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Figure Skating Champions SURVIVOR: Men's Final Four

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Vagabond, Jul 12, 2012.

Who is the Weakest Link?

Poll closed Jul 16, 2012.
  1. Alexei Yagudin

    18 vote(s)
  2. Evgeni Plushenko

    137 vote(s)
  3. Stéphane Lambiel

    113 vote(s)
  4. Daisuke Takahashi

    124 vote(s)
  1. Vagabond

    Vagabond Well-Known Member

    The tribe has spoken.

    Ilia Kulik (5th) has been voted off.

    The original contestants were the last twelve men to win a World or Olympic title.

    Previous eliminees are:

    Patrick Chan (6th)
    Brian Joubert (7th)
    Jeffrey Buttle (8th)
    Elvis Stojko (9th)
    Evan Lysacek (10th)
    Todd Eldredge (11th)
    Alexei Urmanov (12th)

    If you thought last round was tough, this weak is tougher!


    The four remaining skaters are:

    • Alexei Yagudin: Worlds 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, Olys 2002, Worlds Silver 2001, Worlds Bronze 1997
    • Evgeni Plushenko: Worlds 2001, 2003, 2004, Olys 2006, Olys Siliver 2002, 2010, Worlds Silver 1999, Worlds Bronse 1998
    • Stéphane Lambiel: Worlds 2005, 2006, Olys Silver 2006, Worlds Bronze 2007
    • Daisuke Takahashi: Worlds 2010, Worlds Silver 2007, 2012, Olys Bronze 2010

    Bonus videos:

    Alexei Yagudin Worlds 1999 SP
    Alexei Yagudin Worlds 1999 FS
    Alexei Yagudin Worlds 2000 SP
    Alexei Yagudin Worlds 2000 FS

    Evgeni Plushenko Worlds 2001 SP
    Evgeni Plushenko Worlds 2001 FS
    Evgeni Plushenko Worlds 2004 SP
    Evgeni Plushenko Worlds 2004 FS

    Stéphane Lambiel Worlds 2004 SP
    Stéphane Lambiel Worlds 2004 FS
    Stéphane Lambiel Worlds 2007 SP
    Stéphane Lambiel Worlds 2007 FS

    Daisuke Takahashi Four Continents 2011 SP
    Daisuke Takahashi Four Continents 2011 FS
    Daisuke Takahashi Worlds 2012 SP
    Daisuke Takahashi Worlds 2012 FS

    Who is the weakest link? Use whatever criteria you want, and let the :argue: :angryfire and :wuzrobbed begin!

  2. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I voted for Lambiel. I can't possibly vote out Yagudin or Plushenko with their competitive track records (especially Plushenko's!) and I think Takahashi is the most gifted artist on ice EVER, so Lambiel it is. He was often inconsistent anyway.. I mean, with falls, not necessarily placements, because even with falls he was often still the best skater in the competitions he entered, partly because after Plushenko retired for the first time there was no skater who was very consistent until Lysacek became so in the late '00s (2009 to be quite specific).
  3. bartek

    bartek Active Member

    This is so tough I can't really decide. I love Daisuke and Stephane, the greatest artists but Plushenko's career speaks for itself and it makes up for his flaws. Hmmm, I think that it's probably Yagudin's turn.
  4. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    ^^ Lysacek was consistent, but it was more like, consistently in the medals. He didn't have a great year the season he won Worlds, and he lost at CoC and Nats in the Olympic season. Speaking of consistency, Joubert actually had a pretty good run in the first two post-Turin seasons, while Lambiel only won three events in that entire Olympic cycle: 2006 Skate Canada, the 2007-8 GPF, and 2009 Nebelhorn. Granted he missed a season, but that's still kind of uninspiring.

    For me, this round should be about Lambiel vs. Takahashi. After explaining why I felt Dai deserves to stay in previous rounds, I have persuaded myself that he should also defeat Stephane. Both of them are superb skaters who could have done more with their talent and abilities and were plagued by inconsistency - some of it health-related, but they're not the only skaters in this list to have dealt with medical problems. Still, Takahashi did have more performances in which he lived up to his potential, or at least came close to it. Lambiel had fewer such skates, and wasn't particularly good when he won his first Worlds or his Olympic medal.

    Sorry, Stephane. You're still amazing.
  5. vodkashot

    vodkashot Active Member

    Yagudin, Plushenko, Lambiel, Takahashi. Three skaters I adore and one who leaves me completely cold.

    Screw logic! Screw medals!

    I'm voting Plushenko out.
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  6. DaiKozOda

    DaiKozOda Active Member

    My admiration for Lambiel doesn't prevent me to vote him out. I'll try to post my reasons latter but I can add a few right now (having in mind that I'm comparing him with the remaining skaters):
    - 1st world title in 05 with a FS with a bunch of mistakes and in the absence of Plushenko;
    - 2nd world title in 06 - mistake in the Fs.
    - do I need to mention his problems with the triple axel?
    - Inconsistent;
    In all fairness, the two guys making it into the big final must be Yagudin and Plushenko.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2012
  7. Mafke

    Mafke Well-Known Member

    By process of eliminating those I can't vote for (through enjoyment or respect) voted for Takahashi. Record can't compare with Yag or Plush and I enjoy Lambiel much more.
  8. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Voted for Takahashi.

    Plushenko's record and technical dominance are indisputable and younger Plushenko was not considered artistically deficient either. If Lambiel were scored the way Chan, Lysacek, Joubert and even Plushenko are he would have won every Worlds or Olympics from 2004-2007 (not saying he deserved to win all those btw, just if he were scored like they are, aka as overscored as they all are, he still would have). Yagudin is the best ever.

    So sadly Takahshi is the one to go for me even though he would be the 2010 Olympics, 2010 World, and 2012 World Champion himself with fair judging.
  9. Macassar88

    Macassar88 Well-Known Member

    Time for Lambiel to go. Then Takahashi.
  10. centerpt1

    centerpt1 Well-Known Member

    Voted Lambiel

    It was between him and Takahashi. Kind of a toss up, but Lambiel was sloppy at times.

    I'm having trouble understanding how Plushenko could go out now.
  11. crankyintheAM

    crankyintheAM Member

    It was between Lambiel and Takahashi for me, I voted Lambiel because I like him much better now, doing shows, than I ever liked him while he was competing.

    Not a big fan of Plushenko but I can't believe he's gotten so many votes already.
  12. t.mann

    t.mann Member

    Dai's turn.

    Great musicality and great performer.
    But not true artist like Lambiel.
    And somewhat weak jumps(questionable 3Lz edge etc.).
  13. Glacier cat

    Glacier cat Member

    I can't believe why Plushenko is weaker than Lambiel or Takahashi!!? lol
    This is American board! Very silly result. Very biased people's forum!!! XD :lol:
  14. Glacier cat

    Glacier cat Member

    I can say It doesn't mean Plushenko is really weaker than others. These 31 people cannot see what is the real because of distaste. I'm sure. :rolleyes:

    Or they mix up this poll's aim with popularity poll.
  15. Vagabond

    Vagabond Well-Known Member

    People are voting Plushenko out for the same reason they voted out Lysacek and Chan -- because whatever his accomplishments, his performances left them cold.
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  16. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    Different people have different voting criteria (and no, it's actually a very global board). I voted for the one remaining of the four who holds my attention the least on ice. Medals be damned, there is more to figure skating than consistency.
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  17. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    Seriously, Plushenko's leaving?! I guess personal qualities really do matter.
  18. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

    This ^
  19. snoopysnake

    snoopysnake Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, Kulik is much better than Yagudin. I know I am in the minority but I have always thought Yags was inferior to both Plushenko and Kulik.
  20. shine

    shine Well-Known Member

    2003 Worlds QR? 2004 Worlds LP? 2005 Worlds QR and 2005 Worlds SP? 2006 Worlds QR AND LP? Those are some technically superb skates.
    Takahashi has always had strong SP's. But I'm not sure he has as many memorable LP's as Lambiel.

    Yes, a mistake on the TRIPLE LOOP, while landing one 4toe, one 4toe-3toe, one 3axel, one tripe-triple, and and another triple-double combo.

    While some people argue that Lambiel was sloppy at times, it's not like Takahashi was always the skater that he is now. In his earlier days he was a lot less polished and his programs not nearly as interesting. People seem to give him more benefit of the doubt because he has had greater longevity (and competition appearances) than Lambiel and people have come to become more familiar with the Takahashi today than what he used to be.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2012
  21. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    The 3A was ur'ed.
  22. alchemy void

    alchemy void blowing kisses with bitchface

    Wow, I didn't realized how much Yags is overrated here. Hot, great skater, charismatic as feck, but I don't think his skating holds up that well over time. (Although Winter is still orgasmically good!)
  23. shine

    shine Well-Known Member

    And it shouldn't have been.
  24. blue_idealist

    blue_idealist Well-Known Member

    I actually was less impressed with Takahashi around 2006 or 2007. He was just another good skater and not as you say, what he is now. But I don't think Stephane was ever as good as what Takahashi is now (practically a SkateGod IMO!!)
  25. plushyta

    plushyta Member

    In another case, my favorite for the weakest links would be Takahashi, then Lambiel and Yagudin ... and as strongest, ofc Plushenko. :)
    But since here, without any sense, Yagudin have less votes, I voted for him - just because of his weak nerves :p

    Plushy is currently the weakest link? :eek: Ridiculously.... or you are so influenced by media propaganda? :slinkaway
  26. SamuraiK

    SamuraiK Well-Known Member

    Seriously people YAGUDIN is NOT much superior to the other three. He's been treated like an untouchable god here..

    Anyways, my vote goes to Takahashi. Brilliant awesome skater but I think he has the lesser legacy on the sport so far..
  27. misskarne

    misskarne #AustraliaForTheTeamEvent

    I think I may vote for Takahashi...it was very hard to choose between him and Lambiel...so I flipped a coin. :shuffle:
  28. Glacier cat

    Glacier cat Member

    Seems that People here don't want to realize that he was 3 years old than Plushenko. If Plushenko was 3 yrs old than Yagudin, then, Yagudin never won against Plushenko... :rolleyes:
  29. Glacier cat

    Glacier cat Member

    He's being untouchable here. He is "Honorary North American" because when he was living in USA, he said many ideal:lol: words for American :rolleyes:
  30. flipforsynchro

    flipforsynchro New Member

    I cannot believe plushy has the most votes. I'm not a fan AT ALL and I understand he was/is overmarked, but consistency is a huge part of skating