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Igor Shpilband interview "I wasn't ready for what had happened between Marina and me"

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by quiqie, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. circuscandy

    circuscandy New Member

    Well, they've always been criticized for not having a more romantic connection on the ice (and Charlie in particular is not known for his expressive acting). They're pushing it, and that's a good thing. According to an interview, they picked music that was only sung by Quasi or Esmeralda, avoiding music sung by the other male leads so that the story would be consistent (at least to those who know some French).

    The problem is that they're using too many pieces of music. They need to take out one of the instrumentals and amp up Danse Mon Esmeralda. I felt the same way about V/M's latin SD music last year. The FD had more breathing room between cuts.

    I think Charlie's expression emerged and remained more consistent, but overall it's not much more dramatic than their S&D or POTO, both of which worked very well for them. I think the biggest thing to wonder about is clearly not the PCS--D/W and V/M are basically neck-and-neck, with D/W slightly ahead in the FD and V/M slightly ahead in the SD, canceling each other out. It's the technical side that matters. And we know that D/W were getting hit in the post-Grand Prix season, except for WTT. The TES is the thing to watch, because that decides every match-up they have. And without Igor, if they can't pull it up over this season, that might be a red flag. We know that both teams, especially D/W, were known as technicians who owned level 4s like there was no other number. There's no reason they should suddenly lose their strength.
  2. l'etoile

    l'etoile New Member

  3. Jammers

    Jammers Well-Known Member

    I would love for D/W to go to Shpilband not just because i think they need him to put them over the top again but think about the drama for Sochi. The two former partners who together created a dynasty of sorts now facing off with the two teams favored to win Gold. It might mean we actually could see some bad blood between D/W and V/M also. No more touchy feely we are all friends craps that we've heard about for years now.
  4. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    And how do you know that this is "crap"?
  5. Jammers

    Jammers Well-Known Member

    Well maybe it's not crap but i like fierce rivals to not be so lovey dovey all the time.
  6. dots

    dots Well-Known Member


    Igor stood (in a very visible spot, almost by the boards) throughout V/M's free dance. I thought that was interesting to see. Marina was standing on left side of the K&C, and Igor was standing on the other end of the K&C.

    Igor is hardcore! And he wants you to know he's watching you!!! :wideeyes: :puppet:
  7. Theatregirl1122

    Theatregirl1122 Enjoying Vicarious Voids!

    Remember that, when Igor initially left Canton, he had nowhere to go and no one was sure if he would find some place. As one of the top two teams in the world and considering their very strong ties to Michigan, Meryl and Charlie had a lot to lose by siding with Igor and leaving without being sure of whether he'd find a place to go in Michigan. The other teams had more of an opportunity to wait and see than the top 3 teams did because they are less in the spot light. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that, if Meryl and Charlie are not happy this year, they could go to Igor for the Olympic year not that he is settled and staying in Michigan.
  8. sap5

    sap5 Well-Known Member