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Free Video Tapes Available

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by 2sk8, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. 2sk8

    2sk8 Active Member

    I’m cleaning out closets, and am getting rid of a bunch of VCR tapes of figure skating events. These are all just taped from TV, and I don’t have the patience or interest in converting all or portions of them to digital versions. I do have indices of many of the events – skaters & music, but no guarantees it’s 100% correct. :)

    If anyone is interested in all or some of these, PM me. I can send them for just shipping cost (likely media mail or Flat Rate Priority, payment via PayPal, US only please). I’ll hang onto these for a few weeks, and then any unclaimed tapes will be sent off to GreenDisk Recycling (www.greendisk.com).

    1. 2001 Worlds, Vancouver, Canada; Nations Cup Germany, Nov. 2001
    2. 2000-01 Gymnastics, American Cup; 2001 Grand Prix Final, Tokyo, Japan (Men’s Short Program); 2000 Worlds Exhibition; Nice, France
    3. Grand Prix Final 2001, Tokyo, Japan (Ladies Short, Free & Superfinal); Tribute to 1961 World Team, Oct. 2001, NYC (ABC)
    4. 2000 Worlds Exhibition, Nice, France; Masters Of Figure Skating, Boise, Idaho, Oct. 2000 (Men’s & Ladies Short, Pairs & Men’s Interpretive)
    5. Skate America, Co. Springs, USA, Oct. 2001 (Original & Free Dance, Men’s Short & Free); Skate Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Nov. 2001 (Pairs, Men’s & Ladies Short, Original Dance, Men’s & Ladies Free)
    6. Skate Canada, Nov. 16, 2001, Saskatoon Lifetime TV (Pairs Short & Free, Original & Free Dance)
    7. Fire on Ice 2/25/01 A&E; Nations Cup 200, Germany, 11/18/01 ABC (Men’s & Ladies Free)
    8. Hershey’s Fig. Skating Challenge 12/8/01; ISU NHK Trophy 12/09/01, Kumamoto, Japan (Men’s & Ladies Free)
    9. 2001 US Synchro Championships (Lifetime); 2001 World Jr. Championships Sofia, Bulgaria; Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular 12/10/01 (partial)
    10. US Nationals 2002 (Pairs & Ladies Short & Free)
    11. Cinderella on Ice, China; US Nationals 2002 Free Dance; Europeans 2002 (Men’s, Ladies & Pairs Free, Free Dance)
    12. Hallmark Skater’s Championships (World Pro Championships); 12/8/01, NBC; Nations Cup 2002 (partial Ladies Free)
    13. 2002 Olympics, Salt Lake City (Partial Ladies Free, Exhibitions); ISU Grand Prix Skate Canada 10/2002 (Pairs Free & Free Dance)
    14. 1981 Worlds Pairs Short & Free; 1986 US Nationals Original & Free Dance
    15. U.S. Nationals 2002 Exhibition; Stars on Ice 2002; Nations Cup 2002 (Men’s & Ladies Free); accompanying show on athletes & their mothers
    16. Evening of Championship Skating, PBS; Masters of Figure Skating 2001, San Diego, TNT (end of show cut off)
    17. Trophy Lalique 2001 (Pairs Short & Free; Original & Free Dance); Hershey’s Figure Skating Challenge, 5/12/2002 TV (partial)
    18. ISU Grand Prix 4 Continents, SLC 2001 (Pairs, Men’s, Ladies Free & Free Dance); Japan Open 2001, TNT (all Short programs & Original dance)
    19. World Champs., Nagano 2002 ESPN (pairs & Men’s Short, Ladies Qualifying, Pairs & Men’s Free)
    20. NHK Trophy, 12/2002 (Pairs, Men’s & Ladies Free & Dance); Hallmark Skaters’ Championships, 12/2002; World Fig. Skating Championships, DC 3/2003 (Men’s Free)
    21. 2002 US Junior Nationals, Juvenile Boys & girls final
    22. 2003 US Junior Nationals; Juvenile Boys & girls final
    23. Ice Wars X; Cup of China 2003 (Men’s & Ladies Free); Salute to American Music (partial) NBC
    24. Worlds 2004, Dortmund (Men’s Short)
    25. Worlds 2004, Dortmund (Original Dance)
    26. Worlds 2004, Dortmund (Pairs Free)
    27. Worlds 2004, Dortmund (Men’s Free)
    28. Worlds 2004, Dortmund (Ladies Short)
    29. Skate America 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
    30. Skate America 200, Colorado Springs (ABC)
    31. Expressions on Ice III, Simsbury CT Oct. 2004 (CN8)
    32. Cup of China 2004 (Men’s Free, Free Dance, Ladies Free); Marshall’s Cup of Figure Skating 2004 (Ladies Free & Plushenko)
    33. Cup of Russia 2002, ESPN (Pairs Short, Men’s Short, Original Dance, Ladies Short); Trophee Lalique 2002, Lifetime (Free Dance & Pairs Free); Kurt Browning’s Gotta Skate 2002 NBC
    34. ISU Grand Prix final, Dec. 2004 ESPN
    35. Ice Chips 2005, Skating Club of Boston (CN8)
    36. US Nationals 2001 (Free Dance, Men’s Free, Ladies Free (partial)); Kwan Princess on Ice
    37. Reach for the Stars Off-Ice Fitness Training Video, USFS (2005 or 2006)
    38. European Figure Skating Championships, Jan. 2005 Torino Eurosport (2 tapes, PAL format)
    39. World Figure Skating Championships 2007, Tokyo; Eurosport (full event, 10-11 tapes, all PAL format) – these are not indexed, may include some tapes of Euros from same year
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