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JR vs SR

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by used2skate, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. used2skate

    used2skate New Member

    It is amazing to see the JR scores being higher again. There are 2 competitions going on this weekend. In Bratislava the winning Lady scored just above 47 points. That would only have been 6th place at the JGP. And Juniors actually have tougher mandatory elements.
  2. sequinsgalore

    sequinsgalore Member

    I don't think juniors have harder mandatory elements (jr. ladies can do all doubles in the sp, whereas sr. ladies have to do at least two triples). It's just the the solo jump HAS to be the lutz, so the top jr. ladies go for the hard triple lutz, whereas seniors can also do the 3T, 3S...

    But you can't compare Senior B's with JGP's, as the field in Senior B's vary a LOT. The JGP's are more even.

    But remember last season: Adelina Sotnikova had the highest score until the Grand Prix Final, I believe. Junior ladies do tend to be better/more ambitious jumpers than seniors.
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  3. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    That's not terribly surprising. The best juniors will be competing on the JGP. The best seniors often do not participate in senior B events -- they're waiting for the senior GP.

    If you look at the lowest-placed skaters at each competition, instead of just the top ones, you might see a different pattern.

    I wouldn't say that the juniors have tougher mandatory elements.

    The juniors have a specific required spin each year (or two, for the men). The years when they have to do flying sit (and camel-change camel for the men) are probably more difficult for most skaters than the years they have to do flying camel (and sit-change sit).

    The juniors have a specific required jump takeoff for the jump out of steps. But they're allowed to perform it as either a double or a triple. Seniors are required to do a triple jump out of steps. E.g., seniors is allowed to do triple toe or triple salchow for the element and juniors are not, but juniors are allowed to do double lutz in lutz years and seniors are not.

    (Senior men are allowed to do a quad out of steps; junior men are not.)

    Senior ladies and junior ladies are both allowed to do triple-triple or triple-double for their jump combination. But juniors are allowed to do double-double; seniors are not.

    (Senior men are allowed to do quad-double or quad-triple as the jump combination; juniors are not.)

    Senior ladies are now allowed to do triple axel as the solo axel jump, although hardly any of them do. Junior ladies are not.