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If Yu Na Kims wins 2nd Olympic Gold at 2014 Olympics would she be best ever?

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Andofanatic, Dec 20, 2012.

Would you consider Yu Na Kim best ever with 2nd Olympic Gold

Poll closed May 4, 2014.
  1. yes

  2. no

  1. naan

    naan New Member

    Her salchow is good! She's tried 21 times (2006-2012) - Just 1 fall, 1 popped, otherwise fully rotated (2 step-out in 2006 though) She put some transitions into this jump (like Gershwin program). Not as huge as her 3Lz or 3F, but her 3S is consistent and fine, not sucks ;)
    Her spin is not as great as Alissa's or Caroline's, but she's a good spinner, too - usually get level 4, fast, centered. Her signature layover camel spin is lovely, her upper body is quite flexible - almost parallel to the ice. Some people complain about her feet, but it's not distracting to me.
    I think her line and position are fine - I admit that her feet are not pretty, but her upper body movement is very beautiful :swoon: - her arm, shoulder, neck movements are one of the bests in the ladies. (Didn't British commentator say like this before?)
    As for the clean program - yes, it's so rare to see her clean LP - IIRC, she has done perfect clean program with 7 triples (including 3Lo, 3Lz, 3-3) three times. But I want to know this - Is there any skater who easily does perfectly clean LP (including true 3Lz, difficult 3-3, and no edge call and UR)?

    Back to the topic - No, Yuna is my favorite skater, but I would not say she's the best ever in history. I would not call anybody 'the best ever'. One of the greatest skaters? Yes! :)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
  2. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    THIS! :cheer:
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  3. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    This and also, is the OP forgetting about Katarina Witt, Sonja Henie and Dick Button?

    Are future skaters who get OGM by landing quints going to trump any previous multiple OGM winners that only did doubles, triples?

    I wonder if the OP is a Mao fan in disguise, trying to send out jinx vibrations through the universe to Yuna.
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  4. Shaia

    Shaia Active Member


    Yes, as a Yuna fan, I don't like this thread at all, but if the question must be asked,

    if Yuna can win another Worlds and OGM, that would surely cement her status as one of the all-time greats.

    And more subjectively, Yuna is already the best female skater I've seen since the 80's in terms of total package. (as for Sonja Henie and the likes, I've never seen them, so I can't honestly compare). :p
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  5. shine

    shine Well-Known Member

    I'll never understand why people are so obsessed with "best evers" or "greatest evers". There's never going to be a uniform consensus on who THE best ever is. Like anoer poster said, this is such a multifaceted sport. And why does it matter? Does it make you enjoy a certain skater any more or less if she gets named the best ever?
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  6. aliceanne

    aliceanne Well-Known Member

    :lol: Maybe he will skate both events in 2014 as the only Russian singles skater to conquer the puberty monster.
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  7. query5

    query5 New Member

    best ever depends on alot of things, winning 2nd gold medal doesn't qualify best ever, maybe in certain countries like korea and her fan base.

    1) if overinflated scores and cheat for them. in otherwords over looked ur.
    2) money situation involved,
    3) politics involved.
    4) should and could have won the worlds in 2010 and 2011 due to her mistakes,
    5) handle pressure (how can have pressure on them when screw up and still win, get big scores so they know ahead even if mess up still win.)

    most importantly peoples (public opinion) of them. whether they think they are. some will some won't. that simple
  8. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Spoken as a true Kwanatic. ;)

    Let's face it, Kwan became the "Kween" because she was a good competitor and her fans thought it a cute title, with the "Kw" spelling. Kwan = Kween. I see nothing wrong with that (and I am not, nor ever have been, a Kwan-uber).
  9. pinky166

    pinky166 #teamtrainwreck #teamdiva

    Yuna's toe jumps are monsters, the only reason why her salchow might look "bad" to some is just because her 3lz, 3f, and 3t (and also 2a) are huge and basically textbook. Her 3s is a nice jump, and like another poster mentioned, she usually attempts it out of difficult transitions which makes it tougher. The height she gets on it and rideout are both good, it's just the entrance that isn't ideal, but again, transitions into it will have that effect.

    Yuna's upper body is very expressive. And I actually think the fact that she isn't so flexible gives her skating a unique dimension on the ice. She is very fast and powerful, athletic type of skater. Sure she is also very expressive through the face and upper body, but to me, even though you couldn't tell it looking at them off the ice, Yuna on the ice just seems so much more powerful than some of the skaters known for being really flexible like Mao, Alissa, Julia, etc, never fragile even despite her slight build, it's actually a good quality I think.
  10. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Yu Na Kim is probably the greatest toe jumper ever. She does triple lutz-triple toe and triple flip-triple toe combinations so well and easily like they are nothing.
  11. AxelAnnie

    AxelAnnie Well-Known Member

    If Yu-Na wins Oly Gold in Sochi she will join a very elite group of skaters to have won two Gold Medals at the Olympics. As to the best ever...............nope. Love her. But The Best Ever? I join those who say there is no way to select that . Don't even know how you would begin to judge.
  12. riveredge

    riveredge Active Member

    Lol. The the only reason why this thread exist is because it will jinx yuna's comeback even more. After all i know many people are praying and hoping that she will bomb.

    And there's no such thing as the best ever. Different set of rules. Different competitors. Different era.
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  13. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    IF I am Yuna, my thinking will be .....
    Who cares whether my programs are the best or worst ever; or that I win by 20 points or a mere 0.01 point. A GOLD is a GOLD. It is all that matters. :)
  14. lowtherlore

    lowtherlore New Member

    I like the name “Kween”. It reads cool and sensible. :)

    The notion that the Korean public or the fans generally call Yu-Na as the “queen” is misconception. I’ve never seen anybody calling her “Queen Yu-Na” in real conversation. It’s true the Korean media usually refer to her as “figure skating queen Kim Yu-Na” in the opening statement of their reports. But it’s not much different from foreign media addressing her as “Korean skating star” or “Korean skating queen” in the beginning of their articles. The Korean media began calling her “the skating queen” after the 2008-9 season, when she spent the whole season healthy and won the WC. I also remember NBC’s Universal Sports headlining her WC win with the phrase “Long Live the Queen”, a year earlier than the exclamation made by Tom Hammond at Vancouver. It’s just a clichéd definer used by the media, I think. Anyway, Yu-Na herself seems not fond of being called the “queen”. She said in an interview after the NRW that she feels rather embarrassed with it.

    The nickname given to her by the fans earlier was “Iron Butterfly” during 2006-7, IIRC. “Iron” was not to mean she’s physically superhuman, but to refer to her strong will to skate through injuries. I liked it, since it suited her situation then and conjured up multiple images (her LP of that season was the Lark Ascending). But it was never widely recognized or adopted by the Korean media at the time.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
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  15. giselle23

    giselle23 Well-Known Member

    I don't think Yu Na is or will be the best ever, even if she wins in Sochi. She will be among the best at the Olympics--only Sonia Henie and Katarina Witt have more than one Olympic gold in figure skating, if I am recalling correctly. I do think Yu Na is the second best ladies jumper, after Midori Ito and far and away the best at doing the triple-triple, not only well but also consistently.
  16. l'etoile

    l'etoile New Member

    Oh, I love this nickname! It's so like Yuna that she feels embarrassed about her being called "queen." :lol:
  17. escaflowne9282

    escaflowne9282 Reformed Manspreader

    I know quite a few (myself included) who would consider the Protopopovs to be the greatest ever. Then there's R&Z who took no prisoners. IMHO both of their runs were more impressive than G&G
  18. Simone411

    Simone411 I'm Clippy. I love Ashley and Janny!

    To me, Yuna is already one of many great skaters that I love to watch and that I'm amazed by. It would be impossible for me to name one exact skater that is the greatest because there are so many that meet those qualifications in my book. :)
  19. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    She'd be one of the best competitors ever, as Witt was, but not necessarily the best skater ever.
  20. os168

    os168 Active Member

    Usually the best or the greatest can only be appreciated at least a few decades on to see if their legacy can really withstood the test of time. That is why the greatest film today is Citizen Kane (in the UK at at least), in the next 50 years? It might be something else.

    Sometimes it could just comes down to sentimentality. Which is why Midori Ito will always be the best ever in Japan + beyond to those who appreciate jumping abilities the most (like many fans in China). Or that Kween is the best ever certainly in N. America who appreciate her overall package and a long illustrious career who boost skating sport front and center at the world's Superpower (and probably boost Asian female confidence so much all around the world). Or that Katarina Witt will always known as the European Queen for her competitiveness, edginess, her European sensuality, sophistication and passion to embrace her femininity and made female skating the premier event at the Olympics, titillation maybe but surely that makes her one of the original founders of 'girl power'. Great legacy shouldn't be defined by the wins alone, but also how they overcome losses, periods of difficulties, struggles, personal lows, including over come political adversities and roadblocks they each faces that are uniquely to each individuals circumstances.

    Interestingly "Iron Butterfly" is actually Chen Lu's nick in China which she is still commonly known today. I suspect it has more to do with The Butterfly Lovers program? Wonder when the nickname got stuck. Actually i wonder what other nicknames have been used for other skaters during different time in their career. All the bests seems to have them. What has been been Kurt's nickname during his days for example.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  21. bardtoob

    bardtoob Former Choreographer for Anna Maria Tragikova

    The whole notion of trying to rank three Pairs with 6 Olympic Gold Medals between and equally divided among them is ridiculous . . . and how do you rank their actual skating ability, potential, etc.

    Could one actually say that the Rodnina of 1973 could not be transported to 2012 and within a few months start winning?

    Protopopovs were doing one-handed lifts in their 50s.

    Gordeeva and Grinkov got bored with amateur skating competition, left, then came back to win another OGM.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  22. dots

    dots Well-Known Member


    The answer is no!

    I don't expect her to win the Sochi Olympics.
  23. Sasha'sSpins

    Sasha'sSpins Well-Known Member

    Best of her era. She would tie Katarina Witt for back-to-back wins but still be behind Sonja Henie who is the only woman to win three Olympic gold medals in Ladie's singles-and Henie won many more World Championships.
  24. doubleflutz

    doubleflutz New Member

    I think it would cement her as one of the best competitors ever, even maybe ahead of Katarina, who did have figures muckery and the Kommunist Bloc behind her, which is way more of an advantage even than reputation-based PCS (which I think Yuna does get very often). In terms of best ever as an overall "complete" skater,especially in terms of aesthetics, I don't think she's even in the top five, and to be honest I'd have a hard time even making a case for top ten - it would have to be for jumps and consistency alone, and there are other skaters who were/are better at both.
  25. ces1128

    ces1128 New Member

    OS 168, You are the one among others that grasp the real intention behind this sort of poll about Yuna ;).
  26. lulu

    lulu New Member

  27. os168

    os168 Active Member

    Yeah tell me about it. How is it a poll not setting up for ANYONE to fail? Certainly to cause resentment and squabbling among the figure skating community and watch
    :duh::wall::angryfire:barrel:wuzrobbed:drama::COP::fan21::yikes::blah::huh::fragile::lynch::revenge:. I can't imagine any true fan would set up such a silly and self damaging poll.

    Mind you, it is not the first time I have seen these subversive tactics being pulled, other than the usual mud sling, name calling and other underhanded personal ridicule I have seen on youtube and pretty much everywhere.
  28. RunnersHigh

    RunnersHigh Well-Known Member

    Don't be upset, os168.
    This is not the first time ;) and won't be the last time. :(

    Reading replies, I can make sure that any *true skating fan* - purchasing tix for competitions & ice shows, reading rule books, subscribing skating magazines and respecting every skater - won't take this serious at all.
  29. all_empty

    all_empty Well-Known Member

    I like Yu-Na's skating (especially her late junior/early senior stuff) and she's obviously a strong skater and competitor.

    I also respect that she's single-handedly popularized skating in Korea and all of her charity work.

    Even if she wins in Sochii, I'm not sure I'd consider her the best ever either. Perhaps it's her reserved nature but her skating doesn't excite me. And despite Yu-Na's competitive record, she comes across as someone who doesn't relish competing. To me, that's what makes a champion memorable.

    I don't find that she pushes boundaries artistically either. The David Wilson choreography feels a little stale and aesthetically her positions are not among "the greats" in that area (i.e. Fleming, Cohen).

    Is she a great athlete? Without a doubt. She mastered a judging system in a way few others have. Who knows, maybe she'll win me over next season.
  30. os168

    os168 Active Member

    Haha I am not upset! :swoon: Far from it. I am laughing at the whole thing and even enjoy poking fun at the morbid business that is
    fan culture > sub culture > under culture > the pit > the gutter > youtube hell > FSU trashcan
    hence my tongue in cheek response about Ando in Star Wars gear (Inspired by the best Film Soundtrack in the other thread).

    I don't really know what is true fan either, I don't think I am true anything. It is not like I have exactly 'came out' among my family and friends for my love for skating and appreciation for certain skaters, so this is my little guilty pleasure / sin / safety haven place once every blue moon. ;)