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JSF decides whether specifies Ando as certified athlete by the preliminary comptition

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Akira Andrea, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    This is an article in “Nikkan Sports” in Japan.
    Translating to English form Japanese.

    Miki Ando belongs to “Shinyokohama Prince Club”
    July 2nd, 2013

    In July 2nd, it found that Miki Ando (25) who is the former Worlds champion and gave birth to a girl in April comes back to the competition in the season of Sochi Olympics by belonging to "Shinyokohama Prince Club" newly.
    By having changed the registration to Kanagawa Prefecture Skating Federation from Aichi Prefecture Skating Federation, her regional preliminary competition of Japan Nationals (at Saitama Super Arena in December 21st-23rd) which combines the final selection meeting of Japan representative of Sochi Olympics becomes "Kanto Championship" of October.

    As for Ando, after retiring the Toyota Motor in January 1st, the belonging club was undecided. She is practicing in Shinyokohama Skate Center etc. as the training base now. Because she is out from the certified athlete of JSF, it is necessary for her to break through the "Kanto Championship" and moreover "Higashi Nihon Championship" of November for entering the representative of Olympics with the consecutive participations of three times to Olympics.

    The article:
    Miki Ando belongs to “Shinyokohama Prince Club”

    This is an article in “Nikkan Sports” in Japan.
    Translating to English from Japanese.

    Miki Ando had given birth to a girl and said, "I thought of the happiness as the woman".
    July 2nd, 2013 JST

    Photography: by Nikkan Sports
    Miki Ando who charmed the audience in “Dreams on Ice” in June 28th.

    By Kengo Abe
    In July 1st, Miki Ando (25) released that she had given birth to a girl in April in the interview of the TV program “Hodo Station or News Station” of TV Asahi. She found the pregnancy in last October and consider about the balance with the competition life, but decided to give birth. She doesn’t wedding with a partner yet.
    Ando declared that she takes a rest after the 2011 Worlds where she won the championship. In last October, she expressed that she retires from the eligible after finishing this season which is waited by Sochi Olympics and resumed the practice in earnest in May after her childbirth.

    Ando had become a mother. She appeared in a dress with dark blue in the interview for recording of "Hodo Station" of TV Asahi and confessed with smiling face, saying, "According to the egoistic decision which I would like to live as one woman, I gave birth to a baby safely in April. I became a mother already".

    She was just thinking of the return to the competition aiming at Sochi Olympics, when she found pregnancy in October last year. She said, “I hated the answer that I say goodbye to a baby”. There was the time which she was worried about the coexistence with the competition life. And there was the time which it was opposed from the surrounding, too. However, she made a decision to give birth, saying, “ When the story went on in the interview, She spilled tears from the eyes, saying, "I thought the happiness of woman as one woman naturally because I received a life in this world".

    It was April that she gave birth. Although it delayed from the expected date of birth, she received a cheerful girl. The weight was 3,350gram. The partner is a former eligible figure skating skater, but isn't announced and isn't wedding yet. If the situation changes, it seems that it reports.

    She declared that she takes a rest after 2011 Worlds. As for the Nikolai Morozov who was her coach from after 2006 Turin Olympics, too, she canceled the contract by last year. Until the day when the motivation as the athlete is born again, she kept away from the rink.

    Answering to the exclusive interview of Nikkan Sports in October last year, she released that she intends to retire from the eligible skater after finishing this season which Sochi Olympics is held. She disclosed that she missed the GP series by the reason of no coach and disclosed that she takes a perfect rest for half year, saying, "It is main reason that I couldn't decide a coach". It seems that it was the time which she decided whether she give birth or not because she knew the pregnancy then.

    After that, she appeared to an event in November, but the size of the belly wasn't conspicuous. At the time when she appeared to the press conference of releasing of an ice show in April 17th of the post-delivery, it was same, too.
    Starting the practice again in May, she showed the skating after the interval in 9 months in the ice show in June 1st.
    Aiming at the comeback to the competition, she proved that it is climbing the stairs step by step, such as she showed the triple Salchow at "Dreams on Ice" which was held in June 28th-30th.

    The goal after this is to participate to Japan Nationals (at Saitama in December) which is indispensable to participate to Sochi Olympics. The Kanto Championship (at Kawagoe Skate Center in Saitama in October 11th-14th) which is the preliminary competition of Japan Nationals becomes a competition for returning for her. Because she declined the certified athlete of the Japan Federation which is the requisition for being sent to international competition last autumn, it becomes necessary for her that she leaves a result by the domestic event and is specified to the certified athlete, too.

    In the figure skating, there is not a Japanese player of Ladies who participated to Olympics after the childbirth. She has attracted the person by many deeply impressive performance so far, too. In the field of an ice show in the end of June, she said, "I would like to express really 'Miki Ando' who is as a skater, with Ando-like". Aiming at the shining way which anybody can't do except Ando, she is going to embark on the final battle.

    The article:
    Miki Ando had given birth to a girl and said, "I thought of the happiness as the woman".
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  2. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    The photo and article in Miki's Facebook.
    Translating to English from Japanese.
    July 4th, 2013

    By "Miki Ando" official
    Miki Ando in "Art on Ice". She resumed the practice in about one month after childbirth and came back to the performance in about two months. Because the muscle power of the various parts of her body is hurting, it was every day which she can't skate in the way of the own thought. Nevertheless, she tackled the 'muscle training' earnestly and was returning a jump fairly, but she gave up attempting the jump in the real show, because she injured the hip just before "Art on Ice".
    She regret it.
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  3. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Thanks for translating all these articles! Google translates "thew" (not an English word I know) as "strength."

    Re-posting from the other Miki thread:
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  4. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for your pointing-out an error.
    I could correct the word in the article immediately, to "muscle power" from "thew".
  5. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    This is an article in "Kyodo News" in Japan.
    Translating to English from Japanese.

    JSF intends to set the technical objective for Ando to respecify to the certified athlete.
    July 21st, 2013

    In July 21st, it found that Japan Skating Federation's policy is to set the target value of technical score which Miki Ando should clear in Higashi Nihon Championship (at Maebashi in November) which is the preliminary competition of Japan Nationals for deciding whether they respecify her to the certified athlete. As for the specific score, they decides in the committee of the training section from now on. The person concerned of the training section of the said Federation said, "For winning the world, it needs the high technical score. After inspecting her in the Kanto Championship in October, the Higashi Nihon Championship becomes to the place of determination for her". It seems to make succeeding in five kinds of triple jumps, too, a condition.

    The article:
    JSF intends to set the technical objective for Ando to respecify to the certified athlete.


    Translator's note:
    For aiming at Sochi Olympics, Miki Ando must clear many subjects.
    The first step:
    She must win the upper place in Kanto Championship (the block competition, October) which is the preliminary competition for the area competition.
    The second step:
    She must win the upper place in Higashi Nihon Competition (the area competition, November) which is the preliminary competition for Japan Nationals.
    The third step:
    She must clear the technical score for Sochi Olympics in the international competition before the Japan Nationals in December.

    However, for participating to the international competition, she must be specified to the certified athlete in Japan Skating Federation.
    This article is as for the specification to this certified athlete.

    After clearing these subjects as for Ando, Japan representative for Sochi Olympics is decided finally by the result in Japan Nationals.
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  6. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Does she have to win the Higashi Nihon Competition in November before she can become a certified athlete? Typically, the final application deadlines for internationals tend to be five-seven weeks before the start of the competition with preliminary application deadlines several weeks before that.

    Will she be able to apply to for one in time to compete before Japanese Nationals?
  7. NMURA

    NMURA Active Member

    They can fill the application form by number or just "TBA".
    Not a few organizers will welcome famous skaters like Ando.