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ISI freestyle 1-3 programs, post you vids :)

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by LLOS, May 14, 2010.

  1. LLOS

    LLOS New Member

    I would like to see more ISI freestyle 1-3 programs to have any reference how such programs should look like.

    I read in such programs should be all elemenst of the test elements of this level?? Is that required or are you free whatever you do as long as it is within the level?
  2. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    Read the competition announcements very carefully. In the competition I did it was required that each of the elements of the level were included, with NOTHING that was a higher level. You can do any element below your level or "uncaptured moves" (defined in the rulebook- usually gliding elements like ina bauer or spread eagle, but I don't have the rulebook on my so don't quote me on it)

    The judges will have sheets with each required element on them, and they score you on those. I think you have either 2 or 3 (refer to rulebook or competition announcement) attempts at each element, and they only score the best one- so if you have, for example, a weak change foot spin, you can put two in the program and only the better one is supposed to be scored.
  3. LLOS

    LLOS New Member

    Where is this competition announcement? The rules of the Gay Games say, there is no required element :confused:
  4. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    The competition announcment is the form you fill out to sign up. If the competition you are entering says no required elements, then there are no required elements. Competition announcements are used to explain any deviations from the rulebook (or to clarify anything they think the rulebook is unclear about.)

    Traditionally, ISI competitions run using the rules I explained. If the competition is an ISI competition, you should get a rulebook- it will help a lot.

    (Here is an example of a competition announcement: http://www.ice.muohio.edu/PDF files/10 Chiller Announcement.pdf Does your competition have anything like this on their site?)
  5. LLOS

    LLOS New Member

    Now I know what you mean LOL of course I know the rules and everything. There are no required elements nor they require to use all test level elements.

    Now hopefully some will be so nice posting their vids:
  6. Firefly123

    Firefly123 New Member

    I am Gold Level ISI. :)

    You are allowed to use the items at your level in your routine. Here are a list of the test items for each freestyle level. These items need to go into your routine at each level.

    You can also use "uncaptured" moves that are allowed at your level. According to my ISI handbook (which is from 2006) these moves are ok for you to use at levels 1-3:
    bunny hop
    back split jump
    three jumps
    counter jumps
    rocker jumps
    scissors jump
    mazurka jump
    tap toe jump
    half flip
    half lutz
    stag jump
    double stag jump
    half toe loop
    falling leaf jump (not split)
    shoot the duck

    I also think you are allowed to do slides and lunges if you want.

    If you want I can try to make you a video of some ISI routines when I am able to skate again. Right now I am out due to broken toes. Hopefully, I will be able to skate again in June. Is that too late?
  7. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Aren't ISI test levels numbered? What is Gold ISI?
  8. Firefly123

    Firefly123 New Member

    Yes, I am Gold ISI. :)


    Check this out. They made it easer to test/do freestyle (I think the idea was to get more USFS skaters to maybe cross over for the "fun" events and to get some adults). There are only 4 tests (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) and you can choose your best moves off the "regular" (numbered) freestyle tests.

    For example, for my Platinum Level Routine I can choose any moves from tests 7-10 to meet the requirements. I chose:
    Flying Sit (8)
    FW Sequence (7)
    2Flip (8)
    2Toe (7)
    2Sal-1Toe (8)
    Combo Spin (3positions/1change of foot)
    2Toe-1Toe (7)
    Deathdrop (10)

    The requiements for the test levels are on page 2.