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Kate Gosselin Gets Her Own Show; Jon Sues Kate for Custody

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by overedge, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. uyeahu

    uyeahu Agitator. Sharpie lover (figuratively speaking).

    Wasn't Jon a stay-at-home dad when they were married? So it would be just like before, only he wouldn't have to deal with Kate and he'd get paid. Doesn't sound like such a bad plan to me.
  2. dancefan17

    dancefan17 Active Member

    sorry to be the cynic, but maybe this is all just a publicity play to gain sympathy for Kate and keep her on DWTS a little longer (the custody ploy)??
  3. PDilemma

    PDilemma Well-Known Member

    As for single moms who are on television...the majority of them didn't use their children to get famous. I can't think of an actress or other celebrity single mother on a television show who has done so. So I would say that's a big difference.
  4. bek

    bek Guest

    How many of them as others mentioned put their kids on tv. Plus, I'm pretty sure that in any scenario if you have one parent who says that they will be the stay at home parent/primary giver. Thats in a lot of cases considered better than the kids being left with overnight nannies.
  5. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    What was Jon's job before TLC came calling?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  6. lise

    lise Well-Known Member

    Jon was an IT specialist.
  7. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Well, that's what they're sort of doing now. But if his "career" depends on the things he seems to be doing now - e.g. being a guest DJ at C-list clubs in Las Vegas - it's kind of hard to get that sort of work if your primary responsibility is based in rural Pennsylvania.
  8. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    I thought he was in that field.
    He wasn't/isn't penniless; or without a marketable skill, then.

    During the few times I've seen him, he seemed to lack "initiative".
    I don't know whether that could be the reason for; or as a consequence of, Kate's behavior.
  9. euterpe

    euterpe Well-Known Member

    Jon doesn't live in Manhattan any more---couldn't pay the rent. Last I heard, he was living in the Gosselins' 'old' house (which hasn't sold and is still on the market).

    As to Jon's IT career: he was 'let go' from his job several years ago, and that's why he was a stay-at-home dad. Maybe if Jon had been more of a go-getter, he wouldn't have lost his job. I don't see how you can blame Kate's behavior for Jon's job performance.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  10. Prancer

    Prancer Slave to none, master to all Staff Member

    Except Jon didn't like being a stay-at-home dad and has said so many times.

    That may or may not be, but that was not something that was said in the comments that I addressed. Those comments were about how much time Kate is spending doing something other than being with her kids.

    But not a skill that is going to allow him to pay $20,000 a month in child support.

    I believe both Jon and Kate are still getting money from TLC, and will continue to do so when the show goes back on the air, so in spite of Kate's tears and Jon's complaints, neither they nor the children are lacking financial resources.

    Someone suggested that here, but last I heard, that house was off the market and Jon was still living in New York.

    Considering that Jon never attended college, he was lucky a friend gave him a job as an IT specialist to begin with. And then his friend fired him because he was spending too much time on the internet, looking for freebies for the kids.
  11. Lacey

    Lacey Well-Known Member

    He never went to college?
  12. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    I don't.
    This may explain much of Kate's behavior.
    It doesn't excuse many of the things she does; but, her frustration and need for funds are more understandable.
  13. Prancer

    Prancer Slave to none, master to all Staff Member

    I've read mixed things; some say he has a few credits, some that he never went at all. But he definitely doesn't have a degree.
  14. uyeahu

    uyeahu Agitator. Sharpie lover (figuratively speaking).

    IT Specialist isn't a field that requires a degree. My aunt is a self-taught and highly regarded IT Specialist with a GED and no college experience. And being a laid off IT Specialist is hardly exotic. There is a glut of them. Many of the ones I know do it freelance now as it's become more profitable to work several part-time freelance jobs than to work full time for a single employer. I'm not claiming Jon's some kind of secret genius but I find some of the criticisms of him unwarranted. The implication that he can't genuinely want custody of his kids or that he'd be incapable of caring for them especially.
  15. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    The lifestyle he's been living recently wouldn't accommodate itself to kids very well, that's all. I didn't say he didn't love them.
  16. Prancer

    Prancer Slave to none, master to all Staff Member

    Right; my husband is also a computer programmer who doesn't have a college degree. That's because he got hired when you didn't need one and has been working in the field consistently since then. Experience counts for a lot.

    But Jon was hired by a friend, hasn't worked in the field for a few years, was not laid off but was fired, and would have to compete with all those laid off people who have both experience AND a degree. Do you really think he has a good shot at a job in IT, provided he even wants one?

    If he wants custody, what is he doing to provide a place for them to live? He has said MANY times that he needs to live in New York for business. Is he now planning to move? He hasn't asked for the house. And he hasn't moved himself that I know of.

    This is not to say that I don't roll my eyes at Kate whining that she has to make a living. There is nothing to indicate that Jon is in arrears on child support; if she can't take care of the kids on $20K a freaking month, then she's just not trying. However, saying that Kate is away from home too much is kinda funny, since she IS home during the week; she and Tony practice in the basement of her house and fly to LA for the show.

    One thing Jon HAS done that I think is a step in the right direction is he has hired a real lawyer and apparently stopped taking terrible advice from Mark Heller. The public parade of inappropriate girlfriends has stopped, the paparazzi are no longer notified of his doings, and the only photos I've seen of him in the press lately have been of him and his kids. Of course, it's only been a few months since the last :rolleyes: incident, and it may all be because of his agreement with TLC. But definitely a step in the right direction.

    ETA: According to RadarOnline.com (which may or may nor be accurate), Jon is living with his brother and wants to move into the guesthouse at the family home, which he entitled to do under the terms of the divorce agreement.


    Since he is entitled to live in the family home during his custodial periods, I guess he would get to live there if he got custody? But according to the papers filed in court, the house itself was awarded to Kate. Hmmm.
  17. manleywoman

    manleywoman podcast mistress

  18. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

    I'm not defending either one, (it is my feeling that at least they are not ruining two families!) however, it could be that while Jon is paying child support now Kate doesn't want to depend on him for her income. I can certainly understand her wanting to be financially independent of Jon just in case he ends up not able to pay child support.
  19. Prancer

    Prancer Slave to none, master to all Staff Member

    And that is a likely outcome.

    But $20K a month works out to $240K a year. Add that to what they already had in the bank from TLC. Add in investments.

    They live in Pennsylvania, not Manhattan. Kate should have plenty of money salted away--or could.
  20. DianeO

    DianeO New Member

    If she hadn't already spent tons on all of her "enhancements".
  21. agalisgv

    agalisgv Well-Known Member

    I wonder how much legal bills have taken up though.
  22. Prancer

    Prancer Slave to none, master to all Staff Member

    Probably a pretty good chunk; didn't she have three lawyers working on the case?

    And now Jon wants alimony, or so I keep reading. I read the court filing and that isn't exactly what it said. But I don't find it at all hard to believe that he is broke; TLC is supposedly holding him to his contract, which means he can't do anything without their permission.