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Funny comments made by non-figure skating fans about the sport

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by siberia82, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. olympic

    olympic Well-Known Member

    Another story-

    I was back in rural PA for my Grandmother's funeral service and I managed to catch the Ladies SP of the '99 World Championships at my parents house. My BIL, whose only hobbies are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Hunting, was unable to understand how Sarah Hughes was behind Michelle Kwan with a fall in the SP. He kept trying to tell me that the sport wasn't worth watching because the events were pre-decided.
  2. Artifice

    Artifice Guest

    Because you like to enter into contradiction with people without trying to understand their point. When you start to understand that you don't have any relevant argument, you get angry like you just did and start grumbeling.
  3. Tanja90

    Tanja90 New Member

    Three years ago I had to do a gymnastics lesson to my class at high school instead of the teacher. Needless to say that I choose as the main argument figure skating! I started showing a video with all the elements made by some skaters such as plushenko, stephane lambiel, sasha cohen and carolina kostner.

    My teacher went out with lots of silly things and I was like :wall:
    The best was:

    "The FLIPPER is a very nice jump!" :dog::duh:
  4. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

  5. Tanja90

    Tanja90 New Member

    I have another story...well it's not about silly commets it was...fun!

    I was watching the ladies long at worlds 2008 on tv with my mum (it was the first time she had watched a competition):watch:..carolina was in first and it was mao's turn...Right when she started my mum said:

    "If she skate well she'll be first over carolina?"
    "Yes, very likely!" I answered
    "Ok...maybe she fall!":watch:

    Slam on the 3axel

    My mum frozen and screamed to the tv:
    "No no! I'm sorry I didn't want to say that! sorry sorry sorry! Get up! C'mon get up!":drama::scream::scream::dog:

    I was like...:confused::watch:
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  6. GoldenMichelle

    GoldenMichelle Active Member

    During Timothy Goebel's exhibition to Arms Wide Open My mom insisted that he did not interpret the music well because he did a spread eagle with one arm out and one behind his back. She was insistent that both arms needed to be out to "match the lyrics."
  7. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    Comments of non-fans can show how just watching skating once or sometimes can result in a certain image of some skaters or figure skating in general.

    Eurosport showed Baiul in 2005 Oberstdorf Gala and my daughter said: "I hope she doesn't cry anymore."

    (she also enjoys watching me cry during or after certain movies and skating programs, sometimes both my children watch parts of Euros or Worlds with me, simply to watch me become nervous for skaters I like)

    During medal ceremonies of Turin 2006 my daughter wondered why winners received cd's on the podium.

    When Weir skated to Lady Gaga music last year she said she understood his choice of music, because "they both have something going for strange outfits".

    During anouncement of a gala performance by Lambiel, the anouncer said "... en nu de huidige wereldkampioen", she remarked "ja, ja, ik weet dat hij een huid heeft..." which is difficult to translate and more about a language misunderstanding. (she was about 9 at the time)

    Not very funny, but shows how figure skating is still viewed by non-skatingfans and which parts of figure skating attract their attention.
  8. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    People always ask me the same when I just reply I like figure skating after they want to know my hobbies. Nowadays I either don't mention it or I make sure to add the word 'watch'.

    Asking me that question is very strange since I often wear Pakistani traditional clothing, ever seen someone like that taking part in a figure skating competition? I don't think so. Perhaps after many decades it will happen. We've had our first Indian competitors some time ago at Worlds. Maybe when they will do better, figure skating will become more populair there and in Pakistan.
  9. smurfy

    smurfy Well-Known Member

    When I tell folks I follow skating, many have asked - did you skate? Just on ponds and never learned to skate backwards.

    But are fans of basketball, football, etc asked if they played?
    I follow college basketball (yea UConn) but never asked if I played (I did in high school), but I did go to school at UConn.
  10. walei

    walei Well-Known Member

    I think people ask that because they have no idea what to talk about regarding the subject.

    For example, if someone tells me they follow lacrosse I wouldn't ask "who's your favorite player or favorite team" because I have no clue who any of them are. So I would just go "oh cool do you play?" :slinkaway
  11. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    I like word-play stories. :)
  12. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    Walei, that explanation makes it understandable. Though I don't think there is anything wrong with asking 'what kind of sport is it?'. :)

    Nomad, nice to see another person from Holland. :)
  13. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    I'm not actually from Holland. I did live in Amsterdam for a while when I was young, though. :)
  14. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    And still remember Dutch language. Not bad.
  15. Jasmar

    Jasmar Active Member

    Sounds about right to me!

    ETA: I stuck my foot in my mouth one summer in Sun Valley when I was sitting with the other judges waiting for the next round of tests to start, and Nancy Kerrigan walked up to the rink. I remarking how nice it was for her dad to carry her skate bag for her… then there was an amused pause before one of the others said it was her husband.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2011
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  16. isask8

    isask8 New Member

    Very funny (and cute):lol:
  17. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    Thanks. Pleasant to meet another person from Holland. :)
  18. isask8

    isask8 New Member

    Yes! It's always nice to meet other figure skating fans from this speed-skating country:)
  19. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    So true!
  20. crawall

    crawall New Member

    This transplanted Canadian ling in Flanders also found it funny. :lol:
  21. sadya

    sadya Active Member

    Figure skating does bring people from all over the world together in peace. :)
  22. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    It's funny to think it's nearly a whole year since I started following figure skating...but here's how it began, and it's related...

    Setting: Vancouver, Men's Long Program. Viewed from: my couch, Australia.

    (1. You can already tell this won't be good.)

    Knowledge of figure skating at the time: There's a Russian guy who thinks this quad thingy is pretty good, an American guy who PETA threatened, and a Russian ice dance pair who decided it was okay to insult our indigenous culture.

    Observations during final six skaters:

    - They fell! Shouldn't they be coming last now? (Chan and Takahashi)

    - Oooooooooh, he's cute! (Lambiel.)

    - Those are awesomely fast spins for such a young kid. (Lambiel; my younger sister was mortified when I informed her later that the "young cute Swiss kid" was actually 26 and a double world champion. We thought he was a first-Olympic rookie. Ooops.)

    - Hey, it's the fur guy! (Weir.)

    - But how come he's behind the people who fell? (Weir's score)

    - EWWWWWWWWWWW, he looks like a slimy greasy Disney villian! (Lysacek.)

    - Why do his jumps look all funny? (Lysacek)


    - Hey, it's the Russian guy! (Plushenko)

    - That was that quad loopy thingy! (Plushenko)

    - Shouldn't he get extra points for not falling? (Plushenko's 3Lz, to this day, I still do not know how he landed that jump.)

    - He's fun! He's enjoying himself! He's passionate! (Plushenko - I believe this observation particularly pertained to the ass-circle and blown kiss)

    - He did that quad loopy thing, he must have won, right? (While waiting for Plushenko's scores)

    - Wait. He didn't win, the American guy did, this is in Canada. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah, like that's all fair and cochre.... (An unbelievably astute observation from my younger sister on the politics of fs.)

    - But he did hte quad loopy thing! How did he lose to the guy who didn't do the quad loopy thing?

    One year on, I now understand a lot more than I did then...and some observations remain the same.


    Dad's comment when I came home excited from my lesson and told him I'd learned my waltz jump:

    "Can you do a double one yet?"
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  23. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Good stuff!
  24. AnnieBgood

    AnnieBgood Active Member

    I was at my Aunts this past Christmas for a family party. I put it on the Brian Boitano special.
    My Uncle & Grandma were trying to pronounce his last name. "Is it Bwa-tanno?" "I think so."

    I love my family. lol
  25. PDilemma

    PDilemma Well-Known Member

    In 2005, I was at a speech meet and told my students to go ahead and find a way to steal the enormous Michelle Kwan "Got Milk" banner that was hanging in the cafeteria and we could hang it in my classroom.

    This conversation followed:

    Student: Why? Who is it?
    A Mother who had accompanied us to the meet: It's Michelle Kwan! How do you not know that? She won the Olympic gold medal three times!
  26. MikiAndoFan#1

    MikiAndoFan#1 Well-Known Member

  27. Polymer Bob

    Polymer Bob New Member

    I've told this a few times, and it's NOT worth repeating. :p

    March 3rd, 2007, I had to go into work on a Saturday morning. The ladies' freeskate at Junior Worlds in Germany had taken place a few hours earlier. I checked the results at my desk and saw that the U.S. ladies had swept the podium.

    One of my coworkers was at his desk. I told him, "Hey Dave, the American girls just swept the podium at the Junior World Figure Skating Championship in Germany.
    He replied, "Really? .... Who are they?"
    I told him, "Caroline Zhang, Mirai Nagasu and Ashley Wagner."
    He then replied, "Well, except for that last one, the first two don't sound very American."
  28. Extranjera

    Extranjera Member


    OMG!!! That's my favourite thread ever!!! :rofl:
  29. sk8junkie

    sk8junkie New Member

    I told my cousin last week that I have tickets to Nationals in Greensboro, and she told me that she just loves Scott Hamilton and Nancy Kerrigan, and she hopes they win.

    I'm going to hate breaking her heart in a couple of days when I have to tell her that Scott and Nancy didn't win.

    On a similar note, the local news media has been referring to the novice and junior levels as the "early phases" of the competition, and have been informing their viewing audience that "the professionals" won't be on the ice until later in the competition.

    I know that there's no longer any true "professional" and "amateur" designations, but it still rubs me the wrong way. The least that NEWS REPORTERS could do is to correctly refer to them as "eligible" instead of "professional". (Maybe that's why my cousin has her fingers crossed for Scott and Nancy???)
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  30. delayedaxel

    delayedaxel Active Member

    When I skate at my rink, doing a waltz jump or single salchow, little kids either ask: "Are you a REAL figure skater?" (meaning starting at World Championchips), or, this happened once, a boy asks: "Can you do a triple (!) axel?"

    When I replied: "Er... no", the reaction was: "Boah, you're sooooo bad!" :lol: