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Hungarian Skating News

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by igniculus, May 6, 2008.

  1. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Officially from the Hungarian Federation's home page. :saint:

    Júlia Sebestyén to stay till the 2010 Olympics

    2004 European Champion Júlia Sebestyén will definitely continue her skating carrier till the 2010 Olympics.

    "In the past two years my results kept on continuously improving, and since the Olympics aren't that far away, I definitely keep skating till that. I still skate on a high level, which gives me confidence/power. At Worlds, my freeskate was 8th best, and I skated in the first group" the skater from Tiszaújváros said.

    Sebestyén will compete at her fourth Olympics in Vancouver. She added that this fact keeps motivating her too: not many can say they competed in four Olympics [in a row].

    From her 3 Olympics so far, she finished the highest at the 2002 event in Salt Lake City, where she was 8th. In 1998 in Nagano, she finished 15th, and in the last one in Turin, she came in 18th place.

    "My goal for the next season will be to finish among the top 10 at Worlds because Hungary could obtain two spots for the Olympics by that. It's not impossible as I finished 11th this year in Göteborg and I could have finished higher if I didn't mess up my short program" she said. Sebestyén had a great European Championship too where she finished 4th.

    About the preparations for the new season, Sebestyén said there will be new program(s?), which they'll start working on soon, while the actual (physical?) preparation will begin around July. She plans to attend two Grand Prix competitions.

  2. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    There is also a detailed report about the 2007/2008. season and its achievements.


    Some nice tidbits:

    * Hungary plans to bid for the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships :cheer2:
    * There are still negotiations with the US Figure Skating Association in the case of Nóra Hoffmann & Maxim Zavozin, and there is also an application filed at the Ministry of Justice & Law Enforcement (?) to help them/Nóra get back to the ice dance circuit as soon as possible.
    * Nominations had been made for the Aladár Gerevics scholarship in ice dance, figure skating and short track skating. The total sum of the one-year scholarship means 13 000 000 HUF (about 77 000 USD) to the most excelling skaters and coaches to help the preparations.
    * 2 speed skaters, 1 figure skater and 1 ice dance team also recieve ISU scholarships, alltogether more than 21 000 USD. (5000 USD for the skater and 6000 USD for the dance team)
    * For the 2010 Olympics, they plan to use the maximal spots possible for the Hungarian entries. Planned are 2 entries for ladies singles, 1 ice dance team.
  3. icedance21

    icedance21 New Member

    Yay Julia!!! :cheer2:

    I really hope Hungary gets the 2011 Worlds! :cheer2: I assume Canada will bid and Japan also, based on Akira Andrea's posting.

  4. sbanet

    sbanet Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the news updates and translation! :rockstar:
  5. Poggi

    Poggi wannabe flower-girl

    I just *want* to have Worlds in Hungary... I mean the last time it happened I wasn't even alive... my parents were not even married by that time :)

    (Okay, I was mistaken, I just looked it up - I was almost 2 by then. Still...)

    But then again.. if Julia S. quits after the Olympics, who will be the home skater in 2011? :)
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  6. Braulio

    Braulio Pleasantly pleasing with Peggy

    This is great to know from Julia

    And yes, she sounds very realistic about the motivation of becoming a fourth time olympian in a sport so endurance testing like figure skating

    I hope she can again crack the top 10 at the 2009 worlds and at 2010 Olympics
  7. Sugar

    Sugar Well-Known Member

    GO GRANNY!@!!!!!!!!!
  8. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    If Hungary gets 2011 Worlds then Julia should stay for that as well and have that as her farwewell party!
  9. nuge

    nuge Well-Known Member

    Good for Julia.:)She's not a chance of a medal IMO but if she really wants to be around for the olympic experience again why not .

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Hoffman/Zavozin partnership .Really missing seeing Diva Nora.She's such a talent .
  10. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    #1: Yay more granny!!! :cheer:

    #2: Hungary Worlds: yes please! What a good excuse to visit again!
  11. Triveni

    Triveni New Member

    Yeeah for her. I really like her.

    Also, Worlds in Hungary?? I am originally from there, but haven't been there for 8 years now. That would be a good enough reason for sure!!!
  12. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Júlia Sebestyén was invited to a talk show this week for channel ATV. The programe is called "The woman 3 times" which features successful Hungarian women (athletes, actresses, etc.).

    Host: Kata Jaksity
    Guests: Cecília Esztergályos (actress); Rita Kőbán (2-time Olympic, 9-time world and 3-time European champion in canoeing, 20-time Hungarian national champion - aka canoe legend :cheer2: ), Júlia Sebestyén.

    They show can be seen on the channel's website, in 2 parts. Here is the first one:

    Worth to check out, Júlia looks :hat1: :glamor: and really PC and classy with her answers.

    Here is the transscript & translation:

    Host: "I know I'm good and I believe in myself" she still holds on to this statement. And for us, she was the very fist one, the first one to skate to the top of Europe. Romeo couldn't ask for a more beautiful one: [she is] Júlia Sebestyén. Good evening, hi. As a European Champion, the country still expects wonders from you. What do you think, are we too impatient with you?

    Júlia: *pause* Yes, when somebody has reached a certain level, it's very hard to achieve that again. And you need to know that the [figure skating] circuit is getting stronger too, year by year. There are so many Japanese, skaters from overseas in the circuit, who are really-really gifted and talented. But I think, [the fact that] I'm 9th in the world standings, that I finished 4th at the European Championships... and if I'd a bit stronger support, I could have finished on the podium... I think I/we should be happy about this. Because it's a fact that Hungary is not a winter sports powerhouse, so... I think we should be happy about this. And I like to do this, and maybe there are loads of people who think different, but that's how I feel.

    Host: You were criticized for your coaching change too. Does this mean life has justified you afterwards?

    Júlia: Yes, I think it certainly has. There were some problems and I thought the solution would be to change the coach. And now, my coach is Gurgen Vardanjan, we really get along well, have a great chemistry, he helped me technically so much, and thank's to [this], the real skating experts approached me after competitions saying "now we saw the REAL Júlia on the ice, finally".

    Host: These sports that are judged by points are always harder, aren't they? They're more subjective...

    Júlia: Yeah...

    Host: You could tell some stories, I believe.

    Júlia: Well, yes. With the new judging system, they tried to make it more objective, and like in gymnastics, all the elements are worth some points. But there, there still is the 2nd mark the judges can "play" with. And the thing that's harder now that until now, from the 9 judges, 5 decided the result. Now, there is a so-called technical specialist, who defines if I jumped a triple [or not], or what level a certain spin had, how hard it was...

    Host: ... so it depends on his/her subjectivity...

    Júlia: ... so one or two people's opinions matter. And when they say it was a low-level spin, it's worth less points and we can't do anything about it. And even if the judges try to give more points for execution, it's all decided within the technical part, and we fought hard against that, but... so the subjectivity was and will always be there in this sport.

    Host: And it matters too which country you represent. I did rhytmical gymnastics and there were the Russians and the Bulgarians, and it was pretty much between them who the winner was... at those times, of course.

    Cecília: Now, China and Japan are added to that.

    Host: Is it like that [in figure skating] too?

    Júlia: Yes, there are dominant countries where figure skating is really strong. Japan, USA, a few European countries, and it really is hard to challenge them. Often, you have to push yourself twice as hard to get the same scores. But, we already know this and got accustomed to this and... no matter what result there will be at the end, we have to accept it.

    Host: You left home very early... 13 years old, I believe. Is that right?

    Júlia: Yes.

    Host: To train.

    Júlia: Yes.

    Host: How did you deal with that?

    Júlia: Well, that was a very hard decision, but looking back, it wasn't such a difficult decision for me [at that age]. I was like, I'll train and go to school 5 days a week and go home on weekends to my parents. But when I think back, it wasn't that easy. But I got accustomed pretty soon to it... I've always said that I owe Klári Kozári, who took me to herself back than, a lot and respect her so much... And if she didn't help me back than, my parents surely wouldn't let me go to live in a dormitory, in a huge city.

    Host: They let you go easier this way? How did they approach [this situation]?

    Júlia: Well... they were not that calm about this, but with her, they felt I'm more secure. But I had to call them every evening when I got home by bus that I arrived safely, they should not worry and they can go to sleep now.

    Rita: But it's an advantage too, isn't it? That you got were all by yourself and got more mature.

    Host: But wasn't it too early?

    Rita: Well, maybe, but it surely was positive, that she is more free and snappy.

    Júlia: Well, um, yes, it sure was. I had to face things that most of the young girls face only during or after their highschool years...

    OK, but who was there for you when you needed somebody? When you faced failure, or were really tired...

    Cecília: Her coaches, right?

    Júlia: Yes, my coaches.

    Host: But is it the same, is a coach like a mother?

    Júlia: No...

    Cecília: No, of course, but if there is nobody else, it means the world that there still is somebody to talk to, one she believes in, who is a role-model.

    Host: So this means if [Klári Kozári] was not there, you could not have go on... was it important to have aunt Klári beside you?

    Júlia: Yes, she helped me tremendously. I can say, she became like a step-grandmother to me. When I got home in the evening and I she noticed I'm sad or tired, she comforted me, because I could only talk to my parents on the phone, and... when they noticed that I really needed them there, they jumped into the car and came to Budapest. It happened a few times when they felt they need to be there, but...

    Host: Would YOU let your child go away so young?

    Júlia: *big sigh* Well, that's a really tough question. Um, of course, it depends on the whole situation. Because with me, well, they saw that I was crying all night and all day, I wasn't eating at that time because I though I had to finish skating, because there was no coach coming to [my town] Tiszaújváros. So, they said they'd rather make this step, make this hard decision [so that I can continue skating]. It depends on the situation, but...

    Host: What do you think, does this mean you will need to make the same decision now that your parents made this decision for you?

    Júlia: Definitely, it can mean that if they made this sacrifice for me, I'll need to do the same too.

    Cecília: And when you became a champion, where they present?

    Júlia: Of course, they were there, the whole family.

    Cecília: Because the European Championships were in Hungary, in 2004, if I remember correctly.

    Júlia: Yes. The whole family, the whole Tiszaújváros, all my friends and everybody who knew me was there to cheer for me.


    Stay tuned for part 2! ;)
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  13. sbanet

    sbanet Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the transcription and translation of Part 1 :rockstar:

    ...looking forward to Part Deux. :)
  14. Taso

    Taso Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the translation thus far! It's interesting to read about her upbringing and leaving home at 13, and as always the Hungarian language is the most puzzling thing I've ever heard :loL: Julia looks much, MUCH better with the soccer mom haircut. Can she make the transition back from granny to MILF? (Can I say that? Can you be MILF without children?)
  15. Mevrouw

    Mevrouw living every minute

    Hungarian is related to Finnish and is a Uralic language (= originating in the Ural Mountains). Estonian is also related to Finnish. Finnish & Hungarian are called Finni-Ugric languages as they have descended from the ancient Finno-Ugric languages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uralic_languages

    I travelled in Hungary for a few days once without a dictionary and none of the words, except Kave = coffee seemed similar. Couldn't even read street names. But somehow got along with German or gestures.
  16. Taso

    Taso Well-Known Member

    Eys, I found German to be very helpful when dealing with older people, and younger people spoke English. I figured out how to read and pronounce things before I went, but I really couldn't say much of anything at all. I've actually been to Hungary twice, once for 2 days and another time for a week, but I still can't recognize Hungarian at all when I hear it unless it's obvious like in an interview with Hungarian athletes :p
  17. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    But the Finns don´t understand Hungarian and the Hungarians don´t understand Finnish. Still, the both times when I have been in Hungary, the Hungarians have treated me/us very friendly when hearing that we are Finns and language relatives to them. I really appreciate that. Közönöm (sp).

    Julia is very longlasting. She is one of the very few current skaters who were already in WM in Helsinki 1999. Kudos for that.
  18. Poggi

    Poggi wannabe flower-girl

    It is "köszönöm", but szívesen (you're welcome) :)

    Actually (slyghtly off-topic, of course) even though Finnish and Hungarian are supposed to be similar languages, they are not - (like fraternal twins maybe) as Hungarian is part of the Uralic tradition, not the Finn, and there were some similar languager (mansi, manyi and the like) but they aleady became extinct, so yeah, Hungarian language must be puzzling, as there is nothing similar around. :) (I have a friend who keeps going on about the origins of the Hungarian language and how all languages are originated from Hungarian, so sadly this discussion caought me on a soft spot)
  19. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    LOL, so true! For me, I always watch the "native" interviews of the Finnish skating ladies, and I try to figure out what they said, but I simply have no clue. :D
  20. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Part 2 of the interview with Júlia! :cheer:

    Panikk! :scream: The forever young and beloved diva in level 4 blue eyeshadow gets all sorts weird questions in this segment! :eek: Witness the intriguing attempts to lure out some tidbits of Júlia about her private life, boyfriend or marriage plans, no Evan-approved costume color choices ;) and some other, general awkwardness! :duh: :lol:
    These women, always the talk about relationships. ;) :p

    Video feed:

    Transscript & translation:

    Cecília: Do you ever get nervous?

    Júlia: Y-.... yes. *laughs*

    Cecília: For how long? During the whole skate?

    Rita: Until she's on the ice...

    Júlia: This is really tough, because... there are fragments in time where I'm nervous. During or after the 6-minute warm-up, when I leave the ice and I have to skate last, that'a awful, really awful. There, I really can't wait to get on the ice and there, I can feel I'm nervous. But when I take the ice, and I'm announced, I only have my job on my mind, and... Especially during the 2004 Eruopean Championships, I watched the tapes and performances, and that silence the arena had... I can't believe I did it and was able to skate in front of it... I didn't realize there were so many people, only at the very end when they were cheering for me loudly...

    Host: You said you will definitely stay till the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Does this mean you believe in yourself that you'll be able to achieve great results till that or you don't have any more expectations from yourself anymore?

    Júlia: Well, we always have expectations towards ourselves, without that, you can't do this. You'll always need motivation, and I have it. I feel the power in me that will enable me to reach certain results. I feel that I can still do this job. And after this season and its results, I really feel I'm capable of more good results, and maybe I'll have a little bit more support while, of course, I'm doing what I'm able to, then... there is a chance for a podium at the Europeans, and, well, I'd love to get an Olympic entry or entries for Hungary. So, these are my goals.

    Host: You're 27 years old. While you're still competing, there is no chance for a husband?

    Júlia: *laughing*

    Cecília: And a child? :eek:

    Júlia: No. Um...

    Host: Or it doesn't have any relation to competing?

    Júlia: It sure has. But I think, right now, figure skating is the most important thing for me. Everybody can see that there is so little time left already, so I'm channeling all my energy into this. After that, everything else can come.

    Host: Is there one, by the way? [apparently, she asks if there's somebody right now in Júlia's life as a boyfriend/partner :wall:] Is there a man in your life whom you could see as your future husband?

    Júlia: No... There are people around me, I have many friends, but um... right now, I'm channeling all my energy into skating. *laughs*

    Host: Is it hard, by the way, to meet new people or friends, or to maintain relationships when you're training that much, go from competition to competition, country to country?

    Júlia: It's hard, it's not easy. Because in figure skating... well, there are other sports too, but in figure skating, we had many difficulties, like there were times when we had no ice rinks at all. So we had to travel to other countries, to training camps... So it's not easy, but you're trying.

    Host: Did you ever encounter somebody who tried to become your friend just because you were famous? To use you? Do you have such bitter experiences?

    Cecília: Don't think about them..

    Júlia: Um... not. I always think the best of people approaching me, that's how I always do and feel personally too.

    Host: Did you ever have a rebellish period where you revolted against your strict training regimen?

    Júlia: No.

    Host: Not even in your youth?

    Cecília: YOUTH?! *stunned*

    Júlia & Rita: *laughing*

    Cecília: You said that?!

    Host: I meant in her childhood...! When she was younger!

    Cecília: Well, sorry! I'm sitting here!

    Host: *whispering* I'm sorry! When she was younger. I missed the end of the word.

    Cecília: Yeah, of course.

    Host: I'm in a hurry to ask this question because it intrigues me! Did you ever have this kind of feeling that you miss something [due to skating] ...?

    Júlia: No. And I never even thought about missing a skating session for going out [to party] or do something else. I really loved to do this always in my life, that such things weren't even possible for me.

    Rita: And how much are you involved in designing your costumes? Because your figure skating costumes are gorgeous!

    Júlia: Thank you! In the last couple of years, my costumes were always designed in St. Petersburg and they were made there too. It's interesting, because-...

    Cecília: How did you end up there?

    Júlia: There is a Russian choreographer, Nina Petrenko, who did programs for me, and she had connections and they recommended me [this store/designer]. And... they took measures once and then... It was always like this: they e-mailed me the designs and I picked the ones I liked, and... In time, they recognized me too, they got to know what kind of costumes fit me better and what could be good for me on ice. And they produced the costume(s) for me and sent it to me via the post. There was actually a funny story, maybe in the first year [of working with them]. My mom went to the post office [to pick up my package], she opened it and called me on the phone almost crying that "OMG, this costume looks horrendous!" It's color. Because it had an orange-yellow-green-kind of color. And looking back those tapes, it was one of the best fitting costumes [I've ever had] because it looked so good on the ice. Bright colors on the white ice always look good. It was really-really great. It's totally different holding the costume in your hands and having them on the ice.

    Host: You mentioned your mum now. Are they [your family] more critical or baised towards you?

    Júlia: Um, both. But I think this is right so, to have the balance..

    Host: So in a good proportion?

    Júlia: Yes. I think they need to be critical some days because it's what makes you work harder. And I think your close relatives don't want to do any harm to you [by their critics and observations]. I always try to accept their critics.

    Cecília: Do you have any dreams on ice?

    Júlia: On the ice?

    Cecília: Yes, with the ice.

    Júlia: :confused:

    Cecília: No?

    Júlia: Yes, I had some dreams, both good and bad.

    Cecília: Don't tell the bad one, or fast like this [untranslateable blabling]. Don't think about them!

    Júlia: No. *laughs* I have a dream that keeps returning, mostly before competitions, that I get late to the competition and miss it.

    Host, Cecília & Rita: Oooh...

    Júlia: That I miss the competition by arriving late...

    Cecília: And the good one?

    Júlia: The good one? Well...

    Host: ... that she skates flawlessly.

    Júlia: Yes...

    Cecília: And are thes dreams colorful?

    Júlia: Yes, colorful. That the program I'm doing is done perfectly. Yes.

    Cecília: May it be like that.

    Host: When you finish competiong after 2010, would you turn pro? For American ice shows?

    Júlia: Yes, well...

    Cecília: It's not a disadvantage...

    Júlia: This means two things, actually. There is the ice revue, where they perform stories, of course. Something like that exists in Hungary too. But there are also those so called pro shows, where Olympic and World champions get invited... And I had the honor to participate in such a show in Germany, on 2 of Katarina Witt's galas. Of course.... I'd love to participate in such galas, but... it's something far away right now as I need to have great results at World Championships to get a chance for an invitation.

    Host: And the love, husband and child question follows even after that? :duh:

    Júlia: *laughs* No. When you reach that, you already think different, when you finished competing.

    Host: But could it be possible to be overrun [by love]? And that you start thinking differently?

    Júlia: Yes, it can happen. Everything can happen. Life is unpredictable.

    Host: Did it happen already or not?

    Júlia: *laughs* It will.

    Rita: Nothing can take you away from this path, from figure skating!

    Júlia: No, nothing, nothing! I always try to find the balance between figure skating and private life.

    Host: Thank you for being here!

    Júlia: Thank you.

    Cecília: Best luck!

    ~the end
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  21. Alanya

    Alanya New Member

    Such a cute interview :) That Cecilia sounds fun too, good she was there, think it helped some with the "awkard questions"?
    Btw, is something known about her lovelife and were they fishing to get her to talk about that? Or was it just general talkhshow-prying?
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  22. shah

    shah Shhh... shhh...

    Granny seems very decent, modest, laborious and persistent in her plans...good for her, keep my fingers crossed for 2010 and a medal in Helsinki next year!
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  23. Poggi

    Poggi wannabe flower-girl

    I wanted to punch Cecília Esztergályos. so badly..! she didn't even let Júlia say anything at all, she just came up with all those totally :confused: questions... :mad: :angryfire
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  24. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Seriously, I have no clue. She is not like the typical Hungarian celebrities who are hounded by the press all the time. The tabloids never cared about her as they did it with DivaNóra when the infamous split with Attila was made public...
  25. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    The Hungarian National Skating Federation had a general meeting recently about reviewing the 2007/2008 season, successes, financial situation, upcoming plans, and many more.

    A basic sheet of information:

    Tidbits and observations to figure skating, ice dance and synchro skating:

    - the fed is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and plans to commemorate this in a very special event where everybody needs to be invited who contributed to the developing and promoting of the Hungarian skating. Therefore, an organizing team was set up to make sure everything works out. Head of this team is Dr. Klára Kozári (the lady Júlia Sebestyén talked about in her recent video interview ;) ), other members: Eszter Jurek, József Merényi, Károly Csanádi.

    - all goals were achieved this season in all 5 disciplines.

    - the participants of the meeting were presented the applications for hosting future international competitions in Hungary. Most important of them was the bidding for the World Figure Skating Championships in 2011 (21-27 March). Nagano (Japan) is the only other city bidding for the rights that is confirmed in this document. There is also a bidding to host the World Championships in short track speed skating in 2011 (11-13 March). Here are more bidding countries listed: Great Britain, South Korea, Canada.

    - as most important goals for next season, the Olympic qualifications were set up. 2 entries for ladies singles and 1 ice dance couple is needed to accomplish.

    - Eszter Jurek, head of the figure skating department summarized the achievements of this area. She said all the senior results exceeded previous expectations (and the results of the previous season). The development of the upcoming skating generation looks really promising. Financially, this department had more income than estimated. She thanked for parents and coaches for their dedication and support.

    - Sándor Nagy (coach of the former team Hoffmann & Elek) talked about the season of the ice dance discipline. He mentioned the split of said couple as a devastating move for this discipline, but Nóra is not giving up and teaming up with Max Zavozin looks really promising for her. He pointed out that the future of this department should not be measured by Olympic qualifications (or the lack of them).

    - on behalf of the synchronised skating department, Vera Siági-Varga spoke about "the 2007/2008 season being the most successful of all" for its skaters. She said that financial support, right training circumstances and dedication payed off massively. She noted that to reach even better results, the continuous education and training of the coaches and judges is crucial.

    - György Sallak, head of the federation suggested that a system of points should be created to measure the achievemtents, results and training status of the skaters in each disciplines. :yawn: He agreed that there should be an emphasis on training of coaches and judges.

    That's all. ;)
  26. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    Some other news on the Federation's site.


    • the Hungarain Fed is bidding to host a Junior Grand Prix competition this season

    • there are plans for the renovation of the Gyakorló Jégcsarnok, host venue for the Nationals and training place for many athletes. Said venue will also serve from now on as a training rink only for figure skaters and ice dancers - ice hockey won't disturb the ice time anymore.

    • the head of the Fed is officially assigned to deal with USFSA about the case of Maxim Zavozin, to fulfill the requirements of the USFSA (most likely :sekret: :bribe: ), so that the ice dance team of Nora Hoffmann & Maxim Zavozin can attend competitions starting this season already.
  27. sbanet

    sbanet Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update! :cheer: :smokin:
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  28. shah

    shah Shhh... shhh...

    that's what I'm awaiting impatiently. can't wait to see Diva Nora back on ice :)! any news on Atilla, btw?
  29. igniculus

    igniculus Well-Known Member

    I've got my sources :p ;) but nothing skating-related news to report so far.
  30. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update! I can´t wait to see DivaNora in action again.