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Hourly Wages/Labour Index

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Hedwig, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Hedwig

    Hedwig WoolSilk Fanatic

    I am looking for statistical databases that provide the following:

    Changes in the hourly wages from year to year (ideally from 2000 onwards till now and maybe even with a forecast) for several countries:

    Basically all of South America

    It is relatively easy to find a CPI index, meaning the change of consumer prices, but I have a lot of difficulties finding something about changes in wages for these countries.

    it is a long shot but maybe someone here has a link to a website for me?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. iloveemoticons

    iloveemoticons Well-Known Member

    My only idea is on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website (bls.gov), there's a page which has links to the statistical agencies of other countries (I don't have the BLS link offhand, but you could probably search for it on their website) and you could go to those links to see if they have the information you're looking for.
  3. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

  4. jen_faith

    jen_faith Well-Known Member

    You may want to try some of the other multilaterals like the World Bank or IMF. I know the IMF produces both the WEO (world economic outlook) and the IFS (international financial statistics) that may have that data but I think it may be by unit labour cost rather than average wage. They might also just be indices. South American data may be harder to come by. Search both places websites.

    Good luck

    My :sekret: economist contact says that info can be hard to come by
  5. Hedwig

    Hedwig WoolSilk Fanatic

    Thanks a lot for the tips.
    I already searched the World Bank and IMF before and haven't found the necessary info there.
    But I will try the other ideas.

    Yes, the info is hard to come by but very important for me. Le sigh.

    Again, thanks a lot for everyone's tips! :)
  6. jen_faith

    jen_faith Well-Known Member

    OECD, other UN agencies besides the ILO, possibly the BIS? Did you check the individual country reports from the IMF and WB as well as the IFC? I don't think the IFC would have the European data but they might have S American data. This may be a bit of a reach but also maybe check some of the Paris Club reports?
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