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Gedevanshvili in Toronto

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by sk9tingfan, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. sk9tingfan

    sk9tingfan Well-Known Member

    LynnRutherford News from Jersey - Elena Gedevanishvili has left Hackensack and is now training Toronto with Brian Orser

    It's not over until it's over.
  2. julieann

    julieann Well-Known Member

    I really like her, I hope it works out!
  3. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

    Me, too. I really want to see Elene win medals more often!
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  4. krenseby

    krenseby New Member

    Weren't there rumors before of her wanting to work with Morozov?
  5. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Depends what you mean by "work"....
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  6. TheIronLady

    TheIronLady Well-Known Member

    Just be thankful she is not with Robin Wagner. I would like to see her improve technically.
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  7. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    But we're talking about her, not him
  8. Jenna

    Jenna Well-Known Member

    Wow, she did really well with Nikolai at Worlds. We'll see..hope it works out!
  9. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Yes, and the rumours were that she moved to Hackensack to be coached by him because they were, um, "working" together in their personal lives.
  10. MissIzzy

    MissIzzy Active Member

    Don't those rumours come standard with every blonde female skater he's connected to professionally? :eek:
  11. RunnersHigh

    RunnersHigh Well-Known Member

    Good for Brian! :)
  12. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    I think it's a good move for Elene.

    She's immensely talented but she never seems to really get a grip on her skating. She's got everything she needs: speed, big jumps, good spins, appeal...now she just needs someone to help shape all of that into an (even more) eye-catching package. I truly hope someone suggests that she dyes her hair back to brown. That blonde hair just made her look a tad slutty IMO...HOT, but slutty, which doesn't work well in skating.

    I always enjoy watching Elene skate b/c she is very entertaining to watch. Hopefully Brian will help her move her talent to that next level. The fact that she's been with Robin Wagner this long is still a mystery to me...:confused:
  13. arakwafan2006

    arakwafan2006 Well-Known Member

    I hope that the crowded conditions that drove a certain other top male skater away dont negatively affect her. I truly hope that she gets her ducks in a row because since her performance at the olympics in 2006, she has just not been on top of her game. It sucks because i really like her.
  14. fan

    fan Well-Known Member

    crowded? there's like 5-6 elite skaters on the ice at once?
  15. Braulio

    Braulio Pleasantly pleasing with Peggy

    2010 european bronze medalist, I guess she did better taking a medal there than at the Torino Olympics
  16. Jaana

    Jaana Well-Known Member

    I would like to see her dye the hair to earlier colour, blond does not look good on her, IMO. If she does not succeed with Orser, maybe it´s time to retire? Does she come from a wealthy family, because I don´t think that her results pay for coaches, etc.?
  17. reut

    reut Well-Known Member

    AFAIK she is not blond any more.
  18. Iceman

    Iceman Well-Known Member

    Are there no other women in her country who skate and compete against her to represent
    that country? You would think after 5 years on the scene she would have some competition. She showed such promise at her first Olympics, that I, like others, have been disappointed she hasn't done better. I hope with Brian she will make better musical choices and costume (and hair lol) decisions. IMO she has been rather on the "tacky" side for too long a time.
  19. TheIronLady

    TheIronLady Well-Known Member

    Um, she has grown quite a bit since her first Olympics. I'm not talking height or width. She is the most well endowed lady out there, and I think she has been exceeding expectations with her jumps. Maybe Orser can share with her secrets he learned from Katarina.
  20. Iceman

    Iceman Well-Known Member

    Yes, IronLady, I keep expecting centrifugal force to result in odd things when she jumps and spins. lol
  21. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

  22. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    Mr. or Mrs? McCorkell certainly doesn't have much competition either. Julia Sebestyn is another.
  23. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    She's fully funded by the Georgian Federation.

    Georgia doesn't have any other skaters at present.

    There's no proper training conditions and no coaches either.

    Vakhtang Murvanidze and Elene both lived and trained in Russia.
  24. Sayana_mnk

    Sayana_mnk Member

    Well, it seems Georgia has no senior skaters other than Elene. There was, however, a junior man named Armen Agaian who was sent to junior worlds and finished in last place. I wonder what his training situation is.
  25. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Ah, I totally forgot about him.

    I didn't count Ani Lominadze and Nino Abashidze, who competed at 2010 Junior Worlds because it was their first and only competition.

    Hopefully that won't be the case with Agaian (2011 Junior Worlds was his first event).

    As for skating conditions, when Elene got expelled from Russia and arrived in Georgia, she was only doing off-ice training because there wasn't a working ice rink. :/

    Hopefully that's not the case any more.
  26. Dragonlady

    Dragonlady Sew Happy

    Doesn't this situation violate the ISU rule which says that a country has to have an ice rink in order to qualify for ISU membership? This was a big sticking point in the Puerto Rico membership bid.
  27. Tinami Amori

    Tinami Amori Well-Known Member

    But you do know the real story.....;) (I am sorry, in advance, that Russia is bigger than Poland, and visited your lands on few historic occasions, but that's no reason to twist facts)....

    Elene was not “expelled from Russia”….

    Russia and Georgia, as many know, are now separate countries. Elene had a Residence Permit to live and train in Russia, but her mother did not, yet she, her mother wanted to stay with Elene.

    The Mother frowned on the proper Russia immigration procedures, claiming they are too long and too complex, and obtained an illegal (fake) residence permit. Later she claimed she was cheated by a company who guaranteed her legitimate paperwork, which is a complete B.S…. Nobody who spends 1 day in Russia believes that a “private company” can issue a Legal Residence permit…. And if they can…. It’s still through illegal methods of bribery…

    The Mother was asked to leave Russia due to lack of proper papers and residence document fraud, and Elene threw a hissey fit about “evil Russia” and left with her Mother….

  28. olifaunt

    olifaunt New Member

    How old was Elene at the time? 16, right? I really wouldn't blame her for having a "hissy fit" over her mother getting thrown out of the country, regardless of circumstance.
  29. Iceman

    Iceman Well-Known Member

  30. Nune

    Nune Member

    Wow, how sweet she is !