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I'll miss Tanith and Ben!

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by icedancelover, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. LaLola

    LaLola New Member

    I'm so excited for the gala tonight!
    What do you think they will come up with?
  2. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    I've been wondering that myself. After DelShoes' created their FD to show their careers together starting from childhood, it got me wondering if Tanith and Ben will do something along those lines. Sort of a tribute to the years they've skated together. Or maybe it will be something upbeat and fun.

    NBC had better not chack them.
  3. LaLola

    LaLola New Member

    I would love to see something like Falling slowly again, but on the other hand Ben has such a great humour and they could do something like Elvis or Green Acres. Or they are doing the Michael Jackson-Medley now! ;)
  4. *Carol*

    *Carol* New Member

    Green Acres is my favorit axibition along side with Falling slowly. I think they will skate Leona |lewis song thta they are using this eason. Leona has a betifull song about friendship, theycould use tonigth, it would be nice "tribute" to tehir 10 or 11 year together.
  5. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    I think they should wear D/S's OD outfits, skate their own OD and tell the judges who are still there to stuff it! :lol: No, they really shouldn't, but I can wish. ;)
  6. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member


    I'd love it if B&A did a Surya Bonaly but the way they've been carrying themselves this week I sadly will not get my wish. Darn it, this is not the time to continue being so gracious. :p

    Actually, I saw the exhibtion list and they skated to "Bleeding Love." I was wondering what happened to the new program then thought that maybe they were saving it for SOI.

    Last season when Tanith and Ben first skated to "Bleeding Love," I saw the comments and snarks about Tanith's so called "overacting." I was surprised when I finally got to see the program this year because from the way people were talking I expected to see an Anjelika Krylova as Carmen type performance. I found Tanith's interpretation appropriate to the theme she and Ben were skating to and she only played the hurt, jilted lover at the beginning and very end of the program. Once again my televsion picked up a different program than those of some of the other posters. That is the only thing I won't miss about B&A no longer skating as eligibles.
  7. LaLola

    LaLola New Member

    Did anyone tape the exhibition and could upload it?
    Stupid ES showed nearly everybode else, but cut Tanith and Ben off.
  8. mishieru07

    mishieru07 New Member

    Tanith and Ben have been totally classy for the whole competition. They're such gracious competitors; what great role models for the other skaters! *cough Plushenko are you listening?* They, along with Weir, have earned my respect. :respec:

    I'll definitely miss them too. Along with other N.American teams like Bourne/ Kraatz, B/A really paved the way for the current ice dancers. I don't think I'll forgive the judges for undermarking them and robbing them of another Olympic medal. Or Linichuk for throwing them under the bus. It's terribly sad that when Tanith puts in effort to improve, they get programmes which do nothing for their medal chances. If only Christopher Dean, Wilson etc had done their programmes .... :wall:

    Arghh I really don't like reading all the speculation and news on retirements after the Olympics. So many of my favourites are leaving!
  9. icedancelover

    icedancelover New Member

    well, they said that they are going to take a time from competition to tour with SOI and think about their competitive careers; maybe they stay one more season. I wish they stay, they NEEED a masterpiece FD you know. Dean or Wilson could bothdo briliant FDs for B/A.

    I saw their EX last nigth and it was the first time that i really liked. I can't wait to see them with SOI (and maybe next seaosn??!!!...I can dream rigth?)
  10. *Carol*

    *Carol* New Member

    This is the article wehere they say that they will think about their future plans for competing.

    I guess Wilson or Dean would put so much efort to do one great FD to B/A, i wish they stay one more season too to close this chapter of their skating with a monumental program.

    and yes icedancelover...we can dream, i'm dreaming about this too :biggrinbo

  11. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member


    Yes they have. And yes Plushenko could take a lesson. I suppose the only difference between B/A and Plushenko is that they probably knew, going in, that this would happen. Plushenko, on the other hand, never even considered that he would not get what he thought he "deserved". Plushenko actually did get what he deserved and behave like a spoiled brat. Sadly, B/A did not get what they deserved and behaved like champions.

    Maybe B/A should have exhibition outfits designed to look like this: :skandal or :sekret:
  12. Atena

    Atena New Member

    I'm not done with B/A yet! I want tehm to stay another seaosn, and i want them to get Dean or wilson or some fresh and modern choreographer to emke their OD and FD, I want them to shut up every linge hater (is that to much?!) :biggrinbo

    I guess we can have some hope that they will stay, they aied nothing about not competing anymore, they are just not going to worlds, wich I think its a good idea, they need some rest and have some fun with SOI to a possible fresh comeback.

    My bf had to present a storyline and a soundtarck for a short film project for college, they had to use references from music etc, he chosed Yann Tiersen and he came up with storie called "Comptine D'Un Autre été ",he chosed some song of Yann and his story its about 2 longtime friends thta are loking to the pass and discovering how their life has been like a movie, and how they are trully friends no matter what. I can totally see tanith and Ben skating something like this :) would be really nice :encore:
  13. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    I think they need go to the WCh and its sad for me, they they didnt. I think they could at least take gold at WCh in next two season, Remember, after 2006 OG all thought, that B-A will be own leadres in ice dance an dthen they was only on 3d place at WCh 2006 and then 3d in Tokyo. Thats whyi think you must never said never. We dont know, what will happened with D-W in next two seasons - Tanith and Ben could have there chance, i think.
    I wish they will go to Igor and Marina for traning and for some of the fresh choreogracher for the programs.
    They are such a kind people. I cant imaging, how it hard for Tanith to look happy for her boyfriend medal. I think they must be first World Champions from USA in ice dance - thy deserve this. Please, dont go yet.
  14. Shallwedance

    Shallwedance New Member

    They were really a class act. I got a chance to watch the press conference from last year's worlds recently and Tanith was very gracious about both her current training situation and the talent in Canton. And lately she's been saying she misses Detroit! I had the feeling that no matter what their results in Vancouver, they were prepared, but honestly I wasn't expecting the level of graciousness they showed. I haven't had the opportunity to see B&A's fd yet but I was quite surprised at how much D/S struggled in their fd. They got out of sync in the footwork by the short end of the boards, the transitions in some elements were labored and the belt carries were sloppy. On top of everything else Oksana's skirt pulled a Tessa and draped itself over Maksim's head during their straight line lift and I guess as a result he was a hair wobbly and his hurt free leg was even more bent than before. I know what the shortcomings are of B&A's fd but I can't imagine their performance having been subpar to that.

    Anyway, B&A were very popular and quotable this Olympics, made the most of the experience and are great example of good sportsmanship (as they were during Nationals too).
  15. Anann73

    Anann73 New Member

    NBC only showed the medal winners, at least that I saw. I thought I might have missed Tanith and Ben so taped the rerun at 1 AM but they didn't show them. Stupid NBC. :mad:

  16. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    Tanith and Ben were shown on the MSNBC broadcast earlier this morning. I still don't love the song "Bleeding Love" but their exhibition makes it more bearable. Both Tanith and Ben are looking so much more mature and sophisticated. They both were really feeling the music and performed the heck out of their program. Both looked :smokin:.

    I will agree to disagree with people on how good or not good B&A's FD was. I do think there was room to up some of the difficulty (B&A are more than capable of handling more) but they skated even better than at Nationals. IMO they did more than enough to beat DomShabs. I won't go into competition discussion any further, at least not in this thread. I don't want there to not be a place to cheer and discuss B&A in general on the main board. I'm in and out of the various folders so much I have to keep checking to see which one I'm in. :eek:

    I would love to see B&A work with an outside choreographer if they decide to stay on. It seems that Linichuk usually does her own choreography but there have been a couple of instances in the past in which her teams have gone elsewhere for their programs. I'd love to see Tanith and Ben with David Wilson choreography and they could probably do well with a Christopher Dean program as well. Has Tom Dickson ever done icedance choreography? I remember how much I loved the short program he did for Yukina Ota a few years ago.

    I'm going to try and keep my excitement at bay until B&A have announced their final decision. I do think there is much more to them.
  17. Cloudy_Gumdrops

    Cloudy_Gumdrops New Member

    Bleh, no David Wilson. His stuff is soooooooooooooo dull.

    I'd love to see them work with Tom Dickson though.
  18. legjumper

    legjumper Well-Known Member

    LOVE Tom Dickson!

    Has Shae-Lynn Bourne worked with any ice dancers? I've loved her work for singles skaters.
  19. pagsasham

    pagsasham New Member

    They showed Ben a lot during the closing ceremonies.
  20. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    She created the :swoon: POTO FD for W&P. Plus with V&M still competing would she consider doing dance choreography for an American dance team? Maybe a lower ranked team.

    Slightly off topic for a moment:

    Since Shae-Lynn's name has come up I would like to take the opportunity to take back the negative thoughts I've had about her abilities as a choreographer. In the past I wondered exactly how much work she actually did on some of the skaters she was credited with helping. The reason for that was until her retirement from eligible competition the only programs I can remember that she (and Victor) were credited with were their 99/00 Latin OD and Harry Connick Jr. FD. In addition, most of her own professional programs have consisted of little more than hydroblading, Besti-squats and Shae-Lynn doing the hot chick strut.

    After seeing the :kickass: material she created this season I take it all back and hope she can come up with some comparable material for herself at some point.

    Oh and go Ben! :respec:

    Even though his name hardly ever comes up in porny skater conversations, I always thought Ben was cute and his personality does add to that. For some reason this season and in Vancouver in particular, he was looking rather :smokin:. I'm glad he's getting a bit of attention himself and watching MSNBC this morning he was featured on a commercial promoting this years Census.
  21. LaLola

    LaLola New Member

    You are right! Ben is a really nice guy and he seems to have a great sense of humour. I was always glad that he has been there to protect Tanith all the time. They are a perfect match. I thought he looked really great in the Latin OD 2006!
    The following beard-phase was not totally mine, but now he is really handsome again. The mixture of his great personality and his likable looks just do it for me! And he has a nice butt, not to forget...;)
  22. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    It seems like Bourne and Kraatz and Belbin and Agosto were both shafted in kind of the same way, and I think it's because they skate to more fun, popular-themed programs, which don't really have the dramatic, romantic connection that the judges seem to look for. It's too bad, because they're both good teams and different styles should be appreciated.
  23. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    I don't know. Tanith and Ben were 2006 Olympic Silver Medalists. They weren't getting shafted then. It was after they left Igor that the shafting began.
  24. HSGP21

    HSGP21 New Member


    Well, they won the OD at worlds last year, and ended up in second overall...under Natalia and Gennady.... I'm still not sure what changed going into this year!!
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2010
  25. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    Domnina/Shabalin won worlds last year. Virtue/Moir were 3rd. D/S were pushed by Linichuk. V/M and D/W improved a lot and were with Igor. Tanith and Ben left Igor - strike 1, they shared a coach (with an agenda) with D/S - strike 2. They got shafted.
  26. SkateElectric

    SkateElectric New Member

    V&M clearly were not 100% at last years worlds, and D&W were viewed as US #2s and were undermarked...the end result produced a silver medal for B&A. The other Shpilband teams simply surpassed them this season, it was inevitable. Tanith never has had the best posture in close holds, nor outstanding leg line with her freeleg. I honestly thought their Chopin FD was one of if not the best FD they have had as far as competition material is concerned. They have just had the misfortune of being around at the same time as several other very talented teams. I've always liked their skating, I just haven't LOVED it, aside from this years FD - although very good, just not as fast or as difficult as the top 2 teams.
  27. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    I almost hate posting comparisons of B&A to the other teams since it always ends up the same and at this point some of us have opinions that no matter how we go over them with a fine tooth comb aren't going to change.

    I agree that V&M did move ahead of B&A this season and I can see why.

    However, everytime someone brings up Tanith's supposed subpar skating skills I only end up thinking that Meryl isn't all that different in that department than Tanith was. D&W and V&M may have improved but so have other teams, B&A among them. Actually because of Tessa's injury, it's easier to see the jump in performance level in V&M than I can with D&W. I think if not for Tessa's injury last season they might have won the silver in front of Tanith and Ben.

    I see more improvement or change in V&M and B&A than I have in D&W. By that I don't mean that D&W are bad or have regressed. It's just that D&W have been known for their speed and technical ability since they debuted as seniors in 2007, that's nothing new. What D&W had/have is great choreography (especially last years FD and this years OD) and they continue to work on their expression. Meryl in particular was good in the Bollywood OD.

    I continue to not understand the rush to explain how Tanith wasn't good and this year apparently still is not yet D&W are and have passed by them. I still believe that D&W and B&A are equal but in different ways. What's that saying? Six of one, a half dozen of the other. No matter how many times I watch the program again I just don't get why D&W are seen as being a dominant team along with V&M. At the moment, V&M even with not so great choreography is the best NA team with D&W and B&A a little bit behind them. D&W aren't (IMHO) on V&M's level yet no matter how those in the figure skating community have spun it this sesaon.

    I agree with cruisin, B&A got shafted. D&W do have talent and are very good but there was more to what happened to B&A IMO than skating skills or supposed lack of them.
  28. Gene

    Gene New Member

    B&A got shafted by their federation--before the Olympics. The Russian couple was hobbled and the French lady decided that having a baby was more important than competing for an OGM. And last, B&A got shafted by their federation. That left two couples as legitimate contenders for the ice dancing gold medal. This was a given prior to the Olympic competition. V&M and D&W knew, beforehand, that they were the only two couples competing for the first two spots. The Russians knew that they had the edge for the bronze. Prior to, B&A knew that they were not destined for the podium. V&M and D&W were very crisp and clean throughout, more so then all of the other couples. If you know that you're competing for the gold, would it not compel one to be at their absolute best. Whereas, if you're not competing for gold, or even silver, rather the bronze, or not even that, you're not going to be quite as sharp. The Russians were limping around and the French lady looked like she had just had a baby and B&A looked resigned to their fate. If the latter had been in a position to contend for the gold, I think that we would have seen a completely different B&A. European countries and Russia specifically, do not undermine their lead couple, unlike the Americans. It has been done before, by the Americans. I won't mention names. If a couple is to be setback, let it be done at worlds or the Olympics, but don't have that couple's own federation stick a knife in their backs. B&A had the prestige of being the only reigning Olympic medalists in the competition, the other two couples had retired, if I'm not mistaken. Okay, so D&W won the silver--so what. B&A had already won a silver four years earlier and would at the very least, have won a second one--or they may have won the gold medal. Perhaps if they had had the support all along, going back to their old coach and including their federation, much would have been changed. They would have entered the Olympic competition primed and sharp, full of spirit and ready to do battle. D&W won the silver. Well, they won't be winning gold four years hence, in Russia! No way, baby. I'd be surprised if V&M even show up. But that's just my opinion.
  29. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    You have presented that as your opinion. However, I believe you presented the facts, spot on. Tanith and Ben were punished for leaving Igor, plain and simple. And they wound up getting shafted by their own coach as well. It became glaringly clear that D/S would get the bronze when Linichuk went nuclear about sabotage, over the costume issue. She was clearly pushing for "the home team". Tanith and Ben didn't have a home base pushing for them. Last year, when Ben hurt his back and they had to pull out of Nationals, I said to a friend (then), this will be their undoing. If Meryl and Charlie win Nationals (in '09), Tanith and Ben will never get it back next year (this year). I said that the combination of leaving Igor and missing last year's Nationals would push them right off the podium. I am sorry that I was right :(. I have been critical of Tanith's toe point and extension, at times (though I do think that is one area that Linichuk really improved). I have been critical of many of Igor's teams for that very reason. His choreography is fabulous, but he seems to forget about technique at times. That said, I still think that T&B skated with a skill level, grace, and experience that was deserving of a medal. I do not think that T&B were bested by M&C, as far as skating. I do think that M&C had better choreography, but is that their achievement or their choreographer's? T&B beat D&S by a mile, but that was not going to be the outcome.
  30. vivika1982

    vivika1982 Well-Known Member

    :)Well said cruisin .They got shafted but what is done is done and no matter how we analyze this or that it won't change the fact that they were left behind by their Federation.I am not sad anymore about them not medaling at the Olympics , i am sad about ice dancing in general .As much as i like V/M, D/W and many of the leading teams i don't like the way ice dance goes .I like faster skating but it become speed skating ("Comon,faster ,faster, lets finish already "), i like athletic lifts but they've become acrobatic tricks and not the Cirque de Soleil ones and now with French D/S and B/A posible retirement we don't have many teams who would present Ice dance in its best.Well,thank god for P/B , F/S , K/N who still care about the artistic side and still trying to be innovative but for now i don't see many teams to follow in their footsteps.Their should be a progress i agree but the direction is wrong and is killing Ice Dance.