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From Russia with love - Summer through Autumn 2013

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by allezfred, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Primorskaya

    Primorskaya Trummerlotte

    Coming back to FSU after a long absence!

    Sotskova is impressive. Yet another young Russian lady...I was kind of hoping the situation re Russian ladies would be clearer by the time we got to the Olympic season, with 2 or 3 girls having emerged as the top contenders, but that's still not the case. Some have more rep than the others but I don't see clear favourites yet. I'm not talking about the ones who aren't eligible to compete internationally, but even so there are so many...

    Who do you see as doing well on the GP and Euros/Olys/World?
  2. love_skate2011

    love_skate2011 Well-Known Member

  3. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Bazarova/Larionov article: http://www.goldenskate.com/2013/08/bazarova-and-larionov-explore-new-directions/
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  4. MissJD

    MissJD Active Member

    Is there any news on I/K? Music selections, where they are, anything?!? (forgive me if I've missed it!!)
  5. morqet

    morqet rising like a phoenix

    Johnny Weir tweeted last week about skating with them, so guess they are back in New Jersey, but beyond the rumour at the start of the summer that they're skating to Swan Lake there's been no other news.
  6. Eisfee

    Eisfee Active Member

    On September 4th there is an open training where they will present the news programs,plus a press conference. In Novogorsk.
  7. nuge

    nuge Well-Known Member

    I'm really hoping for better programmes for them this season :p
    We're really only waiting for I/K and C/L choices now.
  8. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    Not a challenge.
  9. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind seeing worse programs fom them either :p
    Not because I want to see them fail but I think it would be hilarious to see something worse than Ghost!
  10. ChelleC

    ChelleC Well-Known Member

    There could be worse programs than the "Ghost" program?
  11. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    One of the things to come from ghost was that it was in fact a strategic move! Give a team stuck at number 2 in their home country one of the worst programs ever then the season of the Olympics everyone discusses how much better they are how much improved they are! that program was such a horrible disaster that of course it would lead to speculation that it was all part of a plan!! No one woukd actually send a team out with that thinking it was good! and did I/k ever say they liked it? Lol!
  12. MissJD

    MissJD Active Member

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to it :)
  13. easilydistracte

    easilydistracte Geezette

    Video of K&S throw 4Sal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBFj3T0t088 .

    [I don't know the circumstances of this video--just happened across it last week while I was wandering around YT.]

    Hoping K&S have a great season!
  14. arakwafan2006

    arakwafan2006 Well-Known Member

    Over the past 2 seasons, their choreography has been so beautiful and appropriate for them that I almost wish they would leave the quad throw out and focus on clean skates. Some of their work in past years has been almost ghastly to view but lately they are just beautiful to me. I actually believe that they could take bronze at Olympics if they just skated their best with all their elements. This throw quad must be some feat they want to achieve which i respect but competitively i dont think they need it. Their transitions and music and interpretation have improved so much and they have an elegance that neither of the top two power house teams have IMO.

    Thats just my take on the matter. I would shut up immediately in the presence of Moskvina however lol
  15. morqet

    morqet rising like a phoenix

  16. alchemy void

    alchemy void #VotePerkovaPOTS!

    Agreed. Their LP last year was my favorite pairs program of the year. Great costumes, too. I've never been a huge fan. I hope they decide to keep it and skate it to their potential. It feels very "Olympic" and fitting for the games. I will be rooting for clean performances and an Olympic medal! :cheer:
  17. casken

    casken Well-Known Member

  18. julieann

    julieann Well-Known Member

    It was done at a master class, on August 15th I think.

    Yuko's dream was to do the quad the Olympics and it was taken out by moskvina a few minutes before they were to skate their free program. Moskvina said they didn't need it if they skated clean but I have a feeling it made more of difference changing the program and their first triple throw was a mess. They really could use the 8 point base value but I have a feeling it's more personal than anything else. Peter Tchernyshev is a great choreographer, I can't wait to see what he comes up with this year.

    They have two new programs this year. The short program music was written specifically for them and the free is Tchaikovsky. I hope they go to the same person who did the free skate costumes last year.
  19. DobrinFan

    DobrinFan Well-Known Member

    TBD spots named: Gachinsky, Monko/K, Gosviani, Stolbova/Klimov.
  20. DobrinFan

    DobrinFan Well-Known Member

    Here's a link to the updated pdf listed on ISU site.

    Leonova also named her programs in an interview. The short is a tango from Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the long is to Carmen. She says she picked Carmen even though she knew that Sotnikova was skating to it (she says Sotnikova's Carmen is more modern, her's more classical)!!!! Grishuk help with choreo!!! http://sochi2014.rsport.ru/sochi2014_figure/20130903/684663488.html
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  21. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    Yay, Artur!
  22. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    I think it makes sense to go for the quad. If they skate clean with no quad they'll lose to other teams and I don't think will end up on the podium. With the quad there's a better shot of a podium finish if they skate clean.

    Thank god!!!!!!!!!
    I'm a fan of theirs and I am so happy to hear this amazing news! That thing was an atrocity.
  23. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I agree. They need to separate themselves from the rest of the bronze medal hopefuls. Without the throw quad, their content is almost same as other pairs, so they will not make the podium even if others make mistakes. With a landed throw quad, they are likely to get higher marks even in other areas (PCS, for example). A slight mistake on the throw quad is not likely to be penalized as much as the slightest one on a throw triple.
  24. morqet

    morqet rising like a phoenix

  25. Primorskaya

    Primorskaya Trummerlotte

    Thanks for the vids!

    There's some really good stuff there, I'm beginning to credit the conspiracy theory that says their FD last year was so bloody awful so that this year's would seem so much better by comparison. Because it will. They're doing the Dmitriev/Mishkutionok spin! Trying to recall if they've done this before or if it's a new thing for them...
  26. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Yuzuru, Medvedeva, T&M, Shibs, P&C

    I don't believe that they strategically planned a bad FD last year. It just happened. Nobody purposely designs a bad program. I am not even convinced that it will make this year's FD look better than it is. It better be good on its own merits, regardless.

    As a side note, I don't like it that they are allowing pairs spins in ice dance. I liked it better when the two disciplines were separate. I don't have a problem with pairs doing ice dance moves because it's a part of the choreography.

    BTW- I am being nitpicky- could you please write Mishkutionok before Dmitriev? When you talk of a pair, the lady's name is always before the man's. In your case it did not cause a confusion because you spelled them out but if someone writes this as D&M, (instead of M&D) I wouldn't know who they are talking about........Yes, I am nitpicky, and it is my pet peeve that the names be written in the correct order, in both pairs and ice dance.
  27. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    They did the m/d spin in ghost
  28. morqet

    morqet rising like a phoenix

    Excuse my ignorance, but what makes a spin a "pair spin" or an "ice dance spin"? To my uneducated eyes there doesn't seem to be much difference.
  29. robinhood

    robinhood Active Member

    I actually like I/K's FD a lot...she's just gorgeous and he is one of the best skaters out there. There's a part in the middle of the program (the circular step sequence, I think) where she isn't doing much and he's doing most of the turns and stuff. I am no teknik at all but it looked a bit Fusar-Poli/Margagglio in reverse

    the SD....meh! but I don't think I have ever liked any SD. I miss the OD!
  30. lauravvv

    lauravvv Well-Known Member

    There were no spins in ice dance until quite recently (I don't remember in which year exactly they were introduced in ice dance), but they have been there for much longer in pair skating, so, what Vash01 means is that it's an element which ice dancing has "borrowed" from pair skating.