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Fumie could have medalled at every Worlds or Olympics from 2001-2006

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by chanunderrated, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. chanunderrated

    chanunderrated Member

    Looking at each Worlds and Olympics from 2001-2006 did Fumie have a chance to medal at each.

    2001 Worlds- she was probably capable of beating Hughes if she skated her best. Hughes skated cleanly with 3-3 combos and still had some 5.3 for technical marks.

    2002 Olympics- probably would have won the bronze or silver had she skated a better short program and skated a 6 or 7 triple long.

    2004 Worlds- could have won silver over Cohen and/or Kwan who had mistakes, although probably not capable of beating Shizuka with her 3-3s, even if the judges considered her a better skater than Shizuka around then if both did no 3-3s.

    2005 Worlds- could have won bronze easily over Kwan or Kostner skating cleanly, maybe silver over Cohen with her 4CC performances.

    2006 Olympics- would have probably won bronze over Slutskaya's poor skate with a clean performances.

    Ironic there is no year she had a chance of the gold, but she had a chance at a medal every year it seems. Had she skated cleanly all the time she could have won the silver or bronze each time, but never the gold.
  2. DannyCurry

    DannyCurry Active Member

    I know Slutskaya is considered a much better skater than Suguri but I think Fumie could have won in 2002. Moonlight Sonata was such a beautiful program, and she was skating at home. Damn that 3 loop.
  3. chanunderrated

    chanunderrated Member

    I agree her 2002 program was gorgeous and one of her best ever, but I dont think by the scores she had any chance of winning that year. Her scores were way behind Slutskaya and Kwan even with just that 1 small mistake and 1 less triple. Irina was also the sentimental favorite to win, having lost 3 straight World or Olympic titles. With the triple loop she might have edged Kwan for silver at best, but the judges putting a clean Fumie over a clean Michelle with the same content isnt even easy to see, although if they were ever going to do it under 6.0 would be in Japan. To beat Slutskaya she would have had to do a triple lutz-triple toe which Peggy said she practiced but I never saw.

    Still probably more chance to win in 2002 than 2003, 2004, or 2005 though. Well maybe in 2004 she had a chance since she had won the GP final and usually beat Shizuka before then, but the way Shizuka skated it would have been very hard even skating cleanly with no 3-3s.

    2006 was her golden opportunity by far though if there was one. Even there I am not sure if she could win though since she lost to Kimmie by about 10 points and she didnt make 10 points worth of mistakes. The judges gave Kimmie huge PCS wiping out one of Fumie's possible advantages completely, and she wasnt capable of the content Meissner did.

    2003 and 2005 no chance as those were home lovefests for Kwan and Slutskaya, and only someone with big triple-triples or a triple axel could have stopped them.
  4. DannyCurry

    DannyCurry Active Member

    You're right she would have won with a clean skate, including 7 triples (which means landing the 3 lutz-3 toe).
    I never saw a clean 3-3 from Fumie but here is one attempt, at the 2001 GWG and another at Skate Canada.
  5. sylvestercat

    sylvestercat Member

    I agree she could have won or medaled at each worlds or Olympics. Which is proof she is not as strong a competitor as she is potrayed in the other threads (eg- supposably a much stronger competitor than Cohen and Joannie, when she really is not). She never beat Michelle Kwan, and while she is not as good a skater as Kwan, to not beat her even once shows she is a not that good a competitor. She only beat Irina Slutskaya once and Yu Na Kim once as well.

    I don't think Fumie would have been given the 2002 world title even had she done the triple loop. Both she and Irina were clean in the short and Irina smoked Fumie, beating her by .5 or .6 around by each judge. Based on the marks and Michelle Kwan taking 3 judges off clean Irina in the long, I don't think she would have even hung on for silver either.
  6. newyearsmovie

    newyearsmovie Member

    I don't know what she would have done in 2004 even skating perfectly. She always beat Shizuka before those worlds so maybe with Shizuka winning she could win gold. Then again with Shizuka, Cohen, and Kwan all having good competitions, she might have finished only 4th ahead of Ando.

    2005 she had no chance to medal even skating perfectly.