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Kurt Browning, Evgeni Plushenko on similar paths

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by spikydurian, Oct 13, 2012.

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    First let me paraphrase a recent Johnny quote: God forbid that you think I am like most Chan fans. “I have a different soul, and a different energy.” Sure there are plenty of open-minded, fair and balanced Chan fans out there, like yourself, Proustable. But there are some too whom I find very scary.

    Johnny Weir is NOT my idol. I do love him for the person he is and the skater he is, but I don't follow his every move or worry about his every performance. I simply enjoy his skating, and I think he's a cool, witty, articulate guy. Chan is a fine person and a talented skater, but I'm not as enamored with his skating. Also, Chan has the benefit of a federation solidly behind him every step of the way through his career. Worlds of difference between Chan and Weir. Worlds of difference between how they have been viewed and scored by ISU judges. Worlds of difference between their fans too, IMHO.

    Most critics of Chan’s bend over backwards trying not to offend because so many of Chan's fans are so aggressive. Many of Chan's fans gang up on the slightest thing someone has to say about him, even when it is mild criticism. I am one of maybe a few Johnny fans who are even that vocal here. Honestly, most of the criticism of Chan that I've seen here has not been directed at him personally, but at the way he has been scored. Fortunately, a lot of the personally-biased "nastiness" toward Johnny on FSU has lessened as he has achieved success off the ice.

    One of Chan's fans in the current GSD thread was so OTT worrying about Chan's relationship possibly affecting his skating, among other things, that it actually made me feel sorry for Chan. It is true that I have made fun of the OTT hype of Chan by some Canadian journalists. But, far from "complaining about how Chan ubers talk about their idol," I'm more aghast at the unreasonable pressure and suffocating adulation they seem to be placing on him.

    Also, I've never read or heard any of Johnny's fans calling mild critics of his "dogs" and "twats." That did occur here in one of the infamous Chan threads. BTW, I did not happen to be one of the critics subjected to the name-calling, at least on that occasion. The other thing about many Chan fans is they seem so unhappy if not everyone loves Chan. I don't care who loves Johnny or who hates him either. I only care about how he makes me feel.

    However, if there is something I read here that I wish to comment on, whether it be about Johnny or about any skater, or any topic, I will say what I have to say. I plead guilty to being opinionated.

    And now, back to Kurt and Plush, perhaps?
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    :respec: :respec: :respec:
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    Thx for the links, I watched them all, but i have already seen them, of course.. I really liked, especially the "I'm yours":fan:. His exhibition numbers and his programs of professional championships are so awesome, and interesting. He is a real dancer.

    I was wrong, Smekalov is a dancer in Kirov Ballet, not in Bolshoi, of course. If you like ballet-Smekalov http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYtb...VwyinmFDs286ioww&index=202&feature=plpp_video

    Plushy and his current wife on ice, she is not a skater, not dancer:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPGQDvuB4MM like the Dancing with the star in US.

    I love this Flamenco( flamingo...:lol: so cute typo yaya!!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGanRnHVNIs

    Ps.: I like Johnny, and Lambiel, too. I don't argue.
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    Pj Kwong ‏@skatingpj

    @ARBreedon Plushenko-called him a modern gladiator in my blog and @KurtBrowning says he still has HUGE jumps -why do u think him?#cbcskate

    Ashley Breedon ‏@ARBreedon

    @skatingpj @kurtbrowning Plushenko's a total package for the new scoring system-sheer strength&ability, & the guts to get it done #cbcskate
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