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Gwyneth Paltrow's Spring Wardrobe Recommendations...Only $450K

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by overedge, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. topaz

    topaz Well-Known Member

    I"m not understanding why this article seems shocking and out of touch. The clothes are by fashion designers. Folks who can't afford it can get ideas from the looks.

    It's not like the letter is suggesting regular people can afford these clothes. Goop is an exclusive online designer site with celebrity collarations. It's similar to shopbop and net-a-porter.

    The target market for goop are elite people.
  2. Jasmar

    Jasmar Active Member

    Because the elite surf the net for What Would Gwyneth Wear?
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  3. milanessa

    milanessa engaged to dupa

  4. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    Because disliking and making fun of Ms. Paltrow is an 'in' thing right now.
  5. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    It's shocking and out of touch because Gwynnie (or the great minds that run Goop) seem to think that people should copy Gwynnie just because, well, she's Gwynnie. Or that the people who like Gwynnie are uncritical enough to buy or wear such ridiculous-looking outfits.

    The only idea that I hope people of any income level would get from looking at this is how *not* to dress.
  6. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    It's not shocking to me actually. It's just funny. And dumb.
  7. nubka

    nubka Well-Known Member

    I like those jeans. The Chloe' pants are cute, too! :) :)
  8. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    Oh, OH, OH!!!! Remember when she posted about having Billy Joel and his then-wife Katie Lee over for lunch? She called him "William". Made me wanna break out my designer barf bags made from organic monkey placentas :rolleyes:.
  9. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

    Anyone who names their child after a common fruit is a bit of a loon in my mind.
  10. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    Yes, if you name your kid after a fruit, it should be Passion Fruit Kiwi!! :mitchell:

    Okay that almost makes me want to have a kid so I can name them that. :lol:

    I've already forgotten the jeans. All I remember is that they didn't look good on her. They were probably a fine look for someone else or with a different top, but the way it was presented. I remember that purse in the first pic though so I think that's a win for that outfit.
  11. mag

    mag Well-Known Member


    IMHO it really has very little to do with fashion or "elite people," whoever they are, and more to do with keeping Gwenyth's name recognition up. I can't even remember the name of her last movie. There is probably a whole generation of kids who don't know who she is. She is competing with the likes of Kim Kardashian and I suspect among the younger generation Kim is winning. Other than a couple of movies, a famous mother, and a famous husband, what exactly has Gwenyth got to offer the world? Oh wait, didn't she win and Oscar?
  12. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    It was Ironman 2. :lol:
  13. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

    She was also in The Avengers.
  14. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    Now I am beginning to think she is just pnk'ing all of us.
  15. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

    Okay, clearly I am not in her target market!

    (First time using the multiple quote function - very cool!)
  16. Ozzisk8tr

    Ozzisk8tr Well-Known Member

    I was thinking more along the lines of Cumquat Lemon Zest. What about Nashi Pear.
  17. Anita18

    Anita18 Well-Known Member

    And is now showing up in Iron Man's armor in Iron Man 3 TV spots. :p
  18. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    And, to be fair, her role was Ironman's sort-of girlfriend. It's not like she's carrying the movie. But, still, she's in these super successful movies and she has an Oscar and a following (she has her website with lots of hits) so why shouldn't TPTB like her and give her work?

    Cumquat Lemon Zest is cool but not Nashi Pear. It's still too close to ordinary.
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  19. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

    And she has all those A list friends she loves to talk about to put in a good word for her. As insufferable as she appears to us, she knows how to play nice with the right people. She won't be like Adrien Brody, who ended up doing one of the few movies in recent memory that would cast Lindsay Lohan.
  20. Bev Johnston

    Bev Johnston Well-Known Member

    #8, the one with the sweatshirt and moccasins that they call "sneakers", looks like something my former neighbor would wear. She also had dreds, a dog that was half-wolf who terrorized the neighborhood, drove a Grateful Dead van, and worked in a cafe that catered to goths and vampire wannabes.
  21. Yehudi

    Yehudi Snarks about Volchkova with love

  22. topaz

    topaz Well-Known Member

    The information the website mentioned is referring too is called goop.com

    It's an very upscale designer good shopping website. Goop.com is is geared towards a very limited clientale. It's like haute couture.
  23. maatTheViking

    maatTheViking Danish Ice Dance! Go Laurence & Nikolaj!

    I don't get the Gwynth hate? But I don't follow any celeb news, really (the 450K wardrobe intrigued me, though).

    I like her as an actor, I think she is usually pretty good in the movies she is in?

    all that clothes would look silly on me. I like the leather jacket though.
  24. jamesy

    jamesy shut in

    :lol: most of them look silly on her
  25. dbell1

    dbell1 Well-Known Member

  26. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    you just feel threatened
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  27. IceAlisa

    IceAlisa discriminating and persnickety ballet aficionado

    But not as much as before because she is now 40.
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  28. bek

    bek Guest

    I remember Anthony Hopkins talking about her and saying she and Jodi Foster were the most professional actresses he's worked with...She just has no concept of "reality" in terms of normal life.
  29. manhn

    manhn Well-Known Member

    I love me Gwyneth. And she deserved her Oscar. Suck it, Blanchett.
  30. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I love her, but I certainly like her as an actress and loved her in SIL, where she glowed the whole movie. And I love her in the Iron Man series.

    And the more hate she gets the more I like her, which is partially how I became a huge fan of Lysacek, Meissner, etc....