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Hungarian Skating News

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by igniculus, May 6, 2008.

  1. Poggi

    Poggi wannabe flower-girl

    Now I have found some very puzzling Hungarian skating news on IceNetwork - they have a ladies season preview kind of article right here:

    Now that's quite a surprise :) I wonder if Shizuka has any comments on that one. :duh: :rofl:

    (Well, I kind of liked then the Hungarian commentator said at the 2008 Worlds Gala that Takahashi won silver at the 2007 Europeans, but I think I like this one better.)
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  2. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    LOLz. :lol: Dear Ice Network, can you please hire me to proof-read your articles before posting? I don't even want money for it, just let me meet my Johnny a couple of times and I'm happy. ;)

    On another note, there is a 2-page interview (and photo-spread :eek: :drama:) with Júlia in a sports magazine called Képes Sport. I'm uploading the translation today, stay tuned (if interested ;) ).
  3. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    I would like 'in' on this deal too! ;) I'll be happy to keep the website updated with THIS season's info also and more Johnny interview video pieces!!

    Seriously, it is one thing to lose track of lower placements at worlds from year to year...but to have forgot who won worlds? How can you call yourself a FS journalist? Ok, I did have to go to wikipedia (not the best source I know) to paranoid-ly double check this, but I had a VERY good memory hunch that Julia won EUROS in 2004 in Budapest, not worlds! :wall:
  4. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Okay, here is the translation. ;)

    The Képes Sport magazine seduced the European Champion figure skater to an exclusive photo-shoot

    Júlia Sebestyén
    [by Gergely Kovács - Képes Sport]

    The best Hungarian figure skater. Grannies ;) and their grandchildren squeal if she misses a jump, grannies and their grandchildren clap of joy if she skates her program flawlessly. Júlia Sebestyén, the queen :drama: of an enchanting world.

    She is still not used to the cold at the ice rinks, nevertheless, winter is her favorite season. We thought it's summer as a figure skater has nothing to do during summers, only to choose the best resorts for a holiday. Júlia Sebestyén says she's amazed that certain athletes take month-long breaks, it's out of question for figure skaters. At the beginning of summer, she has a 2-week break, but nothing more, because the feeling, the jumps go away in such a short time, and it's necessary to have them for skating. This way, she spends most of the summers in training camps.

    Way to the top

    She began when she was 4, at the age of 7-8 she was already competing, and the break-through happened at an international competition in Stuttgart in 1990 when her jumps were so great that she blew away the rest of the field and won in the category of under 10 years olds. At the age of 13, she moved from Tiszaújváros to Budapest, where she had to deal with not only bigger expectations, but she had to make a living as a child in a new and different world.

    She was not taken aback by it: one year later she competed at the European Championships where she placed 14th. Today, she couldn't do that: nobody can compete at the Euros under the age of 15. A double break followed, on the ice, and literally too: first, she grew too fast and sustained a fracture, later she fell badly and kicked her right foot with her left heel. She missed the year of 1997 completely, but she competed afterwards at the Europeans, junior worlds and the Olympics in 1998. In 2002, she finished 8th at the Olympics at Salt Lake City, in 2003 she won a silver medal at the Europeans, in 2004 she finished 6th at Worlds, made it to the Grand Prix final, and during the Europeans in Budapest, nobody skated more beautiful than her: she won the gold medal in front of the home audience! She wasn't happy just because the "1" is her favourite number...

    "It was really great, it's a memory of a lifetime to win in front of the home audience" said the skater. "The Hungarian fans were fantastic. Sadly, there are only few chances for international competitions here in Hungary. Outside the borders, I love the American and Japanese crowd, they are so supportive even if you don't do so well."

    Change of style

    The dresses. In the 70ies and 80ies, people in the country were watching skating because of the gorgeous dresses. It made figure skating look like a strange fairy tale. Today, it's not that important anymore, but for the competitors, looks are still relevant. Till the year 2002, her mom made Júlia the dresses, then a Russian company took over the job, and since 2007, the prominent designer Tamás Náray makes the sketches for them.

    "I'm happy for this change because I really like my new dresses, and finally, I have a say how they should look like" Juli told the Képes Sport. "When I see a dress, usually I can tell who designed or made it, was it a Russian designer, a French or an American. I have no stylist, we come together and have all a say in how the costumes and props should look like. I search for music a lot, because it's so hard to find the right one. But if I have it, I can listen to it a million times. It's no problem: during the competitions, we need to know every rythm so precisely that if they play one act you need to know which part it is and what you need to do at that moment."

    And if you do well, you can only hope the judges think the same. You can't just go by how the jugdes control every competition.

    "I'm skating for 20 years now" she says "I'm already used to this..."

    No pause

    She changed not only her style, but her coach and sport psychologist too. No wonder: after the glorious year of 2004, more shadowed times came. She made the Grand Prix Final in 2006 too (it's not a small accomplishment, since she can compete in 2 of the 6 grand prix events and only the 6 best can make it to the final), and she won Cup of China too, but overall, the expected results were not there. At her third Olympics in Torino, she finished only 18th.

    With the new team, however, everything goes much better, and she finished 4th at the last European Championships. "People often tell me how many mistakes I make. But they don't realize that just like others, I make the most difficult programs possible too, and there is always a chance for faults there. The new system rewards what you can do, and a fall is not that important. It occured these years once, that somebody with two falls still made the top of the podium at an international competition. The programs are more strict now. If there's an element I had a hard time with, but I knew I can make it, I was able to do it later in the program." Now you can't just modify the programs that easily, the rules are very strict.

    But Juli can adapt to them. These days, she has to deal with a heel injury, but she longs for the ice now, even though she still needs to wait. The Grand Prixs are approaching, as are the Europeans and in March, the World Championships. The big, final goal are the 4th Olympics of her carrier. She plans to compete till 2010, she wants to do shows afterwards. And to begin the life outside sports. She has a nice base to that, as she already got 3 university degrees so far...

    Here you can see a couple of the :glamor: photos:

    Júlia 1
    Júlia 2
  5. ioana

    ioana Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for translating Julia's interview! And, her *hair* looks very nice in those pics --sacrilege, I know :shuffle:.
  6. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

  7. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    In utter boredom from the ladies at SC, I decided to translate this new article that surfaced today about Hoffmann & Zavozin. :yawn:

    Nora Hoffmann & Maxim Zavozin skating for Hungary
    by Tibor Fabik

    No sports diplomatic hurdles anymore: she competed with Attila Elek at the Torino Olympics where she places 17th, later 10th at the Europeans, and now, she teamed up with the Russian-born American Maxim Zavozin, a former junior world champion. They'll skate for Hungary.

    The team of Hoffmann & Elek placed second at the 2003 and 2004 junior world championships and won the 2004 junior grand prix final. In the senior field, they finished 10th at the 2005 European championships, 15th at worlds and 17th at the Olympics. They were in place 7 before the freedance at the 2007 European championships but during a practice, Attila Elek suffered a shin fracture and this practically ended the partnership too. The break-up wasn't an easy one, they did not part on good terms...

    The 23 year old Nora Hoffmann found a new partner last year already: the also 23 year old Maxim Zavozin, who is originally from Russia, but is an American citizen. He was partnerless that time too. He won the world junior championships in 2005. The team found the beat on ice very soon, they were preparing for the 2007/2008 season and insiders were very positive about the bright future of the pair. But the US federation did not release Zavozin.

    This week, however, all the conflicts found an end as Zavozin's official release arrived from the ISU, too, so the team can take part not only in foreign galas but can debue at the international competition of Zagreb, the Golden Spin too, which takes place between the 13-15th November. Next year, they can attend the European championships in Helsinki, Finnland, and the world championships in Los Angeles, USA. To compete for Hungary, Zavozin only needs a residential permit, but to compete at the Olympics, there are higher requirements and he'll need to obtain the citizenship too.

    Sandor Nagy, head of the ice dance discipline in Hungary told the Hungarian Olympic Committe that Hoffmann & Zavozin will shortly arrive in Budapest to make the necessary arrangements. The team will most likely train in the US, in Budapest and in Moscow for the new season, and the main goal is, of course, to make it to the 2010 Olympics.

    The article also includes a smily pic of :glamor: DivaNora. ;)
  8. sbanet

    sbanet Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update and translation. :cool:
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  9. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    I missed you. Where are you all the times? :)
  10. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    Can´t rep you, Igniculus, but thank you for the translation! Go Diva Nora!
  11. Cloudy_Gumdrops

    Cloudy_Gumdrops New Member

    :cheer2: I'm glad Nora & Max get to compete now.
  12. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Ha! More news with rather shocking detailes about the Hoffmann-Zavozin partnership!! :eek: Article in the online version of Blikk, the main Hungarian tabloid.

    They purchased a guy for her

    At the European Championships next January, they are expected to finish in the top 5.

    Nora Hoffmann was bought a guy! Well, not literally, as she is in a relationship for years now. It was the Hungarian Skating Federation that looked deep into the pocket so that the [junior] world silver medalist can continue ice dancing.

    It came to our attention that the Hungarian Federation payed 50 000 US dollars (10 million HUF) to the US Figure Skating Association to get Nora's partner's, Maxim Zavozin's competitive release. Half of the sum is already payed to the USFSA, the other half, 25 000 dollars (5 million HUF) will be payed in smaller instalments. No similarly high amount of money was ever payed in the history of Hungarian figure skating, but insiders claim it was all worth.

    "Maxim Zavozin is a junior world champion and had other offers too and we are delighted that he picked Nora to skate with, for our country" Gabriella Remport told the Blikk, who will guide the team's progress in Hungary with her husband, Sandor Nagy. "Everybody in this discipline came together to help us, even Nikolai Morozov helps. He charges less for the choreography than usual. Hoffmann & Zavozin can place in the top 5 at the European Championships next January."

    Nora & Max trained in Budapest this Wednesday, but they'll head to train in Russia on Sunday. If everything goes well, they will compete at the international competition of Zagreb next week.

    "Max had indigestion, and I had an inflammation in my foot, I lived on antibiotics. We will only compete if we'll completely healthy" Nora told us.

    Zavozin tries to find his place here so he is taking Hungarian lessons.

    "He can already understand and use the terms and words connected to ice dance. My parents can't speak English, so he speaks Hungarian with them. If he messes up some words, he just smiles and says 'I'm tired'" Nora added.

    Zavozin already has a residential permit, now he applied to the citizenship by the president.

    Photo caption #1: Nora Hoffmann & Maxim Zavozin waited longer than a year to be able to compete.

    Photo :eek: :grope: caption #2: They're already used to eachother.

    Holy shiz! 50 000 buks! :eek:
  13. nuge

    nuge Well-Known Member

    I so can't wait to see these two.She is sooo talented .I hope they do well.;)
  14. sbanet

    sbanet Well-Known Member

    C'mon, we're talking about the ice-dance career of :glamor: DivaNóra! :encore:

    ...even the IMF can't resist. :sekret: :sekret: :bribe: :smokin:
  15. IneZR

    IneZR New Member

    Finishing in the top 5 at Euros? Isn't it a bit too early to make such statements?:drama: :watch: In order to finish in the top 5 they'll need to beat at least one of these three teams - the Kerrs, Faiella/Scali and Pechalat/Bourzat, which IMHO not gonna happen. Top 10 sounds more realistic and even then Nora/Maxim will have hard times facing the Zaretskis, baby Italians and Fraser/Lukanin.
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  16. swissskate

    swissskate Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure they will look fabulous together, can't wait to see them compete again! However, knowing how judges can take time to reward a team and how quickly they can forget some couples and make them drop the rankings (for example the Beiers), I'm not so sure they'll achieve their 5th place so quickly...9th or 10th at Europeans would already be quite an achievement I think!
  17. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Come on, it's a tabloid after all. ;)
  18. Cocomo

    Cocomo Active Member

    No pressure Maxim, the Federation paid $50,000 for your....umm.....talent, don't trip or drop diva Nora and make sure your place in the top five.......:lol:
  19. poths

    poths Well-Known Member

    They'd do well to crack the top 10, and/or beat the Zeretskis
  20. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

    Very interesting! $50,000 USD is a lot of money.

    I wonder how much the USFSA is going to have to pay Skate Canada to release Gislason?
  21. Cocomo

    Cocomo Active Member

    I'm under the impression Gislason has been released, or maybe USFS will wait and see how they place before offering the big :bribe:.
  22. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    A bit more than the minivan in the Japan-Russia deal.
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  23. sbanet

    sbanet Well-Known Member

    I read the Hungarian text, and the (quote by coach?)/article actually says that H+Z "could" - as in "there is possibility for this team to finish within the Top 5 at Euros...." so therefore, I would interpret this remark as being a competition goal for H+Z rather than as a definitive statement. :cool:
  24. Poggi

    Poggi wannabe flower-girl

    Hell yeah, it is - actually the worst ever :) It kind of reminds me that the only Croatioan newspaper publising anything about Idora Hegel was totally in the same category. I don't remember the name of the paper, but I do remember, that no "regular" or sports paper even wrote about her retirement. (Which was sleightly offtopic, but still.)
  25. sashaisgreat

    sashaisgreat New Member

    So, are they at Golden Spin? If so, any reports?
  26. Poggi

    Poggi wannabe flower-girl

    I just caught the end of an interview in the radio with Júlia, and she talked about "possibly going to Zagreb", but I suppose that was not live... I'm not sure.

    Hoffmann/Zavozin are definitely don't, as he is sick, and Kati Hatford and Tigran Vardanjan are about sure to be there.. Júlia is a big question mark as always.
  27. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    A bit older article with Julia Sebestyen, was published around the weekend of Cup of China.

    Julia Sebestyen healthy again

    She should have been in Beijing skating at the Cup of China, but our European champion figure skater watched the competition only on TV. She won it two years ago. Her injury is cured, however, and she can start her season at the Golden Spin international competition in Zagreb, on the 14-15th November.

    Why are you here at home and not in Beijing?

    All my problems started during summer but I didn't really care about them: about the fact that my Achilles was hurting a bit. At the beginning of September, however, after a training session, I got such pains in my leg that I almost wasn't able to take the ice the next day. I was on injection threapy and had to have a two-week pause, because my doctors found out I hade tendovaginitis. After the break I started training again but it turned out I wasn't fully healthy yet. I recieved every kind of treatment imagineable, physiotherapy, I had vibration training, I was icing my leg, but no success. Another MRI examination showed that my jumping muscles were inflamed due to probable overload. I recieved medicines to cure the inflammation and they helped finally. In between it turned out too, that my old boot probably had something to do with my inflammation too, so I got new ones. I train for 3 weeks now in this new one and I had no problems at all.

    But you couldn't start the competitive season at the time you wanted to.

    I entered 3 competitions, at Oberstdorf, in Vienna and in Beijing but I couldn't go to them. The Cup of China is happening right now, I watch it on Eurosport... But to get completely healthy again is of highest priority. No sense to risk anything. My doctors warned me to do everything step by step to not fall back and get the muscles inflamed again.

    Do you know by now when your first competition will be and where?

    Yes, I'll leave to Zagreb at the end of the next week to the Golden Spin, where I entered late and the week after, on Wednesday, I'll leave to Moscow to compete at the Cup of Russia.

    How many Hungarian competitors will there be in Zagreb?

    In the ladies, Kati Hadford will be there too, in the men's singles Tigran Vardanjan will compete. It's also possible that the team of Nora Hoffmann & Maxim Zavozin will compete in the ice dance category too. They're currently training in Moscow but it's possible that they might come too.

    You already competed in Zagreb this year, at the past European Championship where you placed 4th. But if I'm not mistaken, you also competed at the Golden Spin before.

    Yes, around the year 2000 more than once, but after that, I was always invited to Grand Prix competitions and the schedule conflicted [with the Golden Spin]. But I have dear memories of this competition, I usually stood at the podium, even if the competitions were not easy at all.

    Will the competition be hard this year too?

    To be honest, I haven't even checked the entry list on the internet yet.

    You haven't?! One would believe the competitors start to look for the entries as soon as they are posted to see who they'll need to compete against.

    I skate to get the best results possible, of course. But this is my first competition this fall, and for me, the most important thing right now is to try my programs for the first time, to compete before a judging panel or to see how easy I can tire out.

    What are your programs for the 2008/2009 season?

    In the long, I'll still skate to Edvin Marton's selections and some parts of the program are the same as last year. But in the middle, we changed the choreography totally. We changed the jumping layout, and according to the new rules, I'll need to perform only 3 spins instead of 4, and we upgraded the levels in them, as well as in the spiral sequence. So it's quite a change. My short program music is totally new, the first part is to Secret Garden's slow piece, the second half is to Libertango, which means a completely new choreography too.

    Which also means the costumes will be new this season, too, I assume, even though they were gorgeous last year too.

    Yes! They are designed (and made) by [Hungarian designer] Tamas Naray, and I'll skate in them in Zagreb, even though I still haven't recieved them.

    There is also a pic, but I dunno when it was taken. :)
  28. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    And this one was posted today after her victory in Zagreb at the Golden Spin. :encore:

    Julia Sebestyen victorious in Zagreb

    Due to her injury, Julia Sebestyen was forced to start her competitive season late, and our former European champion debuted quite impressive as she won the Golden Spin international competition in Zagreb.

    The traditional competition of Zagreb, the 41st Golden Spin was held in the very same Dom Sportova arena as the European Championships this past January.

    The 2004 European champion Julia Sebestyen finished 4th at the Europeans last time and barely missed the podium. Now, she won with an impressive lead at this international competition. She won the short programs on Friday with the highest score, just like the freeskate on Saturday.

    Julia Sebestyen won the ladies event with 146,78 total points, ahead of Jenna McCorkell (134,98) of Great Britain and Josh Helgesson of Sweden (134,02). The competition of 20 ladies had another Hungarian competitor, Katherine Hadford, who finished 11th with a score of 102,97.

    "I had many problems with my right foot during summer. The doctors diagnosed me with tendovaginitis first, it turned out later that my jumping muscles were inflamed too. I had to withdraw from the Cup of China, so I'm very pleased that after only 2-3 weeks of training I was able to win here in Zagreb. I'm sad I messed up the 2Axel in the short program, but the 3Lutz-2TL and the 3Flip were beautiful, everybody was so complementary of my new program. In the freeskate, the first part was great, the 3Lutz-2TL-2Ritt, the 3Flip-2TL combinations and the second 3Lutz were easy. I must admit I got a little bit tired in the middle, I can feel the missed training time on my stamina, but the 2Axel at the end was beautiful again. Before I left to Croatia, I recieved my new dresses from designer Tamas Naray, they were successful too. I'll participate in the gala on Sunday, but I'll come home in the evening. I'll train on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I'll leave to Moscow for the Cup of Russia" Julia Sebestyen said.
  29. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    In case you are still interested in the small and obskure state of Hungarian figure skating, I have some new tidbits for you that I just noticed on the homepage of the HUN federation. ;)

    There was a meeting between the Hungarian Olympic Comittee and the heads of the various skating disciplines this week where they discussed the state of progress towards Vancouver 2010, funding, and all the :bribe: of course.

    Most important parts:

    - it would be great if Julia Sebestyen could place well at Worlds in LA and could secure 2 spots for women at the olympics.
    - they don't have such high hopes for Tigran Vardanjan (2-time national champion), the son of Sebestyen's coach. :p
    - Kristof Trefil seems to have a new pairs partner, a girl with the family name "Yarkunova", but I haven't got the faintest idea who she might be. Their absolute goal is to make the 24-cut at Worlds to present their LP too.

    - apparently the tabloids were wastly exaggarating when it came to the sum the federation payed for Maxim Zavozin to get him released (like anyone is going to believe it now, ha :HA!: ). Nora & Max made a deal with the federation that they'll pay the money back, which they'll earn at shows. Max's Hungarian citizenship migth be a little problematic though as he has no Hungarian roots and to get the citizenship otherwise, he needs to spend quite some time in Hungary... but the fed is still hopeful.

    - the Hungarian Olympic Comittee learned from all the :wall: mistakes they made at the Beijing Olympics [-> Hungarian athletes performed much poorer than expected and they all blamed the lack of support financially, physically, mentally, etc.]. They want to provide better support for the athletes competing towards the Vancouver Olympics. There is a possibility to make an application, for the first time for winter Olympic athletes too, to get a monthly financial support from the Olympic Comitte. But they'll only recieve it if the application is successfully accepted.
  30. nirti

    nirti Member

    Thanks for these informations :)
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