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Gymnastics News #13

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by floskate, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. floskate

    floskate Vacant

    The old thread finally made it to 1000 so here's a new thread right in time for Worlds.

    So.....Maroney is promoted to doing the AA at the expense of Dowell. Anyone see that coming?
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  2. danafan

    danafan Canadian ladies über

    I hoped Maroney would be ready and I'm so happy for her!

    I wonder if they knew this was a possibility all along.

    USAG must think Maroney is in with a chance for an AA medal. I can't wait to see clips of her podium training tomorrow!
  3. london_calling

    london_calling Well-Known Member

    Everything I saw indicated that McKayla was really struggling with bars and beam in training. I would be shocked if she made the AA over Kyla and Simone.

    It seems cruel to not let Brenna compete at all. Maybe she got injured?
  4. Tesla

    Tesla Whippet Good

    That's very interesting. I guess they figured Dowell would've been pushed from any finals by the other gymnasts. Good for Maroney! I hope she and Ross are the two US AAs. :shuffle:
  5. kuzytalent

    kuzytalent Banned Member

    Whatever choice they made there was no good or bad one. Dowell isnt even a contender to make finals on bars and beam, and Maroney is weak on both bars and beam and never going to make the AA unless one of Ross or Biles have a splatfest, probably falling atleast twice. The main thing is having Biles and Ross in contention for the AA and Maroney in contention for vault and floor. Whichever 3rd gymnast they put up on bars and beam was a crapshoot and almost useless regardless.
  6. kuzytalent

    kuzytalent Banned Member

    I am a bit worried about Maroney now though since I really want to see her win both vault and floor, and I hope that having to focus and do 2 more events for almost no reason other than they cant find anyone to do them doesnt take away from her chances to win vault and floor.
  7. Karpenko

    Karpenko Not Impressed.

    I am so happy (and feel evil) that Maroney is doing AA. If she won an AA medal I would be over the moon.

    I think by next year Dowell is going to be a very key team member, ESP for vault and UB in team finals.
  8. floskate

    floskate Vacant

  9. danafan

    danafan Canadian ladies über

  10. Karpenko

    Karpenko Not Impressed.

    :lol: All the talk about the triple twisting yurchenko being named after Biles or Maroney first and Hong Un Jong comes along and says ME, and im 50 too now what. her amanar had good height in training. Going to be a great vault podium if she even hits a 2 1/2. Too bad we couldn't swap this one with London..

    :( For Brenna but she will get those moves next year, Simone is going to have an enormous difficulty score on floor. (I bet she could punch a front layout out of it too) ^ She will be world FX champ if she has that same routine in FX finals, nobody would be able to beat her there either.
  11. Erin

    Erin Well-Known Member

    Just looked at the start lists and I'm surprised that Canada again doesn't have Victoria Moors competing vault (and there not AA). Moors is a good vaulter and the only reason to pull her from vault would be if Chant and Hofland both had a good shot at making vault finals (which seems unlikely). Is it potentially injury related? It still seems like she could but it out for one vault in prelims to have a chance at AA finals, especially since she is also doing floor. I had thought it was equally strange that she didn't vault at the Olympics when she had a DTY and instead Canada put up two gymnasts with 1.5TYvaults.
  12. floskate

    floskate Vacant

  13. danafan

    danafan Canadian ladies über

    Do you mean the nominative roster? I don't think the official start lists are out.

    Moors' DTY wasn't very consistent and in London the decision to pull her from vault was to ensure Canada had a chance to qualify for the AA final, and Pegg was the only gymnast in position to do that, which is why she vaulted instead of Moors.
  14. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    Incredible. Other than the slight leg separation as she goes onto the table, it is perfect. Better than London because of the total control on the landing. I am hoping that she hits one like this in competition to see what score the judges throw at it. Just give it a 10!
  15. danafan

    danafan Canadian ladies über

  16. danafan

    danafan Canadian ladies über

  17. Erin

    Erin Well-Known Member

    That's good re Moors. The participant list is obviously not final...after I posted earlier, I kept reading and saw that Dowell is still listed to do beam and bars, so there are other changes still to come.
  18. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    I read that Nabieva may have a concussion after landing a tumbling pass on her head. Is this true or was someone just joking about how much bad luck Russia has had? I forgot that Afan was out, too. So much back and forth with this team that I can't even keep up.
  19. gingercrush

    gingercrush Well-Known Member

    Yes hearing the same thing. She may not do AA now. I'm not sure the Russians will have anyone by the end of this Olympic cycle. They need to reexamine something because they are consistently killing these girls.

    Not happy that Maroney got an AA spot. She didn't deserve it seeing as she didn't compete AA at National Championship. And although she would be a good AAer for other countries. For the US at least she doesn't stand a chance. Also how incredibly mean of US gymnastics/Martha to do that with Dowell. She should never have been announced as going to worlds in the first place if Martha wanted three AAers. Besides I see Maroney's beam and UB to be simply too weak compared to Biles and Ross. What Martha should be doing is making sure she is a brilliant Vault/FX specialist. She could upgrade the Mustafina vault or even throw a TTY. On floor she could add a half to her Double Arabian and bring back her 3.5 twist.

    And does Martha not like Ross or something.

    Oh and I read on the All Round forum that Mustafina has submitted the Triple Y. She is close to succeeding but I don't think she is close enough.
  20. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    Mustafina has submitted the triple Y so many times now and has never gotten it. One day she will.
  21. Domshabfan

    Domshabfan A proud P/C fan

    She has never submitted to world championships, this is her first attempt. The only other championships she has submitted was at the european championships this year, again that would not be allowed for naming purpose.
  22. floskate

    floskate Vacant

    MAG quals is underway and Mikulak finished just shy of 90 points overall. Definitely a contender. In other news 17 year old Kenzo Shirai has been busy making history with the first recognised triple twisting Yurchenko and a quad twist on floor.

    Kenzo Shirai FX Qual Quad twist stuck cold is the dismount :eek:

    Kenzo Shirai TTY VT Qual

    So a quick question for those in teknik. WAG vaulter Hong Un Jong has submitted the TTY but obviously is yet to compete. Does this mean all future TTY will be called a Shirai? Or if a woman does manage it, will it be named after her under the WAG code?
  23. Karpenko

    Karpenko Not Impressed.

    It would be different in the mens and womens. :) Those are beautifully done, he's going to push Uchimura the next 4 years too going to be a great motivation for both.

    Catching up on vids... Based on the PT clips I'm not feeling the Kyla World AA Champ feeling I've had all year, but who knows she may surprise in competition. It's like she's gotten even taller and it's thrown everything off - her bars esp look to have regressed in a lot of ways, hopefully they look a lot cleaner in competition. Floor was good, beam could maybe medal, but I think if they all hit at this point Maroney/Biles might have higher AA scoring potential. Biles could even make all 4 EF. I also think its a huge plus that Mac gets to start on FX/VT - when those two are out of the way all pressure is off and everything is a gain. Mustafina looks great on bars, Izbasa looks good to medal on floor, Yao Jinnan looks fab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-u8bsa1wK4

    I noticed a Romanian in the feed had both FF-tucked full and FF-piked full BB combos in one routine - has Iordache upgraded here? I love the arena, feels like an authentic gym Worlds. :cheer: :watch:
  24. gingercrush

    gingercrush Well-Known Member

    It'll be like the Shewfelt and Amanar I would have thought.
  25. Erin

    Erin Well-Known Member

    I'm happy as a fan of Maroney's to see her to AA and disagree that she doesn't stand a chance (I don't think Martha would put her up if she had no chance), but I do agree that it was pretty awful of USAG to do that to Dowell. It is also a bit of a shame that she doesn't get the experience this year with little pressure when she could be an important team member in the future.

    Yes, I would agree, although I always think it's strange that hardly anyone calls the vault a Shewfelt in MAG - they usually just refer to it as a 2.5TY.
  26. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    I just noticed a name in the MAG quals - Naoya Tsukahara for AUSTRALIA... is this the same Naoya Tsukahara of 90's Japanese fame?!
  27. Allen

    Allen Glad to be back!

    Yay for Brandon Wynn leading Ring Qualifications after 3 subdivisions! Mikulak in second after 3 subdivisions in the all around behind Uchimura.

    Interesting that we have a female judge in the Men's competition and a male judge in the Women's competition. I know this is completely normal at other competitions (NCAA Women's competitions regularly have male judges, not so much the other way around), but it's a first for the World Championships.
  28. Braulio

    Braulio Pleasantly pleasing with Peggy

    Yes he is the same gymnast

    The standings so far after 3 Subdivisions

    All Around
    1. Uchimura--JPN--91.924
    2. Mikulak--USA--89.532
    3. Lin--CHN--89.43
    4. Zhou--CHN--88.898
    5. Sasaki--BRA--88.699
    6. Hambuechen--GER--88.064
    7. Purvis--GBR--87.031
    8. Hegi--SUI--86.998
    9. Whitlock--GBR--86.941
    10. Calvo Moreno--COL--86.939

    1 K. Shirai JPN - 16.233
    2 K. Uchimura JPN - 15.333
    3 F. Hambuechen GER - 15.266
    4 D. Purvis GBR - 15.266
    5 J. Dalton USA - 15.166
    6 S. Morgan CAN - 15.100
    7 S. Mikulak USA - 15.033
    8 S. Sasaki Jr. BRA - 15.000

    Pommel Horse
    1 A. Busnari ITA - 15.633
    2 D. Corral MEX - 15.600
    3 R. Seligman CRO - 15.500
    4 M. Petrov RUS - 15.500
    5 M. Whitlock GBR - 15.408
    6 K. Kameyama JPN - 15.400
    7 H. Merdinyan ARM - 15.333
    8 K. Uchimura JPN - 15.133

    1 B. Wynn USA- 15.700
    2 A. Balandin RUS - 15.600
    3 L Van Gelder NED - 15.566
    4 S. Ait Said FRA - 15.566
    5 K. Yamamuro JPN - 15.500
    6 E. Petrounas GRE - 15.466
    7 M. Morandi ITA - 15.400
    8 F. Molinari ARG - 15.366

    1 H. Yang KOR - 15.299
    2 O. Verniaiev UKR - 15.041
    3 S. Sasaki Jr BRA - 14.987
    4 K. Shirai JPN - 14.916
    5 M. Berbecar ROU - 14.916
    6 J. Dalton USA - 14.866
    7 M. Fahrig GER - 14.841
    8 W. Shek HKG - 14.795

    Parallel Bars
    1 V. Tsolakidis GRE - 15.866
    2 A. Fokin UZB - 15.800
    3 C. Lin CHN - 15.733
    4 S. Zhou CHN - 15.666
    5 M. Berbecar ROU - 15.600
    6 J. Orozco USA - 15.433
    7 S. Mikulak USA - 15.400
    8 K. Uchimura JPN - 15.400
    8 E. Zonderland NED - 15.400

    High Bar
    1 K. Uchimura JPN - 15.658
    2 F. Hambuechen GER - 15.633
    3 E. Zondeland NED - 15.433
    4 S. Mikulak USA - 15.366
    5 J. Calvo Moreno COL - 15.166
    6 A. Bretschneider GER - 15.133
    7 C. Lin CHN - 15.066
    8 S. Zhou CHN - 15.066
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  29. Fergus

    Fergus Well-Known Member

    CHEERS!!! :cheer2: He was spectacular today.

    Sam was nice and steady, it was very much a strong, secure All-Around performance. :)

    The way they're breaking it up is sorta strange.