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Gerboldt/Enbert inteview to RIANews

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by TAHbKA, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. TAHbKA

    TAHbKA Well-Known Member

    We'll try to show all we can at the nationals
    The pair from St. Petersburg Gerboldt/Enbert became the only guests at the Moscow cup. It's understandable - they are to participate the Grand Prix in Moscow in a week from now and wanted to try the ice in Megasport. Not everything goes smoothly for them, which is hardly surprising- they've only been skating for 5 months together, while Katia haven't even skated pairs before. About their hardships and other things they spoke to the RIA news Andrey Simonenko.

    (AS for Andrey Simonenko, AE for Alexandr Enbert, EG for Ekaterina Gerboldt)
    AS: Why was the Moscow cup so important for you that you came all the way from St. Petersburg?
    AE: We are only attending some training events now and the main goal is to get used to skating together. Besides, we wanted to feel the stadium where we'll participate the Grand Prix. It was an opportunity not to miss.
    EG: When we started skating together we set some very high goals. We knew we have to skate our best in the first season. One of our main competitions this year is the Cup of Russia since lacking the points we can't participate any other events. Hence we have to be prepared.

    AS: Did you expect such a competition when you first paired? 2 new pairs formed during this time - Volosozhar/Trankov and Mukhortova/Blancahrd?
    AE: Well, we were not surprised. All those moves began at the end of the last season, so we knew who we would have to compete against. The news spread fast in the figure skating world. So at the beginning of the season not only we knew who will be skating with whom, but also how.

    AS: Katarina, as a past single skater I wanted to ask what does a girl feel when she is being thrown 3 meters up?
    EG: Oh, I love it! It's great. In general I enjoy all we do.

    AS: What about you Alexandr? Are you afraid to do the elements with a girl who is not yet used to them?
    AE: No, I trust Katia and I know how eager she is to learn the new elements. But of course, we haven't started with the split twists and lifts once we just paired, first we got ready. We started with some very easy lifts, then increased the level. Everything came in stages, it's not as if all of the sudden we just did split twists.

    AS: What is the hardest part of your job?
    EG: To perform the pairs elements well. And I mean all of them not just one. Skating the whole programme without errors.
    AE: The small details, of course. Each of us has it's own paste of the elements. For instance, the jumps - separately we do them just fine. The synchronization is something that doesn't always happen yet. So we continue getting used to each other. The hardest though is the splits and the lifts. We work on those the most.

    AS: Whose idea was it to skate together?
    EG: After the Russian Nationals Tatiana Druchinina (Moskvina's group choreographer) approached me and offered to consider switching to the pairs skating. I participated as a single skater the Russian Cup final, but by then I already made my decision. I came to Moskvina's group to learn I'm to skate with Sasha. We tried out and like it, so we decided to go on skating together.

    AS: Alexandr, your career with the previous partner, Ksenia Ozerova was over more or less at the same time?
    AE: Yes, after the Russian Nationals. In general it's our most important competition to which all the skaters get as ready as they can. It shows whether we have a chance. We worked the whole year with my partner, but it all fall apart. So we decided to stop skating together.

    AS: Katarina, was it a hard decision to switch to pairs?
    EG: Yes, it was. Not because I was afraid of the pairs element - that's a fear I never had. But the change of the profession at my age (she is 21y.o) was scary. Frankly, almost everyone thought it was ridiculous thing to do. Tamara Moskvina was the only one who believed in us. We trusted her knowledge and experience and think things start to work out.

    AS: Do you like working in Moskvina's group?
    AE: We love it. We are trying to do everything with a smile. Tamara Moskvina, Arthur Dmitriev, Igor Moskvin - they all are working with us and create a really light atmosphere. They understand how hard it's for us - learning the new elements. It's impossible to be stressed all the time,one needs to let go.

    AS: Does skating with the European champions Kawaguti/Smirnov on the same ice pushes you forward?
    EG: Of course. We are trying to get to them. Or even be better. Of course we are lacking some technique compared to them right now. But our enjoyment of the skating we manage to transfer to the viewers no worse than they do.

    AS: Which characters are you creating on the ice?
    AE: We are trying to become a classical St. Petersburg pair. For example the SP is a light walts - it's all about smiles and happiness. It suits us and comes naturally
    EG: We enjoy being on the ice and we want everyone to feel that. And to enjoy our skating with us.

    AS: And you do it well, I have to admit, especially the glances on the audience. How do you train that - projecting the emotions?
    AE: It comes naturally. Though, of course, we are trying to skate at the training the way we would at the competitions. We have the team near the borders - the choreographers Tatiana Druchinina, Valerii Pecherskii, the coaches Arthur Dmitriev and Tamara Moskvina, so we have someone to train the glances on (he laughs)
    EG: You'll have to believe it's real us without any additional work. We like skating that way, we enjoy it. And I guess everyone surrounding us should enjoy it as well.

    AS: But when an element doesn't work it puts you down?
    EG: Of course. But we are ready for it- we know that in such a short period of time it's impossible to learn everything. The coaches were ready for our mistakes as well. They always tell us not to get stuck on something that didn't work, skate till the end of the programme. It happens that skaters win despite the mistakes.
    AE: Don't give up - that's the main motto.

    AS: Are you planning to do more complicated jumps?
    AE: We are working on a harder cascade - we do 3 jumps in the LP. For the pairs skating it's quite a big thing. But this season we didn't really have time to learn the new jumps. We mainly work on the pairs elements. May be we'll try something next season. In the mean while we'll do what we have now.

    AS: What about thee triple split twist?
    EG: We are working on it almost every day. We tried it at the competition, but right now we do the double better. It just doesn't make sense performing it and gaining less points then for a double. We'll start including the triple split twist in our programmes when we'll stop getting a negative GOE for it.

    AS: At the Moscow cup Tatiana Tarasova came to see your SP. Were you nervious?
    EG: No, we were happy such high class specialists came to see our work. And we receive every remark gratefully. We change some things, add some others. We'd like to thank Tatiana Tarasova so much for helping us. Her suggestions are priceless. And no, I'm not nervious of that.

    AS: Are you following the other pairs?
    AE: Sure. There are always moves, elements, lifts, dismounts. So we follow all the competitions, see the upsides and the downsides, come to our conclusions in what are we better or worse and how to beat them.

    AS: Do you think you have a chance to be part of the Russian team at Europeans and Worlds?
    EG: The only thing we know for sure is that we'll try to show our best at the Russian Nationals. Then the best will win.
    AE: It will be up to the judges to decide who is to be part of the team. There is still time till the Russian Nationals. We plan to work hard and be ready for it. Then the skating will tell
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  2. 2sk8

    2sk8 Active Member

    Thank you for the translation - it is a great interview. Katia is such a fighter; I wish them great results!
  3. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    They seem very gracious. Wow, there are a lot of Russian teams worth rooting for!
  4. lucysk8

    lucysk8 New Member

    Nice! Thank you for sharing that!
  5. loopey

    loopey Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the translation TAHbKA!

    It will be interesting to watch this new team develop.

    And although, this wasn't the main focus of the interview, I smiled hugely hearing that Igor Moskvin is still coaching! Have not heard anything about him for so long, I thought he no longer spent time in a rink. Glad to hear his name again!