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Former Paralympian Signs with Pro Cycling Team

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Garden Kitty, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    We had a thread some time ago about Monique van der Vorst, a woman who was in a wheelchair since becoming paralyzed in her teens. She won world championships in hand cyling and two silvers at the Paralympics in Beijing.

    She was hit while out training, and during rehab, got feeling back in her legs. She just signed a contract with the Rabobank Development Cycling Team. Interesting interview with Monique here.

    Cyclingnews article about her signing with Rabobank.

    This short interview also talks about the sense of "loss" when she first realized she couldn't compete at the Paralympics in London.
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  2. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    I saw a news piece on her and she is so unbelievably (I am not sure what to say...) lucky?! It is for sure a miracle. Good luck to her!