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From Russia With Love - Winter 2012/13

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    Okay, shutting up the endless circle for a moment...

    Artur Gachinski interview with FTP Press (thanks to Google Translate!):


    Artur, I appreciate your optimism. But even I wouldn't send you right now. And I think the RFSF is only going to be convinced if he won by like 50 points.
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  2. DaiKozOda

    DaiKozOda Active Member

    Stolbova & Klimov won the Bavarian Open with 182.87. They achieved +GOE in all their elements.
    Antipova & Maisuradze finished in second place with 173.98. Three of their elements were punished with -GOE: one lift and the two sbs jump passes.
  3. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    Yay for S&K!

    Artur can't possibly be adding a second quad to his SP. He's never even attempted other than the toe in a competition? I wonder if it should really say "quad combination." Anyway it's obvious Kovtun is going, but regardless, I like to read that Artur is feeling confident in himself.
  4. hanca

    hanca Well-Known Member

    I think they still met the qualifying scores for worlds which is always handy. We never know what can happen next year.
  5. pinky166

    pinky166 #teamtrainwreck #teamdiva

    Well, it takes awhile to get used to new skates, but I'm glad Artur seems to be on the road to recovery at least. And I don't doubt the two quads thing, I've heard he's capable of 4s and 4lo in practice, 4s I think is actually pretty consistent from what I have heard.
  6. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    V/t won so they showed themselves the best and I had no problem with them being named because all other skaters in pairs were defeated by them. This is 6th And 7th places so you are discussing two non medalists and the criteria for the third spot is whatever. So basically I don't agree that gosviani is a ladies version of v/t. There are just too many things like them being ineligible for a hear because of her country switch too.
  7. Ladida

    Ladida Active Member

    Does somebody know who is going to represent Russia at EYOWF in Brasov?
  8. hanca

    hanca Well-Known Member

    Junior Men
    Аdian Pitkeev

    Junior Ladies
    Маria Stavitskaya
  9. love_skate2011

    love_skate2011 Well-Known Member

  10. Moka-Ananas

    Moka-Ananas Man's Ruin

    why the hell is she wearing the Sochi jacket the other way round?! And wtf about the skates? TAT is losing it.
  11. masik

    masik Member

    She said it reflects the fact that Winter Olympics set in Summer vacation destination:))
  12. quiqie

    quiqie Well-Known Member

    Liza's interview: http://sportsdaily.ru/articles/bron...eva-ya-pereodevayus-i-tut-vhodit-mishin-54214

    Artem Kuzmin (AK): What have you been doing after the successful for you European Championships?
    Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (ET): Slowly getting in shape for the World Championships. Not in a hurry, so to speak. Going steady and purposefully. We want to have test skates before the World Championships to evaluate my preparedness, so now I'm getting ready for that. And then we probably will go to the US to train.

    AK: What will be there?
    ET: There will be a small training camp before the World championships.

    AK: Why in the US?
    ET: I don't know, everyone is going there (smiles).

    AK: Weren't you upset that after such a successful short (???) program you lost to your teammate Adelina Sotnikova?
    ET: A little bit, but it sport, nothing to be done with it. I won the free, she won the short, but she finished ahead of me overall. Nothing to worry about, there are many more competitions to come.

    AK: So you are planning to get even with her?
    ET: Well, maybe we'll to fight again (smiles).

    AK: How is your off-ice relationship?
    ET: Good. She is a nice girl. We are on friendly terms, texting each other.

    AK: The fact that you are competitors doesn't affect your relationship?
    ET: No, we compete only on ice, off-ice we are on good terms.

    AK: Have you already set your goal for the World championships?
    ET: The most important thing is to skate well. To get to the top 3 would be great. Not to perform below my level.

    AK: Are you preparing anything new?
    ET: No, the same programs as at the European Championships. Maybe a new gala number, but I'm not sure yet.

    AK: You told that your way to figure skating started in the summer camp where you met girls who where skating. Didn't they tell you what a difficult sport it was?
    ET: But in Glazov it wasn't so difficult. It was more of a hobby: skate if you want, don't skate if you don't want. The main priority was school, and only after that came figure skating practices. Therefore I didn't even think of that in the beginning.

    AK: What about your stories how hard it was to get up at six a.m to go skating?
    ET: There was that, but it was done so I could go to school after the practices. And after the school I went to practice again.

    AK: Still, it's a very tight schedule. Surely you wanted to sleep more?
    ET: Of course I did.

    AK: You didn't question yourself why you were doing it for?
    ET: Sometimes, but I immediately chased such questions away. And later, I didn't want to stop, especially when I had already gone through many things and met many interesting people. I didn't want to lose it.

    AK: How did you meet Alexei Mishin for the first time?
    ET: I met him at a competition named after him — Mishin's Cup. I won there. I started changing after the free, preparing to go home, and suddenly my coach enters and tells me to change back into skating attire and go to the practice. I was surprised, what practice, the competition is over already. Mishin watched me skate and told us to come train to St. Petersburg.

    AK: What did he say you in St. Petersburg?
    ET: Frankly, I don't remember. He talked to my coach more.

    AK: Did you understand then that that might be the crucial moment in your life?
    ET: No, I was too small. I was told where to go, with whom. I said: okay, alright. Didn't understand anything (smiles).

    AK: What did Alexei Mishin bring to your skating?
    ET: Everything, I think, from jumps and to transitions. After all, he created figure skating and continues to develop it.

    AK: I talked to him recently, and he said that you had some health issues. How do you feel now?
    ET: Yes, I was a bit sick and I am not completely healthy yet. I need to get some rest. I hope on Monday I start training full force.

    AK: So nothing serious?
    ET: No.

    AK: You have over 1000 friends on one of the social networks. Do you talk to all of them?
    ET: No (smiles). I talk maybe to 100 of them at maximum. I got 1000 friends when I was small. It seemed cool to have so many people who wanted to add me. Now I understand that it's not cool at all (laughs). And now I cannot just delete someone. Now Vkontakte is my territory, and I'm not adding anyone anymore.

    AK: Are you on any other networks?
    ET: Yes, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... that's it, I think.

    AK: Do you believe that Plushenko could fake his injury?
    ET: I know 100% that his injury wasn't fake. I didn't even think that someone could imagine that.

    AK: It's just that Israeli journalists called up local hospitals and they allegedly told them that there wasn't anyone named Plushenko. So they concluded that it was possible that there was no surgery.
    ET: It's just impossible to call up all the hospitals! No, it's completely crazy, of course.

    AK: Have you met with envy and intrigues in figure skating? Is it typical for this sport?
    ET: I think that there are such things everywhere. Personally, I haven't met with it, or I try not to pay attention to it. I have my circle, my family, and I try not to go out of it.

    AK: What was the most difficult when you moved to St. Petersburg?
    ET: It is still a life change. At first I felt ill at ease. Firstly, it was difficult without father, and secondly, new place, new city, I don't know anything. Even more so because at first we didn't have a car. And then we got used to it, and now everything is okay.

    AK: Who do you live with now?
    ET: I live with my mother and my sister.

    AK: Is your sister a figure skater too?
    ET: No, she takes ballroom dance.

    AK: Do you often visit your home city?
    ET: Not lately.

    AK: Do you feel at home in St. Petersurg yet?
    ET: More or less yes. Especially in the metro.

    AK: Have you tried driving a car?
    ET: No, but I already dream of my own car.

    AK: And what is the car of your dream?
    ET: I like BMW 3... red.
  13. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the translation! I hate how the journalists try to drum up intrigue between liza and adelina when it seems they ar le very friendly. Their hugging and excitement during the europeans medal ceremony was adorable.
  14. Eislauffan

    Eislauffan Well-Known Member

    Well, in the interview he really said that they have upped the difficulty in both short and long programs and that he plans to do a quad Salchow and quad toe in the short and also in the long (I read the original). We'll see what happens. He (and Mishin) knows that his only chance to be picked over Kovtun would be if he lands all quads and is specatcular. Personally I don't really think that Artur will land the two quads in the short and in the long right now, but good for him for fighting. Maybe he really got into good shape now and has overcome his psychological issues?
  15. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    A legend.

  16. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    When exactly did she have "it"? She's always been a bit ...off 'er tits. So to speak.
  17. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    Liza sounds amazingly level-headed.

    Thank you for the translation, quique.
  18. quiqie

    quiqie Well-Known Member

    Ivan Urgant (IU): One year exactly left until Olympic Games in Sochi. And we, the Urgant in the Evening show, had no doubt - you know, there are always discussions whom to invite - this time, we had no discussion, because we unanimously decided we want to invite the amazing, inspiring - the main coach of Russian figure skating team - our beloved Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova!

    TAT: Thank you! Vanya! Your show! Your look! You're so handsome!
    IU: I have exactly the same jacket, only under my suit!
    TAT: So I've been told. You are so handsome - every day, every day we go to sleep with you, every day, all the people....
    IU: In our country, people go to sleep with me and wake up with Boris Sherbakov [host of the Good Morning show at the same channel]... Tatiana Anatolievna, I would like to say, here you compliment me, but what would we do without you...
    TAT: Without us would do very well, they shut us down [probably the Ice Age]! And people loved it! They write me every day, catch my hands when I walk in the street...
    IU: Of course, people love it, thanks to you...
    TAT: Shut down!
    IU: Well, it was closed only for a moment, and then put right back.
    TAT: I don't know about back, when, we're waiting and waiting. Of course we will try very hard to please Konstantin Lvovich [Ernst, the producer of the 1TV], will try to compete at least with the [daytime culinary show], at least! Or what are other poor man's programs?
    IU: Tatiana Anatolievna, I have one, just one question: what would prevent us - popular, I won't be shy to tell - talented people - from sitting down? Is it the same reason for both of us? I can't sit down because....
    TAT sits down
    IU: Tatiana Tarasova! Tatiana Anatolievna, dear, jokes aside - we adore you. Seriously - we really love you very much. I have to say that you, I don't know, when they show you - standing in the ice arena - it feels like the arena was built around you, for you, you understand? You are like....
    TAT: Grandmother of Russian ballet?
    IU: No, no way! The grandmother of Russian ballet sent her pictures from Maldives [Anastasia Volochkova]...
    TAT: Ballet on ice!
    IU: No, listen, I don't call it that - it's an art, and we are going... I congratulate you, by the way, on the fact that there is one year exactly left until the Olympics...
    TAT: And I congratulate you, Vanya!
    IU: I congratulate you more!
    TAT: I congratulate all the people, seriously....
    IU: all the people!
    TAT: All the people, because I've been there!
    IU: They say you have been there in December, at the opening of Ice Palace...
    TAT: Yes, there was opening!
    IU: So tell us about that, about Ice - in Sochi.
    TAT: It's nice!
    IU: Nice?
    TAT: Very nice! It feels like home, when you are standing there...
    IU: You mean, when everything is done well, but...
    TAT(interrupts): Yes, everything is done well, honestly!
    IU: feels like home?
    TAT: Yes, and you know, there were two earthquakes, and it endured, it didn't fall down! It stands, the beauty, amazing, people are working!
    IU: Small question: is there ice?
    TAT: Yes!
    IU: That's it! I wanted to ask, you know, there is an expression "to test the ice", experts come, and I know...
    TAT: There was a swimming pool before, and now there is ice.
    IU: What are you saying? Because here in Moscow, we have it another way - first there was a cathedral, then a swimming pool, and now again a cathedral. Did all the swimmers get out before, or was someone left frozen?
    TAT: You know, Vanya, we don't look at the ice while skating, we look there.
    IU: Because you look at the stands.
    TAT: And at Russian Nationals, the stands were empty, because they wouldn't let people in there.
    IU: And whom did they let in?
    TAT: Whom, the staff.
    IU: And why not the others?
    TAT: Well, that was the rules. Only athletes.
    IU: Not bad. Tell us, would this tradition be kept at the Olympic Games?
    TAT: I don't know.
    IU: I want to ask you a question, because I read somewhere, that in old times, the tillers before sowing, they used to take off the trousers and sit on the ground to test the soil if it was arable. I don't know how, by sense of...
    TAT: Yes, by sense, if the ground was cold....
    IU: Is there anything like that in skating? Any such experts?
    TAT: Of course! Of course, all the athletes are experts in that.
    IU: Haha, really? Just let them sit on the cold, right?
    TAT: Yes, we ask them not to, but they still do. But some of them don't.
    IU: Tell me about up and coming talent at the Russian nationals whom we might see at the Olympic games.
    TAT: Up and coming - Maxim Kovtun. You know, I always wanted my life wouldn't stop, and Lena Vodorezova, his coach - and me too, I'm also his coach - she tolerates me, because he appeared. It difficult, difficult - you know for yourself, Vanya, it's difficult with me - and we carry him, together with Ira Tagaeva, choreographer. And he's seventeen years old guy, and he is so pretty, he did a good job at the European Championships - he stood, and he'd done his elements. And there is perspective, and some promise for the future. You all already love him - Maxim Kovtun.
    IU: Yes! By your word only.You know, I have unique...
    TAT: I love everyone, but him most of all now.
    IU: Unique footage from the practice where you train Maxim...
    (shows footage from the test skates)
    IU: You understand? Tatiana Anatolievna....
    TAT: I skate with him!
    IU: I understand! I wanted to say, I saw him skate...
    TAT: It's me after surgery on my spine!
    IU: Come on, stop it, it's not about what you do - how you live it through. Moreover, I am sure that Maxim skates and does his elements incredibly great - but to what you do, it has some strange relation - and we found a person who perfectly fits with what you do, Tatiana Anatolievna, we have this footage...
    TAT: Do you? let's see!
    (shows the parody)
    IU: You see?
    TAT: Now I'll drink some water.
    IU: Now let's have a short break for commercials, Tatiana Anatolievna, just to have some rest, because there is so much to ask you about. Now a small commercial block, and then we'll be back, and Tatiana Anatolievna will say who enchanted Ilia Averbukh's voice.
    IU: You have such a reaction to music - what was the strangest music you have ever made program to, or you saw someone skate to?
    TAT: The strangest? I made for Zhenya [Platov] and Pasha Grishuk - she was called Pasha at the time, now she is Oksana again, and then she was Pasha...
    IU: This is already like music!
    TAT: Yes, I did a free dance for the Olympics, and my husband told me I was crazy - my husband Vladimir Vsevolodovich Krainev, amazing musician - he said, how can you take it and how do you hear it. And we did it, and added a heartbeat, and I always thought that music was an Olympic symbol, and it was, and the audience stood up, because it concerned everyone. Such a strange music.
    IU: Thank you for such answer! Can I ask you, Tatiana Anatolievna, what is this interesting way to wear Sochi Olympic jacket, with zipper behind and the hood in front?
    TAT: Because you know it is the other way around all the way.
    IU: Thank you!
    TAT: Because it is winter Olympics at summer resort!
    IU: Yes!
    TAT: Yes! And it is so great, such amazing palaces, there was speed skating opening, and they liked it a lot, because there is amazing water!
    IU: Seriously? really, the quality of water affects the quality of ice?
    TAT: And ice hockey rink, very nice, but ours - just a thing of beauty. It is so comfortable, the bowl itself - it's very close to the audience, so when you're skating...
    IU: But there was no audience?
    TAT: There was at the Grand Prix Final - serous international competition, that was a test event for the ice rink.And there was an earthquake we all fell on the floor.
    IU: Really?
    TAT: Level six.
    IU: How awful.
    TAT: No, it's okay. We're as good as new.
    IU: Cup of tea was slightly shaked.
    TAT: No, the lamp was swinging.
    IU: It sounds like you regret it wasn't level seven. Like a ship wanting a storm.
    TAT: No, it was a test skate, and it passed, and the palace wasn't broken.
    IU: It's a good sign.
    TAT: You have to understand our feelings: the palace stood! It means it was built properly! By good people, great people, many thanks to them.
    IU: What about other things, tell us about Sochi? What is ready?
    TAT: Well, ready, what is down there, I saw it in summer - I didn't think it would be ready. But our main business is always last minute, you know that - when you had guests, what did you do when you lived alone - you gather all the things from everywhere and put it into the cupboard, to make place...
    IU: Into the cupboard, so the guest wouldn't take something they shouldn't
    TAT: Exactly. In summer...
    IU: Nothing, right?
    TAT: Not exactly nothing - but I didn't expect such readiness. It's just great.
    IU: And there is a year left!
    TAT: Yes, we have a year. There is already train, you already want to take it, there is highway, there are just no junctions.
    IU: So you can drive in the highway, just don't get off it.
    TAT: No getting off, so there is this construction trash and dirt, but it is being sorted out already - you can't imagine the magnitude of construction works! It's just crazy! Press centre is a whole city! You have to have a car to get around it! It's a city!
    IU: We'd love to be there, Tatiana Anatolievna.
    TAT: How would we love to be there! To live until then and be there! In the press centre with medals!
    IU: Let's make a deal: you provide medals, I provide.... mmm... camera? and microphone?
    TAT: Yes, I would like the team...
    IU: We believe in it very much. First place, the very first place?
    TAT: First place, and another first place....
    IU: Both first place and second place, can it happen?
    TAT: Oh how I would like... and even the third place, too.
    IU: But, after all, we will be providing medals, the organizers, maybe just? right ahead? just write "Russia" on them? Let's maybe make them personal?
    TAT: Bad luck.
    IU: Bad luck? Okay, let's not.
    TAT: We always can, quickly, to engrave...
    IU: Tatiana Anatolievna, we have a tradition: when we see you, we wait for some words of encouragement, like you say to the participants of the ice shows, athletes, we see how you live it through...
    TAT: I saw how it looks! I have never seen it before!
    IU: Because you were the object, not the one filming it.
    TAT: I don't film it, only sometimes at practices.
    IU: And what do you do with it, watch it at home?
    TAT: No, never, why would I film it, I see it live.
    IU: You can make so many bloopers.
    TAT: Well, if I set such goal I will.
    IU: Our goal is medals. Can I ask you say something like you can to people who build it? Not the athletes? Address them on camera, tell them how great they are, so the spend this year, say how masterfully they do everything so the year passes like a second to them, everything is built and they are happy.
    TAT: Vanya, everything will be built. I want you, our dear builders, to work well, to have good conditions for rest, to work right hours, and to understand that you do a great job for our country, the country that deserves the right to be the capital of Olympic games. Thank you so much for what you have already done! Please be patient, and know that we work as well until we have sick stomach at the end of the practice!
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  19. IceIceBaby

    IceIceBaby Active Member

    So it was Mishin who created this sport! :eek:
  20. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member

    I suppose that when you are as young as Liza is, you tend to believe everything you hear from the adults around you.;)

    Thank you, quiqie.
  21. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    I can't believe he actually asked her this.

    She sounds really level-headed and mature. Great to hear!

    I really hope so, for his sake. It's been long enough. But I agree, he's going to have to land everything and then some if he wants to go to Worlds. Of course, he may surprise us all. But right now I'll just settle for two clean skates of a good level, maybe WTT if he's lucky. Anything beyond that is a super mega bonus.
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  22. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    I think gachinski should just get rid of that 2a+2a sequence in the fs!
  23. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    Thanks a million to all the translators here!!
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  24. quiqie

    quiqie Well-Known Member

    Nikolai Morozov interview (audio, in Russian) http://www.echo.msk.ru/programs/sportchanel/1010480-echo/q.html#qs

    He says that he wants to work with Igor Spilband to better understand how he managed to get his teams on top, takes Ilinykh/Katsalapov with him, says that he, as a result-oriented coach would do anything for the Olympic medal to happen.
    Re: Daisuke, he says that this was a trial season for them, Daisuke trained a lot of time on his own (before CoC and NHK), but next year will be different, they start preparing for Worlds in the US on February 20. Says that Daisuke wasn't too upset about his placement at 4CC, said that after the Japanese nationals he had 10 or 12 shows.
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  25. morqet

    morqet rising like a phoenix

    Thanks quiqie! It would be really interesting to see what a Shpilband/Morozov combination could do with I/K, maybe they'd have a shot at getting good programs for next year....

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    It least the program will have interesting lifts, if Shpilband is involved. Otherwise, who can say.
  27. love_skate2011

    love_skate2011 Well-Known Member

    hope it will be a long term collaboration
    I/K will have some interesting lifts next season
    maybe if they like working with Shipilband so much they will stick with him ? one can dream
  28. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    I am glad Morozov is letting someone else in, but I wasn't that amazed by the collaboration of Gorshkov/Shpilband with R&T, so we'll see.
  29. elka_sk8

    elka_sk8 Well-Known Member

    Liza, Adelina and Julia all come across as level-headed and mature in their interviews, and seem to have good camaraderie amongst themselves. Would love to see them all make it to the Olympics next year. The Russian ladies are do deep right now!
  30. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    I found that disappointing, too. I was hoping for so much more from R/T.