago. I think my feet have changed since that pattern was made and I had to have this correction.

  7. skatefan

    skatefan home in England

    Have you checked the edges of the left blade? Although they might be correctly aligned toe/heel, if the outside edge of the blade is higher than the inside edge then wouldn't that make you roll over?