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Kaleidoscope show on FOX Dec. 19 (Sunday)

Discussion in 'TV ALERTS' started by HisWeirness, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    The Kaleidoscope skating show will be shown on FOX this Sunday (Dec. 19) from 4:30 - 6:00pm ET.

    Please check your local listings. There is a NFL game being aired on FOX before this show so be aware of any potential delays in the start time.

    From the program guide:
    Here is a link with more show information:

  2. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    It's on Fox KCPQ in Vancouver at midnight Sunday to 1.30am Monday. (So maybe the same time for Washington/Oregon?)
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  3. Simone411

    Simone411 Covfefe! FSU Uber fan!

    Just checked my area. It's called the Rock and Roll Figure Skating Championship beginning around 3:30 p.m. (central) followed by the Holiday Festival on Ice from 5 p.m - 6 p.m. (central)
  4. Alexei'sgirl

    Alexei'sgirl Member

    Philadelphia area is listing it from 5pm - 6:30pm and they description is for the 2009 show. We'll see what we get.
  5. AJ Skatefan

    AJ Skatefan Well-Known Member

    Seattle listing:

    Kaleidoscope on Ice KCPQ 13 Mon,Dec 20 12:00am
  6. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Check your local listings for today!
  7. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm getting here in Houston as well. I guess we'll see what we get.
  8. Meredith

    Meredith what a glorious day!

    In Columbus, Ohio Kaleidosclope on Ice was listed as Rock and Roll Figure Skating and aired at 3:30. It was followed by an NFL game: Seattle v Atlanta.

    I missed the first 1/2 hour of the Kaleidoscope on Ice. Did Paul Wylie skate to his Les Miserables program?
  9. judiz

    judiz Well-Known Member

    The football game went into overtime in New York, show is suppose to start now but Giants post game show just started. Hopefully they will show Kaleidoscope in full once post game show is over.
  10. nashvilledancer

    nashvilledancer Active Member

    Darn, it was on at 1:30 here (Nashville) in Central Time, followed by the football game. I never checked, assumed it was 3:30. Hope there's a repeat!
  11. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    CRAP. The postgame show is still blithering on here, too. Stupid Redskins. :rolleyes:
  12. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    Well it just started in Detoit even though Lions game went ot. Sasha skated, now Johnny is skating to Ava Maria. Rochett, Browning, Sarah Hughes, John and Rena,
    And this ain't rock and roll nor is it a compitition.
  13. Bonita

    Bonita Active Member

    I just fast forwarded through most of it so far. More of the singing and skating combo that I hate.

    Sasha looked like she skated well, but they kept panning to Gloria Gaynor and women in the audience shaking it.

    They actually showed all of Johhny to Ave Maria, I enjoyed that.

    Surya skated to Ballroom Blitz, how old is she? What fabulous shape she's in, she's been around forever. Still a jumping bean.

    That's all I watched so far. The rest was so zzzz for me.
  14. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    Sasha Cohen is great! So good seeing her spins and spirals and splits!
  15. Spiralgraph

    Spiralgraph Well-Known Member

    Fifteen minutes to go and we did not get to see John and Rena skate. Paul Wylie is skating now.
    I'm watching Providence, R. I, channel 10
    I may have typed that too soon. oops
  16. MysticHaze

    MysticHaze Member

    Loved seeing Surya and Paul skate again!!
  17. moebius

    moebius Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind seeing I/B get chacked. I rather see Surya skate to another program.
  18. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Show joined in progress here... started with Sarah Hughes skating to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" and shots of her mother, Amy, watching from the audience.
  19. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    Well Sarah just skated around, did a sprial, a couple of spins and no jumps. Syua did 2x and a 3 sal and one footed backflip, spins we horrible. Sarah looks a lot better then she did in her skating days.
  20. Bonita

    Bonita Active Member

    Inoue and Baldwin were quite touching. I love them. And a throw triple loop and double axels in an exhibition, awesome. I didn't know they were married, though!

    ITA re: Surya's spins, what was up with that. Most fairly decent adult skaters (myself included) can do a neater sit spin.
  21. Spiralgraph

    Spiralgraph Well-Known Member

    I'm pleasantly surprised, we in the Providence market are getting to see the show in its entirety. Johnny is skating again!
  22. skateycat

    skateycat Minecraft Widow

    This show is going to make me weep!

    My thoughts go out to the family of one of my preschool students who died of leukemia when he was four.

    And to the family of one of my mentors - he died of brain cancer four years ago.
  23. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    Wow, Paul still has it. I'd love to see him and Casser do dueling spread eagles
  24. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Been DVRing this, as I got called away. Can't WAIT to see Paul!!
  25. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    All I can say is wow Johnny let that one all hang out! I bet Scott and Dorthy saw that and said, no way in hell were they going to introduce him.
  26. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Here's what I got to see after the show was "joined in progress":

    Sarah Hughes talked about her mom Amy, a breast cancer survivor
    Sarah Hughes: "Both Sides Now" (Joni Mitchell)
    David Archuleta: solo (didn't catch the name of the song)
    Surya Bonaly: "Ballroom Blitz"
    Kurt Browning: "Christmas for Cowboys" (John Denver)
    Joannie Rochette: "White Christmas" with Dave Koz playing the sax on the ice
    Scott Hamilton and Dorothy Hamill talked about their cancer experiences
    Sasha Cohen: "Nobody Knows"
    Paul Wylie: "I'll Be Home for Christmas" sung by David A.
    Kurt Browning: "I'm Yours" (Jason Mraz)
    Rena Inoue/John Baldwin: "Come What May" (thanks for the correction, Theatregirl1122!)
    Kimmie Meissner: "Do You Hear What I Hear?" sung by Gloria Gaynor live
    Nice segment on Meissner talking about her Kool Kids Campaign (thanks for the reminder, RD)
    Johnny Weir: "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga)
    "Let It Snow" finale as the TV credits rolled
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  27. Theatregirl1122

    Theatregirl1122 Enjoying Vicarious Voids!

    I think it was Come What May, actually.
  28. dbell1

    dbell1 Well-Known Member

    :lol: I really wish they'd stop calling these things 'rock and roll'. I tuned in, saw Sasha stroking around the ice to Gloria Gaynor and tuned right back out.
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  29. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    Oh I missed Kimmie and Johnny. How were they?
  30. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Thanks, as I wasn't really watching at the time. :slinkaway