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It must be the year for it ~ Greek Royal Wedding Today in Greece

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by AragornElessar, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    And before I get any "Where else would it be?" posts, the Greek Royal Family have lived in exile in London for many decades now since Greece decided to become a Republic (I'm not as knowledgable about the details as I am about other Royal Houses, so forgive me there) and banned from visiting Greece. That was lifted a few years ago and the Royal Family has been back there on several occasions and the last two Christenings in the Family have taken place in Greece. This however, is the first Royal Wedding in Greece since the ban was lifted. So even though they aren't a Ruling Royal Family/House anymore, just due to all of the back history, that's what makes this a *very* big thing.

    Okay...Got that over and done w/!! :D

    Here's the link to the pictures over at Getty. Click to enlarge, but when they come up, they'll be watermarked. Just so no one's surprised, but I have pretty good idea most members know this just from going over there to see Skating Pictures they've taken over the years. :D

    August 25th, 2010 ~ The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Miss Tatiana Blatnik ~ Getty Images

    She made a gorgeous bride. Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses and a blessed life together!! :)
  2. Stefanie

    Stefanie Well-Known Member

    I love, love, love her wedding dress! :)
  3. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    It is a very pretty dress. I love the lacy little jacket.
  4. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    Oh, so do I. It *does* look an awful lot like Autumn Phillips', Princess Anne's Daughter in Law, Wedding Dress though.

    Not a big deal, but something I noticed. I love her flowers. Some Royal Brides (and Non Royal too ;) ) go so over the top w/their bouqets. Really, really love Tatiana's. :)
  5. Japanfan

    Japanfan Well-Known Member

    I love Madeline of Sweden's dress.
  6. Fergus

    Fergus Well-Known Member

    Tatiana looked absolutely lovely. :)

    Lotsa pastels and LOTSA cleavage.

    Gorgeous color on Madeleine.

    Princess Michael of Kent is slowly turning into Phyllis Diller.
  7. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    What a lovely bride.
    A lifetime of happiness to them!
  8. nerdycool

    nerdycool Well-Known Member

    Loved the wedding dress, too. And I liked how the lace of the veil matched the lace of the dress.

    Not a huge fan of CP Mary's dress, but I was just excited that her baby bump is now visible. (they're expecting twins!)

    I was happy to see Lady Gabriella Windsor there, too, although she looked like the 3rd wheel as she followed her parents around. I will contend for as long as I live, that Ella's facial features are almost exactly like Queen Alexandra's.

    I was actually surprised that Prince and Princess Michael of Kent showed up. They are basically minor English royals. But then I remembered the Prince Michael's mother was born a princess of Greece so it made more sense.
  9. backspin

    backspin Active Member

    I enjoyed seeing that even a princess can choose uber-ugly bridesmaid dresses! :rofl:

    OTOH I LOVE how a lot of the other dresses are classical greek-inspired--drapey flowy etc. Gorgeous!
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  10. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

  11. AragornElessar

    AragornElessar Well-Known Member

    LOL!! I know and weren't they awful!!! Complete w/hideous shoes/sandals.

    My favourites among the others were Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Princess Letizia. W/Victoria choosing two Empire waisted and flowy dresses for the Party the night before and the Wedding, the obvious is she or isn't she postings have been going at the Royalty boards. :rolleyes: