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GPF Dance

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by haribobo, Oct 13, 2010.

Who will make GPF?

  1. Davis/White

  2. Pechalat/Bourzat

  3. Bobrova/Soloviev

  4. Faiella/Scali

  5. Cappellini/LaNotte

  6. Kerr/Kerr

  7. Hoffman/Zavozin

  8. Crone/Poirier

  9. Shibutani/Shibutani

  10. Riazanova/Tkachenko

  11. Ilinykh/Katsalapov

  12. Gorshkova/Butikov

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    With V/M out, who do you predict will be the 6 teams to make GPF? Multiple choice allowed.
  2. Tak

    Tak Well-Known Member

    Well, I voted for D/W, who I think will win, and then for the bunch of old timers - P/B, K/K, F/S, C/L - who I think the judges will favor because they're familiar. That left one opening - which I think will be I/K.

    However, who I would LIKE to see in the GPF would be

    B/S [maybe - if they finally get some decent material]
    and the remaining 2 I'm split between F/s, k/K and p/B , depending on how I feel about their dances.

    I'm really looking forward to the NHK Cup - i think the dance line-up there is the best of the series, even w/o S/B.
  3. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    I will look at the event lineups again before voting but I dont think Cappellini & Lanotte will make it. I just have a feeling they are on the down. I do think I/K will make it. Before seeing the assignments I am going to guess the same teams as Tak except Crone & Poirier instead of the #2 Italians.
  4. pumba

    pumba New Member

    Davis/White, Pechalat/Bourzat, Faiella/Skali, Kerr/Kerr, Ilinykh/Katsalapov, and #6 Bobrova/Soloviev, Capellini/LaNotte, or Crone Poirier.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
  5. casken

    casken Well-Known Member

    1. Davis & White 1-1 (Duh)
    2. Faiella & Scali 1-1
    3. Pechalat & Bourzat 2-1
    4. Crone & Poirier 1-2
    5. Ilinykh & Katsalapov 2-2
    6. Bobrova & Soloviev 3-3

    7. Cappellini & Lanote 3-3
    8. Kerr/Kerr 2-4

    Top 3 are obvious. Filling the last 3 spots is where it gets interesting.
  6. Carmen Ovsiannikov

    Carmen Ovsiannikov Well-Known Member

    It looks as if most of us are in agreement in regards to the six teams who will compete at the GPF.

    With V&M out of the GP series I'm glad that the Kerr's and F&S are continuing and I&K have moved up to the senior division. I'm wondering if I&K can compete for a medal at the final. I suppose time will tell though at the moment my money is on the Kerr's and F&S joining D&W on the podium.

    I realize this wasn't a who wins the medals post. Got carried away. :p
  7. SamuraiK

    SamuraiK Well-Known Member

    You can always count on Ice Dance for some easy predictions LOL..

    I agree with the majority here the 6 teams will be:

    Davis White
    Faiella Scali
    Pechalat Bourzat
    Kerr Kerr
    Cappellini Lanotte
    Ilinykh Katsalapov

    Dark horses : Bobrova Solovive and Crone Poirier.
  8. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    You guys are so optimistic for Ilinykh/Katsalapov. I love them and would love to see them in the final, but I don't think it will happen this year.
  9. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    Wait a minute--what's their nationality again? ;)
  10. pumba

    pumba New Member

    Do you really beleive they would have had lesser chance to make the GPF representing US or Canada? :rollin:
  11. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    I was sure Faiella and Scali were retired !
  12. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Ilinykh/ Katsalapov and Bobrova/ Soloviev would have to duke it out. In test skates it seemed Bobrova/ Soloviev are better prepared and have better Federation support- but I/K have so much "IT" factor :)D), I think the chances are even.
  13. nuge

    nuge Well-Known Member

  14. SamuraiK

    SamuraiK Well-Known Member

    IlynikhKatsalapov will likely medal at NHK and same for BobrovaSoloviev at Cup of China so it will actually come down to who of those two teams gets the Bronze at Cup of Russia to see who will be considered Russian #1 team and who makes it to the final..
  15. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Who I would like to see in the GPF:

    Federica & Massimo
    Meryl & Charlie
    Sinead & John
    Nathalie & Fabian
    Anna & Luca
    Vanessa & Paul

  16. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    ... I gotta change my mind. The draw is kind to Crone/ Poirier, more advantageous than to Russian teams ( especially considering withdrawals).
  17. Susan M

    Susan M Well-Known Member

    I have looked and looked, and still can't see IT here. IMO this team is hugely overhyped. They still skate very juniorish to me. I've heard they are being pushed as the great Russian hope for dance gold in Soshi, but looking at I/K now vs how Virtue-Moir or Davis-White looked in 2007, they are still years behind. IMO the RSFS should be looking at them for 2018. Still being Russian, they can expect a lot of behind the scenes help, I guess.
  18. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    I/K haven't had their first international senior competition and claims that they're already being held up have begun :rolleyes: :blah:
  19. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    I saw a poll on the Russian website that was from the other thread about who was more courageous in 2010 and I/K were third in a poll out of 3 of "who are you most looking forward to?" I just thought that was interesting because of what Tarasova was saying about them. But the international judges at junior worlds 2010 were very clear about them I/K compared to Monko/Khalavian and Pushkash/Gueriero and of course the Shibutani's and Paul/Islam-that I/K were the best out of all them and not by a little! So if the judges love them at jr worlds and that continues well then they should medal at their GP events and make the GP final and be big.
  20. Susan M

    Susan M Well-Known Member

    No, its more a prediction that they will be. Word is already around that they will be getting the big push from RSFS which usually also translates into support from their satellites.
  21. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    Word from whom? Because TAT herself wasn't terribly complimentary about their programs this season.

    I think they have amazing talent, potential, technical ability, and charisma, particularly her. If you don't think they have an It factor, then frankly, I'm not sure who you think does.
  22. Asli

    Asli Well-Known Member

    Each powerful federation pushes their ice dance teams as much as they can. Don't worry, Russians are as paranoid about the political push behind the spectacular rise of US and Canadian teams as you are about the Russian teams. It all depends on your point of view. ;)

    As for I/K, they haven't skated in a single senior competition yet and they have had just one year of international junior competition together. So it is way too early to predict anything about their chances for Sochi. However, they are overall the best junior ice dance team I have ever seen, when you take into account both technique and interpretation. This is my opinion of course.
  23. pumba

    pumba New Member

    I guess they would have been even more overhyped have they skated for Canada or the US.
    Plus, saying that they are inferior to, or "years behind"!! :huh: of V/M and esp D/W at the respective age is a bit strange.
  24. casken

    casken Well-Known Member


    They'll do no worse than third at Skate America (I think second), and they'll do no worse than second at Skate Canada, and I have a feeling that they could win over the Kerrs there.

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    Just to be clear about where D&W and V&M were in their debut senior season (2006/2007):

    Program tango
    FD Valse Triste
    Skate Canada-2nd
    4CC's 3rd
    Worlds 6th

    OD Tango
    FD Polovetsian Dances
    Skate Canada-4th, however this was a big comeback after a fall in the Golden Waltz CD
    NHK 4th, including being first team to score all level 4's in both OD & FD
    Did not qualify for the GPF
    4CC's 4th (including finishing 3rd ahead of V&M in the CD)
    Worlds 7th
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  26. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Tessa & Scott were 6th at Worlds 2007.

  27. Fashionista

    Fashionista New Member

    We can't compare them to V/M and D/W circa 2007 yet because they haven't even started their first senior year yet. I would compare them to V/M and D/W circa 2006 and I think they are already superior to both of the North American teams in every aspect of their skating (technically and artistically wise).
  28. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Opinions always differ.
    But in terms of "hype", so far I don't think it's coming from Russian Federation, but rather from many ice dance fans who think that I/K are immensely talented ( me included). If they continue to progress fast, of course the Federation will be behind them. If they falter, the Federation will back up Bobrova/ Soloviev (officials are hardly sentimental). Every country stands behind their team #1, and I/K have great pressure of expectation on them right now and no guarantees.
    I think presently I/K are building a fanbase which has nothing to do with their nationality.
  29. Dragonlady

    Dragonlady Sew Happy

    IMO, you're being overly optimistic. They are in no way technically superior to any number of North American ice-dance teams, including V&M, D&W or C&P. They are slow, don't skate all that closely together, but are a very, very talented JUNIOR team. Having seen their new programs, I'm expecting a sophmore slump.

    I worry that because of all of the hype, there will be so much pressure on these two that they'll never live up to expectations. This is a junior team that's been together for one season. To expect them to be competitive with teams like D&W or V&M, or even Crone & Poirier, who have been skating together all of their lives, is unrealistic. And that doesn't even take into consideration things like speed, power and ice-coverage, which is always an advantage to the older, more experienced teams.
  30. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    I know you love them, Dragonlady, but Elena is so much better than Crone, IMO, who has bad posture, ugly feet and moves rather ungracefully. Paul is amazing, though.