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Japan Skating Federation announced the 2011/2012 Season Training Players of Japan.

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Akira Andrea, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    This is an article in the official home page of JSF
    Translated from Japanese.

    “The 2011-2012 Season Kyouka Sennshu” or “The 2011-2012 Season Training Players of Japan”.
    April 20th, 2011 JST

    “Tokubetsu Kyouka Senshu” or “Special Training Player”
    Takahiko Kozuka (Toyota Motor)
    Nobunari Oda (Kansai University)
    Daisuke Takahashi (Kansai University)
    Yuzuru Hanyu (Tohoku High School)
    Miki Ando (Toyota Motor)
    Mao Asada (Chukyo University)
    Kanako Murakami (Chukyo University Chukyo High School)

    “Kyouka Senshu A” or “Training Player A”
    Takahito Mura (Chukyo University)
    Tatsuki Machida (Kansai University)
    Daisuke Murakami (Aomori Junior Collage)
    Kento Nakamura (Rikyo University)
    Ryuichi Kihara (Chukyo University Chukyo High School)
    Ryuju Hino (Chukyo University Chukyo High School)
    Keiji Tanaka (Okayama University of Science High School)
    Akiko Suzuki (Howa Sports Land)
    Risa Shoji (Seibu Higashi Fushimi FS)
    Yuki Nishino (Musashino Gakuin)
    Fumie Suguri (Yoshindo)
    Kako Tomotaki (Kurashiki FSC)
    Miyabi Oba (Meitou FSC)
    Haruka Imai (Nihonbashi Jyogakkan)

    “Kyoka Senshu B” or “Training Player B”
    Shoma Uno (Grand Prix Tokai Club)
    Yoji Tsuboi (Okayama FSC)
    Fumiya Itai (Musashino Gakuin)
    Sei Kawahara (Nishi Nihon FSC)
    Jyun Suzuki (Tsukisappu FSC)
    Akio Sasaki (Meiji University)
    Shoko Ishikawa (Meiji University)
    Kana Muramoto (Kobe Port Island FSC
    Ayumi Goto (Mizuho University Mizuho High School)
    Satoko Miyahara (Kansai University Junior High School)
    Saya Ueno (Kobe Port Island FSC)
    Roanna Sari Oshikawa (Musashino Gakuin)
    Haruna Suzuki (Shin Yokohama Prince FSC)
    Riona Kato (Kansai SC)
    Rin Nitaya (Kyoto FSC)
    Hinano Isobe (Ritsumeikan Uji Junior High School)
    Saki Kawakami (Meito FSC)
    Karen Kemanai (Nihonbashi Jyogakkan)
    Kono Yuka (Kurashiki Suisho High School)
    Mari Suzuki (Tohoku Fukushi University)
    Shion Kokubu (Kansai University)
    Murtsumi Takayama (Meiji University)
    Yukiko Fujisawa (Iizuka FS)
    Miu Sato (Grand Prix Tokai Club)
    Ayana Yasuhara (Shiga FSC)
    Nana Takeda (Waseda University)
    Mayako Matsuno (Seibu Higashi Fushimi FSC)

    The Special Training Player of Pair
    Narumi Takahashi & Marvin Tran (Kinoshita Komuten Club Tokyo)

    The Special Training Player of Ice Dance
    Cathy Reed & Chris Reed (Kinoshita Komuten Club Tokyo)

    The Training Player B of Ice Dance
    Emi Hirai (Kansai University) & Taiyo Mizutani (Hosei University)

    The special Training Team of Synchronized Skating
    Jingu Ice Messengers Grace

    The Training Team B of Synchronized Skating
    Tokyo Synchronized Skating Club

    The article
    The 2011-2012 Season Training Players of Japan.
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  2. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Akira Andrea! Your translations are always appreciated. :)

    Does this mean Miki will compete next season?
  3. maclou

    maclou Member

    ^ I don't know if it means that, Daisuke is still there and he might not either. I think it's just a list of skaters who could be funded if they choose to accept it.
  4. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    The class of Training Player seems to be decided regarding the result of Japan Nationals etc as important.

    (Special Training Player)
    Takahiko Kozuka: N (Japan Nationals) 1st place
    Nobunari Oda: N (Japan nationals) 2nd place
    Daisuke Takahashi: N (Japan nationals) 3rd place
    Yuzuru Hanyu: N 4th

    (Training Player A)
    Takahito Mura: N 5th
    Tatsuki Machida: N 6th
    Daisuke Murakami: N 7th
    Kento Nakamura: N 8th, JN (Junior Nationals) 1st place
    Ryuichi Kihara: N 12th, JN (Junior Nationals) 2nd place
    Ryuju Hino: N 13th, JN (Junior Nationals) 3rd place
    Keiji Tanaka: N 11th, JN 9th

    (Training Player B)
    Shoma Uno: JN 4th
    Yoji Tsuboi: N 20th, JN 5th
    Fumiya Itai: N 18th, JN 6th
    Sei Kawahara: JN 7th
    Jyun Suzuki: N 23 rd, JN 8th
    Akio Sasaki: N 16th

    (Special Training player)
    Miki Ando: N (Japan Nationals) 1st place
    Mao Asada: N (Japan Nationals) 2nd place
    Kanako Murakami: N (Japan Nationals) 3rd place

    (Training Player A)
    Akiko Suzuki: N 4th
    Risa Shoji: N 5th, JN (Junior Nationals) 1st place
    Yuki Nishino: N 6th, JN 5th
    Fumie Suguri: N 7th
    Kako Tomotaki: N 15th, JN (Junior Nationals) 2nd place
    Miyabi Oba: N 8th, JN (Junior Nationals) 3rd place
    Haruka Imai: N 12th

    (Training Player B)
    Shoko Ishikawa: N 9th
    Kana Muramoto: N 10th
    Ayumi Goto: N 11th
    Satoko Miyahara: JN 4th, NN (Novice Nationals) 2nd place
    Saya Ueno: JN 6th
    Roanna Sari Oshikawa: N 17th, JN 7th
    Haruna Suzuki: N 14th, JN 8th
    Riona Kato: NN (Novice Nationals) 1st place
    Rin Nitaya: JN 13th, NN (Novice Nationals) 3rd place
    Hinano Isobe: JN 22nd, NN 4th
    Saki Kawakami: NN 5th
    Karen Kemanai: N 13th, JN 9th
    Kono Yuka: N 16th
    Mari Suzuki: N 18th
    Shion Kokubu: N 19th
    Murtsumi Takayama:
    Yukiko Fujisawa: JN 11th
    Miu Sato: JN 14th
    Ayana Yasuhara:
    Nana Takeda:
    Mayako Matsuno:
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  5. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    In Japan, I think that it is believed that Miki Ando is competing as leading player not only till next season but also till Sochi Olympics at least.

    The Kyoka Senshu or the Training Player is the player that Japan Skating Federation aims to train and to make grow.
    There are three grades which were decided by the result of Japan Nationals etc mainly,
    Namely, they are the Special Training Player, the Training Player A and the Training Player B.
    It got to consider much moreover the ability than the age from last season.
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  6. midori

    midori Well-Known Member

    Akiko did not make the special team :(

    Seriously, she is currently 2ND in both World Rankings and World Standings. How come Akiko can not get the best envelope??
  7. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see. Thanks for answering!

    I know. :( It's ridiculous that she didn't make the special team.
  8. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    As far as looking from the actual results of Akiko Suzuki in the international or the domestic, I also can't find the reasonable reason that JSF must grade down her from the Tokubetsu Kyouka Senshu or the Special Training Player.
    I extremely regret that such a decision was done by JSF without showing the reasonable grounds.
    I guess that the decisive reason why she was downgraded is because she couldn't get the good result in the last chance "the Four Continents" which she was given for revaluation.
    In that event, she finished to the seventh place unfortunately.

    The result of the Four Continents

    Japanese players on the ISU Season’s World Ranking.
    (The player in the bracket is reference)

    ( Carolina Kostoner: 1st)
    Akiko Suzuki: 2nd
    ( Kira korpi: 3rd)
    Miki Ando: 4th
    ( Alissa Czisny: 5th)

    ( Rachel Flatt: 6th)
    ( Ksenia Makarova: 7th)
    ( Mirai Nagasu: 8th)
    ( Elena Leonova: 9th)
    ( Victoria Helgesson: 10th)

    Mao Asada: 12th
    Kanako Murakami: 15th
    Haruka Imai: 18th

    Risa Shoji: 24th
    Yuki Nishino: 38th
    Shion Kokubun: 52nd
    Ayumi Goto: 56th
    Yukiko Fujisawa: 64th

    Roanna Sari Oshikawa: 65th
    Shoko Ishikawa: 69th
    Karen Kemanai: 72nd
    Miyabi Oba: 73rd
    Yuka Kono: 77th

    Kana Muramoto: 77th
    Kako Tomotaki: 77th
    Fumie Suguri: 90th

    ISU Season’s World Ranking

    Japanese players on the ISU World Standing
    (The player in the bracket is reference)

    ( Carolina Kostoner: 1st)
    Akiko Suzuki: 2nd
    ( Yuna Kim: 3rd)
    Miki Ando: 4th
    ( Kira Korpi: 5th)

    Mao Asada: 6th
    ( Joannie Rochette: 7th)
    ( Alena Leonova: 8th)
    ( Alissa Czisny: 9th)
    ( Laura Lepisto: 10th)

    Kanako Murakami: 14th
    Haruka Imai: 15th
    Fumie Suguri: 31th
    Yuki Nishino: 40th
    Risa Shoji: 51st
    Shoko Ishikawa: 62nd
    Shion Kokubun: 74th

    ISU World Standing
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