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Is my toe pick manufactured wrong or do I need to pad my skates?

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by beesally, May 17, 2010.

  1. beesally

    beesally New Member

    I just purchased a pair of Jackson Artiste ice skates. THey are size
    five and recommended for feet that are 9 inches long. My feet are 8
    7/8 and 8 5/8 respectively, and wide such that the width (only made in
    a C) is not enough.

    I had them heat molded and now (well, even before the heat molding) I
    find that I keep hitting the toepick when I skate! This has never
    happeneded with any pair of skates.

    I looked at the toepick, and I saw that if you draw a line from the
    toe of the boot (looking at the outside leather) straight down to the
    blades, it hits AFTER the first toepick pick. (of the many picks that
    comprise the toepick, the first pic actually starts before the toe of
    the boot by one pic. I looked at Sp teri super teri and also Riedell
    Silver Medallion (old model) and they don't do that-- the first pic
    starts after the toe of the boot.

    Wierd, huh? However, I am wondering if there are also other problems
    since the blade is screwed on with holes that don't allow for
    adjustment--so maybe it's meant to be like that?

    if so, it might be a problem with my heel raising up (I have wide feet
    but a small heel) and there is also 1/4 an inch of space at the point
    of the the toe of the boot.

    When I skate, I feel like my wieght is on my toes inside of on the
    center. I checked the (rocker!!!) of the boot and it seems fine.
    Sharpening is also fine. I do not think I am pronating one way or the

    Also, the blades are 9 1/3 when the boot is 9 inches. Is that wierd?
    SHould I downgrade to a 9 inch blade? (I have 9 1/3 inch adjustable
    for remounting MK shieffield test blades and 9'' inch MK professional

    Or, should I use multiple laces for different sections of the boot in
    an attempt to keep my (feet from slding forward??!!!!)

    Or, pad the toe area that has 1/3 inch extra space and pad the heel?

    Pad the tongue?

    Lol, I don't really know what to do...Help me preventing myself from
    kiling myself with a toepick in the ice XD

    p.S. my posture and everything is fine, only with this pair do I have
    problems. I also cannot afford another pair.
  2. southernskater

    southernskater New Member

    How many different skates have you had before you got the jacksons? Were they just recreational skates?? When I made the leap from recreational skates to real figure skates I fell over a lot from the toe pick. Its alot o get used to when your not used to having it. I'm thinking thats your only problem, but I'm not a boot expert.
  3. Doubletoe

    Doubletoe Well-Known Member

    Did the blades come already attached to the boots, or were they purchased separately and mounted? The blade should be the same length as the bottom of the boot, never longer. It is OK to use a blade that is up to 1/4" shorter than the boot.

    So if the bottom of your boot measures 9" heel-to-toe, then you should not be using a 9" blade, nothing longer. The front of the blade mounting plate is supposed to match up exactly with the front of the boot. Even if the blade is a little shorter than the boot, you match it up at the toe and leave the space at the heel.

    Here is some blade mounting info. from one of the top blade manufacturers that you may find helpful:
  4. renatele

    renatele New Member

    Jackson Artiste has plastic sole and comes with blades pre-mounted, afaik. Looking at the photos on the 'net, the lowest pick does seem to be further back than on "more advanced" freestyle blades that have large bottom jumping pick that is angled further forward. The picks on the blades that come with Artistes are still "baby picks" though, so I think in this case it could be a matter of adjustment/learning to keep the weight slightly further back on the blades (Jackson also has slightly higher heels than Riedell, or other lower-end recreational skates).

    I have an LTS adult student in Artistes, and the only times I've seen her snag the toepick while skating forward was when she stiffened up and lost good posture.
  5. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    I always recommend to people never to buy a boot/blade set with the blades rivetted. Because you can't get them off. Always get boot/blades with the blades screwed in. That way they can be adjusted.

    If you are hitting the toepick, it could be that you need to get your weight back further and are pushing too far from the front of the foot. Put it this way, if you can hear yourself scratch, then you need to sit back more.
  6. Doubletoe

    Doubletoe Well-Known Member

    Ah, I can see how a higher heel would pitch you forward on the blade. So the skater would just have to adjust by bending her knees/ankles more and putting her weight farther back on the heel?